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Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Fires A Late Cannon At Lil Wayne!

So, this is where we at with it? Strange. When rap battles were really poppin from recording artists of note, a rapper would diss and then a rapper would hit the studio and reply – immediately. On Aug. 11, 2011 Jay and Ye released their Watch The Throne album, where Jay said something about Lady Money and Baby Money. On “Its Good,” Lil Wayne replied on Tha Carter IV. He said:

Talkin ’bout baby money? I got your baby money
Kidnap your b1tch, get that ‘how much you love your lady’ money
I know you fake ni99a, press your brakes ni99a
I’ll take you out, that’s a date ni99a
I’m a grown a$$ blood, stop playin with me
Play a$$h0le and get an a$$ whippin’
I think you pu$$y cat ha, hello kitty
I just throw the alley-oop to Drake Griffin

That was August 29, 2011 that that Carter album dropped. Now almost 2 years later, Jay sneak attacks Lil Wayne for his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail.



“Wanna kidnap wifey/ good luck with that bruh/you must gonna hide your whole family/ what you think we wearing black for/ ready for that war/you ain’t ready yo!”

Do you think Weezy will reply this year again?


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The man accused of fatally shooting Addarren Ross, the rapper known as Lil’ Snupe, surrendered to authorities today.

Tony D. Holden, 36, of Winnfield, turned himself at 10:15 a.m. today at the Winnfield Police Department. Police Chief Johnny Ray Carpenter and Assistant Police Chief Russell Jones took Holden into custody without incident, police Lt. Charles Curry said.

Lil’ Snupe was signed to Maybach Music artist Meek Mill’s label Dreamchasers earlier this year. Mill considered the young artist his protege’.

Just after 4 a.m. Thursday, police responding to a call to Maplewood Apartments in the 1900 block of South Jones Street in Winnfield found Ross had been shot at least twice in his torso. Winn Parish coroner’s investigators pronounced the 18-year-old Jonesboro resident dead at the scene.

Authorities say an argument preceded the shooting. “We are told they were betting on a video game,” Curry told The Times on Friday evening. “Supposedly he (Holden) robbed him (Ross) of money,” Curry said as explanation of the robbery charge.

  • junj03

    Lil’ wayne is always good to go bar per bar with your idol but since its lil’ wayne and he hardly has bars then it might not be a good idea for him.

    • He’ll respond for the attention, it’s Jay that will wait.

    • DJ7

      He shoulda stayed silent on that Pusha T diss or just left it alone after the initial tweet….he don’t really want it with Jay…I know his ghost writers are working OT to save face

      • Casor_Greener

        Stop d-riding Jay-Z. That dude stay ducking battles and crying for help.

      • DJ7

        I don’t d’ ride anybody fam, I’ma grown ass man with an opinion just like you…don’t like it, not my problem

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  • justin

    They r both idiots…

    • Surf

      Definitely not idiots. Business moves.

  • atlantahiphopshop

    Blah blah blah. At what point does this all come to an end? ALL OF THIS CRAP IS CORNY! Jay-Z is rich and getting richer, Lil Wayne is rich , all of them got money. What is so interesting about watching these soft cookies fight back and forth while regular people are struggling? Stop studying this crap and go find a good indie to f#%k with! Jay and Beyonce come off as insecure if you ask me. Have to be jocked to be happy, the money aint working. (Shoot em while he’s down Jay. LMAO)

    • dexter

      In the words of my fellow blogger EDOG “3 slow deliberate claps in the back of the room whiles standing up & looking rite ahead…outstanding sir atlantahiphopshop just simply outstanding:) As a tear slowly rolls down my left cheek bone…

    • ile315r


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  • justin

    These idiots r fighting to establish one has more money than the other…what dumb asses……..total idiots!

    • Sean Power

      slow child baby as baby from cash money you young cash money groupies are slow

  • obamasuxass

    jay lyrics are a mess i mean wtf he talkin bout? thinkin he all lyrical when half of it makes no sense

    • brotha_man

      i thought i was crazy…. his lyrics are all over the place. this album will be trash.

