Dame Dash Calls Listening To Jay-Z New Album "Bittersweet"

(AllHipHop News) Time heals most wounds but it doesnt take the sting out of the past. This is a truth that Dame Dash recently exhibited in an Instragram picture of him listening to Jay-Z’s new album Magna Carta Holy Grail.

The picture, snapped at the Lower East Side barbershop “Well Connected” contained the following caption:

In the barber shop listening to jays new album….I can’t front… I still like hearing him pop shit cause I know he’s telling the truth…proud to be be a part of that..#bittersweet

Check out a short video of Dame enjoying a few cuts from Magna Carta Holy Grail:

  • Choppaliss

    man these two need to make up officially even if they never do business together again ………… shits sad to me

    • johnblacksad

      Let the truth be told! AMEN!

      • dexter

        Sean? is that u ni@@a? lol

      • johnblacksad

        It’s Shawn… Shawn Corey Carter 12/04/69… same day Fred Hampton was murdered

      • dexter

        ooo snap u rite … lol ma bad! soooo Shawn is that u! lol

    • Yeah, business aside they should just be friends again. Dame should’ve been sittin’ in on them sessions because while the album is good, Dame’s Harlem style influence would’ve made Jay pick a few better beats. Some were dope others were “meh” lyrically it was nice.

      • I thought they were all “Meh” , from the little I heard.

      • dexter


      • Nothing special

      • dexter

        ohok so meh means “nothing special”? kool…lol look 2 me all ignant & ish… thnks tho bro. hey edog u ever seen dat jawn 2me?

      • Yeah, check your inbox, under “OTHER”, and I think the MiJac story. Add me!

        Got that World War Z up too!

      • DJ7

        You gotta admit that even the “meh” tracks sh*t on anything playing on the box…turns on box for conformation….shakes head in agreement with post…turns off box & scratches in Heaven followed by a sharp stab of F.U.T.W

      • johnblacksad

        Yeah… them my two tracks… F.U.T.W. and Heaven

        the one with Ross and the one with Bey too!

      • DJ7

        F.U.T.W. beat ….heaven…lyrics…overall I ain’t mad…it’s got joints on there…

      • johnblacksad

        I new you would mess with Heaven because he begins with a wink at the jewels…

      • DJ7

        you know….Jay know what’s up…always has

      • johnblacksad

        now i’m starting to wonder why was Chef Rae in the sudio with Jigga for? I thought he was gonna be on the album but there’s no sign of him on the album.

        Maybe Hov needed to go over the jewels again… lol… i dunno

      • DJ7

        I said the same thing B…Open letter was supposed to be on there too…bonus tracks?

      • More fronting?

      • dexter

        Im playn F.U.T.W. now. but yo! who did that beat? & I fukz wit jay z blue & nickels & dimes heavy ish on those RS

      • DJ7


      • dexter

        oooooo snap…nice. thats all I can say period.

      • DJ7

        forgot to put J-Roc in there…colab…the production on there were colabos….gumbo style

      • dexter

        naw naw I met yuoknowigotit that jawn is heat who did that beat? the jawn wit ricky….

      • johnblacksad

        Timbo the King!

      • Hahahahahaa!

        True ‘dat!


  • brotha_man

    I thought that these two were unstoppable together….ah, well

    • seems like Jay is pretty unstoppable with out him imo.

      • brotha_man

        true. but together they could be very powerful. Dame let cam and ’em fu*k up his relationship wit hov, Cant knock the hustle, get money

  • Tre C

    Does Dame miss the lifestyle or his old partner in crime

    • PhilTheGreat

      Dame still lives an interesting lifestyle, maybe not of the era of when The Roc was The Roc, but man they went through decades together… They were basically around each other half their years on earth or longer (if I’m remembering my timeline correctly). It has to burn deep.

  • RichFromBX

    Dame was actually a little more corporate savvy than Jay in the early days which is why they worked well together and then all of a sudden one day there was this role reversal where Jay learned the corporate game and Dame was too “street” game.

    I really think Dame is just an opportunity away from rising to the top again – he’s a pretty smart dude but started becoming that “shirtless dude dancing with the bottles” a little too much in real life…

    • $18592567



    It’s Great to see he can still be open & honest about Jay’s abilities!!!!

