2 Chainz Stolen Driver’s License and Bank Card Posted On Instagram

(AllHipHop News)  After the world watched 2 Chainz encounter gunmen on security cameras during a June 12th robbery in Bay Area of California, now some of those stolen items have made their way to the internet.

An Instagram photo from user “Lilg04” showcases 2 Chainz’s (born Tauheed Epps) stolen driver’s license and bank card.

The rapper has not commented on the matter at press time, but a hip-hop web site that posted the info has reportedly raised the ire of 2Chainz camp.

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    arrest warrants issued in a couple of hours


      warrants served on who? a faceless picture?…just having this does not mean he stole them…he can claim that he found them on the ground after the robbery…even an ambulance chaser can get that dismissed

  • $18592567

    Obviously they couldn’t make any purchases with ol’ boy card. They look more like haters than robbers… If I was a robber I’d do it for the bread not the shine.

  • disqus_H6sOspqnJP

    Why dat fool acted like this wouldn’t come out eventually. Lie’n Ass Rappers. They got u on camera and now this. U just can’t get away with bullsh*ttin’ in the age of camera phones and social media

  • need2morehands2give4thumbsdown


  • johnblacksad

    The card ain’t black? WTF?

  • n n

    Smh I mean this wholeheartedly. They should have never gave you mf the Internet man the guy is as good as gone.lol say hello to Aaron Hernandez for me.lol

    • OSBKE3000

      Aaron is fucked!! An even if he had nothing to do with it ….. maaaaannnn that’s not a good look

      • Namebefakeshiiiiii

        Him destroying the evidence makes it a rap. They cant convict him on that fact alone but whats the chance he destroyed the evidence correctly, or the phone company doesnt have a copy of his text’s/calls. Just puts the police on your ass, and certainly makes you look like you’re guilty of something. Sad thing is i bet this guy Lloyd got killed over some stupid sh!t. If Hernandez had something to do with it why the hell do you dump the body 1 mile from your house? Just seems like hes either insanely over-confident that hes untouchable or retarded. Sounds like they brought him to a place that had security cameras too, used his car too. I mean it seems hes done for, even if he gets off without prison time hes done in the NFL. Hes not good enough to beat a murder charge, no team will mess with him and the league may not even let them have that chance.

  • Stay Phokus

    dude snitched himself out

  • n n

    Technically he didn’t get robbed he dropped his wallet running from a 45 caliber in his face .lol I mean who gonna stand there and get shot Clark kent the only dude I know immune to bullets.lol

    • MadVillain

      he didnt drop sh!t, watch the video again. he tripped and then got jacked when he was laying on the floor

      • n n

        Regardless so you standing there and get shot now if he had a pistol with him and ran whole different story.

  • Weedras

    This highlights two sides of the spectrum… 1. The fact that some ppl nowadays will go to any lengths to get a ‘g’ stripe and some internet fame… 2. Rappers write about a certain lifestyle that they begin to believe it and when their bluff is called their ego and sometimes career is made to suffer…

    because it took so long to come out i thought the dudes that did it were straight looking for a pay day but once again all they wanted was some ‘net notoriety’… smh

    • OSBKE3000

      I think they went this route cuz maybe Tauheed didn’t have anything else on him that day but maybe some weed money .. oh yea .. we callin u by yo govt name now .. FOH Tauheed

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  • MadVillain

    both parties involved took L’s here all because of their over-inflated ego’s

  • DJ7

    He baited their asses as well as trying to save face…an IP address goes a loooooooooooooooooooong way…only a matter of time now….learn the way of the internet or be prepared to lose kiddies

    • One Nite Stanley

      Forget IP address…that RFID chip embedded in that plastic is gone get that ass before an IP trace, lol

      • DJ7

        This is true as well….double whammy


      posting this picture is not proof of a crime, just proof of possible possession, and the state would have to prove that the person who owned the instagram account committed the robbery…based on the video I saw that would be damn near impossible…2 chain takes the L

      • DJ7

        either way questions will need to be answered….doesn’t let ____?___ off the hook….that analogy may work for hood victims with less resources but trust that industry money is long fam & they will get to the bottom of it….


