Five Reasons Why Hip-Hop Should Love Rachel Jeantel

19-year-old Rachel Jeantel is the key witness in one of the most emotionally-charged murder trials in years. Jeantel took the stand on Wednesday (June 26) and providing riveting, tearful, and yes, at times, almost-amusing testimony in the very un-funny case of the murder of her friend, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Killed at the hands of neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, Martin was returning from a trip to the nearby 7-Eleven armed only with a can of Arizona and a bag of Skittles.

Within moments of taking the stand, tweets ridiculing Jeantel started rolling in from the way her hair was styled, to her size, to the way she spoke calling her “inarticulate” and according to the twitter feed of a popular blog-site, “retarded.” Ms. Jeantel, whose Twitter page was sanitized hours before she took the stand, was jittery, and serving up eye rolls and disdainful facial expressions that fascinated commentators who tried to weigh in on how her testimony affected the jury, comprised of all women, 1 Hispanic and 5 white. On the second day of her lengthy testimony, Jeantel was calmer, quieter, and seemingly more respectful remarking only that she “got some sleep.”

Zimmerman defense attorney and daughter, yesterday.

Zimmerman defense attorney and daughter, yesterday.

But, the fact of the matter is Rachel Jeantel is not on trial. George Zimmerman is on trial and he does not dispute that he killed Trayvon Martin, the question at the center of the second-degree murder trial is WHY. Just last year, this case fascinated black America, prompting a flurry of tweets hashtagged #JusticeForTrayvon and Instagram posts of basketball players and rappers in hoodies. Yet, the last few days have found most silent on the subject of the trial.

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But not all of us. In fact, I have nothing but love for Rachel Jeantel, in fact, I came up with a whole list of reasons to love her.

1) She is Courageous

Testifying in a murder trial is a scary thing, because no matter what you say, every word is open for scrutiny. There is no room for error in a murder trial, because one person is dead and the other faces lengthy incarceration. Despite not wanting to, going through lengths to avoid having to, Rachel Jeantel took the stand in the trial of the year. She took the stand for justice. She took the stand to speak up for Trayvon who can never again speak for himself. 19, of Haitian-descent, knowing little more than what her Miami-area neighborhood has taught her, she got up on that stand in front of the world.

2) She is Real

With her eyerolling, neck stretching, lip-twisting, acrylic-nail tapping, foot jiggling, and one-liners, Rachel Jeantel was unapologetically herself. She cried when she recalled hurt and she answered every question posed to her. She seemed at times exasperated with the process, and she probably was, questioned for hours, at one point mumbling that she wasn’t returning for further questioning. Yes, she has challenges speaking clearly. No, she can’t read in cursive.  But, with the assistance of the prosecution, Jeantel was able to state that some of her speaking and reading challenges rise from the fact that English is not her first language, she also speaks Haitian Creole and Spanish.

3) She Held Her Own

There were times in her testimony, when it seemed as if she were the lawyer, telling defense attorney West, “You can go on,” giving him permission to continue his questioning. Her “Yes, Sirs,” only thinly-veiled in her disdain, not so much for the process, but for the man who is trying to help her friend’s killer go free. When asked why she didn’t go to the police after Trayvon’s death, she plainly stated, “I thought they were supposed to call me. Do you watch First 48?” Her immaturity, lack of understanding of the law, and utter fear were clear, yet she didn’t back down.

4) She is Beautiful

One news channel stated that she “jolted” the crowd in the courtroom when she strode in on silver sandals. Heavyset, dark-complexioned, with her bun and bangs. This was the girl on the other end of the phone? This is who Trayvon talked to for hours and hours on end? Yes. Her dark skin clear as glass, and her smile, even though only barely glimpsed, lit up her face. She was well-dressed, and groomed, her deleted Twitter page alluded to her “court nails.” It’s clear that Rachel Jeantel had to spare one quality that truly makes a woman beautiful… confidence.

5) She’s “Our” Star Witness

Last February, as this case became national news, black America was outraged. We flooded our Facebook timelines and Instagram pages with photos in hoodies, or posed with cans of Arizona or bags of Skittles. We wanted Zimmerman arrested for killing our little “brother,” guilty of only his blackness, walking back one dusky evening to the home of his father’s girlfriend. We were tired. Tired of being gunned down by police and now a neighborhood watchman, authority figures who saw only our dark skin and suspected dark deeds. So why then, were black people so quick to ridicule the one person on whose brave shoulders our victory was riding?

Rachel Jeantel wasn’t a perfect witness. But, she spoke up with all her heart for Trayvon Martin. She did her best to articulate those last moments as she heard them. She is brave teenager and she made me proud. #LoveForRachel

  • wickedjones

    I havent seen it. (the trial coverage) But I tell u what, Zimmerman is GUILTY. What this trial is really about is do we allow other people to police black people.

    • In Master Don & The Def Committee’s voice (Before Master P crooked his hook ) :

      “Make ’em say UNGGhhhhHH!”

  • obamasuxass

    USA always turning serious issues into a joke as usual. zimmerman needs the lethal injection for murdering a teenager its that simple!