  • JondoE303

    They just need to kiss and makeup already à

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  • Harrison Boateng

    Jay just put Dame back on man lol. Good to see no hate in his heart

  • Sean Power

    i hope one day these to can put as side the business moves the past and be at less friends once more jay-z was dame son god father

    • TheOnlyCoop

      I saw a interview where Dame said that when he reaches out to Jay for ticket for something he gets whatever he ask for. They just don’t deal with each other on a business level any more.

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  • Michael Callan


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  • Ojay Juice Henry

    shouldn’t of gave them harlem niggas keys to rock while jay was on vaca..

    • $18592567

      pretty much

    • dexter

      yea even wen I heard dat move DD made makn Cam prez whiles JAy ws on Holiday …Even I knew it was a rizzy(rap) after that… Real Shit tho once the respect is gone in any relationship everything else follows including love loyalty trust etc…

    • SDS_Overfiend

      Although I don’t like Dipset all that much.. they had a plan and EXECUTED IT FAR SUPERIOR THAN STATE PROP OR ANYBODY ELSE COULD’VE. Jay Should’ve never went on Vaca without closing the gate to the store..

  • LexxBrown

    Dame Dash put Jayz in that position. That executive position.

  • dexter

    as a team things def took off for both of them…@ the time they were good for each other…RS

  • $18916246

    I support unity….Black unity must be cherished.

  • Tre C

    for all of the people suggesting they be friends again, are you friends with everybody you came up with? Some friendships just aren’t meant to last

    • johnblacksad

      True… at the same time we don’t know what and how exactly it went down…

      Some sh!ts can break a friendship forever

  • junj03

    The problem with dame is that if Jay throws some business his way, he is going to want more and bitch about it when things dont happen his way, dont get me wrong, they are great together but dame is accustom to being the BOSS!
    do hope they rekindle there relationship, at least being friends.

    • SDS_Overfiend

      Go watch Backstage.. DAME FOUGHT FOR EVERYBODY!!!

      • brotha_man

        he (jay-z) fu*cked dame IMO he showed jay how….the last man standing wins

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Yeah he fought for everybody but he didn’t know when to tone it down.

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  • DesignatedH8R

    His music was way better when Dame was a part of the picture. Nobody’s around to tell him his shit’s corny.

    • TheOnlyCoop

      Dame really played no part in his last few albums when they were the ROC.

      • DesignatedH8R

        Prove it.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Go look at the videos of going off on the Def Jam staff about how he wasn’t involved in what was going on with his biggest project. In those videos he even says that it was happening over and over. Cam and them even talked about how Jay had other people taking care of his tours and that’s why they weren’t on a tour together.

  • Dame and Kareem is a fool, it was Kareem money that started it all, where is Kareem and Dame, if jay was at Interscope when he started Jimmmy iovine and David Geffen would still have jay like that got Dre… See white people don’t look at it as we are friends, this is business , this is my money, jay was Dame and Kareem money or product, never a friend, jay was not selling coke , jay was coke and they took his product,,,

    real talk don’t care what none else says, just ask jaz -o, no whites or what ya’ll bs be sayin, jews, mafia will let their product be took,,, your not taking my money, and no artist will be a partner …

    this is business…

    they keep majority of their artist or products until death,,, jay will never be out from them until death,,,

    watch and see…

    • dexter

      DAM! & u see how MJ went out… just trying to get some muffkn sleep cuz they work the bullsh!@ outta ya for that chedda. smh. but u rite hommie!

  • dexter

    yo yo yo… Top 10 all time Hunger Music Rap Albums of all Time.
    Album must not be artist & or groups’ 4th album or more & only one album per artist & or group on the list allowed…
    Point being made is they all sound better HUNGRY period…

    1. Rakim- Paid in Full
    2. Nas- illmatic
    3. KRS-1- Criminal Minded
    4. Tupac- All Eyes On Me
    5. LL Cool Jay- Radio
    6. Dr. Dre- The Chronic
    7. Jay-Z- Reasonable Doubt(vol 2. Hard Knock Life was removed respectively)
    8. Wu-Tang- 36 Chambers
    9. A Tribe Called Quest- Lower End theory
    10. Biggie- Ready to Die

    • johnblacksad

      no Reasonable Doubt? c’mon… I want to take you serious

      Listen to ‘Can I live’ again… please

      • dexter

        So JB u wanna put Reasonable Doubt Over Hard Knock Life? ur call bruh! + from a hungry stand point u rite…& I chose Hard Knoc Life bcuz that was his 1st grand slam tbh after that Jay never lookd back again….

