50 Cent

50 Cent Accused Of Striking Baby Momma

(AllHipHop News) In a strange twist, 50 Cent has been charged with domestic violence with a woman that has been deemed his child’s mother, when it has been widely know that he only has one kid.

This latest development emerges as a new report claims the multi-million dollar rapper allegedly kicked this woman Daphne Joy – and also trashed her California condo. 50 has publicly dated Joy and, reports say, has a 16-year-old son with her.

The rapper also stands accused of creating $7,100 in property damage in June 23 incident at the woman’s residence in Toluca Lake, CA, according to TMZ. He’a accused of breaking chandeliers, furniture, a TV and a lamp and ruining the woman’s bedroom closet.

The woman claims she had to hide in her bathroom the avoid 50 Cent. The police were subsequently called to the alleged scene of the crime.

50 Cent stands charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence and 4 counts of misdemeanor vandalism.

The rapper faces up to five years in jail and $46,000 in fines.

50 is due in court on July 22.

Whether or not 50 has another child remains in question. Publicly, he’s only had one son, Marquise Jackson, with Shaniqua Tompkins.

  • MercedNative209

    all this right before his big espn friday night fights party…. or something


      yeah Fif must have found a 5 hour SK energy bottle in her fridge…. or something

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  • Dointer

    I dont know the whole story, none of us do. But I cant see 50 just going “Hey there, Im going to trash your apartment” .Some serious provoking is needed for something like that…

    • digitallife

      The dude famously once got pissed and threw a 30 inch tv out of a 9 floor office window into the sidewalk..just saying

      • Dointer

        Exactly, your just saying……..

  • Whatwhat

    Lets hope its not true cause they gonna hold his feet to the flame if it is.

  • wickedjones

    is this media take out?

  • Keisha Mzlucious

    whatever his fine is it should be paid in installments of .50 cents…that way he”ll be living up to his name….

    • brotha_man

      sounds like u need a brotha man on ur team

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  • In The Realest1’s voice : “Floyd Mayweather ‘chet!”

  • infinit221

    “Don’t forget the gas can jealous stupid motherfu*ker”…

  • dominicancoke

    if it true thats f*ckdup wife beaters are losers

  • Mec-One

    If dealing with more than one baby momma and trying to spend time with the kids is tough. Imagine trying to do the same with a kid on the east coast and one on the west!

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  • brotha_man

    there has been plenty of times that i wish i could go H.A.M on my BM. at least he only ransacked her belongings. no telling what this broad did to set him off. I blame the female in this situation. No evidence needed. the purge type ‘ish.some women need good kick.

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  • Diamon

    Date a black man it’ll be fun they said!… LMAO

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  • digitallife

    Daphne Joy is Ms. Jacksons (Floyd’s chick) Bff. There were rumors she had a kid and that’s what spawned the track..”Have a baby by me”. He probably didn’t want it to get out because she’s asian and sometimes the black female audience considers artists who have kids out race traitors.


      My wifey kept acting up, so I had to leave her
      It hurted when I left, but I knew I didn’t need her
      If it wasn’t for my seed, I wouldn’t even have to see her
      She tried to front like she don’t need me, she miss me, believe me
      It’s that soap opera s***, the b**** watch too much TV -50cent

    • Ya;ll stupid

      No it wasnt that track FOOL.
      They only had the kid last year.

      Baby by me was made in 2008.

      • digitallife

        You really have to start insulting to correct something? Yet i’m the fool?


    sms Promotion… From Boxing to Kickboxing… Friday on ESPN2…. Just playing…

    Now let’s be real… he obviously did not hit her because if he had all of the news reports would state this with pictures to prove it a la Rihanna … Sounds like she got hit by the door or something… it was just a fight … she got the police involved cauz She knew how this could affect his career… 50 might lose his partnerships with the world food program or feeding America or his T.V. deals that would be a bad look for his brands…

    shit Give her what she want 50… a Nice ring a new lambo and get her ass on TV with you Tomorrow…

    hmm How in the hell 50 was able to hide that fact… I doubt he is 16 years old… they have been together for 3 years… I think around the same time he was hanging with Floyd… Maybe the boy is a 1-2 years old…

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    50 aint that stupid. just another dumb ass lazy hoe that would rather get money from sabotaging another man then to work. im so damn sick of these pathetic ass money hungry baby mommas. stories like this are the best birth control

  • King Cold

    sounds like bs to me

    • scullyson


      • King Cold

        yea u knw ppl will do anything for sum doe

      • scullyson

        Exactly saap….Not to mention under handed coniving ish like this…Transparent

  • grftswf

    its almost here!

  • BehaveUrSelf

    Why did the woman claim she had to hide in the bathroom???

    • dominicancoke

      cause shes a woman hes a man he could chris brown her up.

  • HighAsKite

    I swear these bitches are out of control.. The bitch is just using 50 for money cuz she trynna live the flashy lifestyle.. Get of your feet HOE.

  • dominicancoke

    we know and 50 knows hoes like her are only after $$$$$$$ should of stuck to his real baby moms who was with you when you was broke in jamaica queens

  • $11625525

    When a man, who doesn’t drink or do drugs, and is a slick shit talker has to go to these lengths, you know a button has been pushed that couldn’t be unpushed.

    Maybe she burnt him? Maybe she’s been filming or recording him covertly.

    Whatever it is, that’s not normal behaviour for guy who drives people crazy through his shit talking. We all know he could could probably destroy her with one line, so I wonder what could have driven him to destroy her apartment (unless he paid for it and it was a show of power). Even so, it’s not some guy come home and tripped out because there’s no food in the house or has been served a warm Vitamin Water after sex.

    • jacksjus

      I agree. Not condoning any of it, but you know it was serious if he went over there himself.

  • jacksjus

    If 50 went in a whipped on her himself, it must have been serious. Why didn’t he just send the goons?

  • Lou

    That’s not his Baby moms

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  • onpointnow withthefacts

    SCAM ALERT !!!! 50 Cent accused of domestic violence and vandalism SCAM ALERT !!!!