  • $28198506

    Yeah right. This was girl was just attention seeking, loving her 15 minutes of fame. She was giving the lawyer attitude for no reason. She completely blew it for the prosecution

  • Dead wrong

    It’s a d@mn shame that it takes racially divisive incidents like this to unify us. The author is doing some Manute Bol reaching on his description of this girl. It’s ok for her to be inarticulate or to not be considered pretty by society’s standards. The truth can be a good measuring stick for how far we need to go. She’s not alone. The prosecution needs to improve on witness preperation. The defense attorney should restrain himself on social media. We all can do better. Speaking of doing better there’s a whole gang of black George Zimmermans puttin’ in way more work while flying under the radar. This case is a tradgedy and I sympathize with the families involved … but a lot of brothers kill eachother because we fear the intentions of another black man as much as Zimmerman did … and those cases don’t garner half the attention or passion that this one does. Even Jesse Jackson once said he felt relief when he heard footsteps behind him@ night, turned around and saw a white man instead of a brother. Dammm. Why? I live in Chicago. Concealed carry gets greenlighted this July but I started much earlier. I won’t even say it … but you know the profile type that has had me reaching for the safety

    • greenhouse records

      The difference is if Zimmerman was black, they would have forced him to a plea bargain. And there surely wouldnt be a trial. And its about black american history where white people have been able to get away with things like this historically.

    • Still, that doesn’t condone starting ‘chet because you got a whammer.

      I support CC & Stand your ground laws, but I also feel Trayvon had the right / need to CC & Stand his ground.

      Open & shut in my opinion. IMO

      • Dead wrong

        I agree. I think that Trayvon felt threatened and had the right to protect himself. From what I gather, Zimmerman was a wannabe cop, racially profiling Trayvon and thirsting for some real law enforcement action. I was addressing what I think is the root issue here: our image. If you kill a weed but leave the roots intact, it’ll grow back. Unfortunately I don’t think that Trayvon is the last brother to be mistaken for a criminal. Unless I’m wearing a suit and tie, judging by the amount of purses that are clutched when I walk by … I’m mistaken for one on a daily basis. In one of his stand-up routines, Chappelle described certain skimpy attire worn by females as a ‘whores uniform’ and likened it to him being dressed as a police officer but being offended when people ran up to him seeking help. The mind thinks by association. To many people, our skin tone and a black ski mask share the same associations. Don’t Like! … speaking of … Lupe was just being honest in saying that the suspects for murder on the nightly news … too often ….look… like Chief Keef. Add dreads to this list of negative associations— in Chicago at least… It’s all marketing, and it’s a battle that we’re losing. Pac once said, “Mr. Police… please see, there’s a million motherfvckers dressed just like me”. People can dress and look however they want. I just want the youth to understand that even on a personal level they are projecting an image. It’s a complex issue and there are no simple solutions to it. It’s nearly impossible to differentiate the good kids from the soon to be jail-bait. They all dress alike nowadays. Does a straight A student really want to have neck tattoos and bag his pants like the dealers on the corner? He can. I just want him to be in control of his image and well aware of what’s he’s communicating. The real gangsters & wolves on this planet have this brilliant strategy of looking like lambs anyway.

        I dislike brothers who further tarnish the brand every night on the 5.7. and 10 o’clock news.
        I dislike the people that accept the terrible brand marketing and refuse to view black people as individuals.

        Like I said at the end of my last post, I have to cleanse my own perception. smh

      • Deep thoughts!

        Are jeans, boots & a hoodie more comfortable?
        Yes, but it does project an image, because we have been criminalized, so whatever we wear, especially if it’s to be different / have flavor, is going to be a bad image.

        Back in the days, my homie “Borrowed” some credit cards, but he put on a suit & did his thing. (20yrs ago )

        Today, Ninjaz will be in a store with dreads, jeans & red eyes, presenting a CC that starts with Dr. …and wonder why they get caught.

      • Dead wrong

        Yessir. At times it pains me though. I got a buddy that named his Graphic Arts company some ‘Asian’ sounding name because he thinks that the brand has been that far destroyed…that he’s better off if no one knows it’s a black owned business. I hear you on the crime/image issue. I tried to help some cats on the block with that knowledge, but they don’t listen. Why would any cat want to LOOK … like a drug dealer? A white tee, jewelry, and a fitted cap might as well be a drug dealer uniform. Driving a car that’s worth less than the rims doesn’t help either. A cat dressed in a suit or like a parcel delivery man would fly under the radar most times…

      • Yo! I kicked that same ‘chet to my peepz.

        Told him to through on his wedding outfit to handle his, he asked why, I told him, with the truck & a tie, jake might pass him by!

        That Ninjaz eyes lit up like X Mas!

      • Dead wrong

        LOL. You already know bruh. I feel like Outkast when I spot an enlightened brother: “I see an Alien every now and then.”

      • I remember O.G. told me about 20yrs ago…”If you’re going to be an outlaw….live within the law as much as possible.”

        Basically meaning to dot the I’s & cross the T’s.

      • Dead wrong

        Yea, the strong and humble actually want peace. They walk the earth like ghosts, making moves without bumping into anybody else. Real talk.

      • O.G. was with NAPO (New Afrikan People’s Organization) , but the Security Union. (NASU)

        He had on a tie & carried a bible. Inside the bible, was a Ruger .45.
        He said Jake is less likely to fugg with a brother if they think he knows how to read.

      • Dead wrong

        That’s wild. That brother was moving in silence for real.

      • You have no idea. He did 5 in Marion, which was ADX, until ADX was built.

        That ‘chet seems like yesterday, it is so vivid.

        He sent me to Ahmed Obefemi, in Harlem, in 90, right before Ahmed moved to Alabama with his 9yr old son, Chaka Zulu, who is Ludacris’ road manager, and the dude that Yapped T.I. in the eye, then T.I. got booked with the whammerz.

        Ninja be like : “What T.I. needed all that for? He going to war?”