      • brotha_man

        but that was because reasonable doubt was ahead of its time. IMO RD is better than Hard life. RD is up there with illmatic. IMO

      • brotha_man

        resonable doubt should be on everybodys list. IMO

    • johnblacksad

      all day… as far as the hunger and the wit… Jay gave his all in R.D

      Hard Knock Life is a very good album too… has a lot of features, more ‘bangers’, perfect balance of hits and street flavor still… it’s a good album i can’t lie but this Reasonable Doubt tho… if you take ‘Ain’t no nigga’ out the rest of the album is simply incredible… got the U.S. open serve like sampras, when it comes to this cheese i’m like three blind mice, like short sleeves i bear/bare arms, we used to stay up all night in slumber parties now i’m tryin to rock this b!tch to sleep, Jay Hova witness but won’t testify, 22 two’s, keep one eye open like C.B.S., you draw – better be a picasso… etc. i mean…

      I think his ‘hunger’ per say has only faded album after album… even In My Lifetime is ‘hungrier’ than Hard Knock Life if you ask me… Jay only kept flossing more and more… nowadays he’s on some Moma, Met or Tate auctionnin like a mug sh!t

      • SDS_Overfiend

        In My Lifetime is better than Hard Knock.

      • brotha_man


      • brotha_man

        hard knock was dope but its not better than “big pun – captial punishment, DMX – its dark and hells hot, lost boyz-love peace and nappiness. truthfully UGK-dirty money and super tight are better. common and gangstar albums are above hard knock life, especially resurrection. but commerical sucess hard knock wins.
        hell i would put TWISTA – adrenaline rush over HArd knock life
        business wise jay-z is above all but when we talking albums- pac and nas top three albums are better than the top jay-z albums (IMO).

        as far as innovation. texas – DJ screw, Lil flip, big moe, esg, zero, face, big hawk, chamillionaire, slim thug, paul wall, mr. lucci and others had some of the most underrated underground mixtapes of all times.

        Im out

      • dexter

        I mean u def rite on ur points specially from the hunger stand point so I def agree my nig…

    • Opposite Of Everyone

      top 10 hunger music albums – no particular order

      Ultramagnetic MC’s – Critical Beatdown
      Mobb Deep – The Infamous
      ODB – Return to the 36 Chambers
      Skinny Boys – Weightless
      Thirstin Howl III – Skillionaire
      Schooly D – Schooly D
      Group Home – Livin Proof
      Kool G Rap – Roads to Riches
      Steady B – Being The Beat Back
      BDP – Criminal Minded

      • While you are at it, let me throw BG’s “Checkmate” in there too.

      • dexter

        never heard of BG wit all do respect… can u say that about n e on my list?

      • Damn, if you never heard of him, you must be in your teens! You heard of Lil Wayne, who goes way back with him, but not BG? Lil Wayne is all on that album too you know. NOW you will check it out right? Lol.

      • brotha_man

        stop with BG, Juvie yes, but truthfully there are a lot of no limit albums that are in front of BG

      • People forget that it was BG’s album that had the “Bling, Bling” on it. I won’t say that there were a lot of albums ahead of “Checkmate,’ but maybe attention wise, but not quality wise.

      • dexter

        ok never heard of Skillonaire Skinny boys group home… so again can u say that about n e one on my list. I am not sayn they r not or were not hot. but my point is the hottest meaning all knew of them… I mean everyone they were game changers….nice list tho:)
        but again def a nice list tho. I feel u on the “not everyone heard of them” but they still fire tip. thats real hip hop yo:)
        & it shows ur a true student of music let alone rap… nice jo!

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        if you know hip hop and have a broad view of the culture from the start you would know all of my list; they were well-known at the time. You never mentioned hotness in your initial top 10 post anyway so..? Regardless, like I said befo’ , when you factor in the fact that your average rap fan has learning difficulties then the idea of measuring music by it’s ‘hotness’ or popularity is the same as sayin “eat sh1t, 10 million flies can’t be wrong”.

      • dexter

        ok & again very nice list u put 2gether:)

      • brotha_man

        now this list is suspect.
        Scarface, DJ quick, spice 1, AG-2-A- AK (mil-ticket), Ice cube, daytons family, luniz, cormega, probably had better “hunger” albums than most on this list….brother ali

      • Cookie

        It does seem kind of East Coast biased…Juuuust a little.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        FOH, your list ain’t even technically Hip-Hop, it’s all rap music (xcept Cormega), ‘N by the 90s noone was really starvin, true ‘bum hunger’ is only found in 70s and 80s hip-hip IMO.

