Joe Budden

Hip-Hop Rumors: Aw Hell No! Joe Budden's Newest "Beef"

Joe Budden has had a lot of rap beefs, but this one is the worst of all. KHIA? SHE’S A BEAST!

Apparently, Joe has had some words for Khia in the recent past and she lashed out with:

“This F**K a** newborn baby d**k a** n***a. @joebudden just blocked me from knocking him out with that last comeback tweet LMAO. #SuchAP***y”

And Joe’s response before blocking her.

“U look like Skeletor tho”

Does she look like Skeletor tho? I’m not so sure she’s doesn’t.


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  • Terrance Goodman


  • don king

    how could there b a winner, when 2 losers fight?

  • $18592567


  • Kale Evans

    Why is Dame at a Barber shop though? He doesn’t get the private cuts anymore?

    • brotha_man

      hood barber shops be live. its the best place to hangout and kill time

      • Hood Barber Shops always popping off. Plus you can usually find your flip there too if you cool with the owner

    • Strawwberriez

      LOL look at you worried about another man. suspect ass

  • PhilTheGreat

    How many times people use the Skeletor joke though?

  • BrotherMan21

    Budden make the best music when he mad… Mood Muzik

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  • she put a long tan hate on she look like a cigarette” one of the funniest thing joe ever said lol…. skeletor was lame doe

  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    Buddens is the most Emo nigga…After he tried beefing with Jay he switched it up for a minute then Raekwon made him put a steak on his eye, now he only beefs with chics. Cant take him seriously.

    • Arrie Mental Woodard

      Raekwon didnt hit him, his homie did.

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  • Tre C

    they are both wack and always looking for someone to argue with over the internet. Match made in heaven


    Oh Joey….

  • Negro Peligro

    He didn’t talk to Rakwon like that. WHAT GROWN MAN BLOCKS PEOPLE. In particular females when you playing the dozens.

    • therealjjohnson

      I do. Tons of people. What does being “grown” have to do with blocking someone on a social network? Im pretty sure it sounded good in your heard when you said it though…

      • krow132

        lol, niggas is stupid bro…. Blocking people on social networks makes you soft now. And the people who actually think Khia has more money than Joe Budden, that shit is funny

  • $11625525

    He ain’t lie! LOL

  • Dadon850

    What’s funny is Khia probably got more money that Joe. Lol

    • Negro Peligro

      Honestly dawg. Neck Back was played way more than PPP UM P P P P UM PPPP UMP IT UP.

      • DollasTX

        i know yall got jokes but for real doe …

        JOE got a few snaps – a few more than KHIA ever had


    LMAO@ skeletor

  • OSBKE3000

    Joe Buttass is buttass .. wana clown a bitch then block her .. SMH .. that ain’t gangsta

    • Strawwberriez

      you sound like a child. gangsta? really? grow up fag

      • WatDaFuckIsWrongWitYoFaceNigga


    • Harriet J. Hernandez

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  • DollasTX

    she should just SNUFF that niggah on site … since he useta that