        Yeah, when you fugg with the NASU, even Jake gets into full gear.

        Members included:

        Ahmed Obafemi

        Assata Shakur

        Mutula Shakur

        H. Rap Brown / Jalil El Alamin

        Dhoruba Bin Wahad

        They had their 1st shoot out with Jake at New Bethal Church in Detroit, during their 1st meeting, while Aretha Franklin’s father was the pastor.

        Google “New Afrikan Peoples Organization”

        Chokwe Lumumba is that dude. He will put some venom up in you.

        *Chokwe sent me to the O.G.

      • Dead wrong

        Maaan, you done put me up on it. I see why Zulu is named that now. I’m definitely gon check that out bro. Yea they seem to be about action only.

      • I was once asked by the Commander of a “Constitutional” Militia ( The majority, if not all of the leadership in the large militias are snitches / informants, etc. )

        “How do you spot a true Black leader?”

        I guess he was trying to figure out how to seem real?
        I told him :

        “He’s either dead…or in jail!’

        Needless to say, we had a harsh falling out shortly thereafter 🙂
        *He wasn’t trying to take the charade that far.

        Back in the day, I would say 90% of NAPO leadership did hard time, in the harshest prisons, under the harshest circumstances.

        You talking about Ninjaz who couldn’t be bought.

        IE: Geronimo Pratt (Pac’s Godfather)

        I think? he was the late Johhny Cochran’s 1st case. Freedom Of Information (F.O.I.) request can sometimes be delayed 25yrs for national security. 75yr in the case of Kennedy, to ensure the guilty escape punishment, etc.

        After Johhny won the O.J. case, his next move was to file an FOI for Geronimo, which because of his new stature, was pushed through, resulting in the instant freedom for Geronimo, one of America’s Nelson Mandela’s, who had served 26? years for a crime he didn’t commit, even thogh the boys had the documentation to show that they had him under surveillance 200 miles away when the crime happened.

        Dhoruba Bin Wahad’s case is eerily similar. If them boys called Assata the General of the BLA (Black liberation Army), Dhuruba & Geronimo were captains, of the East & West Coast, with dude’s like “DR”, Mutulu Shakur, an acupuncturist, as Sgts.

        Like a family, the Captain runs it, the Sgt is in charge.

        Sundiata Acoli, a NASA mathematician by day, bodyguard for Assata Shakur at night, while she was on them boys most wanted list.

        ‘Chet, YOUR BLACk pres has her #1 on the list.


        These weren’t dumb dudes, not by far, nor were they poor. Well, they were poor because they donated their resources, free schools, breakfast, medical services, etc.

        They were about “ARMED” struggle, and that ‘chet brings the type of heat that makes freedom, justice and independence look undesirable.

      • Dead wrong

        “He’s either dead…or in jail!’ Co-sign. I think that about every politician or leader that’s allowed to live is bought.

        My philosophy about the movement is that … invisible men can travel freely. It should be a mystery that a non-existent group is doing “xdecedawifckseia”. (needs decoding). As they say, there is no political power without economic power. The successful group can simply master business, marketing, and economics and never speak of the advancements that it’s financing. Imagine if Wal-mart had a secret cause … said cause would undoubtedly be successful, but we wouldn’t and shouldn’t know about it. I might not purchase a toaster from them if I was against Walmart’s public political cause. They might be using my money to finance the destruction of the human race, but I’d support their movement by buying a DVD player in complete ignorance.

        Hugh Pearson’s book about the Panthers was on point. In conclusion he pointed out that just like on the playground, when some kid claims to be king of the hill he gets targeted immediately. Further, knowledge and not guns is the key to a breakthrough. You already know that REAL ACTUAL science without regard for morals is taking place behind the scenes. TPTB have reached ‘star trek’ level tech. No guns, bravado, jackets, name, or identity was ever needed. Invisible movement and knowledge is powerful and unstoppable. Likewise, ideas can cause change, spread, and free people in areas where the group can’t physically reach. Innovative ideas will travel. Just my 2 cents

      • WoW!

        Good look on that drop!

      • Dead wrong

        Yea, economic development will seemingly come out of nowhere and no one will ever take credit for it. That’s how I’ll know we’re finally getting it.

      • that 2, but I meant this :

        ” In conclusion he pointed out that just like on the playground, when some kid claims to be king of the hill he gets targeted immediately.”

        If there is a plan to keep the Blackman a child like Peter Pan, we just got on the hit list with this convo.

        We better go “LIKE” some Lil Weezy tracks to shake them off our trail.

      • Dead wrong

        Nah everything is good 🙂 . The statement about the king of the hill represents why humility is the truth. A humble king can stay on the hill because he’s invisible without his pride. The other kids on the playground view him as an equal .. so why fight with your self? Mentally speaking we’re like prisoners in a cell with the door wide open. We can walk out anytime we want to. The prison door is small though. Those that swell up with pride/fear can’t make it through. A lot of them waste time holding others back from going without seeing they’re holding themselves back as well. The funny thing about going through the door is that you lose fear, seeing that there was no reason to be afraid of yourself in the first place… and by yourself I mean the people you consider friends AND those that try to oppose you(Not seeing Oneness with you)– be it gubmint, brothers, whites, everything and everybody that’s not yet aware of the greater whole that it belongs to. The crabs in a barrel might not pull the top crab down if he turned around and promised to help all of them escape once he got out. (They see Oneness.) The crab at the top would keep his promise if he knew that by helping the other crabs he was helping himself. (He sees Oneness.) Not fearing any other man and not wanting to hurt any other man are one in the same. Like Einstein said, the universe is a mirror. Since we all belong to it, no man can stop a change that’s taking place without the Head’s permission because we puppets are all controlled by a Puppetmaster.. Lets say God’s arm fell asleep. He’s waking it up. What can you do if you’re on that arm … and you’re considered a deep sleeping evil crew…except wake up? No fear.