        You’re assuming somebody cares enough to want to get to the bottom of it

  • ZUBU

    2 Chainz should have just admitted he got GOT. Fronting like he ain’t get victimiized, that he only got high in San Fran makes him look lame. Brothas when people got guns in your face there ain’t no shame in admitting that they got the jump on you and your boys. Stop the fake bravado, cause unless you got a death wish anybody gonna give up the loot. Any of us can get robbed if someone else gets the jump on you, even if you got a gun if the other person gets his out first you fuccckd. Also anytime you out of town aka (out of bounds) you are always a potential mark.

    • dexter

      well put! now thats gangsta shit 101! & oooo so tru! not even a getter wanna be got or shot…wow!

  • TheRealBay

    no one cares, all of u are male drama queens with vaginas….goodbye!

  • Mike Swiff


    • King Mardo

      If I up chopper on u you would begg for life ! I hate you e net gangsta he said they took his wallet dumb ass


        no he denied the robbery even after TMZ aired the tape

      • Mike Swiff


  • Guest

    That’s tity boy in the picture cuz he only got one chain on.

    • Furiouz Stylez


  • WillVetterGoodin

    this dude is a straight ho, runnin away like a bitch and fallin all over the ground. SMH. Yeah, this dude got as much street cred as a lamp post.

    • dexter

      Yes but the idea of getting shot will scare most man… but wen u talk that talk… be ready to walk that walk…”I got killas wit & u dont even noe it”…uh?!

  • RedEyez

    These new technology gangstas kill me.. I remember wen ni99as wouldnt even tlk on the phone if it was something hot! Nowadays, ni99as post they crimes for “likes”! SMFH.. Soon as he get caught its “Free __________” and “Stop Snitchin” Lame azz ni99as these days i tell ya

    • None ya

      awww poor baby,your favorite rapper got exposed lol

      • RedEyez

        awww i musta hit a nerve huh? U one of these new ni99as that i’m referring too? well son let me be the first to say.. Fukk U, 2 chains, and the rest of u fukk ni99as out here


    Lol that niggah 36???? Smh though cats were joking boug how old he really was

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  • u embarrassing the bay with that bs..lol…nigga act like he came up

  • One Nite Stanley

    Somebody should just call his grandma…he wasn’t ready :'(

  • Namebefakeshiiiiii

    How could the robbers possibly not think this would bite them in the ass. They post that on twitter? That doesnt require a rocket scientist of a cop to figure out who posted that. Looks like 2chainz baited them and they went right in. There was already a video why post anything about a crime on the net? Whats the chance it wont end bad?


      posting pictures of stolen items does not prove that you stold them, just the possibility that you possesed them…they can claim that someone else sent them the picture or that they found it

      • DJ7

        pressure breaks pipes…when the show starts, somebody gonna fold

      • They can check your phone and email records. You can’t lie your way out of this. Either you did it or you know someone that was involved.


        You are missing my point…posting pictures of stolen items does not prove that you stole them

      • i get your point, i think. That’s technically true. But in the eyes of the law, until you give them another suspect, you’re going to be the main suspect. Who sent you the pics? Where did you find them? There’s an electronic trail of all your internet and cell phone activity. They can check your story


        Oh of course they’ll lean on him to snitch


    cancelled the card and titty boi moved!!! you bay niggas didnt finish the job shouldve had the L.A niggas do it

    • Caliwaver

      Lol good one!

    • gomer_1

      LA would’ve had a cop do it

    • Tasha James

      You sound retarded… Why?!!! Hatin a** Negros; act like broads… lol Wanna rob a man because he is doing his thing… He probably denied it because he knew the dumb **** would want to take credit for this craziness…

      • BOO BOE

        missed the entire point and interpretation

        you have to have a certain man knowledge to understand miss jones

        get out yo feelings for titty boi

        no one robbed him cause he s doing his thing he was robbed cause n the streets its rules to the shit

        and m reason for saying what i said is if you robb a person with two three guns and get nothing then u bay niggas shouldve have had the la niggas do it

  • King Mardo

    I hate you tuff guys if shots are fired everybody runs or freeze up if you ain’t been shot at I hope dis is your lucky day!!!!!!

    • DJ7

      Not in a real war….been there done that b.u.t. I get where you coming from

      • Still run in a real war….it’s just TOWARD the shots.

