Olympic Athlete Lolo Jones Compares Trayvon Martin Witness To Madea

(AllHipHop News) Twitter makes everyone with even a half formulated opinion a critic/philosopher/comedian/A&R/etc/etc/etc. Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones is no exception as she took to her personal Twitter account to make some disparaging remarks about Trayvon Martin’s ex-girlfriend Rachel Jeantel and star witness of his murder trial.

Jones is not new to making outlandish comments during major national events. Less than two weeks after 2012’s massacre at the screening of The Dark Knight at  Aurora, Colorado, Jones tweeted about America’s gun shooting prowess:

She has yet to delete either one of those tweets.


  • WillVetterGoodin

    Lol, that shit was wrong…funny, but wrong. I think zimmerman might get off, smh.

    • n n

      That joke was corny you are easily amused.

    • Whatwhat

      He will get off. The evidence as it comes out keeps supporting Zimmerman, i just doubt they can get all the jurors to vote guilty. Its a weird case, the beating Trayvon apparently put on Zimmerman was overboard which lets you think maybe shooting was justified to save his life (i really dont think he was in threat of death, but Florida’a “stand your ground” law allows for crazy use of guns like this). But you gotta also remember he was stalking Trayvon, so in a way Trayvon has some level of a reason to use force on Zimmerman. And with no witnesses but Zimmerman its gonna be tough to know the truth, i dont think we will know the actual happenings of that day, but Zimmerman’s story which is partially true but im sure leaves out parts involving what he did to Trayvon or how he may have provoked the situation. Its tough, end of the day a young man is dead over walking through a neighborhood and being black, which aint a reason to stalk a man, call the police if you think hes gonna rob some house dont be johnny lawman and go out shooting. Also didnt he shoot Trayvon twice? Why not one time,, you apparently point blank so you cant miss and maybe Trayvon lives if you shoot him once. Im convinced 100% hes gonna walk, no way you gonna convince 100% of the jurors to vote guilty its not gonna happen.

  • BibatheDiva

    Lolo Jones… SMH. The New York Times already clearly made its point that the reason she got so much ad money and attention during the 2012 Olympics was because of the way she looks. She totally flopped at the Olympics and brought home NO medals. If Rachel Jeantel looked like her the whole world would be calling her a hero. #LoveForRachel

    • Preach it Sista!


      Yep it seems that Bi-Racial people have more success when they have stronger white traits … I guess it is a rare case… Drake is another one… Vanessa Williams of course… Jordin Sparks too…

      • Weedras

        Bob Marley, Boris, Kodjoe, Shemar Moore, Melyssa ford, Kid from kid’n’play, Movie Producers the Hughes broters, i’d say have more stronger black traits and one is a legend and the rest are pretty famous and successful… so i’d say its 50/50.. because many would tell you when growing up they were shunned by both sides…

      • Whatwhat

        Bi-racial chicks are so hot. This Lola is a dime, never seen her before but god damn if she aint hot. Ohh and she shoulda not posted that on twitter, thats a joke you tell your friends or something, come on with twitter its getting all these idiots in trouble. She a runner tho right? Wont affect her i dont think, as long as she can run fast.

      • Vanessa looks black though

    • Weedras

      plus she’s allegedly a virgin making her some sort of sex symbol… ppl cracking on the girl but the fact still remain she stuck to the core of her story which was dude followed and confronted the kid for no reason…

      • Negro Peligro

        Man that broad ain’t no virgin she a lesbian. Just because you ain’t had sex with a man don’t make you a virgin. That broad getting ran through by more attachments than a dyson vacuum cleaner. That swedish dude from dyson even comes with her vibrators training videos.

    • Matt Swan

      You’re right as can be. A little more pigment and we would have NO clue who she is, virgin or not. And to make things worse, she knows she’s a mega flop in track and field, so what does she do? Join the bobsled team…..DA HELL?? And I’m sure the only reason she got that look is because of her “fame”. Name one other person who flopped like she did not once but twice in the Olympics and was able to just shoot into another event like her. I’ll wait. I believe she has talent in track and field, I believe she is an attractive woman; but I know she is far from all that and that includes her religious beliefs too. She runs around using her upbringing and her religious beliefs like we are supposed to have some kind of feelings towards her. There are plenty of non famous folk who have bad lives and believe in God, but don’t badger people with it. And she talks shit like no ones gonna notice like she did about the check she got from the bobsled team? 761 dollars. I could use that damn money, and know a lot of others who could too. Endorsements, a lil talent and lack of pigment in skin can change even the best I guess.

  • therealest1

    Shouldn’t there be a Precious sequel to this since they look alike?