      • Some powerful ‘chet..especially about “oneness.”

  • illynois95

    you dont even know if zimmerman is innocent or not. i personally think that he is guilty, but for gods sake, stop taking trayvons side just because he is black. you havent heard all the testimony yet, and you act like this one murder is a bigger tragedy than the other thousands that happen to black youth just because the shooter was white. shallow ass morons.

    • Dispatcher told Zimmerman not to follow, he was the aggressor & the minor is dead because of it.

      • illynois95

        yea he definitely did the wrong thing, but trayvon beat him pretty bad too, so did trayvon do the RIGHT thing? making this a race war is ignorant and the author of this article should be ashamed of herself for posting an article about a high profile murder case with her mind made up already, and her mind is made up based on the color of the victim and the shooters skin. pathetic ignorance.

  • andone

    no comment…

  • Reasons why hip-hop should not love Rachel:
    1) We have to be reminded “why we should love her”
    2) If we have to be reminded she is “beautiful” you probably know what she really is…
    3) Being stupid, ignorant, and an inappropriate dumbass h0e in court is not being “real”
    (I wish I’d be called 4 that)
    4)It encourages Captain save a h0es to pander to any “strong” “courageous” “real” “black queens” just cuz she looks like Precious
    5) Not becuz she is that she is a “black queen” or without fault.

    You tell us to love this h0e full of vice, if she was the beautiful, virtuous, succesful Beyonce you would be hating on her as usual calling her a demon, etc.
    Yall niggaz love pandering to hoodrats…

    • Tommy Strong

      And you obviously love pandering to made up barbie dolls

      • ^This

      • See? I told you so! Proving my point
        They call rachel real and a beautiful strong succesful black woman a fake barbie doll

    • southside4lyfe

      truth Travvon was beating the BBW of the frame . No further questions judge!

    • atlantahiphopshop

      What does this have to do with the fact that a kid was shot? YOU are caught up in the fictitious media driven reality TV world man. They are kids, growing up and changing. She was talking to a kid that is dead now. Have SOME respect for yourself and stop looking at issues with a shallow perspective. You may regret it one day, you may have grandkids like her one day, never know. You are miserable son.

      • What does this article have to do with a kid being shot?
        I reacted accordingly to this bullsh*t article for being an attempt at seeing the sweet and virtuous Rachel and you calling me shallow for saying the same things this site is trying to say/imply about Rachel about someone who deserves praise? And now you’ll overlook all my point of view because somehow you project on to me MY hypothetical grandkids will end up like her…
        Even you are talking like its a negative outcome that I’d have to deal with, being related to fat, illeterate, dumb slob.
        I don’t see how anything you say undermines what Im saying in any wayall you have is your opinion on me:

      • atlantahiphopshop

        You are RM Fag. I can tell by your mentality. Noone else would be so gay. Sit your white ass down! And that’s “shallow” dumbass. Ignorance isn’t only dark skinned and overweight obviously.

      • Looks like that’s your only comeback
        Calling me gay, shallow and white. I’m guessing you are a fat dark skinned woman that is ignorant like Rachel for you being offended or for your dumba$$ assumption.
        I don’t have beef with Rachel for being darkskinned and fat (did not mention that, she had to be put in her place for that article trying to raise her up so high while she isn’t worth jack$hit)
        I can feel the ugly/fat by reading your comment only taking issue with me being “shallow” and not finding Rachel purty.

      • Nah, RMfag wouldn’t support his view.

  • atlantahiphopshop

    If Zimmerman would have been professional and identified himself as a “peace officer” in the hood (i.e. “block watch captain”), and showed him he was armed (instead of hiding it under a jacket), There would have probably been no fight and “maybe” no shooting.

    • True, same could be said if Tray had just run faster & further, or simply “stayed in his place.”

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  • Mike Thompson

    We need to win this case. To lose forever says you can be stalked, provoked and ultimately shot for being black. If someone is following you, you have the right to scream at them, if they invade your space you have a right to defend and administer adeqaute force to make them stop following you. That goes for all colors..why then if you’re black its all of a sudden a legal defense that a grown man was adequately in fear of lethal force against him (by a minor) and that he could apply lethal force after provoking? This case is dangerous … very very dangerous. The alternative is to tell young Trayvon’s to hang up your pride and do whatever he says because even if you fight and knock him down over him saying whatever crazy ish came out his mouth, he has the right to shoot you because “they” think we are animals. For all we know Zimmerman could have mouthed some radical statement and baited a fight..just to shoot.

  • Veritas_Et_Libertas

    1. She would have been, “courageous” if she told the truth no matter what Trayvon’s mother thought or how it would affect her own privacy.

    2. Committing perjury is not being, “real.” She lied about at least 4 things admittedly and on different occasions.

    3. She didn’t hold her own. She showed she could get angry when someone called her on her lies.

    4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I have nothing against her on this point.

    5. Why should we love a person who got caught committing perjury just because she is, “our” witness? I don’t think she represents us well at all.

    • BibatheDiva

      She did not commit perjury. She stated that she had lied in the past, but she stated that she was telling the truth on the stand. At no point, was she warned about perjury by the judge.

