Lil Snupe

More Details Revealed In Lil Snupe’s Murder

(AllHipHop News) A day after word first broke, local Louisiana CBS affiliate KNOE confirmed the death of Lil Snupe (born Addarren Ross) and also reveal additional details surrounding the death.

Early Thursday morning (June 20th) Lil Snupe suffered two fatal gunshot wounds to the chest at the Maplewood Apartment Complex, in Winnfield, Louisiana.

Police report they have a suspect but are not releasing any names at the current time.

Mentor and Dreamchasers CEO Meek Mill shared his condolences on Twitter and also alluded to Snupe still being immersed in nefarious activity in Louisiana being a cause for his murder:

AllHipHop wants to send their condolences to Addarren Ross’ family and friends.

  • Dadon850

    It’s best Meek just shut the fvck up and send condolences. No need to for tweets like that. Dude is dead, no need to chastise him now.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      he is not chastising HIM. he is proving a point that the streets aint shit even when you come from there. yall always looking for a reason to talk shit.

      • Dadon850

        That’s the sh!t you talk to his family about. No need to put that on twitter. Making dude look hard headed and he ain’t even buried yet.

      • Tj

        Why not let others learn from Snupes life ending mistake?
        Yeah it is a tragedy but it should be a lesson to 10,000 plus people that retweeted him. It needed to be said.

        No need to sugarcoat, cause the streets ain sweet.

    • Eric Emajor Jackson

      He wasnt chastising him….he was makin sure the rest of these niggaz wit one foot in a gd situation and the other in a bad one would take heed.

  • Dwayne Nvo

    Meek Mill always talking bullshit trying to look like hes someone intelligent and shit, but he still a dumb ass nigga. RIP

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      he isnt trying to look intelligent, he always says that shit. thats why he trying to get all his people off the streets.

  • Tony G.

    and what does Meek rap about?

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      he rap about what he know. but he tries/tried to get everyone of his team in a better position to feed themselves and their family without drug money!!!

      • PeoplePlease7

        meek mills knows better, he just dumbs his material down to be supported by the masses of n-words. He knows crack is used to destabilize communities, he knows calling girls b**** and h***** will have negative effects in the long run. He knows officer ricky is a total fraud. No more excuses for these n-words…

      • DJ7

        say word again!!

      • why he didn’t give his producer friend some help instead he put him out there on twitter like a BITCH meek mill is a bitch scared stupid and will do anything for a check

    • he raps about situations like this because they’re real.rap didn’t make violence it may not help in stopping it either, but there is no stopping the nature of man.

  • John Barnes

    that nigga meek hurt and angry..let the nigga vent

    • PeoplePlease7

      to hell with meek. We should be hurt and angry at his ni***a coonin’ music where he brags about his ability to kill people that look like us and disrespect women who look like our female family members. We should have zero pity for meek, he helped make this monster.

      • DJ7

        say word!!

  • OnlyFaDaReal

    The rap game really needed this dude…skillz was off the chain!!!! Shout out Meek Mill for signing him! R.I.P.

  • Franky Babylon

    My son is 15 and I couldnt imagine only having 3yrs left with him. I notice when basketball players make 3 point shots, they hold up a 3 that looks too similar to a blood symbol. I wont let my kids even do that, I told them hold it up a different way because all it takes is one idiot thinking your flashing gang signs. I make sure my kids are the very antithesis of who I was.

    I hope that if anyone who reads this, that is in the hood or just a bad situation, that you find a way out. This young man was getting ready to achieve something that many people wish for and few succeed but he got caught in the Crab In A Bucket situation.

    I could go on but I dont want to make a long ass post.

  • 5789007

    This shit needs to stop enough is enough

  • meek millz

    some of yall niggas sound like some fking haters RIP Lil snupe

    • That was a deep Tweet!

      I always wondered why you didn’t keep it real with the streets.


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  • ll3acdafukup

    You couldn’t take him out the streets Meek because the streets is what made him bruh his pain and passion was birth from these same streets this why youngin could go so hard. You take that from him you take his passion it’s like a gift and curse very sad.. RIP Addarren Ross

  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    Fk tha streets…ppl would be talkin about mountains if thatz all we knew….ppl need to reprogram themselves

    • Offew1988

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      Why not let others learn from Snupes life ending mistake?
      Yeah it is a tragedy but it should be a lesson to 10,000 plus people that retweeted him. It needed to be said.

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  • the streets didnt murder him a person did LOL

    • DJ7


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  • ShaStud

    Thats the streets fella… SMH… @iTSTHEMiCK:disqus

  • BrotherMan21

    Without meek, he just another dead black kid. Life goes on

    • dam…. sad but true

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  • Twonpass

    Just my 2 cents, You are responsible for your own actions. If you put yourself in harms way and get harmed well (Captain obvious) what do you expect. I do not condone violence amongst my people.But I will point out that the agenda is laughin in your faces cause that is what they want us to be doing, killing one another. So they dont have to do it. Wake up. This is definitely not the last time you will see a story like this. When will the rap community start taking responsibility for the message they promote. And FYI we knew about the struggle in the streets back in the late 80’s move your topic forward. You aint talking about nothing new, not one single rapper. My challenge to all rappers change the topic to something positive and uplifting for the people and then sell a million copies. Now thats gangsta.

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