Hip-Hop Rumors: Jackers Migrate To LA But Run The Bay?

YOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I heard a couple rappers have gotten got out there on the West Coast. But, its not LA like I said before. Apparently, the Bay is the new hot bed, as seen by the 2 Chainz jacking. But, I am hearing the wormhole goes deeper. I am hearing there is a massive crew of about 30-50 people out in the Bay area that is taking cats for their chains and stuff for basically being too flossy. Now, about a month ago, I heard there is a specific West Coast rapper that is known for being a tough guy that got beat down. He’s got some ties to the Bay but reared in LA.

Hip-Hop Rumors: Warning To Rappers Out At The BET Awards!

I’m not going to reveal the name because right now, it seems that it may not be true. Either that or this is the biggest sweep under the rug move in history. My previous rumor suggested that rappers in LA may not be safe, but its really the Bay that’s getting it poppin… My sources tell me that everybody in LA that needed to get paid, got paid so that there are no jackings in these streets.

Is this a return of chain snatching?

OC Gangsters are their names.


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  • Off Chain Gangsters?

  • AK

    idk why people think the bay and LA are two different worlds and have no communication i be going up there to function every few months and vice versa from them i see them here all the time too

    • andone

      if ur in a hispanic/mexican/latino gang it is… diff circumstances for the brothas tho!

      • AK

        im not talking about gang shit and hispanics from the bay think their actually black

      • andone

        i know wat ur sayin i jus dont want ppl thinkin its sweet like that and give outsiders the wrong impression… if ur neutral theres nothing to really worry about but as the thread mentions this is street activity and there’s a line that certain “clicks” dont cross!

  • TruthHurts

    Some of the most talented artists & producers in the game came out of the Bay if you do your history lessons. Problem is for decades Bay Area artists have been slept on and have had to go the independent route. So I look at this as just another case of folks in the Bay making folks pay the respects that are due. I remember years when cats would run up on DJs from KMEL & in the station for showing no love to Bay Area artists.

    I grew up in the 415. If you know the research, Pac was originally riding in the Bay with Shock G & Digital Underground as a backup dancer (Despite alot of people thinking he came out of NYC/NJ with the Outlawz, or LA with Suge.). When he blew up he went to LA and kind of turned his back on the D.U. crew. Then when the little girl got shot over in Marin City, Pac was basically banished from the Bay area for a long time by the 415 crew. Very similar situation happened to Game because he used JT’s studio and beats, then blew up/went to LA and showed no Bay love. Crazy how time and time again, artists run to the Bay to gain street cred, but then turn their backs on the Bay once they start making moves.

    Bottom line is Bay has always had to play the background to LA, and this story doesn’t shock me at all. Until more Bay artists get love, and folks start saluting the North when they come to Cali, there will be more demonstrations of power, and demands for respect. Shit anywhere in Cali is a 8 hour drive and where you think all that Kush comes from? Bay cats are everywhere!

    • OSBKE3000

      like B-Legit say … u can take a dude from the Bay and throw him in someone else water .. that mutha fucka gona swim an never drown .. the Bay is full of innovators never impersonators .. learn about it read about it educate yoself

    • Taihair Djehuty

      Dude , what are you talking about? Game went to L.A? Game was from L.A. How can you go somewhere where you’re from? Especially when another L.A. rapper from your own backyard offers you a mainstream contract. And 2Pac went to L.A. in large part due to the fact it was Suge that helped him out when he got locked up. And the death of that little girl was tragic and it haunted Tupac, but tests proved that the bullet didn’t come from his gun. No one stepped forward to identify the trigger man, not even the locals, which says something. The very trigger man could have been part of the mob that approached Pac and helped stir up the mess. The shooter could of been one of Pac’s people, but the people in that community didn’t and still aren’t talking.

      • KC The American Pimp

        JT started the game where do you think blackwall street came from?

      • TruthHurts

        not sure where my reply went but I said same shizz a blackdynamitesmokes Game went to the Bay to record with JT tha Bigga FIgga & put out some promo shit. All of a sudden Game signed to Dr Dre, turned his back on the Bay and went back to LA. This is what I was referring to in my post. As for the Pac situation, was simply trying to make a point that even Pac, who had the “thug” rep & Death Row behind him, couldn’t go to the Bay for a while. I’d say that’s about as deep as a turf gets.

