Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye Not Feeling The Kardashian Madness!?!

Honestly, this doesn’t shock me, but it makes me wonder why Ye went for Kim in the first place. Apparently, they have been arguing a lot since Baby North was born. But, they aren’t fighting because they don’t like each other. They are fighting because Kanye is trying to live a far more private life outside of entertainment. Kanye even turned down $3 Million from a magazine trying to buy a SINGLE picture of North West. WOW!

Here is a write up by Star Magazine.

KIM Kardashian and Kanye Westhave been arguing!

The new parents — they recently welcomed their first child together, daughter North West — came to blows after Kanye suggested Kim distances herself from her family.

“Kim only had a short while to enjoy the baby before things turned sour between her and Kanye,” a source told Britain’s Star magazine.

“He told her now they are parents, they need to step away from the Kardashian circus so they can raise their daughter in private.

“Kim was taken aback over the timing of his demands. It’s not surprising she told Kanye he can’t make her choose be her family and him because there’ll only be one loser.
“Kanye wants to spend all the time he can with Kim and their baby — he’s crazy about her and incredibly protective.

“He keeps his distance from the Kardashians to avoid being dragged into that world, but now there’s a baby and both parents have an equal say over her future, those outlooks are going to keep clashing.”


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  • $11625525

    Good man … Poor choice in woman but, he still has some sanity left in him, clearly. He knows KK’s mother is pulling the strings, she’ll be selling live streams to the kids Birthday parties if she has her way. Media Whore.

  • The worst you can do to children is give them media exposure
    at an early age. they get too much attention at a time and once
    they are grown up they feel the void. Just don’t do it. let them
    grow to an age where they can make their own choice.

  • Blaq_Boi

    Str8 up media whoring. Ye is loaded, so she’ll literally want for nothing. Why still feel the need to sell yourself to the public?! It’s clearly not for money.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      when you living like they live they better get all they can to sustain the lifestyle … there prob isnt a day that goes by where they dont spend $$

      • Whatwhat

        Yeah but how much she making on reality shows vs he makes doing music. I understand getting all the money you can cause in both cases its not a given that they will have work for a long time. Shes eventually going to be less desired by the public and he will stop being paid so much for his increasingly bad albums. His music is getting worse and worse. i think most well adjusted normal people like having privacy and dont need to be famous or have a reality show. I think they can sustain their lifestyles with his income, if they invest it wisely and not do stupid shit like buy 10 cars, chains, multiple houses you dont even live in for more than a weekend a year. He owns his publishing right? That alone is money for the rest of his life, and the amount his stuff is played its probably alot. Plus he can always produce even if his rap career goes belly up, which it wont i just think it will continue to sell less and less and eventually be independent. Being on a major seems to offer very little advantages, especially to someone like Kayne who is famous and popular already and has means to get attention without the Label running ads or doing other promotional work.Social network and youtube is changing how artists have to move. Gives them a free outlet to promote themselves that is watched by quite alot of people and certainly die hard fans which he has some im sure. Im sure there is not a single day they dont spend at least 1k. The both got a taste for the expensive crap, shit doesnt Kanye see himself as a fashion Icon with the goofy ass shit hes wearing? My favorite is the preppy look with the backpack for no reason. You wear a backpack if you have shit to carry. If you’re wearing it for the look of it, jump off a roof please.

    • Whatwhat

      People have an obsession with being famous. I dont get it but maybe its one of those things that once you get a taste of it you want it all the time. To me it would seem incredibly invasive and annoying, but she thrives off that. Ye despite his crazy public appearances sometimes, he seems like a introvert. So sorta bad match mixed with a crazy bitch with a even crazier mother/family. That family is like a cult theres no way hes gonna pry her away from them. Just aint gonna happen. You gotta wonder where his head has been at for the last 10 months. I mean unless it was a mistake he impregnated her on purpose, which is crazy imo just cause he barely knew her, like a few months aint long enough for you to think having a kid is a good idea with this person. Not saying that people who do have kids right away after meeting always end bad but i would bet it ends bad more than someone whos dating the person for years. He probably didnt like the media circus lifestyle she had going on before the kid, he doesnt seem to want to be on a reality show cause im sure hes been offered alot of times. So he must of had some plan that once the kid was born she would change and he could work on her to make her into a housewife not a hoe. But when has that worked? Like one time out of 20,000? Maybe he has no real friends looking out for his best interest that can talk to him on a real honest level. Cause if he did im sure someone pointed out exactly what was going to and has happened, I.E. this refusual to stop living her life as a reality show with that poisonous family (Mother). I’d feel bad for him but he saw all this coming, and if he didnt hes living in lala land. Shit i bet Jay talked sense to him even.

  • Negro Peligro

    Man come on dawg. You should just put for the google search cause thats what this is. So when people google search Kanye this comes up. Put google search in the title let me know I can skip the sucka shit.

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  • sakiru oresanwo

    WTF is going on with her husband? dude doesn’t even get a mention no more

    • Divorced / Ex Husband

      • sakiru oresanwo

        oh snap, didn’t realise they finalised that, my bad

      • Whatwhat

        Hes lucky and away from that hoe.

  • H. U. S.

    Made your bed, now lay in that sh^t!

    This is where that stigma “You can’t turn a ho into a housewife” comes into play. Kanye knew WAY before skeeting in this chick, that she was all about that attention life. That lifestyle that Mrs. Kardashian was leading, was also what drew Ye to her in the first place. Now that he’s had his fill of the media’s attention, Kanye wants to cut all ties of a media-enthralled relationship and lead a semi-normal life….TFOH!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      lol @ when he ran into the sign … i think that was the tip of the ice berg for ye lol

      • BlacBeltJonez

        …the control freak is tryin to control a freak…??….ass backwards ass ninja!!