      • Veritas_Et_Libertas

        She did commit perjury. She gave a sworn statement to Prosecutor Bernie De La Rionda in which she changed TM’s words omitting, “creepy ass cracker”. She said she changed the statement because she did not want to offend Trayvon’s mother who was in the room. Look up the Fl statute for perjury and you will find that this qualifies. The statute is either 837.012 or 837.02 depending on if there was an official representative of the court present or not.

      • Perjury has to be about a material fact.
        Saying you had grape jelly on your toast, as opposed to Strawberry, doesn’t count if it isn’t relevant to the case at hand.

      • Veritas_Et_Libertas

        Agreed. Her changing TM’s statement from an offensive statement about race to an inoffensive statement is material to GZ’s defense. Part 2 of the statute says the person does not have to believe it is material for it to be criminal.

      • Indeed, but at best, it’s making a false statement, not perjury, but your point is valid, but…..( I know..everything after “but” is BS, “but” if Tray was on trial for selling crack, the prosecution’s case would still stick. #IJS)

        Interest of justice wouldn’t be served by prosecuting her, based on her motivations, frame of mind and circumstances at the time. Your *spouse’s? parent’s grief, at the time of their seed’s destruction can be considered a “necessity” defense. IE: It’s illegal to speed, but if rushing some one to hospital, the state won’t / can’t prosecute.

        The prima facie / case in chief, is simple, Tray had a right to be where he was, and do what he was doing. This much is not in dispute, as opposed to a victim of Tray stepping forward to say that Zimmerman was protecting them or their property from Tray, and absent any reasonably articulated conduct that warranted suspicion, Zimmerman had no reason to step to Tray about anything, even if he was a cop.

        (Terry Vs Ohio / Illegal Search)

        By Zimmerman’s own account, Tray took steps to avoid confrontation, to retreat, even though Trayvon had a right to “Stand His Ground.”

        Smoking weed, drinking brew, etc. in school, is irrelevant to those facts. Even *IF Tray had just got finished smoking some A’ight or some LOUD, drinking 40z in a crowd, etc. Zimmerman advanced his own position, and if threatened, there are two reactions, flight or fight….not give chase.

        By Zimmerman chasing Tray, and escalating the confrontation, he forfeited all rights to claim he was threatened. Right there Zimmerman was in the wrong, if nothing else, a civil rights violation, which only carries 5yrs, but it’s a felony, and he would be liable for any deaths that occurred during or as a result of the commission or furtherance of that felony, which would also make him guilty of “Felony Murder.”


        This situation started out with Zimmerman being wrong & wronger, and the Jakes compounded that by smacking the entire Black community in the face.

        If you want to blame some one for home girl not being able to read a tube of toothpaste, let alone her High School Diploma, blame the Public “Fool” system, instead of the stolen Africans forced to attend it.

      • Veritas_Et_Libertas

        Willfully making a false statement under oath is perjury. She did that. It was over a racial comment that is substantive. I do not see evidence beyond reasonable doubt that GZ approached TM. (the final approach, not the initial following) GZ chasing TM is not a civil rights violation unless evidence exists that it was racially motivated. Even TM’s family attorney said, “It’s not about racial profiling,” Daryl Parks declared. “He was profiled (criminally). George Zimmerman profiled him.” (excerpt from examiner. com)
        Profiling behavior is not illegal and is what neighborhood watchmen are instructed to do and how to do it. I don’t fault her at all for her education or inability to read cursive. I only fault her for her dishonesty.

      • Zimmerman : “He’s running away!”
        Dispatcher : “Are you following him?”
        Zimmerman : “Yes”
        Dispatcher : “We don’t need you to do that!” *or something to that effect.

        That was the final approach, and Trayvon, a skinny kid, was running away. To me, that’s some p*ssy ‘chet, dogging a young brother because they usually don’t fight back type ‘chet, but I digress.

        The family’s attorney can’t say what was profiling anymore than the defense attorney can. Besides, I think he was being politically correct, but either way, what is a criminal profile?

        I’ve seen white: Child rapists, child molesters,adult rapist, home invaders, drug dealers, wife beaters, you name it, whites have done it, along with ever other race & age groups. Even old white women robbing banks, so what criminal profile did Tray fit, that had nothing to do with his skin color or civil rights that he had a right not to be discriminated against?
        Age, sex, race & religion are protected by the constitution, even if they are not protected in NYC under Mayor Bloomberg’s NYPD.

      • Veritas_Et_Libertas

        That was not the final approach. GZ said he lost TM and was looking for an address. He talked to the dispatcher for a short time after that and the initial call in about the fight came in a couple minutes after that. What happened in that two minutes is unknown to anyone except GZ. Ms. Jeantel may have heard some of what happened but she was unable to see which way either of them went during that time or who punched who. Sometime in that two minutes was the final approach.

        Criminal profile is suspicious activity (in this case consistent with someone casing residences) There is no evidence that TM was doing anything wrong in hindsight, but at the time, it would look mildly suspicious to be leisurely walking around alone in the rain looking at houses. That is not an excuse for GZ to start a fight with him but we don’t have solid evidence that GZ did start a fight with him.

        I completely agree with your last paragraph that any race, gender, and most ages are capable of crimes. A criminal profile that is legal could be a description of behavior that is consistent with what someone would demonstrate who is preparing to commit a crime. It doesn’t mean someone is committing a crime, just that they may appear like they are before all the facts are available.

      • In Joe Pesci’s voice : “Ok! Okay! OKAY!”

        Definitely a good point upon that, but absent Tray stopping and studying the residents, and even that isn’t a crime or enough probable cause, & is a hard / long stretch.

