World Wide Yeezus: Kanye’s New Album #1 In U.K. and Austrailia

(AllHipHop News) The winner of the June 18th battle royale seems to becoming clearer after Kanye West’s Yeezus became the #1 album in both the United Kingdom and Australia.

Yeezus sold 25,000 copies in the United Kingdom and over 9,500 in Australia. Yeezus becomes his first album to top the charts in both the UK and Australia since 2007’s Graduation album.

J. Cole’s Born Sinner sold a respectable 12,000 copies in the United Kingdom landing him the #7 slot. The album did not crack the Top 50 in Australia.

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  • What about the USA?

    • RMfag

      No1curr, USA =/= The world

  • Infinite8

    The USA will be tomorrows news. Just be patient.

    • RMfag

      Im sure…..

  • Golgo 13

    i knew j cole wasn’t gonna sell more i bet he regrets wen him and drake bought his own cd

    • RMfag

      Music CD or sextape? Cause I bought a few thousand copies of the sextape.

  • What nobody is talking about is that Jay-Z is promoting his OWN album dropping july 7th (4th on galaxy devices) and wont even mention his own artist is already out on the shelf.

    • RMfag

      This is Jay-Z we are talking about. Why cant negros grasp perpetual behavior?

      • i never said i didnt understand it…im not surprised…thats why i dont understand why J Cole even sign with him anyway! And why is Jay Elect even over there lol

      • RMfag

        sorry for the comment

  • The_Focused_One

    This is expected of Kanye at this point. What was not expected was how garbage Yeezus is… Born Sinner is the better album. Sad Jay didn’t push Cole any harder, but I guess he couldn’t if he wants to make WTT2 anytime soon…

    • Thomas Smith

      Yeezus is hardly wack…one of more creative albums I heard this year….Must be another french montana fan……Your correct about one thing Born Sinner is a great album…..

      • RMfag

        I heard all over the Net that Yeezus was wack. It had mixed reviews.

      • The_Focused_One

        LoL… French Montana? That dude should have never got a deal…

        Fam I come from the Nas school of MCing where lyrics and resonating with your fans actually matter…

        If you’re going to assume I like French Montana, then I’m going to assume you are an avid Pitchfork or Complex reader who dick-rides Ye for anything he does… Must be nice to write off a wack album as “artistic expression in Afro-futurism and commentary on the ironies of Black modality” huh?

        The album is 6/10… by my expectations of Kanye, Yeezus is wack.

        Born Sinner>>>

  • WillVetterGoodin

    mac millers album is dry, predictable and boring (2 out of 10) j coles album got lyrics but is also dry and very predictable (5 out of 10) ye’s album is too auto tuned and whiny (a high 7 out of 10) miller and cole just cant do it like Ye, stil cant…and never could. Plus, j cole is a dick rider, so maybe thats why his album sucks.

    • Thomas Smith

      what are you talking about….smh with those dumb ass comments….you must like rap music only….how long you been listening to real music overall????

    • RMfag

      Id dicc ride all of them!
      But J Cole is no dicc rider sir, he is a total top.

    • AK

      wow really you just a hater, kanyes album was pure trash if anyone gets 2 out of 10 its yeezus imo, and mac might not be that great but a jay elec verse alone makes his album better then kanyes and he stepped up lyrically this time as well. Cole is boring sometimes but he can rap and it was wayy better then Kanyes by farr get your head out ass .

      • RedEyez

        I bet 10k u white

      • AK

        why cuz i said macs shit is better im just being honest I would bump macs album over yeezus anyday and I dont even like his rapping like that, hes a monster on the beats tho

      • RedEyez

        are u white?

      • AK

        nah but what does race have to do with anything i bet i know more niggas then you

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  • yeezus is not a wack album,its just different..i just cant get into j coles music,he need someone like kanye west or no id to produce or executive produce his album..

  • 7yoyo7

    “Austrailia” ?