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    the plight of a relationship … its what its all about … giving and taking and compromising ….

  • Oknas

    Ye a damn fool

  • ant662

    kanye is gonna b one pissed off mofo if him and kim ever split because while kanye is able to keep his daughter from being exploited now he wont be able to if they split. especially with kim being as fame hungry as she plus with her mom in her ear that lil girls face will be plastered all over the place. good luck with that one kanye.

    • Whatwhat

      Yeah he messed up on all fronts. Like you said either way that kid is gonna grow up in a bullshit fake fame-whore environment. That mother of Kim is the god damn devil. Not since Joe Jackson did a parent whore out their kids so bad to get famous and rich.

  • Golgo 13

    he should of thought about that b4 fuckin her wot does he expect they do have there own show and have cameras following dem everywhere they go and they would like kanye 2 b on there show because it will bring ratings i could imagine if he was onit and they just mostly show tha bits wen he has his rants

    • Two_guns_Billy

      yeah the nigga got a baby with a pig now mad because she’s rolling around in the mud….

  • ZUBU

    Ye need to drop her like a bad habit, it’s like that slore put hoo-doo on Ye. Her mammy is a witch and her daughters are junior slore-witches. Anybody read the prenup that Lamar Odom signed in order to marry Klohe? They had to have L.O. under a spell for him to sign that shiiitt? Kris Humphries they got him under the Kardashian spell as well. So far the only one to have any sense and avoid the magic spell was Ray-Jay smh cause that ain’t saying much. Kim nor her slore sisters are the marrying type, you have slutt fun with them slores and keep it moving. Now Ye stuck with a baby mama thats a slore. Dang what happened to the enlightened brotha Kanye who warned about the golddiggers?

    • Whatwhat

      She has something (im guessing its the sex) that puts these dudes in a fantasy world and they are unable to see the writing on the wall when everyone else with half a brain understands what her family is about and what shes about. Who woulda thought Ray Jay would end up being the smartest of the Kim related “lovers” (gay ass word i dunno). How bad is the odom prenup? He gonna get f*cked when they divorce or is it airtight? Kayne had to have a serious prenup right? He couldnt be dumb enough to go in without serious legal protection from this hoe. Why the hell did he have to knock her up? Must of been a mistake, no way he wants a kid with her in the first year of knowing her, with her past track record. Theres no way shes the hottest chick hes prolly f*cked either, hes gotta had some bad bitches hes incredibly famous and somewhat rich. Shes like a succubus man, or a black widow or something. Only thing i feel bad for him about is having to deal with that horrible family, thats gotta be a living hell. I mean he shoulda known he would have to be dealing with them alot cause shes so tight with her mom/sisters, but still thats gotta be brutal. Imagine the retarded talk you gotta listen too.

  • Truth Powell

    You cant be an artistic man and get with a girl that’s basic. It will never work in the long run. No matter how fine she is or how good the sex is. Their mentals are wired differently. Kanye needs to get with his female equal, not some trophy chick.

    • dayleedumped

      you guys forgot kanye was a complete nerd growing up…. a girl like kim k is always a fantasy and dream come true to nerds from all over the world.

      • Whatwhat

        But hes been famous long enough to f*ck plenty of bad bitches. Im sure more attractive then Kim. I dont get what she has, its obviously something compelling to get all these rich and famous dudes to look retarded dating and breaking up with her. At least the rest of them realized what it was and didnt impregnate her within the first year of knowing her. What the hell was Kayne thinking. He wasnt thinking clearly or was able to lie to himself so greatly that he couldnt fathom this shit coming when the rest of the free world could of predicted this. Even Jay and apparently Beyonce were vocal about not liking her, think those two would hold some sway with Kayne but nope, apparently she had him hook line and sinker. Who cares i guess how dumb he is with his personal life, just start making better music. Yeezus was bad, your last albums were bad, you apparently have run out of shit to say. Talking about clothing brands is even less creative then gangster rap, and certainly gayer and less interesting. How dumb is yeezus as a album title too? Dumb shit.

  • ile315r

    This nigga Kanye is a walking contradiction

    • Taihair Djehuty

      Kanye’s actually kept his private life…private. No reality shows, no “youtube follow me around” mini-series.

  • RatchetBlackWoman

    i dont think the baby is kanyes…

    • Darlene S. Esser

      as Jennifer replied I am taken by surprise that some one can profit $9660 in 1 month on the computer. did you read this site w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

      • brotha_man

        Darlene we should get together, so u can buy me some new clothes.

  • MrNoName2K

    Its cheaper to keep her…

    • dexter

      or so it will seem. ahhhhh

  • What does Kanye expect from Kim…..You met her this way and she will remain this way…Why would he want a woman to separate herself from her family…Just because he doesn’t have a family doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t.

    • Taihair Djehuty

      he expects her to be a mother. If her family dialed down the circus atmosphere, then I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem

      • It’s still her family…..When he dumps her to go find another whore in training she will need her family…Point is that circus atmosphere is what he was aware of when he met her is the same and will never change.

      • Mia

        Agreed. When a person try and separate you from people, you need to watch them and if you have to leave them. That’s a red flag that he is controlling.

  • HunnidRoundDrumOnYoA$$

    everyday u say this same shit nigga!! get some new material

  • brotha_man

    Dear Kanye,
    Brotha Man “for I have traveled East (no pun)”

  • dexter

    welcome 2 ur own personally built hell ye…@ least wit ur money (for now) u can have ur way…
    I personally think the mint is putting something on the money naw a days…some type of “now ur a dummy dust”…