      • brotha_man

        so its only hip hop if the artist is eastcoast. now i know u dont have any sense…..face not hiphop…. or Dj quick…smh…or Ice cube? you sound crazy….so no artist had hunger post 1980’s? you honestly believe “mega” is more hiphop than face.
        Dont be so disrespectful (Stephen A. Smith voice). you have tunnel vision

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        It’s not about coasts or even skills tbh, it’s about whether the music relates to the culture of hip-hop rather than the standalone art of rap music. The artists you mentioned (apart from Ice Cube who did respresent under WCWC) were rappers only and not really making cross-cultural links (to B-Boyin, Graff, DJin etc) in their music. Remember rapping existed before hip-hop so just cause you hear some rapping don’t make it hip-hop. The culture of breakbeats, MCin, B-Boyin and graf is not the same thing as rap music. It’s not a diss, they’re just 2 different things. And as for the hunger/80s argument, the economy was much worse in the 70s and 80s and you could see artists lookin like bums in them days. By the time we got to the 90s rappers looked fresh even before they became rappers.

      • brotha_man

        you talk a good game but i disagree. so tech n9ne is not hiphop becuase he is not beat boxing wit a red kango. thats like saying gym teacher is not a teacher, as opposed to a history teacher, because a gym teacher focuses on health and wellness (supposed to) and an history teacher teaches academically.

    • Makes no sense as almost all rappers are hungry on their first ones. People like Jay-Z made more songs than we need to near and we don’t need to hear anything else.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        drake weren’t hungry, matter of fact no modern rappers are hungry even before their first ish nowdays! They already got the sneakers n nice garms even before they make a record. In the 80s you started off as a bum, then made a record and got dipped.

      • dexter

        we talkn all time n e ways… not sure if u can put a kat just coming out on such a list just yet… it needs time to be compared to otha jawns in that same era…

      • We know Drake was not hungry and we know that he did not ‘start from the bottom,’ because he was born into a fairly wealthy family and made a good living as a Canadian actor. Rapping is just his latest acting gig. Believe that.

      • dexter

        gud point:)

      • dexter

        yea but they def not all game changers like the ones I listed. every last one of those had mass appeal & to this day are classics. also they are/were albums u put in… & just listen track1 to the last… cuz all the songs were hits. no fillers. bcuz u Hungry does not mean u make good music/classics/music game changers… believe that.
        TBh its y the game is sooooo watered down now. bcuz every would be hungry “rapper” thinks he or she is the next coming… def not the case tho. Either u got it or u do not period.

      • Criminal Minded and Paid in Full did not have mass appeal. No offense, but you must be in your teens and just heard that these were the albums, which they are, I am telling you that “Checkmate” is right up there.

        Paid in Full had lots of filler songs man! “All Eyes on Me” was not what I would consider classic, but others would. I guess because I was never a Tupac fan. His rhyme flow was not on a professional level for me and he got way more fame than his rap skills deserve, kind of like T.I.

        “Checkmate” is an album with no fillers on it at all. In fact, it is the best Cash Money album outside of “400 Degreez.” I still bang that BG shit when I want to be reminded of the sound of certified hip-hop that was available in the early 2000’s, but that is no longer with us.

      • brotha_man

        everybody was bumping “paid in full and criminal mind” when they came out. the difference is media covers hip hop differently now. you must be 17 if u believe that paid in full got no play back in the day. white folks embrace hip hop more today, then they did yesterday.
        you could go in any home back in the day and find an “paid in full and criminal minds tape”. checkmate is nowhere near this list. i would put 400 degreez before checkmate.

      • Damn, you go putting words in my mouth. I did not say that it did not get play (where did you get that from?) I wrote that it did not have MASS APPEAL, as in going pop.

      • brotha_man

        thats because rap was viewed differently in that era. it lefft a bad taste in people (white ppl) mouth.

      • The hip-hop was real and certified black then. The only crossover acts were the Russell Simmons/Rick Rubin (because he is a Jew with the money and connects) related. Run-DMC “Walk This Way,” LL “Going Back to Cali” and some other pop/rock BS. Someone like a Rakim with his religion-like persona of an Islam-like religion/teachings is not what they wanted, plus it was too hard and too black.

