Star Witness In Trayvon Martin Murder Case Deletes Incriminating Tweets

(AllHipHop News) What you say (and tweet) can be used against you in a court of law. 19 year old Rachel Jeantel, who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin before his encounter with George Zimmerman, recently deleted over 50 tweets from her personal twitter account @MsRachel_94.

Numerous of her tweets involved alcoholic consumption, drug use and  On Febraury 26th, a year after Trayvon’s death, Rachel tweeted “Omg people calling n praying n shit lol I need a drink smoke and a pray my head killing me right now cannot wait when this day end.”

Four days before the trial began, Rachel tweet out a picture of bottles of alcohol with the caption “16months later wowww I need a drink.”

While Rachel’s deletion of seemingly innocuous tweets that have no relevance to the court case might seem trivial, it comes in light of a defense team for George Zimmerman who unsuccessfully attempted to get Trayvon Martin’s marijuana use added as evidence in the court case.

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  • Sean Taylor


  • dexter

    So What!!!!!!! Zimmerman is guilty as cow shit!

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    bitch lookin like Precious Pt2. ol trayvon was smashing that prior to his death? that’s sad in itself/

    • dexter

      oh yea he did like em chucky uh? lol yea maybe he wantd 2die…yuck!!!!!!

    • Casor_Greener

      zimmerman going to messa round and get off because of this piece of trash

      • brotha_man

        yeah she fugged up.

    • NostalgiaEra

      ^part of the problem.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        says the boy with a retard so called muslim as his avi. and Mexicans killed his son. hahahah!


    This bitch neck look like a hot dog that was in the microwave for too long

    • dexter

      STOP ALREADY!!!!! lol

  • Ya’ll don’t see it? This is Jabba the Hut!

  • Delly

    Keep it together for trevon Maam. WTF she kept saying sir.

  • mosestobymcgeethree

    what does her drinking have to do with racist killing that kid
    come on son

    • How are you going to put an “UPSTANDING” citizen away based on the testimony of thug?
      His lawyer is going HAM.

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  • MrNoName2K

    Gottdamnit Big Worm…

    • dominicancoke

      lmaaaaao for real tho

    • dexter

      yo stop!!!! lol noname cray as $hit!

  • King Flashy TheFirst

    She look like Jabba The Hut. Why did the prosecution not adequately prep this girl for the trial. She seems like she is just winging it…

    • Golgo 13

      lol so true

    • brotha_man

      i actually went back and re-watched the movie precious. I thought she was precious’ sister that i may have over looked the first time i watched the movie

      • dexter

        OTAY! lol

  • suge380

    Typical sh!t kids do. So what does that have to do with the case?

    • If introduced, to a white jury, a good lawyer will use it to challenge / impeach her credibility.

  • theKID

    Niggas ridiculous. Niggas get killed unjustly EVERYDAY by our own and thats more shameful. How u look DEMANDING retribution 4 this ONE?

    • Brindle

      so your saying they should just let it go?

      • Nah they shouldn’t let it go, never that…but fam does have a damn good point though…

      • Brindle

        we live in communities, so we always gonna do our own dirtier than we want others doing us. whites are the same. you might call your girl a name but you definitely don’t want someone else doing it.

      • Touche, that’s a good point too. Only thing I can really say about that is that whites generally don’t have that same pattern of self-hatred that we do, that’s what makes our situation so much worse…cuz it seems we’d RATHER kill one of our own than someone of another race.

    • NostalgiaEra

      you sound ignorant.

    • dexter

      hey hey now! I agree we need take care of home 1st! but the punishment must fit the crime here! period. like u I wasnt feeln all the out rage wen we do not get the same down the way wen its happening everyday… but Zimmerman must pay what he weigh my brotha…

  • Dead wrong

    The upcoming verdict and the reaction to it has O.J. Simpson part II written all over it. It will be interesting to see the racial divide when it’s time to celebrate the verdict… smh

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  • U_God

    Is it just me, but why do this woman remind me of Pumbaa from the Lion King? Just saying!

    • brotha_man

      she reminded me of Precious.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Did any of you watch her on the stand? Her stupidity was amazing. I hope most kids her age aren’t as dumb as she is because if so this country is screwed in the future. She couldn’t read, I mean she didn’t know how to read.