    • n n

      Why because she is dark they are having a sequel for dumb and dumber you should be at the front of the

  • YaMomsPimp

    She just need me to dick her down then she’ll be alight

  • dexter
    • YaMomsPimp

      She’s bi-Racial…..Her mom is white her dad’s black

      • dexter
      • NEWSKULL

        Really!?!… lmao she look like a white girl with a tan… If that’s the case I guess she is just joking around …

      • jetlife54

        yah she got black in her shes a runner aint she

  • brotha_man

    this is where all that tyler perry coonery comes into effect. If she is comparing this to a tyler perry movie, how many on the jury are as well?

    • dexter
      • Tre C

        the joking isn’t going to get him off, this sorry ass case they are presenting is doing that for Zimmerman

      • brotha_man

        true that. the jury already got their mind made up and she didnt help. media painting that young brotha as a drugged out thug, walking down the street trying to find random people to harass. smh. this broad changing statements and not controlling her emotions had her saying stuff she shouldnt.

      • Tommy Strong

        Everybody that has taken the stand has changed their statements.

        The female white neighbor got caught lying.

        The male neighbor who witnessed the fight got caught lying twice on the stand not to mention he previously changed his statements when the feds interviewed. Now we know that Trayvon and Zim were rolling on the ground so both were on top. Which proves Rachel was not lying when she said she heard Trayvon say “get off, get off.”

      • Whatwhat

        Yeah her lying, then coming out with this cracker stuff is not helping Trayvon at all. Essentially all they gonna be able to go with is the physical evidence of the wounds on zimmerman and what zimmerman says cause he seems to be the only witness to it. With the crazy stand your ground law in Florida, the overboard amount of beating Trayvon put on Zimmerman (hitting him in the back of the head when he was down and such) will be enough reason to give the jury reasonable doubt so they will let him walk. I dont think we will ever learn what really happened, it just seems as more and more evidence is made public the case against Zimmerman gets weaker and weaker.

      • dexter
      • Why cant I see ya comment lol?

      • dexter

        naw i bowed out Q… think I might have went over the top a lil…lol thats all

      • Whatwhat

        The prosecution case is weak, Zimmerman is gonna walk. They gonna find enough evidence that proves he had reason to use deadly force. His life is ruined anyhow just by being involved in this, dumbass should of simply not stalked Trayvon. Neighborhood watch is stupid bullshit, gives people thoughts they like the police and can f*ck around with people in their neighborhood and they are fine as far as the law goes. Call the police if you think this guy is gonna break into a house, dont stalk and shoot the guy why put yourself in a place where you only gonna lose either way (convicted or not). Dude seems to be a over zealous wanna-be lawman. But that wont come into play, the amount of beating Trayvon put on Zimmerman and maybe the cracker comment will screw up the jury enough that he wont get convicted.

    • In Keenan Ivory Wayan’s Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Juice In The Hood voice:


    • Whatwhat

      I think alot. She seems to be a horrible witness. Lying and shit. Confused as a mother f*cker. It definitely is gonna help zimmerman, i bet he walks. It seems like Trayvon went overboard on the fighting Zimmerman, he shoulda hit him a few times but getting on top of him and smashing the back of his head and such is gonna give Zimmerman enough reason to shoot. Shit is sad all around, young man dead, this Zimmerman its unknown how guilty he is so maybe his lifei s ruined for a bogus reason, tho its hard to forget the fact he was stalking Trayvon essentially for being black.

      • newdelorean 3.0

        Thats the whole case against Zimmerman. U cant just stalk a person like that for days and not think he was planning something against trayvon.

      • Negro Peligro

        Man I never seen so many people trust what a defendant said. Come on man this sounds like the biggest lie. When you look at his past where he had to get a restraining order against him. Dude was a bully.

      • jacksjus

        What’s overboard when you think somebody is trying to snatch you up or worse? Are their any rules to fighting for your life?

    • infinit221

      I hear what ya’ll are saying, but I think the problem is even deeper than what y’all are touching on. I’m tired of lazy ass, half ass successful folks being pushed to the top based so heavily on appearances. What does that say about us as a society when opportunity is denied for the gifted due to circumstance, but some people blessed with nice facial features are pushed ahead of everybody else, no matter how dumb or inept? Cause sex sells? They are pleasing to the eye? Man lolo is now the official spokes person for sexism in America.

  • Tre C

    Wasn’t she just in the news a couple weeks ago bitching on twitter about her check from the bobsled? She had the gun shootin tweet before that. She got smoked this past weekend on the track too. Some people don’t need direct access to posting on the internet

  • Schooly B

    I’ve been following the live feed of this case while at work and honestly my thoughts of the chick when she was on the stand was that her whole demeanor, coupled with the fact that the defense was doing a good job of painting her as a non credible witness, wasn’t going to look good to the jury. And yeah I thought some of the same stuff that Lolo said, so what is the jury thinking?…..

