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Hip-Hop Rumors: 2Chainz Denies Robbery After Info Posted Online

“This some bullsheeeeeet.”

I gotta give it to 2Chainz! That brother is not going to concede that he was robbed. And I have to respect that.

Shaggy said it well: IT WASN’T ME!

But, moreover, the brother from the land of Ludacris is saying that somebody picked his pocket and that’s how they got his credit card and ID. It wasn’t the result of that gun man that made brothers do the Jesse Owens in the street.

2 Chainz Answers Jackers


I definitely feel bad for 2Chainz. Nobody deserves to have a gun pulled on them when they are just trying to live and entertain, yanno? He probably should stay off twitter and just lay low for a few and let somebody do something stupid. Because you know its only a matter of time before somebody does something stupid and we all forget this robbery/pick pocketing ever happened.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • johnblacksad

    he ain’t get robbed… he got pickpocketed

    • water_ur_seeds

      at gun point haha

      isnt pickpocketing when some picks your pocket without you knowing? gun in your face and you running faster than usain in beijing isnt exacly a subtule pick lmao

      • LOL~N

        Well technically, they picked his pocket…after he fell like a white girl running in a horror movie.

      • water_ur_seeds


      • $18592567

        Protected by viper stand back.lol

      • More like “Dig IN!”

        They don’t play in the Bay!

        I’m glad he’s alright though, but :

  • Dead wrong

    Waaaake uuuup ….yooou fvccckin clooown, turn your head rooound’, you’ve been roooobbed.

    Seriously though, this is no laughing matter. These rappers are flossing hard around cats who’s stomach’s are caving in from hunger… it’s a bad mix. If I was stuntin’ that hard I wouldn’t walk amongst the ‘broke peasants’ that I spend my time degrading on wax. I’d bring the club, the h0es and the strippers to the mansion. You really want to push a tray with steak and shrimp through a crowd of homeless people? I wouldn’t no more than I would recommend a stripper walk through the yard of a penitentiary.

    • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

      REAL SHIT!!!!

    • Good comparisons.

    • Doe Boy

      real shit

  • Guest

    Jus keep it 100 and stop with tryna keep yo street image in tact.

  • OSBKE3000

    I know there gona be hate for me sayin this .. but I wish that fool would come back to the Bay .. “oh that shit ain’t go down like that??? ok .. shit can go down .. for real” .. STFU Tauheed go sip some syrup an pretend that shit didn’t happen .. you should be BLESSED it didn’t go sour ……….

    • *more sour

    • Eli Pinilla

      thats how i would feel if i was out there…

  • Synista

    This ni99a keep ROSSin!

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  • MadVillain

    lol c’mon son… why Tauheed gotta be sucha fuccn lame?

  • MadVillain

    on a sidenote, im reading that old rapper tweets article atm and that sh!t is funny as hell. Wale got so much hate

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  • Banksy

    Honestly what you put out in this world is exactly what will find you. Ask yourself why doesn’t this shit happen to people like Lupe, Common and dudes like that and why this type of shit always seems to happen to rappers like 2Chainz. This is not a coincidence. Like attracts like

  • don king

    lol he just makes it worse.

    • JondoE303

      Word dude just needs to be quiet already cuz the more that he opens his mouthtthe more foolish he looks Bwahahahahahahahaha

  • RBG

    this guy is a donkey.why does he glorify crack and pimp life? thats simping… i’d rather be a pick pocket than a simp.

  • better to stay silent and let them think ur an idiot than open ur mouth and remove all doubt…

    • OSBKE3000

      ha!!! you ain’t never told no lie

  • MrNoName2K

    Yo its like nigga give it up, you got relieved trying to stunt in the hood. You win some and you lose some, you just happend to be on the losing end and denying it is only making it worse. Just gotta throw in the towel and take that L. Sh*t happens. Couldve been over a long time ago.
    ***footnote*** Shorty on the right in that pic up top, Id go baaaaaaaaaaaalls deep in them sugar walls…oh yes oh yes

    • MadVillain

      lol i was thinkng the same sh!t, damn she fine!

      • MrNoName2K

        lol my nigga

      • Pedro Matos Jr.

        Both of ya’ll is on point I was thinkin the same b4 I even read the article.

    • Whatwhat

      You are right on all accounts. That chick is fine. He got caught being stupid and showing off his jewelry in a foreign environment, and apparently has nobody that can protect his ass. Like you said hes making this much worse by bringing up this shit over and over, and getting them to prove they had your id and credit card. Just stop, its not gonna end your career. Your shitty music is whats gonna end your career but thats another issue.