      • Calico Joe

        I don’t know about that checkmate album. That sh*t seemed forced. It’s almost like you could tell something wasn’t right with cash money at that time. Damn near everything after ” I Got That Work ” didn’t sound right in my opinion and I’ve been a fan since UNLV.

      • Shit, you just did not like it because it did not get the attention like the others. That shit did not seem forced, practically every cut on there is some classic shit.

      • Calico Joe

        Attention? My music taste ain’t based on what’s popular. I just listened to it again for confirmation, and to be honest, that’s probably the wackest album BG put out. It’s a reason I ain’t heard that sh*t in over ten years.

      • Ok. I guess you must be a Drake and J Cole fan then…

    • brotha_man

      good list i actually agree with the order. i did like me against the world better than all eyes. but have no prob with “all eyes at #4

  • dexter

    & on the article. clearly JAy won wen u compare dollar & cents
    Also I am not a JAy Z fan i.e. Ether is & always will be my all time fav dis track…
    However! I think everyone struggles with separating JAy Z the rapper from Sean CArter the bizzness man. If u can do that than u will/can see all & every thing he does make sense & is calculated & well thought out.
    On a deep level its only personal with himself… with all others it is & all ways will be just business…
    He lets no one in 4real. Even if u blowing tree wit him in the Mabach sipping grapes on the yacht with him talking/watching Miami Heat wit him in the private Jet he on autodefense. I dont think he even trust Bey(but u noe she is a woman but still…).
    Right now his biggest fear is loosing that chedda & I believe he would kill b4 he let dat happen. Real Shit….

    • johnblacksad

      “I said in Blueprint that I’d Never Change, it’s just a part of the game
      Respect me I’m a thug, I might cool out for a sec
      But expect me to bug, it’s in my blood”

      -Mohamed Hovi aka Cassius Jay (Trouble)

  • nustradamous

    Can’t be em join em!

  • Bring back Dame & Jay….!!!!!!!!

    • dexter

      IDK bout that… relationships are funny like that. U ever try 2get back wit an ex? if so how did it work out? Its like once things r said & done u may 4give but its the not 4getting scars that are damaging & hard if not impossible to recover from. so to say it would never be the same would be an understatement in this case… money & power changes everything even the rules hence #newrules…

  • BD

    Sad man…truly sad to see it happen like this…Not too late tho…These cats probably hiding some of each others dirtiest secrets…Hope one day we see them back together if nothing else just being cool….#LifeIsShort

  • Stealstandin

    He shouldn’t even front, that album is trash

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Dame…… My Nigga…. You know that shit is Weak..

    • dexter

      lol… I am sure him noeing JAy like he do hr can for sho say wat he could have done better…wit out a doubt…

  • Julian Ausar

    listen man–i have been fu***** with jay since the beginning. I understand that you have to make a “certain music” for the young/main stream population. But at-least he could have gave us one hot soulful joint–damn it man–this joint is so whack!–glad i didn’t buy this sh**! WFT! I might have to start rapping myself just to hear some good sh**–LOL! Kayne even wacker! SHM.

  • digitallife

    Lyor Cohen didn’t like Dame because Dame was loud and demanding…Jay saw a brighter future with Lyor kissed his azz and then followed him up to Atlantic…the demise of Rocafella in a nutshell. Listen I like both of these dudes but the root of this feud has always been Lyor Cohen, Lyor is also the reason many of Def Jam’s original people left the company with Russell. Lyor introduced Jay to the money men, and Jay kept Lyor in control of one of the top music acts in recent history. Just take a look at everyone who ran over to atlantic from Def Jam..that should say everything. I really do wish this dude had aired that out but then again you start talking wreckless about Cohen and it’s a problem. If Lyor could mess up a relationship with R. Simmons you know he’s a piece of work. Matter of fact look what’s happened to Method Man and LL Cool J’s music careers since they spoke out of pocket about Lyor and his people….and yes those two may no longer have the skills to compete as top 5 but they’ve got enough hits in their catalogue to get more attention than they do and even the occasional greatest hits albums.

    • TheOnlyCoop

      The root of the Feud was Dame’s attitude. You have a lot of holes in your comment. Like Jay going to Atlantic that never happened. . Go look online Jay and Dame’s falling out had to do with a lot of things the last being when Dame gave Alpo a coming home party.