        That means if you looked at a car drive past, you are a suspected car thief or jacker, or looking at a woman makes one a suspected rapist.

        So even with that reach, which is like saying a Ninja doesn’t have the right to look at houses in the area or even be in it, it doesn’t give Zimmerman the right to confront Tray violently.

        Granted Zimmerman had a right to confront Tray as an individual, but that right also comes with the responsibility for those actions.

        In hindsight, Tray was 100% legit, and tried to avoid the confrontation, while Zimmerman escalated it against police advice. Acting against police advice by continuing to pursue Tray is Zimmerman’s downfall. There can be no self defense for the initiator of the confrontation.

        You definitely made a good point. I can see how they are going to try & flip it & possibly get Zimmerman off, but IMO, he’s still guilty, and like I said, I won’t hold it against the people who would be upset at an acquittal, nor their actions behind such a verdict because I can understand their frustrations, even if I may not support their reactions.

      • Veritas_Et_Libertas

        I agree with your first point that it is not proof or even probable (51%) cause that TM was going to commit a crime. It is however reasonable suspicion.

        I disagree with your equivalence to seeing a car drive by and assume its a car thief. You must have a bit more unusual behavior for reasonable suspicion i.e. the same person driving by in a car but acting nervous with a broken window and a screwdriver in the ignition.

        I agree with your third point that GZ did not have a right to confront TM violently.

        I agree that GZ was responsible for his own actions if he did confront TM peacefully. (He said TM approached him and no eye witness has disputed that so far)

        I agree that TM was 100% legit in running (he didn’t have to but it was one possible correct option for him). GZ said he stopped following after the dispatcher told him to stop. (he was already out of the truck and some distance away from it and had lost sight of TM) I would need to see evidence that GZ escalated the incident and did not try to return to his truck before I could fault him. FL law said if the instigator of a fight abandons the fight and attempts to flee but the other party will not allow him to leave (indicated as possible by witness Good) then the person now trying to leave may use force including deadly force if necessary to prevent himself getting killed. The prosecution is still calling witnesses so we will see what happens but the state is in a really tough spot trying to prove elements of manslaughter say nothing about murder 2.

      • I’m not qualified to second guess an attorney, but I think the jury will have a hard time believing that TM threatened GZ, physically, or that a wanna be cop / neighborhood watchman lacked enough awareness that TM could surprise him.

        Considering GZ knew the area better, and would reasonable maintain 360 awareness, but the fact remains that GZ initiated the conflict, according to GZ’s account.

        The final confrontation may be in dispute, but the initial incident indisputable.

        Like the screw driver, busted window & ignition, what was TM doing that was so suspicious? Walking home, checking the scenery, talking on the phone?

        That’s like saying TM didn’t have a right to look at houses from a public street.

        GZ is in a fugged up position, and if he goes to jail, he will know what it really means to be Black, as he will be a minority, and even the Hispanics ain’t fuggin with him like that unless he’s Mexican.

      • Veritas_Et_Libertas

        TM was not doing anything illegal but it could look like it, as the Neighborhood watch instructor testified. It will be interesting to see what the jury does with this. I expect acquittal or guilty of manslaughter depending on how the rest goes.

      • I do too, but what would you expect if the killer were Black & the victim white?

      • Veritas_Et_Libertas

        Based on my assessment, hopefully he would not have been charged or arrested. It’s hard to speculate without knowing the people in charge of the investigation.

    • Thatcouchaintyours

      Agreed even if she didn’t commit perjury.

    • Tommy Strong

      Maybe you should try following this case please explain what 4 things did she lie about? The only thing she lied about was not going to Trayvon’s funeral which is irrelevant to this case. She never told anyone how old she was people assumed since her and Trayvon were friends that they were the same age. She admitted that she did not want to have to testify because of what people would say about her and she also admitted that she was still trying to deal with the death of Trayvon. She did hold her own against an educated, racist lawyer who is representing her friend’s killer and kept her on the stand for over 7 hours. I got love for Rachel and hope people will start giving her support.

      • Veritas_Et_Libertas

        Her age (she admitted that she said she was 16 because she thought she would get more privacy as a minor), her location during the funeral, her name, and TM’s statement describing GZ as a, “creepy ass cracker” which she admitted she left out of her statement because she did not want to disrespect TM’s mother. I will not support someone who lies out of convenience just because we share common ancestry.

    • atlantahiphopshop

      “She” was not on trial. Trayvon is not on trial. He was already tried, convicted and executed. Her “white” lies had nothing to do with the timeline, which is more important. The time line of all the calls combined will show Zimmerman is more inconsistent than everyone.

      • Veritas_Et_Libertas

        Her credibility is crucial to her testimony being used. If she told the whole truth from the beginning, GZ may be more likely to be convicted. Since she lied it greatly reduces the chance a jury will find her vital testimony credible.

      • atlantahiphopshop

        HIS credibility will be the turning point. Remember I told you that.

      • Veritas_Et_Libertas

        Both will be important. GZ’s lies are apparent and will damage his credibility. The prosecution could have take better precautions to keep their star witness from making false statements (like interviewing her in a neutral location instead of in front of Trayvon’s mother)

  • Way 2 Go Biba!

    I knew after the Lola article, you were gonna bring the heat!
    Thanx for stepping up & setting the record str8!

    SMDH @ US

    The man gave us a hero & we turned our back on her!

    • DJ7

      Happens ALL the time fam…remember Dorner…Black history month execution…on LIVE TV

  • Q.