  • King Mardo

    He said they took his wallet !!! If you don’t get anything valuable it called a botch robbery !!!!!!!!


      no he denied getting robbed even after the video was posted

      • ^This

        Since he didn’t get robbed….

        >>In Traffic cop’s voice :
        “Move along folks…nothing to see. Move along!

  • MrNoName2K

    lol gotta love dumb ass niggas man…

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  • dexter

    IS that his Insatgram account address info? UH! WTF!? Yea social media has dumb niggas @ an all time high! smmfh

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  • FaSho Money Prince

    Should have just admitted you got robbed bruh, street cred dont pay the bills, f street cred…

    • dexter

      yes & no… he shoudve came clean but street cred does pay his bills…

  • junj03

    “Real nikkas say word,You ain’t never told no lie,You ain’t never told no lie,Real nikkas say true,You ain’t never told no lie,You ain’t never told no lie That’s a thing I
    don’t do,Nah I just do it for the nikkas That are tryna see a million fore they
    die Wattup” umm……

    • TheRealBay

      ummmm….drakes verse

      • RapItUp

        **Tity’s chorus, that Drake is ‘singing’, on Tity’s SONG…

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  • Blackkingishere

    I got rob before I didn’t run but I got shot three times that nigga is lucky

    • wakin

      u shoulda ran maybe u wouldn’t have got shot 3x’s G

      • southside4lyfe

        depending on how fast u can run it might have been 1 or maybe 7 shots instead of 3 who cares you alive now

    • NdotC

      some people freeze some people run…u are lucky too bruh.

    • brotha_man

      fugg dat im running u got heart thats fa sho….i got seeds that need me more then the streets. #thelifewelead

      • Tasha James

        Ok!!! Tell them.

  • YungKizz

    man they gonna get dis guy now lol cuz hes a dumba$$

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  • dominicancoke

    2 chains(two chaaaaains) turn your head round..lay on the ground..you been robbed..wake up(wake uuup) ran through some cars..aint make it far.. you been robbed

  • nigga in london

    no chainzs

  • brotha_man

    as much as people live by the “no snitch rule” they love posting their crimes for the world to see….. twitter acct with his monker…..SMH (just poured a bowl of cereal and realized i aint got no damn milk)


    So what jst cuz he a rapper dont exemt him from the streetz. I dont even rocc wit cuz like that but in his defense it dont make him any les gangster cuz itz alwayz some young dumb and disrespectful hater that will do that shit just to say he did it and think that shit iz cool

    • Tasha James

      Shut the hell up! You gutta azz niggas need to get jobs and stop robbing hard working people, YOU LAME!!!!!!

  • wickedjones

    niggas be hating. wtf rob a rapper and post it on instagram. you want to impress me? Take care of yo damn kids. (imgettingold)

  • greg


    • brotha_man

      i bet if u asked dude he would admit to it. STREET FAME

  • digitallife

    These mofos to the judge: “I’m going to do 3 to 5 but I robbed 2 Chainz and got instagram love”

    • Tasha James

      Or shot the hell up, you damn fool… Someone in jail or on the street is going to get yo ….. lol

      • PDon

        What a generation of b%$#@ a$$ kids. Unbelievable are the extents you go to in order to still try to legitimize a b%$#@ a$$ fake thug. He says he’s street, Cali showed you that HE’S NOT BY FAR. End of Story.

  • Mike Swiff

    I like how niggas like King?Queen Mardo Like to threaten people because they don’t believe the TRUTH- this idiot(King?Queen Mardo) states “He said they stole his wallet” NIGGA AFTER HE LIED ABOUT THE WHOLE THING, this idiot (King?Queen Mardo) cant spell or understand reading COMPREHENSION. THE STREETS SAY 2 CHAINZ IS A FRAUD I DON’T GIVE A FCUK WHAT YOU SAY OR WHAT THIS IDIOT STATED AFTER THE FACT! YOU kitty kat-NIGGA! ENET THAT!!

    • Mike Swiff

      King? Queen Mardo said this LMAO: King Mardo replied to you

      If I up chopper on u you would begg for life ! I hate you e net gangsta he said they took his wallet dumb ass
      Huh??? illiterate dumb niggas! smh

  • king

    Ni$$er $#!+ at it finest

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