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Hip-Hop Rumors: Illseed’s Quickies: Future, Tim Dog, ASAP Rocky

I know some people may be getting sick of Tim Dog, but HEY, I’m getting new information all the time. I’ll update ya. I’m starting to think that Tim Dog is either dead or hiding from everybody. And when I say everybody, I mean everybody. That includes his friends like Kool Keith of Ultra Magnetic. I’ve been told that investigations show that Keith and them have no idea where Tim is and if he’s alive. Also, they weren’t with him when he recorded that new song.

On to the next…FUTURE

So, it looks like Future may have a tough future if there is any truth to the rumors. Now, remember I told you there is a price for safety out there in the West Coast. Pay and you get that pass. Seems like the boy Future may need to pay his dues and fast.

“Sunday night in L.A., they almost got him at Greystone night club. The Crips ended up beating up dude’s security ‘Rasco,’ and the club helped Future to escape.

Future has to pay his hood taxes and he doesn’t want to. He can’t go to Chicago because they’re looking for him out there too.”


A$AP Rocky has been getting some flack for apparently slapping fire out of a fan that hit him on the top of his wig piece. Nothing formal has a been announced so I think he’ll be OK, but check the vid.

This was in Sydney, Australia.


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  • dexter

    ni@@a street taxes? smmfh. We MUST do better people.

    • fabbidavisjr

      Exploitation the italians did it to the italians mexicans to mexicans and blacks to blacks

      • dexter

        facts are facts touché I was actually thinking that as i posted… but u rite. BUT. we still gotta do betta as a people:)

    • Whatwhat

      Plus how you gonna say that paying some random street guy is gonna cover you with everyone in that area/city? Even if its a street gang they got rivals, several usually in the area. You gonna end up paying taxes to 3 groups if you f all for that shit. Spend that money on legal shooters and better planning to limit time in dangerous areas. Even if you are a serious street “legend”, you are now famous and people know you got money, and money on you if you wearing jewelry. Whats easier to go rob a bank? or rob a rapper? A rapper cause 9/10 times they wont even work with the police. They will just put out statements that they got the chain back plus a apology letter, get the f*ck out of here with those lies. No out of towner has that kind of pull in a city they aint from or aint put work in.

      • dexter

        lol! so tru…

      • Matt Swan

        I agree with you, but WHY even put yourself in a situation like that? You “made it out” why keep coming back? Trying to show off? Rub it in a lil? It seems the rappers of today didn’t learn too much from the Hip Hop artists of old; once you made it out, stay out. You don’t see 50cent, Eminem, Snoop, Dre, or any of the truly established artists thinkin “man I have to go back and show what I got”. That ish leads to an epic fail with a metric a$$load of a$$kicking coming your way. If you want to give back to where you came from do it, but flossin or stuntin or whatever you want to call it is old.

  • Somebody slapped the shit out that chick

  • digitallife

    Hire off duty cops..would cost you less in the long run anyway. Nothing makes doljiers (yes doljiers..fake azz i’m gangsta when i’m in a group of folks soldiers) move on faster than popo and child support.

  • Yung Piccolo

    unless they find tim dog, i dont think anybody cares definitely not worth of being the headline of so many posts

  • don king

    street taxes? gtfoh!!! who is payin that shit, besides total pussys?

  • Jared

    “I’m starting to think that Tim Dog is either dead or hiding from everybody”…Isn’t that the main reason you are reporting on it, lol.

  • Homeboy supposedly claims blood so it’s no surprise that crips tried to get at him… Only in Hip Hop! SMFH! LoL

  • WillVetterGoodin

    @ Reverbnation . com

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  • Whatwhat

    Come on now, first hitting women is wrong. But he gave her a love tap, aint slap the fire out of her. Even against a woman that isnt even battery, the world is going a bit to far on “assault” and what that includes and the fact that it doesn t matter what led up to the assault (WHICH IT MATTERS MAN, IN REALITY, MAYBE NO THE LAW BUT IN REALITY ITS IMPORTANT). What did she do? I cant really tell, like touch his head or something? He should apologize for it and thats it. No charges, no stigma, this aint chris brown beating the breaks off Rihanna’s head, its a light slap that was probably and overreaction to something said or light contact on his head. Plus ASAP shouldnt be hitting anyone, hes liable to become yung berg in a second. He admits he cant fight, whole “ASAP MOB” got smashed by Space Ghost Purps squad, the raiders or whatever. Dont give people a reason to smack the shit out of you Rocky, make music and f*ck bitches (dont slap them like a coward). As far as Tim Dog, who really cares? Your street taxes should be the hiring of guys with guns to shoot up idiots who wanna run up on you. Start paying random street dudes street taxes and you gonna be a mark for your entire life. Its the same guys attacking you before hand to convince you you need to pay taxes for safety, smarten up retards.

  • BasedApostle

    Ilseed why do you talk about the same people over and over again. Everyday. Its like once in a blue moon you mention someone that you dont regularly talk about. Switch it up. Im getting real tired of your shit illseed. I could write better then you. Im in underground hip hop heavy finding out whats going on every day. *Signs in with Disquss so you can know who i am too*.

  • shoon1

    Some people are saying he canceled a show in LA a while back and kept the money and the promoter sent some of his niggas to get at him.. and if he was claiming blood he would pay dues to blood niggas for a pass

  • gomer_1

    I’m starting to think Tim Dog is the one sending these rumors about hisself.

  • grftswf

    never believe the hype

  • king sodomy

    if he is either dead or hiding ..duh what are his other options

    • OSBKE3000

      I mean .. it’s possible he went to the moon or mars .. Would that be hiding? or escaped? JS .. anything is possible with Tim Dog now