      • Sean Power

        this not the full lyrics this just tease

      • don king

        yeah right, like bp3, watch the throne, yeezus… oh wait, they r all really as wack as the teasers showed. jay lost it years ago if u ask me.

      • brotha_man

        i agree after BP with the exception of American Gangster Jay been wack.

      • Sean Power

        guess you where wrong this cd is fire

    • OnlyFaDaReal

      U got a point!

    • Nemo hos

      I was trying to read but shit had me feeling like I’m reading a 3rd grader essay

  • MrNoName2K


  • ILLAmusic

    Illseed, get your facts correct..H.A.M dropped in jan ’11. The album was released in Aug. So wayne waited until he was releasing his album and said something back. Why would Jay say anything back at that point? He’s doing the exact same thing wayne did..except he’s actually aware of the debate and conversations its going to start (see D.O.A)

  • don king

    damn jay really thinks he was on frank lucas or nicki barnes level? “alpo bought his bricks here” n “fbi investigation, we stood up 2 that, facts only”??? fact is this mf was jaz-os hypeman. hangin from the roof on a rope, flyin through a music video! keep it real.

    • TheOnlyCoop

      Go check out the old Don Diva interview with King Pin Calvin Klein Bacote. Interview he gives Jay a stamp of approval. He’s since come out and said Jay was just a worker under him, but he’ll Klein was said to be bring in 40 million a year so even workers were getting money. Also you need to check and see who Emory is that he keeps talking about. Was he a hundred million king Pin? No. But it’s not a stretch for a worker to see 900k during that time.

      “I came into the game a hundred grand strong Nine to be exact from grindin’ G-packs” (U Don’t Know / Jay-Z)

      • don king

        Calvin:”Jay was not trying to be a drug dealer, he was trying to
        be a rapper. In order for him to transcend himself into this hell of a dude, he had to take characters of guys from the 80s; one being myself.”

        Kay Slay:”So this is one of those stories of rappers not speaking about real life and theyre speaking about someone elses life?”

        Calvin:”I mean I give him 10% of his life he talked about Hes from Brooklyn. He lived in Marcy Projects. His name was Shawn Carter. He got that right.”

        nice stamp of approval LOL!

        Kay Slay:”Would you be open to negotiating During the Jay-Z and Nas beef, Klein did an interview with Don Diva Magazine, where he shouts Jays name and giving him his credibility. What happened?”

        Calvin:”My case was up under appeal at the time and I took a chance when I did the interview in Don Diva for Jay, Nas ruined him and his credibility was shot, he had none He was startled himself by Nas exposing himself the way he did. Jays confidence level was zero; his confidence level was a wrap He had to realize how strong I was even from the inside and you cant be serious enough to not realize how strong I am out here?”

        Kay Slay:”So when they came to you”

        Calvin:”Yea I spoke to Clark Kent. I heard the song while I was locked up. I was like wow, the song holds so much truth to it. It was ridiculous. I was like how Nas could get so much information on him like that. I made the phone call to DJ Clark Kent in New York and he said, Yo, if he never needed you before he needs you now. I reached out to Kevin Childs and Don Diva and did the interview. I said a few words that gave Jay a little credibility, but once he got that back he got worse! How can you ignore Jaz-O? Jaz-O is the originator of your heart. He opened up every door that you can think off; he provided every opportunity you can imagine.”

        sounds kinda like the opposite.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Don’t edit it, put out like it really was

        “You were afilliated with, you were partners with Jay-Z early in his career?

        Dont go partners. Thats a little too much for dude. To give him that in the 80s thats like way too much I mean back then, he was in line. He was a SOLDIER Klein responded. In the 80s Jay was not trying to be a drug dealer, he was trying to be a rapper. In order for him to transcend himself into this hell of a dude, he had to take characters of guys from the 80s; one being myself.”

