Hip-Hop Rumors: Rihanna Gets An Ultimatum

I though Rihanna was the shiz-nit, but apparently some of the bosses at her record label are trying to tame the wild beast. Mind you, she has apparently sent slick comments to the likes of Beyonce and Kanye. She’s also shaded fans on instagram and even struck somebody with a mic at a concert. And, the whole Chris Brown thing, forget about it! She would have been a welcomed addition to the BET Awards last night. Anyway, the latest is coming from Adelaide Now:

RIHANNA has reportedly been given a “written warning” by her record label.

The Barbados-born singer has been embroiled in controversy lately. Her Diamonds World Tour hasn’t slowed down her love of partying and she’s been seen on a number of wild nights out, including with model Cara Delevingne.

She’s also been late on stage and even hit a fan with her microphone during a show in the UK.

The star’s mentor is Jay-Z, who runs the Roc Nation label she is signed to. He is apparently growing tired of her antics.
“Everyone can see Rihanna’s not behaving herself. Fans have paid hundreds of pounds for tickets and she’s regularly showing up hours late,” an insider told British magazine Look. “Then she often gives lack lustre performances where she even forgets her words at times. They issued a written warning which was emailed to Rihanna.”


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  • Rihanna is wild and loose, she has been with most dudes in the industry she gave Chris Brown the monster, now she is giving it to others…She is always putting her nasty mouth on everyone’s body parts in the industry.

    • How you know about Breezy 4 sure?

      Da’ monster or Herpes?

      • DJ7

        Right…unless these new style bwottie boys changed the slang…da monster is “the killer”… not herpes…then again…look @ the source

      • Ouch!

      • So if a celebrity tells you something that makes them credible? Valid Information cancome from any source, you all must be blind if you can’t tell that Rihanna and Chris Brown have the monster….You think because they are rich that they are exempt? #silly internet dudes

      • DollasTX

        i didnt know you could look at someone and confirm they are POSITIVE – thought that only came from an actual test

        i know D BOYS that can eyeball a big 8 – never knew you can eyeball AIDS – smh

      • 5789007


      • ZUBU


      • DJ7

        WTF are you talking about? Who said anything about a so called celebrity telling me anything? You are delusional B…Unless you have paperwork….you are perpetuating an unproven rumor…the pink mafia doesn’t qualify as a credible source as they tend to spread false intel… on purpose…solely for attention….you’re the prime example

      • 5789007

        You forgot to add bitch at the end of your last sentence

      • Add “BITCH” to your MOTHER’S first name…Get off your computer and get a job.

      • 5789007

        I’m not about to go back and forth with a Tranny

      • greeneyedbandit


      • Get OFF my back dam.You don’t have to believe me….Post your own comment and keep it moving.

      • Weedras

        lol! you’re trying too hard… lol! if you had some semblance of an education you’d know you can’t just look at ppl and know they’re std positive unless its syphillis and you dumb ass can’t go off hearsay either… am i suppose to also beleive you’re a millionaire blogger too? dwl!! FOH!

    • greeneyedbandit

      Damn…..while you all in Rihanna’s p***y, you probably need to go get your own sh*t checked for trouble!

      • MrNoName2K

        LMFAOOOOOOO! Nigga yo ass a fool for that!

      • I will but your Mother is in front of me on the line.

      • greeneyedbandit

        Get lost! you miserable whore!

    • Weedras

      man if you aint producing any concrete proof you’re just a slanderous mofo talking shit… and i don’t have to be a fan of either CB or Rihanna to say if you’re gonna make certain accusations back that shit up with some medical records or something of substance…

    • Steven Wright Montgomery Of Co


  • andone

    translation= dont fv(k up our $$$ ya bishhhh.

    • Reefer Sutherland

      why is a male using the term bish shit is feminine as hell

      • andone

        i take it ur not from cali or a k.dot fan…. u get a pass on this one but u better come correct next time, ya bishhh!

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  • Sean Power

    her record label is defjam not roc nation , the roc is her management
    i just don’t see a label drop there star in there prime not buying this rumor

    • Lonnie_Kushking

      You ever hear of the Beastie Boys? They got dropped for rowdy tours and run-ins with the police that made Def Jam look bad. They started Grand Royal records and had their own creativity, nobody at the label saying what to release. They were lucky, back then ppl bought records. Ri is not able to run her own label, so she’s gotta answer to someone…

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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    BOGUS. The “label” is Def Jam. If Roc Nation wrote her a letter, then her MANAGEMENT wrote her a letter, not the label.

    She stands to lose nothing if Roc Nation decides not to manage her anymore.

    • Weedras

      i was gonna ask when the hell did Roc Nation buy out Rihanna’s contract from def Jam…

    • Bman22

      The article does say record label, but be clear, her management company has a huge hand in booking these dates. Think in terms of Jay-Z having that huge deal with Live Nation, hence the name Roc Nation. The label and Roc Nation work very closely with regards to Rihanna. Jay, Ty-Ty, and Jay Brown aren’t dumb enough to not be seeing Rihanna money still.

  • Super_GOD

    She’s not gonna listen! smh

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