Jay-Z Delays Release Of “Holy Grail”, Release New Song “Heaven” Lyrics

(AllHipHop News) #NEWRULES. Jay-Z has been on an impressive streak of near flawless promotion for his upcoming album Magna Carta Holy Grail due out July 7th (July 4th for Samsung Galaxy owners). However, he may have experienced his first drawback as the release for his “Holy Grail” collaboration with Justin Timberlake has been pushed back to June 26th instead of its original date of June 25th.

No to worry, Jay-Z recently released the lyrics of another song off his new album entitled “Heaven”. He speaks on religion’s divisive qualities, compares himself to Michael (pick one..Jackson, Tyson, Jordan) and more.

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Check out the lyrics courtesy of teecartt:


  • dexter

    no comment… but I am 1st! lmao!!!

    • brotha_man

      how old are u? 12

      • dexter

        I am older but clearly bored as shit tho… lol. besides this is actually fun. venting views & stuff… kool shit & we aint hurting nobody…uh?

      • brotha_man

        true dat

  • Swaggout

    “These are not 16’s, these are verses from the ???” WTF???? I NEED TO HEAR THE REST!!!!!!!!!

  • adcap1

    If this dude aint on some against god ish I dont know… He been doing it for years ninjas just respect him to much to see he is clearly against god

    • Weedras

      he’s more questioning religion rather than being against God… and to be honest… look at the world we live and see how religion is used as a method of control… look at the political might of the catholic church and evangelicals as an example…

    • 504blacktravolta

      this song (if not the entire album) is mocking Christ.”fresh in my easter clothes”…..???c’mon

      • DJ7


    • DJ7

      How can he be against himself….wake up…that spook in the sky never existed

  • One Nite Stanley

    This album is going to be EPIC!

    • dexter

      4 who? & define epic…

  • No church in the wild . . . Yeezus, The Roc, The holy grail for born sinners by those who’d like to replace the original thesus . . . Teaching the masses of this new school that blasphemy is the new cool… old dudes new jewls … everyday on this earth there is birthed a new fool… you don’t have to be born today to earn that label, its earned the minute you try to place your self in the THRONE of he that made you.

    • dexter

      ite den son spit! nice. but 2b honest n e one wit n e sense dnt pay Jay no mind. trust me. his biggest gift is the ability 2make otha niggas rich… i.e. the media.

      • I feel you but you’d be surprised the influence that some of these dudes have on the youth . . .

      • dexter

        ahhhhhh u def rite bout that tho…

      • Indeed.

      • Weedras

        that’s where a parent should come in and open their eyes to the other side of their idols and show them that a lot of this shit they speak is pomp and pageantry or just stories and should be treated as entertainment and not some gospel…

      • good point but TV/Radio/internet is what is raising the youngins these days so thats why you have the war of the two sides of hiphop right now… parents can’t be everywhere… the media has an agenda and it gets clearer by the day.. PS im not religious but they are trying to destroy the moral compass…

      • Weedras

        i feel yah… i have a daughter and she’s 2yrs old and already knows how to find elmo videos on youtube via an iphone.. so i’ve now taken steps to restrict her access to TV and other electronics i’ve flooded her with books from birth but when i’m not around all that shit gets overridden by her mom who’s on some i wanna be your best friend type shit… so i already see how my work is cut out… but as i told her mom i’d rather be dead than see her come up with lack of respect, humility and knowledge about how evil and cold this world is…

      • and she’s only 2, kids are way too advanced these days, but you keep on doing your part bro im sure she’lll see you only have her best interest in mind and hopefully remember all you’ve taught her… but TV, Radio, Web and all this other garbage feeds only polution to our young…

    • DollasTX


    • After they play you, and “I got your back!” is what they say too, right before they get brand new, with the new crew & leave you out like a red shoe, left for dead too, eyes all black, blue & even red too.

      >>Not a rapper, but I play one on AHH

      • dexter


      • lol.. get it my dude! lol

  • DollasTX

    blasphemus or is it just 5% babble – trick knowledge or HIS truth?

    • DJ7

      Watch your tongue duke…not everybody in the nation is stuck in the 80’s

      • DollasTX

        clown said WATCH MY TONGUE – what you mean NO LONGER stuck in the 80’s?

        more like stuck in purgatory

        clarence13x huh LMAO

        “im’ma let you have that, cuz that aint even what im mad at”

      • DJ7

        clown? ok fam, you got your rise for today….feel better?

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  • southside4lyfe

    no to be a an idiot when I say this but some people do use religion as a crutch so they can do bad things. it happens every day after mass in the catholic church. just ask the priest. he going to tell you to say 3 hail mariys and ask you to bend over and ask the lord to receive your daily sacrament.

  • brotha_man

    well im glad to see jay -z on top cuz his lyrics have taken a back seat to how he used to flow.

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  • 504blacktravolta

    “have mercy on a Judas”