Billboard Not Counting Jay-Z’s 1m Samsung Downloads

(AllHipHop News) Jay-Z’s Samsung deal had tongues wagging in anticipation for his new studio album “Magna Carta Holy Grail.” 1 million Samsung users could download the album for free days before it’s July 4th release.

Now, the music magazine Billboard, which is the industry standard for charts and sales, is saying “nice try.” None of the 1 millions downloads will be counted towards his total sales.

The magazine’s editorial director, Bill Werde, said Billboard rejected Jay Z’s request that the Samsung promotional sales be counted toward the Billboard 200 chart because “in the context of this promotion, nothing is actually for sale.”

“The ever-visionary Jay Z pulled the nifty coup of getting paid as if he had a platinum album before one fan bought a single copy,” Werde said.

Werde said Jay Z should earn his 13th No. 1 album anyway, as “Magna Carta Holy Grail” is forecast to sell between 400,000 and 450,000 units in its first week. [source]

So much for trying to break the mold.

  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    Jay tried to swag his way to platinum. No loss for him though other than bragging rights

  • $18916246

    The whole argument is dumb..for years in music a highly anticipated album or artist would be referenced as “Shipped Platinum” ….Billboard wants to hate because the million downloads still amounts to pre-retail platinum status. The 1 million downloads don’t count because their free. The trend is to release a mix tape, JAY-Z instead went with 1 million in free downloads through Samsung….GENIUS!

    • andone

      “shipped platinum” in anticipation of high sales from actual paying customers(fans) is diff from buying your way to platinum status bruh… lets not sugar coat it!

      • DLOUPO


      • andone

        i didnt say jay himself came outta pocket… my point is the fans determine if ur album/art is worth buying, not a corporation!

      • DLOUPO


      • andone

        more power to him… less power to the culture/genre, SMH!

      • RMfag

        Thousands of other artists have worse sells and their stuff still gets illegally downloaded.
        Jay isn’t that hot and like you said, a fronter.

      • $18916246

        No sugar coating…what do you think “Shipped Platinum” is? ..Best Buy “agrees” to purchase 1 million copies of your new album to be sold from their store shelves…Best Buy then is a corporate investor. It’s called placement and creating a demand by placing the album on the shelf of a key popular music retail distributor. Best Buy doesn’t buy just anyone’s album though and their purchase serves both to boost your 1 quarter sales, consumer public appeal etc. This would be a welcomed boost for any recording artist but again it does not happen for most. Don’t forget “JAY-Z'” is a brand…….I’ll save the “duh” here…no pun intended.

      • andone

        best buy invests on the presumption that they will most certainly recoup their $$$ and profit through customers purchasing the album “in store”… its a calculated risk on physical hardcopies bought @ wholesale vs. retail value & demand based off 1st wk projections… they do not buy/order the album jus to give it away for FREE… “duh”!

      • $18916246

        JAY-Z at this point is his own corporate entity and recoupes from the later sales…hence he does not need Best Buy….no one purchases CD’s hard copy anymore…I’m the old man here I think,,,c’mon bruh get with the times here…I’ll excuse your naivete on the topic….no pun intended.

      • andone

        in other words im right and ur perfectly fine wit sellin out the art form then…

        also ppl still do buy cd’s/downloads, jus not as much in the hip-hop/rap game like b4… I’ll excuse your naivete on the topic….no pun intended!

      • $18916246

        Sell out? Well no…It’s business. HIP-HOP fans are still adjusting to the mogul side of JAY-Z still wanting to believe he’s just a lucky bragging MC. What he’s done with SAMSUNG is smart he has no label to impress, he needs no promo, so why make a mixtape on the labels budget (his own label). Instead he lures in his crowd with pre-release downloads with SAMSUNG. See JAY’s an artist getting his own money and breaking tradition. The tradition of the music business is to rape the artist. This is so much the norm that again JAY’s business smarts are a bit hard for many to swallow. At the same time JAY has made many new artist and made them smarter. Like someone else said he’s not the 1st artist to work the business, he’s probably the best MC to ever sell records. Rappers are not MC’s. Rappers are not artist, they are entertainers surrounded by handlers, hence is why they don’t earn the lions share. Many talented MC/Artist prior and post JAY-Z have signed bad record deals that have left them with far less than the entitled lions share. Understand my point here is..It’s business in a room full of sharks….Oh,and the hood (which I’m from) don’t buy records we largely (not all of us) bootleg and download whomevers music…sad.