      • digitallife

        You are right about one sole thing and that’s the fact I got Atlantic and Warner mixed up..outside of that i’m right on the money. Don’t think so? Find anyone who worked at Def Jam from 1995 until 2004 and get back to me. Dame Dash threatened to get Lyor Cohen beat up for talking down to him like he was a house negro..that’s why Dash couldn’t set foot in DJ’s offices until Jay became President of the label for a short while. Dame’s attitude? LMAO…funny how Dame’s attitude wasn’t an issue when he was putting up his own dollars to buy jay-z out of his relativity contract or when he negotiated an unheard of deal to launch Rocafella..but Dame was the problem? LMAO..ok. Just to prove a quick point go look up who distributes Rocnation and then look up who runs the company..Warner, Lyor. Nuff said.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        You’re still wrong until recently Jay had no ties to Warner and that didn’t come until after Lyor had resigned. And those ties are only for Jay’s 2008 and beyond publishing that he owns. It’s well known that Lyor and Dame didn’t get along, which is why Dame made a joke of it in the “Death of a Dynasty” in that joke he told the truth of what he thought of Lyor and What Lyor thought of him. Now on to the next false statement. Dame never had to get Jay out of a contract a Relativity. Next correction RocNation was originally distributed by Sony and now is distributed by Universal, but not Warner. Sorry Fam nothing you have said is true. But do this go on YouTube and look up “Jay-Z Dame Dash break up and Alpos role” .

      • digitallife

        You know what’s completely and utterly funny is i’m TELLING YOU to go ask ex-Def Jam people and you still don’t get it. Why would I be misleading you that far? Wouldn’t it be easier to make an argument by referrencing articles and ishh…i’m telling you to go straight to the sources cuz. You may wanna believe one thing but i’m telling you bro you are wayyyyy off. Rocnation was not originally distributed by Sony, you may wanna double check that. Even Rocnation and Jay’s own publishing companies collect their royalties via WMG. Now i’m going to point out the most obvious thing in the world to your right now..since you bring up Lyor Cohen leaving WMG…Go look up why he left and what he left to go do…then go and look at what recently announced “Jay” business was just launched…if you can’t put two and two together there homie…there is zero point in even talking at all. Add in the track record of the man in question here..Dame wasn’t the first nor the last to get stepped on for money and position.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        You’re miss leading me that far because you have bad info. You started out saying Jay went with Lyor to Atlantic (owned by Warner) which was wrong then you changed it to Warner which was wrong again. You talked about how Dame got him out of a Relativity deal, agian that never happened. Nothing you’re saying can be verified by anyone not even by former Def Jam people. And you know why? Because it never happened. But you know what, you can verify that RocNation was originally distributed by Sony. And the reason Jay and RocNation’s publishing is at WMG is because of Big Jon Platt who was with EMI. And he has nothing to do with Lyor and that deal wasn’t put together until after Lyor left and the new owner of WMG brought in Big Jon. Did you even know that Warner publishing was a completely separate division that Lyor had nothing to do with when he was there? That division was run by Cameron Strang and Lyor was the head of recorded music. And that publishing is only everything since 2008. Look man I’m giving you concrete information, you can verify it in news articles, industry publications, and with industry people including former Def Jam people. Lyor left WMG because it was brought by Access industries and they made Stephen Cooper his boss. I’m sorry somebody has given you bad information, but sometime you have to step back and accepted that what you have been feed is wrong. Did you you even go to look and see what I told you about Alpo and Dame? I’m giving details and names. All you’re saying is “ask any ex-Def Jam person” think about how that sounds up against the details I’m giving you.

      • digitallife

        Believe what you wanna cuz you in here talking about read this article and read that article…I don’t get my information from journalists cuz..I don’t get my information from P.R. people either..I’ve wasted my time answering you back now for the third time because I know wtf i’m talking about and it didn’t come from no stupid azz article…you don’t wanna bother going to the horses mouth that’s on you bruh. You referrencing articles like these folks gonna put the truth in an article…the game is 100% political son you ain’t ever getting the full truth unless you go straight to the sources..you know so much then when I say go to the the former def jam employees you should know at least 3 of the names i’m directing you to..at the very least but you don’t because them names don’t pop up on articles. You straight full of shhh, been straight up full of shh..like so many other people on here too damned lazy to go beyond the article and go to the sources but it’s cool. That’s them three mofo’s story.

