Immortal Technique

I Don’t Camouflage: Immortal Technique

I Don’t Camouflage visited Immortal Technique (@techimmortal) at his studio in Soho, NYC to hear his take on I Don’t Camouflage. In the part 1 of the video interview, he speaks on the purpose of camouflage, changes and camouflaged moments. In the part 2 of the video interview, he speaks on his global audience, what kinds of information should artists provide to their fans and breaks down Samurai vs. Ninja.

Immortal Technique (Felipe Coronel) is a revolutionary. Born in Peru, he immigrated to Harlem, NY and eventually ended up in prison. He left with a new focus on music. His aggressive style gained him instant notoriety as a battle rapper, and his first album was a word-of-mouth sensation. Unwilling to change his message for mainsteam, he remained completely independent. His subsequent projects have permanently found their way into the hearts and minds of truth seekers worldwide.

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  • Immortal Technique keeps it 100%.

    • DJ7

      No doubt

  • water_ur_seeds

    Gonna listen to this later, Tech is that mad dope, his first 2 albums Revolutionary Vol 1 & 2 are classic…

  • Synista

    Good to see someone who is not ROSSin or JEEZin these days!
    IM is tha truth!

  • disqus_wP9qaQP4Hv

    I don’t think this dude is smart at all i think he just talk too damn much. Y’all know how someone tries using different ways to get his point across? he ain’t saying much but repeating the same thing just trying to convince you OF HIS STUPID POINT. When you are smart, you change the world, you make a difference and not just be out there telling people how people in the hood think you are smart. Dude you are in the hood. Lol

    Airing em out Tuesday 🙂

    • chihova

      sounds like you never heard an album from Immortal and just forming your opinion from this video.

      • hoeyuno


    • hoeyuno

      Techs the modern day PE. dudes music touches mad social issues that effect minority and indigenous communities. and just poor to middle class ppls in general.

  • hoeyuno

    Tech always in my top 5. Dude and diabolic need to do a whole album together.

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