      • Taihair Djehuty

        Once again, where are you getting this “he turned his back on the bay” stuff from? Game signed with Dre, so what. Then he has done work with Ya Boy, E-40 has had multiple tracks with Game. He’s worked with Mista Fab and Tha Jacka. Just cause Game and JT had a falling out, does not mean he turned his back on the Bay. And as far as Pac not being able to go to the Bay for a while, that’s true about any hood. Even the hardest thug can get run out of a place. For a while Bay area cats couldn’t even go to KC.

      • TruthHurts

        Game only returned to the Bay once his Dre shine had worn off. If your point were valid, then Bay cats would have been all over The Documentary. Bottom line is that Game was trying to get put on, and JT was helping him. Once he signed with Dre he didn’t need the Bay anymore, and didn’t collaborate with Bay cats until he started falling off. I’m not saying Game was in the wrong for going to Dre, the $ and business would lead me to believe that was the smart choice. Throwing JT & the Bay a nod when he first came out, would have been a big + for Game’s rep IMHO.

      • Taihair Djehuty

        they would be all over the Documentary? Why? So in order to show love, Game has to put everybody and their Mama on his debut album? The Documentary was completely run by Dre and 50. 50 was not known for a bunch of guest features outside the Aftermath and G-Unit camp. Dre puts his own people own. The only ones from outside that camp that were on that Album were R&B singers. And as far as Game not working with Bay area artist till he supposedly fell off, he did tracks with E-40 dating back to 2002 while signed to Aftermath. He signed Ya Boy to Blackwall while Game was still hot. Game does not have to kiss the Bay Area’s ass or throw them anything. And clearly him and J.T had some sort of falling out. It happens, so what. He’s an L.A. rapper and he runs with a lot of L.A. Area rappers. The West Coast is very clickish and his click is primarily from the L.A. area. And he’s shouted the Bay Area’s number artist E-40 numerous times.

    • greenhouse records

      In regards to Pac, he never turn his back on Digital Underground he just became bigger than them. He still associated with them. Shock G produced two tracks on Me Against the World (1995). He also had Bay Area artists on all his albums including his short Tenure on Death Row,. He always shouted out the the Bay Area especially Oakland. I would agree he didnt affiliate with Marin City anymore after the shooting incident. And it was a 6 year old boy killed not girl. But he definitely still associated and showed love to the Bay Area.

      • TruthHurts

        I agree Pac did show alot of love to the Bay, more than most LA artists ever. He still wasn’t welcome around there for a long time though. You right about the Marin City incident, Qa’id Walker-Teal was his name.

      • greenhouse records

        Yeah i think that the shooting incident but a bad taste in everyone mouth that was involved. Given there was literally a mob of people wanting his head after the incident im sure there would have been major trouble if he ever went back to Marin City. I also feel he was ashamed and didnt want to face his demons of him having a hand in young Qa’id’s murder. That had to hurt his heart and haunt him through out the rest of his life since he always professed his love for the youth. So i think it was a self imposed exiled aswell as a community driven exile.

  • hoeyuno

    40 glocc??

  • OSBKE3000

    the funny thing is Y’ALL JUST NOW CATCHIN WIND OF THIS .. its BEEN goin down for 15 plus years an started with red light robberies of foreigners in Frisco .. shit evolved like a tadpole .. 30-50 cats??? boy it’s more like 200 ma fuckas out here .. shit is deep .. an I COULD tell y’all why they do it .. ain’t just cuz folks “too flossy” .. that ain’t it .. it’s deeper than that .. I know it sound ignorant and backwards thinkin but shiiieettt .. u ma fuckas need to stop sleepin an get hip to game like a pelvic bone .. get down or get shut down .. can’t come to Cali and NOT show the Bay love .. big no no

    • Anthonyd Smith

      Remember too, on that Pac And Big documentary, how E40 set that fake concert and paid for Biggie to come out there to the Bay only to get AK’s and all types of heaterz on him until he straightened things out with 40 Water. Now that’s gangster

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  • Anthonyd Smith

    The only two rappers that are gangsta that live In LA right now they could be speaking on is Jayo Felony and Spice 1. Those the only two I know of. And both from the Bay

    • $36242473

      Jayo Felony’s from San Diego genius

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  • ll3acdafukup

    I KNow this ain’t hip hop but RIP Jim Kelly we need a article “sick balls”

  • gomer_1

    Me being from the bay think we need to step our music game up cause its sad only time the bay gets on a hip hop site, magazine, show etc. is for everything except hip hop. All that “rappers getting robbed coming to the bay” is weak. The same thing can happen and has happened to bay artist out of town. Remember after Mac Dre and Fat Tone got killed rappers from the bay couldn’t step foot in Kansas City.

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