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Where did I say “read a article”? Or did I say “you can verify it in news articles, industry publications, and with industry people including former Def Jam people.” there is a big difference. But I guest you’d rather verify from your homeboy, who heard it from his boy, who heard it from his cousin, who heard from somebody at Def Jam. I’m sorry slim but the stuff you’re talking about is he say she say rumor mill stuff. Kind of like they rumor that Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren said they didn’t make their clothes for black people on Oprah. Everyone knows someone that saw that but they didn’t see it. Since you have direct contact send me straight to the horse mouth. I know the game is political but I also know people get shit twisted. I’ve given you names of major players and those names aren’t big in the eyes of the public and you’ve given nothing but stuff illseed style rumors. Ok you know so much point in the direction of these “names” you have……………………………………………………..

      • DollasTX

        dame had the same attitude from Day1 – he aint never stopped being an asshole – the same asshole that got BDS spins when radio wasnt checking for shyt outside of BIG, MASE, PUFF, PAC, SNOOP was the same asshole that got shitted on at BUSINESS END and the same asshole that gets all the HATE

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Yeah that was fine when he was on the come up and dealing with small time people. But sooner or later you have to mature with the game. Not saying he should have kissed their asses, but he should have left them with their self respect.

      • DollasTX

        mature with the game – OR do you really mean KISS LYOR COHEN ass more – even when you know dude played a cold game of divide and conquer same thang happened with Jerry Heller and NWA

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Come on man did I not say “Not saying he should have kissed their asses, but he should have left them with their self respect” forget Dame’s issues with Lyor he burnt bridges with people in lower positions that were only doing their jobs and now those same people are power players. The difference is Easy stay with Heller. Jay didn’t stay with Lyor. Dame scream and yelled his way to the top and then learn once you’re there screaming and yelling can’t keep you there.

      • DollasTX

        did “they” leave DAME with his SELF RESPECT?

        there aint no self respect in business fam – businessman often throw morals, dignity, and respect out the damn window in the name of business – matter fact the BEST businessmen are the one’s that are willing to step on your neck to get what they want

        i aint rocking with the GET ALONG GANG shyt fam
        its BUSINESS never personal

        EAZY stayed only because he died before he had oppotunity to leave –

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Exactly my point Dame should have left the workers with their self respect and handled his business Lyor. And basically your saying that Dame got beat at his own game. It’s about psychology and the same divide and conquer game that you’re upset with Lyor about. is the same type of games Dame was playing but he didn’t know how to turn it off. and on. Also Jay didn’t stay with Lyor, hell Lyor was gone before the split.

      • DollasTX

        exactly your point – huh?!?!?!

        your clearly mistaken if you BELIEVE you’ve made a point fam

        then you say DAME was beat at his own game “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” … huh wtf are you talking about – DIVIDE AND CONQUERED who

        “its a case of divide and conquer, when you let a JEW break up my CREW”

        -No Vaseline
        Ice Cube

        dont get it twisted i aint upset at LYOR COHEN cuz personally he didnt do shyt to or for me – im just stating the facts and the well rounded opinion i’ve formed from the facts presented – HE PUT THE BUG IN JAY’S EAR

        DAME wasn’t playing when he was screaming on mf’s in attempts to open up doors for his label and artists – he was dead azz serious

      • TheOnlyCoop

        Dame played the game of intimidation. Divided and Conquer and Intimidation are both mind games. And when it came to playing mind games Dame got out maneuvered. Dame wasn’t going to do anything man that shit is cool for the street, but you’ve got to turn it off and on. Those cats in the boardrooms weren’t going for that what was he really going to do to them. Dame screaming and yelling and they say ok you can’t get in the building anymore. So now he’s screaming from the outside and their business moves on. Dame was burning bridges and Jay was rebuilding them. If his mind games did so much good why couldn’t he do it to get his next artist on top?

        I heard motherfuckers saying they made Hov
        Made Hov say, “OK so, make another Hov”
        Niggaz wasn’t playing they day role
        So we parted ways like Ben and J-Lo
        I should’ve been did it but I been in a daze though
        I put friends over business end of the day though
        But when friends, business interests as they go
        Ain’t nothing left to say though
        I guess we forgot what we came fo’
        Should’ve stayed in food and beverage
        Too much flossing
        Too much Sam Rothstein
        I ain’t a bitch but I gotta divorce them
        Hov have to get the shallow shit up off him