      • andone

        theres so many things i can say to rebuttal ur reply but im not gonna bother…

        the fact that u said jay doesnt need promo but then a thread about his street team pops up a few hrs later proves u wrong already… brown nose all u want but u jus lost one fam… peace!

      • $18916246

        Crabs in barrel…..bottom feeders…DENIGGAFY yourself….or like you said, don’t bother…Just some food for thought though…no insult intended…peace!

      • andone

        no insult intended but yet ur implying that im in some way attempting to deny him of his accomplishments and success, SMH… that is NOT the case here and u would know it if u read my independent post(s)…

        im simply pointing out that 1 mill fans wont be buyin the album and how it would be considered(not limted to me) a shortcut/cheat move even if billboard decided to kiss his @ss like u do… nothing more so yes, im deff not trying to hear all that extra talk and entertain this on a sunday…

        u can keep going in circles if u wish but im jus gonna leave u wit one thing to keep in mind… the “bottom” line is, ARTISTS have sold mill+ 1st wk off the strength of their fan base alone & jay-z isnt one of them… accept it already, the end!

      • $18916246

        Man your living in the past….investors make record sales….payola is what governed the radio waves before that. In a practical world and yes in some rare instances an artist has had a grass root following that has contributed to their overall public appeal. The music business is an industry that chews up it’s entertainers (artist included) and spits them out. Your mad that a black man ain’t at the bottom and is controlling his and other black artist and entertainers careers. What JAY is doing for himself in this instance has been done over and over by the common corporate music industry labels, The artist and or entertainer does not commonly benefit. Yeah, I guess you think a broke artist/performer is a real artist. That’s straight BS. Yeah support for your own is kissing ass? Hater, Stop hating the progress of your own and cloaking it with a phony concerns that his selling of records in such business deals is unfair to the HIP-HOP culture or music buying public. Like I’ve said it’s smart business. I’m no match for your ignorance.

      • andone

        blah blah blahhhh… i wasnt askin any questions so u can miss me wit all that yappin bcuz its neither here nor there… i dont care for any thing esle except for wat im referring to…

        i clearly stated my point(s) and u have yet to acknowledge them or refute the facts… not only that but u have been reduced to name callin and slander as if it helps ur argument, LM@O…

        obviously im gonna have to be the bigger person here and jus bow out gracefully… ur no match for my intelligence…

        im done!

      • $18916246

        Hey man I’m just saying….THE END!;)



    • Weedras

      he never said he was the first to do it… so where did you comprehend that lol!

      • DLOUPO


      • Weedras

        …Comprehension also plays huge role in a lot of things also… i don’t see where he acted as such and to be honest the big deal is being made because its a hip hop artist.. as for the Nets.. owning a stake even if its small is still owning a stake… from day one it was announced Dude is a minority owner so if ya’ll wanted to assume shit.. then that’s on you guys to not read between the lines..

        and as for you giving Guns n Roses credit for that.. the practice has been going on for years prior… why do you think your new PC always came with a bunch of artists albums or EPs…
        Which rapper doesn’t over exaggerate or stretch the truth to brag though? own private jets yet when you check it they’re members of a share program…

        most rappers say they own when the lease, most say they have a company when they’re a stake holder amongst others… stop acting like its only one dude in hip hop doin it…

  • andone

    repost from 5 days ago:

    i cant give props to an album going plat that the “fans’ didnt go out and support… in order for that to be valid it cant involve any mass purchases(including labels themselves) and rather be reflected thru albums bought by individuals or units shipped… its jus not legit and in fact almost defeats the purpose of RIAA certification altogether…

    imo i see this as somewat of a”nifty” coup out on jays part too honestly… even tho this was the right move to make, im sure he did so with keeping in mind that music isnt selling like when he first got on…

    i think its likely hov “may” have made this deal wit the intention of saving face, knowing that he will still look good while doing it in case the real #’s arent up to par wit the hype…

    w/e the case its deff another notch under his belt but im not sure if it qualifies him to join the 1mill+ first wk club tho???

    • It’s still a Mill sold, he’s hustling smarter, not harder.

      This simply highlights the gap between the #1 “Selling” artist and the BEST artist.

      “Sales don’t make you the authority, it only means you sold out to the white majority. What you know about seniority you ain’t major, your whole album appeals to little second graders!” KRS 1 “Clear ‘Em Out” (Nelly Diss)

      It was an excellent move on Jay Z’s part from a business perspective, but trying to get RIAA certification with it was a cheese move, from a Hip Hop stand point.