        Which is why I said “He’s since come out and said Jay was just a worker under him, but he’ll Klein was said to be bring in 40 million a year so even workers were getting money.” ok he wasn’t trying to be a drug dealer. So kind of like how Avon only wanted the streets and Stringer wanted more.

        Also you do know that isn’t from the Don Diva interview? You do know that is after he was mad that Jay didn’t break him off some cash the way he wanted. Good job but I knew you would fall back on this which is why I played that up for you. In the Don Diva mag Klein admits that Jay was riding with him when he got locked up and jay even offered to take the charge for him like a soldier. Pay attention all of the cats that knew him from back in the day and try to discredit him won’t go all the way to say he wasn’t in the streets. and what you posted doesn’t even say that even with you edits.

        Look at the Dehaven he won’t even say Jay wasn’t in the streets. And when he was asked about Jay and Klein he said that was their business, I had nothing to do with that. I have even seen people say that Jay only got money in the streets because Emory was his man and gave him stuff to run. Ok lets say that’s true, he still was getting money there.

        Come on man smarten up. Go Google Emory Jones.

      • don king

        i didnt edit anything! this was a kay slay shade 45 interview from 2007. i copied n pasted this interview word 4 word, NOTHIN is edited, besides “nice stamp of approval LOL!” n “sounds kinda like the opposite.”. google it, he says why he gave jay the false streetcred n what he thinks of him now. ur don diva shit is old news n was fake from the beginnin.

        jay is fake. how can u look at his biography n think this dude is real? hes a fuckin unloyal snake. shottin his own brother, all those shady business moves, the whole nas situation, jaz-o, dehaven, dame dash n rocafella artists, calvin, got all xed out as soon jay didnt need them anymore.

        calvin said, he did the don diva interview only 2 help jay, so jay gon help calvin comin outta jail n build a new legal biz. but jay did what he always does n left his homie 4 dead. everybody can sell a couple gramms, that doesnt make u the boss of all bosses n sellin drugs also doesnt automatically means u r a real man. u just dont want 2 realize ur hero is a phony, who now glamorises violence n drug dealin. jay used 2 b a dope rapper, but now hes just rappin the same shit as everybody else.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Then you picked a bad source. See slim I helped you out mine is unedited. Go and listen to the real thing. He even admits that Jay was riding with him when he caught that gun charge and doesn’t change that story. Why doesn’t he change that? He’s real so why have a “fake” dude like Jay riding with him? Something must have been real about him.

        All the shady business moves are people not handling their own business. Jaz-O had a chance to sign to the Roc for a mill and he admits it, but he passed. Is that Jay being unloyal? Dehaven is a snitch check the court records slim. Dame? Have you ever watched the videos of Dame burning his bridges? And you sound like you don’t know about Dame giving Alpo a coming home party and Jay cutting him off after that. Calvin is just mad because Jay wanted him to wait. Calvin was a Kingpin and didn’t see the need to make sure everything was right paperwork wise. Which is why he got locked back up. Now he can’t eat off of Jay.

        Jay didn’t ask Calvin to do the interview Clark did. Do your research. And all Clark ask was he tell the truth. Look at the pics of Jay courtside Emory is always there. Just like Waynes’s wife told him about PO. If a cat don’t know you from the sandbox he don’t owe you. Google “Emory Clash Jones Jay-Z”

    • reg joe

      Might have been but he sure isnt NOW. BTW, where is Jaz-O these days?

  • ant662

    great business man but i guess hes used of all of big, pac, nas, and other greats’ lyrics up now its like a test to see if his own lyrics will stand

  • greeneyedbandit

    Is he telling the females to pull their skirts down, or male rappers?

    • Negro Peligro

      Kanye #1 Kilt wearer in the game.

  • Negro Peligro

    The only thing wacker than Lil Wayne’s verse was JayZ response.

