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Hip-Hop Rumors: Why Does Flo-Rida Have To Pay For A Kid That’s Not His?

Damn! Poor Flo-Rida! It looks like he has 18 years or so of support to pay….AND THE KID AIN’T HIS! Peep what TMZ is saying.

Flo Rida’s baby mama is demanding the rapper fork over some dough for his kid … the very same kid Flo adamantly DENIED fathering — but now we know the truth.

The Florida Dept. of Revenue filed legal docs in connection with Gloria Holloway’s request for child support from Flo — real name Tramar Dillard — for Gloria’s two-year-old son.

As TMZ previously reported, Flo denied knocking up Gloria … and even claimed he took a paternity test that came back negative — but according to the new docs, the court has ALREADY established paternity.

Here’s why … when child support requests come through the state’s Dept. of Revenue — it usually means no one’s disputing it. Translation: Looks like Flo’s the daddy.

Now the state of FL wants Flo to hand over his financials so it can determine how much he owes.

We reached out to Flo … but no word back yet.


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51 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Why Does Flo-Rida Have To Pay For A Kid That’s Not His?”

  1. MrNoName2K

    aw f*ck no..see thats that bullsh*t right there..he need to get a jewish lawyer and get to work on that one like yesterday

  2. digitallife

    Take her to civil court..that supersedes state court..i’d like to see a florida attorney try to tell a federal magistrate that he should pay money even though the kid isn’t his. Flo needs to up his lawyers a bit…no way in hell am I paying for a kid that isn’t mine.

    • faded2easily

      do u understand, if he does not contest what the courts say then he is all but saying the child is his. if he is not the daddy all he has to do is demand a test. he is not getting jammed up, if in fact what he says is true he is just being an idiot for not going thru the state to get the problem solved.

      • digitallife

        Have you read all the details on this? They actually filed a counter claim which illseed convenient left out and it was dismissed by the judge. This is Florida bruh..judge sees a black man with money and fame and thinks oh he just doesn’t want to be a father so lets make him one. She went through a back way of getting her claims filed which doesn’t always alert the other party as well. Here is a kicker in most states if you sign the birth certificate and find out later it’s not yours you literally will be tied up in court for years trying to get paternity dismissed. I know a cat who has been locked up, lost his job, career, and has his bank accounts tapped into because he took a paternity test when the kid was two and found out it wasn’t his..six years later he is still fighting to clear himself and get his stuff returned to him…what’s worse is the chick knew all along.

      • DJ7

        Sad but true…got a homie that went through the exact same deal….eventually had to sue unsuccessfully b.u.t. a few years and a gang of racks later was exonerated….

    • RMfag

      You should have been did that and maybe Flo would have stuck to boipussy instead of sticking his raw hotdog into a nasty toiletbowl called a vagina.

  3. remy730

    Either that was poorly written or it’s one of the dumbest laws ever created. “Since we received paperwork, that means you’re the father.” ….WHAT???? But, then again, it IS florida. home of a few dumb ass laws.

  4. Willis Deqfedt

    went and painted the buggatti gold,…..you knew hoes was coming for a piece of that change, drop some change off at the hairclub for men and get that forehead resodded.

  5. Super_Hero

    I had a friend paying child support even though it was found that the child wasn’t his. The reason the courts gave was he signed the birth certificate. Of course he signed the birth certificate because he thought the child was his.

  6. Delonte West

    That corny dude knows that’s his baby…if it was just because of this law, that wouldn’t be the only chick running this game.

    • dy

      She’s not. Didn’t Ne-yo get played like this? I thought his episode of behind music he talked about something close to this.

      • John Blaze

        Yea Ne-yo’s Pockets Got Ran Thru Cause That California Law…..On That Episode You Could Tell How Much He Had To Give Up In His Settlement(To Avoid 18 Years….) By The Look On His Face.

  7. ile315r

    This is why I say, even if you think the kid is yours…get a blood test before you sign the birth certificate!

    • EDOGZ818

      Signing a birth certificate doesn’t mean anything. IE: You have no rights or obligations without an affiliation / paternity hearing, or as in this case, it’s uncontested.

      Name being on the birth certificate does not give you any legal rights as the father.


      • HUSTLExXxMAN

        I can tell u what it does mean, once u sign that birth certificate u garaunteed to be paying child support if the women request it, and everyone knows that the bitch has all the rights even if ur married to her and that’s real talk, the court will always give the child to the mother in an event that y’all split, unless ur someone like Usher with bread and can make the women look unfit as a parent to the court, that’s the only way u will have any rights

      • EDOGZ818

        Kinda, again, like Flo Rida, if it’s uncontested, indeed, and by uncontested, I mean more than :
        “Yo! Ya’ Honor…’Dat ‘chet ain’t minez!”

        A blood test that the loser pays for is needed, but even if your name isn’t on the birth certificate, you are basically guilty until proven innocent.

  8. $28825362

    Stupid niggas always be like, “damn that female so fine I’d bust in her all day.” a year later… “damn this child support shyt is fukd up dogg”. A month after that another female comes along and dude is like, “damn I’d hit that raw dog in a minute!!” A year later… man this is bullshit all these bills!”

  9. Negro Peligro

    If he failed the Paternity test strapping up won’t help you. How about stop sleeping with skeezoids. That chick don’t look like she’s work nothing more than pipes. No plumbing. Trust its a whole lot more women making money than men. How adbout riding with a chick with something to lose.

  10. Mitchell Patterson

    I’d skeet! Sike.
    She’s looking super fine in this pic. All the other pics I seen – she just looks regular, though.

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