      • andone

        i broke down everything i had to say about this in my original comment to the T, that all i had to do was repost it… im not trying to go back and forth over this so speak ur peace and after that we 1…

        but i will have u know some of my fav acts never done plat and its cool wit me bcuz they dont try to sell that “image”… therefore i am certainly not impressed wit this back door tactic…

        in fact its damn near a slap to the face if u ask me… b4 they would do bulk purchases in private, now their doing them publicly… SMFH!!!

      • Private vs Public

        That’s the only difference.

        There are many favs that never went platinum.

        Chances are, I’d rather listen to the Boiler Room Freestyle with DJ Evil Dee, BuckShot, Talib, Skyzoo & joey Bas@$$, than either Jay or Ye’s album.

        The whole ‘chet is collapsing, and I’m not just talking about the music industry.

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  • s0rethumb

    Soon Billboard and the likes will be irrelevant. Jay should have never attempted to get Billboard to count the Samsung downloads. That was for pure bragging rights, yet he gave Billboard the bragging rights of knowing they are still relevant in the eyes of Jay Z. Big Homie count that bread and f these futile measure of commercial music success. You won. The only thing you have to battle now is boredom.

    • In reality, your right, but now, Bill Board has actually hastened their demise.

      Even their logic is wrong, because Samsung bought the 1 million downloads.

      • Doe Boy

        true shit…it dint matter if they buy them to sell them or buy them to wipe they ass with they still bought them shits…

      • >>In Larry Fishburne’s “Deep Cover” voice:

        “The money don’t know where it came from!”

      • Doe Boy


      • LOL~N

        The realest line in the whole movie!

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  • Eric Emajor Jackson

    No matter who hates on it…I can’t find anyone who did it or could have done it better. Pure Genius….and for all you who say he pulled a fast one, you pulled the biggest fast one by getting all your songs on your ipod off file sharing programs and from the homie…its always about the music but it is equally about the business.

    • Yeah, real niggas, don’t have that type of pull because really they are nothing but niggas with microphones. Hov is a visionary and trendsetter

    • digitallife

      Actually it’s been done..albums have been pre-packaged in technology since the late 90’s..look to asia for breaking ground on this with mp3 players and their top artists.

      • Eric Emajor Jackson

        Even still those devices promoted the theft of music via download.

      • digitallife

        How does an mp3 promote the illegal download of music? You do realize since day one MP3’s have come with their own software that automatically installs a music store on your pc in order for them to work? Also how is a mp3 player any different than a tape deck? Anyone over 30 on here had at least one tape full of songs they recorded off the radio….let’s not even get on the topic of 2 for 5 bootleg cassettes…I have yet to see a mofo walk up to me selling me mp3 albums lol

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  • jacksjus

    Billboard counts retail scans and paid digital downloads so it makes sense that the Samsung move doesn’t count. Now if Samsung bought 1 Million digital downloads from iTunes on day one then it would count.

  • johnblacksad

    Billboard is hatin…

  • Doe Boy

    Im the last of a dying breed cuz I fill like…f**k sells…give me a good album…n-e-way he got money like he did a mill so if the album good to me he winning…but if the album suck he lost….sorry ppl im a fan of rap not a fan of how meny record a rapper sell or how much money a rapper gets…..a niqqa can be brok as f**k if he can spit i’ll bump his sh!t…he can not eva sold a mill but if he can spit im f**kin with him…we as rap fan need to stop talking albums sells in start back talking bout good albums

    • Andess7646

      мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт… http://is­&#46­gd/PSD7aV

      Thousands of other artists have worse sells and their stuff still gets illegally downloaded.
      Jay isn’t that hot and like you said, a fronter.

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  • LetsBeRealpeople

    cannot pimp “his” system. jay-z gonna learn today. he is too brown for the game.

  • digitallife

    Listen there is a reason folks have been forever saying the game is rigged..all the mofos that put a focus on their numbers and being status quo because of those numbers and how many #1’s they have did so because they knew what was going on. The last mofo that sold a milli outright that i believe was Snoop with his first album everything since has been ship it and count it as a sale even if it sits in the warehouse for a year before hitting the $1 bin. Digital era has ruined that for folks..while yes people download more music freely and pirated ain’t no different than when we had bootleggers..the excuse well people can download it free is pure bullshh imo…many people still buy record..country artists still sell a fckkkkk load of records.

    The difference here is Jay was hired as a brand ambassador and mixed his helping a brand with promoting his album..genius move..not original..nor is the including it in a product but pretty smart. You can’t count “FREE” as a “SALE”.

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