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  • dexter

    I wanna comment & say how watered down those lyrics are… but its JAy… I wanna say lets wait 2 hear his flo to the beat wit the lyrics… but its JAy… I wanna say he done actually ran out of relevant ish to write & rap about… but its JAy… I wanna say all that money don’t equate to skills… but its JAy… I wanna say when u hungry & u write & rap its a diff feel style & flo to wen ur stomach is full… but its JAy… so all I will say is… ITS JAY…& If u do not like it now u will sho nuff love it later… lmbo!

    & hell yea weezy cumn for dat azz…he actually live for ish like this…prolly recording it now. lol

    & but now the #newrules 1st million download free(essentially giving it away) makes complete sense…FUKN GENUIS JAy Z…

    • Weedras

      lol! i’d love for a scenario where Wayne Jumps in, and Pusha chimes in and ask him when he’s gonna get back to him lol!

    • johnblacksad

      well… its Jay!

      how you expect the man to write about being hungry anymore? how? do you think sometimes?!

      • dexter

        regardless I expect great music from him… if not n e one else. JAy has set his own standard. & be honest & I mean be honest my ni@@a. Is he making music to that standard 2day? IJS… If ur answer is yes than so be it… I personal dnt think so. Now ish he doing outside of music…WAT!?!! talk about makn moves he is the move maker witout a doubt!

      • johnblacksad

        It’s more like watchin a celebrity game… you know you’re not going to watch a Heat-like performance but you still wanna watch Snoop or Nelly or Cam’ron ball etc…

        As far as not making “great music” anymore… meh… it’s very
        arguable… last time i checked, i was still vibin to Jay’s music… there are tracks i like on Kingdom Come, much more of them on American Gangster, quite a few that i also liked on Blueprint 3, and honestly, i don’t think i’m sayin that out of my azz, but i believe “Empire State of Mind” might be his biggest song to date (more than Hard Knock Life if you ask me) and it appeared to be on his last solo album… I Wonder how you can arrange to deny that Empire State of Mind is great music… universal sh!t… the song was ALL OVER… not just the U.S…. i’m talkin ALL OVER!

        So for you to say he doesn’t make great music anymore is very questionable… his last projects (BP3 & WTT) had mad songs that i liked… Jay killed ‘Who gon stop me’, ‘Murder to Excellence’, ‘Gotta Have it’, ‘New day’… just off the head… i wonder what kind of ‘great music’ it is that you are looking for

      • dexter

        oooo now I see how citical it is foy you that Jay maintains a certain status quo… makes complete sense to me now. & U win! Sir. With all do respect… & allow me to open & close ur car(s) door as u enter them & exit them on ur road to riches.:)

      • johnblacksad

        “True story, my closet is like two stories,
        Straight to the happy ending… cause i don’t do stories”

        it’s ok to be ironic…

        “I wish you well, I wish you health,
        I wish you wheels, I wish you wealth,
        I wish you insight so you could see for yourself”

        I could go all day… keep thinkin it’s just talk

      • johnblacksad

        Yo, by the way… that Joey BadA$$’ Summer Knights is mad nice!

      • dexter

        lol bout dl it now… & dnt get me wrong I feel u hommie I def do….

      • dexter

        yo dat jawn unorthodox I went rite to it seeing premier produced it… mad glad I did! Fire!!!

      • johnblacksad

        I fux with Jay the long way… i’ve been reading the Robb Report before i became a millionaire, before Jay even taught n!ggaz about it… (now i read the Goodlife) somebody said the other day that some people live ‘vicariously’ Jay’s lyrics… i think i’m one of them… ” i figure frauds never hit a
        lick before, so they don’t know the feeling when them thangs get across”… just one of the many ‘realest’ things Jay has ever said… i’m not even a street n!gga but i fux with Jay… i fux with a lot of trap n!ggaz to hear what’s goin on in the trap, but i also fux with Jay to hear about the type of sh!ts these multi-millionaires are into… it can’t be just Joey Bada$$, or trap trap trap, or Hov… you gotta fcuk with a lil bit of all them… from Gucci Mane to Talib Kweli.