    I don’t particularly care what this young lady looks like, but listening to her talk kinda pissed me off…”I don’t read cusses…” WTH? I hope this case doesn’t pivot on her testimony. Shame on our school systems, and shame on our communities for not doing a better job of raising this generation, and shame on shameless racist whites who will stoop to any level to get the upper hand in the name of maintaining the idea of racial dominance.

    This Don West phaggot is patting himself on the back and eating ice cream to celebrate publicly ridiculing a semi-literate teenage girl…to protect a murderer? This is why you became a lawyer, dude? Congratulations–you’re the scum of the earth.
    This family needs justice, not a minstrel show.

    • Brutal…but on point as usual!

    • They turn everything concernin us into a minstrel show fam, it’s just standard protocol ’round these parts. They can’t even show us gettin our taxes done without us singin and dancin about it.

      • Q.

        No lie.

  • Truknown

    that’s real though

  • atlantahiphopshop

    “She” was not on trial. Trayvon is not on trial. He was already tried,
    convicted and executed. Her “white” lies had nothing to do with the
    timeline, which is more important. The time line of all the calls
    combined will show Zimmerman is more inconsistent than everyone, period.

  • ZUBU

    Once again leave this sista alone, she has not did anything wrong. George Zimmerman is the one wrong. He stalked a young brotha down and killed him after Tray put hands on him. Zimmerman should have sat his want to be cop ass in the car like the dispatcher told him, but no he wants to be super cop and kill a young brotha!

    • Ronlg1

      One thing is definite…Tray definitely put hands on him….I say, the 911 call gets him convicted; however, he isn’t gonna get any REAL time…maybe a couple of years tops…He’s gonna get off easy, because he was never charged with “Murder 1″…which is what he SHOULD have been charged with…I DO believe he has a “manslaughter” charge. They are gonna do something THINKING that they are appeasing blacks and whites…”we will convict him for the blacks, but only give him a few years for the whites”…

      • Hell I wouldn’t even say years in the plural form, not if we go by the track record for “justice” in America. Mehserle only got a year for shootin Oscar in the back while he was face down, and that shit was on VIDEO. I can’t even front, I ain’t even paid attention to the trial cuz I already know the drill, it’s the same ol song and dance. Why should they change the tune when they feel we can’t (and in 2013, know we WON’T) do shit about it?? They could find Zimmerman not guilty right this second and I guarantee we wouldn’t come together like in ’92 to let em know we’re tired of their shit. It really fukks me up that our people nowadays are so quick to slay one of our own over even the pettiest notion of disrespect, but willingly tolerate and even accept so much bullshit from the system…we’ll kill a brotha from the same struggle as us without so much as a second thought, then run hide the gun the moment we hear them sirens…even though the police are the REAL enemy out here most of us won’t bust on them like we’ll bust on that brotha that we share similar circumstances with. What part of the game is THAT?! We don’t gotta worry about “the man” keepin us down anymore, they don’t even have to…cuz they put us in the position to do it for em and we do it better than they ever could, not to mention so much more efficiently. If Zimmerman’s found guilty it’ll be cuz of the typical assumption that Trayvon was some type of thug, why? Cuz that’s EXACTLY how we’ve chosen to represent ourselves to mainstream as a bunch of rappin, ball playin miscreants (word to Petey Greene). We stay so quick to “demand” respect from mainstream American in general and White America specifically, but what the fukk reason they got to even consider respectin us when we outright refuse to even respect our DAMN selves?? Hopefully one day we’ll wake up and get it together, cuz shit definitely ain’t gonna get any better til we do.

  • Ronlg1

    Be clear…NOTHING SHE says is relevant to the case….why? Because this should be an “open and shut” case. The ONLY thing that matters in this case IS the 911 call, in which Zimmerman is asked “Sir, are you following him?”, George replied “Yes.” The operator says “Sir, I need you not to do that”. What this ALL boils down to is IF George Zimmerman had followed the DIRECTIONS GIVEN TO HIM FROM THE 911 OPERATOR, NONE of this happens!!!!

  • jubileeshine

    The u.s. justice dept under Atty genl Eric holder needs to bring federal charges against terrorist Zimmerman for violating trayvons civil rights.

    • Are my eyes deceivin me, am I really lookin at a Jube Shine post right now?! Hahaaa welcome back fam!

  • dominicancoke

    zimmerman should be found guilty on all charges trayvon could of been enjoying another summer if zimmerman just contacted the cops . no matter trayvons thug behavior and sealed highschool record or him trying to get a gun or ugly taste in women all that cant come into question because that fatal night he did nothing wrong he thought he was being followed which he was and he reacted like any person green yellow black white should off this could of happened to any latino or black minority in that situation wearing a hoody so f*ck gearge zimmerman and he dont rep latinos hes dads white so is his mind.