      • DollasTX

        divide and conquer and intimidation are 2 separate variables G

        you and i both know that – apples and oranges

        niggahs always say that “MAKE ANOTHER HOV” STATEMENT

        that shyt lame fam – and its a weak argument

        JAY cant even make his own artists ascend to the levels he has

        you might find an artists with like ability

        but whose to say that same artists has the same


        AND LUCK as Jay had/has

        most niggahs aint WILLING to shyt on “the people they came

        up with” in order to secure a check

        JAY been kissing LYOR azz way before the split

        SCARFACE said JAY went and told LYOR that SUGE,

        LITTLE J, and IRV GOTTI were looking to start up there own

        distribution without the WHITEMAN’s help and JAY’s

        snitching azz told it on’em – he’s an opportunist which makes

        for the shrewdest businessmen

      • TheOnlyCoop

        At the end of the day divide and conquer and intimidation are for manipulating a persons frame of mind.

        How is it lame? The man made him by screaming and yelling, so make another. Can’t make his own artist? Wait the last 3 number 1s are Roc Nation affiliates. Can’t make his own artist? Have you ever heard of Rihanna? Have you ever heard of Rick Ross? Stop the rumors Face ain’t said no mess like that. Face

        is a stand up dude and still speaks good about Jay and if that was true he would never mess with Jay again. So cut the rumor mill mess out and stick to facts. Hell Irv still messes with Lyor.

      • DollasTX

        cut the shyt fam – it wasnt his screaming and yelling that “MADE” jay it was his business sense not tactics that catapulted jay into stardom mixed with a little luck (big and pac’s demise) the game was looking for a “saviour” of sorts and EMINEM wasnt it – ROC nation affiliates LMAO – kanye is a product of dame, rhianna more PROPAGANDA than artists … J.COLE is the ONLY success story JAY is responsible for – RICK ROSS was not JAY-Z artists myG – the niggah had been signed 2-3x before the DEF JAM deal – niggah you better do your research on SCARFACE and his quotes before you stick your foot in your mouth.

        I never said FACE doesnt speak good about JAY but TRUTH IS TRUTH rather it sets you free, or hurts your pride TURTH IS TRUTH – why would he not mess with JAY again – scarface has had many issues with J.PRINCE and spoke up clearly but he still has respect for him as well

        im starting to question if you know any REAL MEN in your life – just because we have issues doesn’t mean that we cant hash that out and reconcile differences – thats what REAL MEN do – besides the fact that JAY told on J.PRINCE (around the time face was working with def jam south and had moved to atlanta to attempt to part ways with J.PRINCE) so JAY telling on J.PRINCE and his future plans affects WHO?

        doesnt affect scarface one bit at this point – plus its the music business – you learn quick that its more BUSINESS than personal

        and thats WEAK AS SHYT you keep “voting down” my responses – just post your rebuttal and keep it moving fam LMAO

      • TheOnlyCoop

        There were a lot of factors. Did Dame play a big part yes he did. But Def Jam did as well, Jay’s business sense was a factor. You can play the big and Pac card all you want, but everyone had a shot at the thrown. Snoop even said Jay grabbed it with authority when no one else would. Kanye a product of Dame? LOLOL Do some research. D-Dot put Kanye on a wanted him to rap but the people he was signed to at the time for production wouldn’t let hm. So when that deal was up he signed to the Roc for production and they agreed to let him rap to keep him happy, because it was a win win. As far as Rhianna is she not getting endorsement deals and selling albums? Isn’t that what it’s about at the end of the day? Anyone that says it’s not is lying to themselves. Bleek saw Ross while he was in Miami that’s when he was signed to Suave House and then Slip and Slide. But his first album was with Def Jam under Jay right?

        The lie you said about Jay and Face was basically Face saying Jay snitched. If you knew anything about face you would know he’s not going to stay cool with someone that does that. Yes Face and James have had issues. but that was about money and not snitching. That’s why they were able to work that out.

        Don’t worry I’ve been questioned you association with real mean because of all the fake ass lies you keep repeating like a woman.

        I’m voting it down because those HMZ lies you’re spitting are weak.

      • Hiphop Unlocked TV

        I think he mean you have to know when to play or hold your cards to win. Sometimes it takes swallowing your pride or biting your tongue to get ahead. You don’t have to kiss ass or suck dick to do this. Also you never let your enemy know what you are thinking and how you feel, Dame did not know how to chill and relax, his mouth is too big.

  • Guest

    Its Dark And Hell Is Hot – DMX. Hunger album.

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