  • RichFromBX

    this is news?

  • Stay Phokus

    i think im in love with lolo jones

    • Negro Peligro

      Man its lolo for a reason. she racing with balls.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Whatever……Lolo can still get it. Sorry bout that, got a one track mind.

    • MrNoName2K

      preach that sh*t

    • arrdeesss

      Your hand “get it” all the time so you aint saying much.

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        Depends on what your mom is doing at that moment.

  • MrNoName2K

    Though i gotta admit, i did crack a little smirk at that comment but make no mistake, it was wrong. Shouldve just kept it to herself and kept it movin.
    ***footnote*** Id still give her the MUUUUUUUUUUUUUULE(Z-RO VOICE)..oh yes, oh yes

    • Whatwhat

      Twitter is a bad thing for 90% of halfway famous people. Like you said thats some shit you tell your friends maybe, but dont post it on the net for everyone to see you know someone is gonna call you a racist.

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  • Christopher Wade

    That chick looks like the love child of Ving Rhams and Precious. Lmfao

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  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    her neck look like a hot dog left in the microwave a little too long

    • Negro Peligro

      lolo jones just look like she packing a weiner.

    • Being on that witness stand isnt a joke.

  • Negro Peligro

    I don’t get what wrong.

  • Lolo should be the spokeswoman for Aunt Jemima Pancakes with her flat azz, Lolo shut the hell up!!!

  • buckwheatjones

    rachel is a super chicken head

  • jacksjus

    Madea is a fictional buffoon. This little girl actually experienced Trayvon’s final moments alive. The girl was traumatized from the jump and wanted nothing to do with it. I find her quite courageous for attempting to tell the world a story that has clearly haunted her.

    Grow up and show some dignity.

  • She danced wit the d(evil) and shes still here. We’ve become so superficial that people rather comment on her appearance instead of admiring her for what she went through.
    We oppress our damn selves.

  • For everyone who dissin Rachel Jeantel, I doubt many people have sat in that witness chair and had to testify. Not an easy task and she was there for a good while.

    • hoeyuno

      And she’s 18 or some shit. the girl been asked the same fuccin questions over and over in every way possible.. she doesn’t need some spoiled athlete makingdumb ass(not even funny at that) comments.

  • Russell Miller

    She was a lying racist boon. She just screams trash… bout shes a “creepy ass darky” . Thats not racist according to her

    • So what?Zimmerman was apparently a creepy ass cracker and a murderous creepy ass cracker.get off the board bitch.You on the wrong site.Visit Fox’s site

      • Russell Miller

        Im so glad she testified…..NOT GUILTY hahahaha 🙂

      • lv

        Zimmerman isn’t white. You people stay failing

      • You ppl LOL He’s half white, but that has nothing to do w/ what was said.In the dark his half white ass would look like a creepy ass cracker

  • like a bunch of blacks aint called her Madea….oh wait a minute…LETS GET LOGICAL….a man who portrays himself as a mad angry black woman…it shows how much respect Tyler REALLY has for you…so before you get mad at this…get mad at the man behind MADEA! Especially you black women!

  • Peace

    she listened to her homie die on the phone…kill yourself lolo

    but lemme get in that ass first

    • JondoE303


    • hoeyuno

      Apparently she’s a virgin.

  • arrdeesss

    Lolo jones = white trash.

    • Dwayne Nvo

      she isnt white

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Comng from the chick with the Popeye-jaw

  • Guest

    Let’s be honest. I all for what Rachel is there for, but man she is tore down.

  • Let’s be honest. I’m all for what Rachel is there for, but man she is tore down.

  • infinit221

    F*ck LoLo Jones. Talking down and shunning our own perpetuates the self loathing attitude some of us have. Instead of uplifting too many chose to disperage and bully, enabling the cycle of black on black crime and black women with serious self esteem problems. This girl doesn’t even speak English as a first or second language. F*ck lolo!

  • lv

    looking more and more like this kid started this shit. not looking for the prosecutors. even they own witness’ said he was the one on top of Zimmerman. Looks like this one is gonna be justified.

    • JEDI

      Cant shit be justified if the scenario did occur to begin with. How did it occur ? Right. No matter how much Zimmerman screams self defense, Trayvon would have full rights to claim self defense as well. But dead man don’t tell no tales

  • John Q. Public

    What’s wrong with what Lolo said?

    • Tyree Dawson

      her career sucks

      • John Q. Public


      • only thing i hate is the day you were born