  • VentKing11

    Not to diss the young lady because she is who she is BUT, what or rather WHERE in the @#$% was the defense attorney’s coaching of a witness skills at? Did that attorney not see this coming? There was no advice given to her that would help her realize that she’s only helping the man, the prosecuting attorney, that she has so much obvious disdain for trying to help the man that killed her friend go free in accomplishing that goal? It’s obvious he told her before her next appearance but that just made the opening act that much more noticeable and awkward. You don’t want the jury thinking about anything other than sincere facts coming from those that take the stand so unfortunately negative physical demeanor or speech can take away from that. It shouldn’t but really don’t act like you’re shocked that it does. The defense attorney should lose money for not preparing this young lady with “Hey, if you want to help send Zimmerman to jail where he deserves to be you are going to have to be as classy and professional as you can while on the stand. When those in jury look at you, they are sizing everything they can up in there head and they do that by more than just what you say. If they get any sense you’re just ghetto, they may end up dismissing your testimony even though you’re being truthful be it right or wrong. We don’t want that. Sit up right and speak with intelligence and conviction so we can send this bastard to jail.” I’ve been involved in a trial situation before and KNOW that my behavior, demeanor, seriousness, and speech skills helped me out of that mess and even though I didn’t need the advice, that is exactly what my attorney cautioned me about before I took the stand so I don’t see how this was missed and it was missed. I could see if this lady tried to be the professional in a way and failed that would be one thing, but one could tell she wasn’t even trying that first day. She went up there like she just finished smoking a blunt in the garage and was annoyed she had to stop and talk to this mutherf*%& azz face trying to set Zimmerman free. The advice she should have gotten before day 1 was a day late and a dollar short. Not hating on her cause I know being a young lady and nineteen full of still raw emotion over her friend’s death had a lot to do with it too, but that’s even more the reason some adult either her mother OR THE ATTORNEY should have talked to her about that so I blame that scene more on them than the young lady – she’s just a kid still.

    • Da Ledgendary

      I think you got the defense attorney and prosecutor confused. The defense attorney did not coach her because that’s not his witness. She was the prosecutions witness, not the defense attorney. Its the prosecutor that’s trying to convict Zimmerman. The defense is the one trying to get him off.

    • W357C0457

      you got it all wrong, she is helping the prosecution. she is not being charged with anything, she is testifying against zimmerman (the defense). and her being all rude may seem dumb at first, but then when the defense attorney posts pictures saying ‘we beat stupidity’ and ‘dadkilledit’, you kinda have to wonder if the defense is getting hustled a little bit. Any judgement they make against her just make them seem more racist.

  • John Q. Public

    That bitch is ugly as hell to me…. but hey, some people say cucumbers taste better pickled

    • I wonder what u look like. Probably ass cheeks

      • John Q. Public

        lol that was funny… jus saying we don’t “need to love her because she’s beautiful”. this article is ass cheeks

      • i can go for that

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  • grftswf

    death to george zimmerman,death to all racists. we will no longer be disrespected.

  • lonnie keys

    Sthank YOU COMMENTATOR FOR THAT INSIGHT MENT I MEAN IF THAT WAS GABRIEL SIDABEY …THE BIG GIRL WHO PLAY PRECIOUS IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A LITTLE DIFFERENT …I SMART AND EDUCATED AT BEST …SHE WOULD HAVE WORN THE PROSECUTORS OUT LOL… THEY WANT TO sterio type us ever chance they get without ever knowing what growing up disadvantage and black is like …. most on that trial are privileged or wealthy …. if lizzie bordon can get away with murder so can zimmerman this is why we needed this woman rachel testimony to be flawless never the less …she kept it real and she did her best …. she was not on trial as you said she was a help to the case …. now zimmermans father is saying that voice was zimmerman on the tape bulllllll …. we know it was not …and even if it was he was screamin cause he know he was gonna kill him so he wanted people to hear him scream to sound credibable later .remember he was studing to be a cop …case close this is why his behavior was so racist… how you gone follow a man with a gun and not be in law.. who did he think he was he was just wrong for pursuing this man … and then as aresult killed him think ing the neighborhood would give him a medal … its no way a normal person would have shot anyone wondering in a nieghbood unless that person was robbing you or breakin in your home …zimermans act was just unnecessary and laced with racist intent white people need to just accept racism for what it is ..most of these college educated lawyers have not studied racism and slavery in american and are scare to studiy it for what the majority of white people dont want to know… they fear wha they dont understand …it ought to be manditory for lawyers to pass a exam on racism and slavery to get a degree and police to… i bet the majority will fail….. remember george stinney jr… 14 year old boy executed for no reason accused of killeing 2 lil white girls? come to find out after his murder by a racist lynch mob court system of racist … come to find out a white man confiessed on his death beed 30 years later … and dont forget emmetti tl story a 14 year old boy killed by two racist white men for what they called whistlin at a white woman .. the lynched him whipped him beat him and floated him i n a river ….took him out of his bed at his uncles house where he was visit for summer in mississippi. these kind of stories are what makes black think twice ..about letting people like zimmerman ridee….. he he just not in 1950s but still a racist from the bone taught by you tube and watching these stories on the net ..and studiing his heritage …. the younger generation of white kids know racism they just dont accept it …and usually administer it when ever no one is watching …. they are the ones who will call you a ni))ger while riding in a car or on the bloggs using racism ….so we need to recognize what we up against the pass is haunting us ..cause we dont know it and we refuse to let our kids learn about it we will be in the dark because of our own behavior against our own race

  • lonnie keys

    ANOTHER THING…. RACHEL is not on trial period okkkk…. the 911 tape is all that matter all that proves that could have been any of us walking in a neighbor hood and just cause we black someone assume we may be trouble and chase us donw while calling 911 …>> ??? he only called 911 as an alllobi that turned on him.. and proved his intent do you know anyone who call police and still follow a criminal …they tell you not to follow a person even if that person has stole your child and you know where they went the police say dont follow them cause it will cause more problems …. he didnt follow orders ..but he wants to be a cop and that should have been known by him… he went against principles to kill a black man … and he really though he was gonna get away with it …he had no idea charges would be bought on him…. cause he is a neighbor hood watch dog…. please … he is where he should be and where he is going is down

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