        Ya’ll just don’t like Jay, which is ok… but just wave the ‘opinion’ flag and you’re straight… don’t start tryin to justify with arguments as to why Jay allegedly fell off… or don’t make great music no more etc… Joey got some great tracks… but not every single track is a banger… same for Hov.

        You would think ninjaz could allow Jay to kick his feet up and relax now… he really still gotta prove anything? Just let him rhyme about his yellow ‘ghinis… etc… you know where to go if you need backpack, or trap, or bounce, or hyphy… (if they still make that somewhere)

      • johnblacksad

        Yes my n!gga… VERY HONESTLY, when I listen to Reasonable Doubt, i only skip one song… Ain’t No N!gga with Fox… every other track besides that is certified official banga!

        If I take his last projects, BP3 on the solo tip and WTT on the group tip, i can HONESTLY pull at least four or five songs that i like on each one of them… so they are not Reasonable Doubt, but they are solid albums… BP3 might be my least favorite album from Jay but off the head i can tell you Empire State of Mind, D.O.A., A star is born, Already Home, the song with Drake, Forever Young… i mean… and it’s the album i like the least!

        Not to mention the moves he makes outside of music… but that’s another subject!

  • Lil Wayne’s career is pretty much over…..He was smoking hot when Jay-Z was still doing his thing, now jay-z is still doing his thing just to show these rap dudes that they don’t effect his music in any way….Jay-Z is really the king of rap….The man is a full package.

  • Thing about Jay is, he never fell off. Even when he so called retired he didnt fall off. Wayne has fallen off and has been fallen for a long time. I mean the guy still has some hardcore fans, dont get me wrong, but as far as making the hits like he use to… psshhh, nope! I like Jay Z and I still like Jays older records better, partailly because im biased toward the older Hip Hop era, but he still manages to write clever music. He manages to find new angles when it comes to delivering his music. I just cant say the same for Wayne. The whole Young Money reign to me is getting quite old.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Jay got longevity, wayne got…. his fu*kin skateboard…smh.

  • dexter

    See? Told y’all… ITS JAY SO ITS A OK….lmao!
    Its still about good music idc who u are. @ the end of the day ur personal achievements is nice but do not effect me one way or the other… so keep doing ur thang “BIG HOMMMIE JAY”

    They still love u in New York… lol

  • this nigga waited two years to show us that he actually cared about what Wanye said….. FAIL!!!

  • Siege

    nah jay waited two years cause he didn’t care what he was sayin that verse wayne wrote jay just happened to hear by the wayside. Decided to write to prove his point. Im curious to see how far this goes. You ain ready yo, you radio ha ha

  • DollasTX

    who gives a phuck – this shyt like many moons ago – both these niggahs need they ass BEAT right along with the DEAD HORSE this so called back and forth rode in on

  • Linkz

    THis aint a sneak diss we know who he talking bout man ill seed a ho as niggga man

  • KC The American Pimp

    can’t say anything bad about jay niggas ready to kill for that man on the internet to back him up. Everyday it’s the same shit his lyrics are to complex for niggas, he got to much money for niggas he doez it cause he loves it. What does money have to do with the music he putting out. At that a 50 year old man making a diss verse not even a song. This man aint gave none of you supports no money so y is that always coming out, nigga got more money than most of you niggas whole families. To keep it real this nigga sold out everybody to gain media attention that’s all it is at the end of the day

  • Super_GOD


  • TunechiWayne

    That diss….not even worth replying to. The wording is terrible. “You must gonna hide your whole family”? “You must gonna” Uhh…My brain hurts from that and other wording like that. My brain hurts from the whole thing. The wording is terrible. He isn’t ready? He’s radio? That’s why Jay is playing on my radio now huh? This recent song is actually his new one, Holy Grail featuring Justin Timberlake. Jay has been on the radio in the past as well. So he really shouldn’t be the one to speak. If I’m correct on what Jay meant. Wayne’s music plays on the radio and Jay attempted to take a shot at him using that. He failed. He took a shot at himself too.

    (Excuse my username, I would like to change it if I could.)

    • Tony G.