    • they are! Theyre drinking and smoking before they even learn to speak proper english aka HAVENT LEARNED IT IN SCHOOL! i understand everything isnt for educational purpose in school but learning to read and write is a VERY BIG NECESSITY that these young kids of this day havent dont learn PERIOD!

      • Tommy Strong

        You cant blame her for not speaking proper English today she explained that her mother is Haitian and her father is Dominican so she speaks Creole and a little Spanish so I guess that probably makes her a little smarter than you being she speaks 3 different languages.

      • Nervz

        This getto girl is a moron, point blank. I hope a lot of young kids watched and realized that this is what they will sound like if they don’t go to school and instead spend their time talking to guys on the phone when they should be studying. And 3 languages, Com’on Son. This big old beast, doesn’t even know how to breathe..

      • Tommy Strong

        OK I forgot you are Mr. Perfect. My bad no wonder you are the one walking around here with the college degree doing big successful things judging other people’s shortcomings. You dont know what she is doing all you do know is that she is a high school senior about to graduate from high school next year, who talked with Trayvon before his death, who happened to be high school friend who also would be graduating next year.

      • Nervz

        Actually, I can say I am pretty successful. I am a collage graduate, before I wrote my opinion on your comment, I was taking a swim in my pool in my backyard, and this morning when I drove to my office, I drove in my Mercedes. I am not prefect. As a young kids i made mistake just like everyone else, but I would have never sound like this moron on the witness stand or in front of a bunch of people. Clearly if she is on the way to graduating I have to question the standard of education they provide in her community.

        On another note- how did you got to work this morning?

    • Tommy Strong

      She can read if you paid attention to her while she was on the stand you would have heard her say she cannot read writing in cursive well, she read her statements a few times while on the stand. I think she was honest and out witted West today.

      • dexter

        but cant read cursive tho!? wtf! social media is dumbing down “our” children fast!!! now cursive is not obligatory in facets of society but the idea behind loosing intellectual ground is frightening… & thank God for spell check cuz I didnt noe how to spell that last word ‘frightening” lol

      • Tommy Strong

        Some people cant read at all illiteracy does exist. At least she hasnt given up social media cant dumb me down you are already dumbed down for thinking that. Im a realist and the facts I know about her is she is still in school trying to learn how to read if she is illeterate or if she cant read well.

      • dexter

        i guess…

      • greenhouse records

        everyone cursive handwriting not the same.

      • dexter

        naw I def get ur point. but u missed mine. I simply met the side dishes to intellectuality. thats all homes…. lets not miss the side dishes which help us become more ful”filled”. Thats all. other countries & cultures are passing us. not that it matters… but on the real2real…it does. Keep blogging. What ur saying is def truth tho

    • Thatguy_87

      They stopped teaching cursive in elementary school, the country is doomed.

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  • ZUBU

    Yall leave that young Sista alone. First she is young and placed in the National spotlight, and of course she is not prepared for this current setting. Secondly, not certain if many of you are aware but English is not her first langague it’s her third language. she lived in the Dominican Republic and speaks spanish, She is of Jamican heritage and speaks some Creole dialect. I could only imagine how I would come across answering questions, and understanding everything in another language. Having said that I’m not certain why the girl was so mean yesterday, other than being upset about her friend being killed. All in all, this is about a young brotha coming from the store being profiled by a deranged spanish redneck. He hunted the young brotha down, provoked him and killed him.

  • Tre C

    She threw her credibility out yesterday with how she was acting on the stand. If that’s the key witness, Zimmerman is going to walk.

  • Q.

    I’ll be damned if this Zimmerman SOB gets off because of sassy, uncoached testimony from Randy Jackson in a china doll wig. I’m getting pissed…God.

  • Q.

    I wanna give this girl an IQ upgrade chip so she can get her testimony together. SMH

  • dominicancoke

    is that thing human?

  • king sodomy


  • NostalgiaEra

    what idiot thought it was important to publish this story?… This has nothing to do with the case at hand… and yall folks making fun of her and just as bad as the racists doing the same thing.

  • tellyourstoryfast

    by the negative comments, most are young people, society really needs help. It’s all fun and games, until they are desolate, and need help. I pray for the remnant that is serious about life and really make it.

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  • Harrison Boateng

    Guaranteed this case will reignite a race war between blacks and whites similar to the OJ Simpson case in ’94. Rachel just became the first catalyst for this shit to go down if it hasn’t happend already. You have a lot of white people tweeting racist things about her seems like they waste no time with that.