      • MrNoName2K

        ^2..all day

  • DollasTX

    why is this even a story still – niggahs get caught slippin everyday aint nothing new SORRY AZZ NIGGAHS UH EVEN ROB THEY OWN MAMA – its like niggas is happy to see another niggahs get taking advantage of – i aint never had respect for a niggah that couldnt get his hustle together so he’d rather hate the next man pockets –

    • Whatwhat

      Yeah no love for the stick up kids in my book. Aint need to do that, if you were smarter you would be making money on a better level without a chance of catching a murder case. I bet 90% of the people in America have got robbed, its what happens and you gotta be retarded to swing on a guy with a gun. Especially when they already popping off atleast once and it “landed in your hair”.

  • Brindle

    Pick pocket? he hangen with gypsies? stop the lies

  • $18916246

    @ 2 Chainz (Tauheed Epps) Get over it bruh. Anyone can get robbed. Your robbery could have been prevented.

    • Whatwhat

      Exactly. Learn from this mistake, and move with something to provide some security. You got money, come on now. You gotta accept losing, no body really gonna hold it against you, guy had a gun what you supposed to do get shot over a chain and a wallet? Get smarter and make better choices about who has your back, you are a target walking around with jewelry and maybe some cash.

  • Oknas

    2 chains has 0 chains and 0 sense

  • xxthoughtxx

    these nighaz will brag bout getting shot, but you gonna lie bout gettn jobs.. its said how all these fake rappers be using real nighaz energy.. Dollar is the real nigha.. 2chainz turned HOLLYWOOD,… all these nigaz fake, they trying to keep reality out of rap and keep selling the dream to us, 90s was reality rap thats why no one made money, the labels paying them for dream rap, listen to these nighaz they aint uplifting shit

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  • mike malarkey

    did he lose anything valuable? i mean if i was a stick up kid i wouldnt be braggin bout robbin somebody named 2 chainz and i aint even get no jewelry…. smh

    • FaSho Money Prince

      for real tho, if a rappa named 2 Chainz got robbed and he still got his 2 chains then what you take…

  • dayleedumped

    on the real though.. getting an id and a credit card (probably got canceled), aint getting robbed… having your whole house taken apart is being robbed nigga

    • PDon

      No my dear nieve critter, that’s actually called “burglary”. Getting ran down the block with a gun THEN getting your pockets ran THEN getting shot THEN laying there like a little b$%#@ THEN repeatedly denying it…that’s actually called GETTING ROBBED. On the real though.

  • Weedras

    last i checked a pickpocket is still a robber… he’ll just rob you you without you knowing till its too late…

  • speedy37

    How u get pickpocket on the floor with guns out lol this old niggaa is crazy.

    • PDon

      AND he got shot. That’s why he laid there after the guy left.

  • Whatwhat

    Just chill out with twitter, nobody cares about you getting robbed, it happens. You were caught slipping by some thirsty wolves. You dont deserve it, but again thats life. Aint got sh!t to do with you as a man, the other guy got a gun you aint gonna beat there ass you are gonna get shot. Video is funny, but you will be fine. Atleast you arent Aaron Hernandez. That guy is f*cked unless he turns states evidence and he wasnt the shooter. He prolly was the shooter, cant believe you would shoot someone within a mile of your house, thats some wild vile shit. He supposedly got shot for knowing about a 2011 double homicide, come on now you could convince this man to shut up with money and threats. Dont gotta catch a body over it. Guy was amazingly good in his first 2 years too, threw all that away cause hes apparently a wild ass shooter. I bet he gets life, sadly. No death row in Conn so you cant get conjugal visits and the other perks (they take forever to kill people). And like people are saying getting pick pocketed (which aint what happened) is still getting robbed. Just take the L, cancel the credit cards, and move on in a smarter way. Find a friend who is packing legally. I want one of those police firearm permits, they work in all 50 states.

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    i live here in Frisco trust me that shit did happen.

  • RapItUp

    Ludacris is from Chicago you twit. Come on get this guy outta here!! Of all the known Atlanta rappers you name, you spout Ludacris?! foh

  • WillVetterGoodin

    “i’m from the streets!” lol ignorant ass. SMH. That shit DID happen, they caught his ass on cctv running and falling all over the ground like a punk bitch.

  • Ronlg1

    He NEVER said “I didn’t get robbed”. What he said was “how you glorifying a nigga that took a wallet”…..as if to say, “he only took my wallet.” And then he COMPARED that to “pick pocketing”. The dude had already been on news outlets stating that he got robbed. Sheshhhhh.


      he’s saying “that aint robbing” while it clearly is.. he got robbed lol, that’s NOT pick pocketing in any way..

  • DoctorX

    hahaha the dude seems bitter !

  • Doe Boy

    sooo if I shoot at you..you fall…I go in yo pocket….I didn rob you…only if the courts think like that… my nephew will not have got 8yr…the courts call it aggravated robbery

  • dexter


  • dude you say you from the streets or whatever you claim… then you know, you just got got shtt happens b… accept it, let it go dog. you’ve been let to live another day… shtt don’t make you soft, just like if you got shot won’t make you hard…

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