Hip-Hop Rumors: What Will T.I. Do Now That He’s An Independent?

People saying T.I. fell off? I beg to differ! If you didn’t know, T.I. fulfilled his obligation to Atlantic Records with Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head. He’s officially and indie rapper. Here is the report from MTV:

“I got a record out now, me and Wayne,’ Wit Me,’ doing numbers every week, increasing on iTunes, increasing on Billboard top 100, so … I’m just continuing to push. Right now I’m an independent artist. It’s a lot of work, man, it’s a lot of resources to be dedicated to it,” T.I. said of being back in control of his destiny. “But at the end of the day I think it’s worth it. It put me back into mind of where we were after ‘I’m Serious,’ where we had to put our own funds and resources into [2003’s] Trap Muzik … I think that led to a beautiful situation … and I think right now we’re just working to reach another beautiful situation.”


Well, basically that means he’s probably looking for a big pay day with another label. And while Trouble Man wasn’t his biggest seller, it was a good album that showcased Tip’s talents. I’m thinking he’s going to get a new bit label based on his name alone. But, he’s also got some acting chops too. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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  • Jay Malcolmaveli X King

    t.i. fell off since the K.I.N.G. album……..that was the last t.i. album i brought …….

    • junj03

      Brought? no we know why this is the last T.I. album you got

      • Abrasive Angel

        ^^^no we know why this is the last T.I. album you got.-jun03. Don’t you mean “now?”

    • Live Well

      K.I.N.G. was dope but Paper Trail destroys K.I.N.G.

    • There is a difference between brought and bought.

    • Super_Hero

      It is not about falling off. It is about being a fan of the industry and not the artist. you bought TI’s K.I.N.G. album because the industry told you he was hot. Now the industry tells you somebody else is hot so you buy that artist. The industry dictates/brain wash who you like at the moment. You was never a fan of TI to begin with.

      • jetlife54

        haha owned

  • Doesn’t he have his own label? If so why isn’t he an artist on his own label?

    • trixnkix637

      I believe he is. Rappers with their own labels usually are. They just the major label for distribution and/or marketing in most cases (i.e. Luda and DTP and Def Jam)

      • Distribution license – Only 5 in the U.S.?

  • junj03

    I actually like the independent T.I.

    His work ethic has increased significantly, he’s featured on
    so many songs with so many different artist. Its good change, now he can focus
    MORE on the music then his TV/Movie career.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Nothing last forever. Stack that money.

  • The 2nd Coming

    Nigga ain’t never gon get that $75 milli deal he was hoping for, the days of him being “that nigga” are long gone, someone should have gave this nigga the memo that reality tv shows is for the washed up c-list niggas ( scrappy, Jim jones, benzino etc )

    • Odell caine

      How is he washed up?

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  • azztall


    • No!

      • brotha_man

        people scared to touch his roster, trae is dope but mainstream, i dunno about that. he needs more mainstream talent. I still bump eightball and MJG, but only suave house 8ball and MJG

      • Maybe he should have held out for $74,999,999…instead of $75 Mil.

        WTF was he thinking? WTF was he drinking? Business wise, he got blast in the head like Abe Lincoln.

        Didn’t know he had 8Ball & MJG, probably the best om his roster IMHO, IME.

        Maybe he shouldn’t have announced it to the world that he wanted 75 Mil?

        Those are MiJac #’s…..he hasn’t earned it yet.

      • brotha_man

        8ball on there, talk about two dudes that f*ck over there rap career they mad bad moves the whole time

      • Yeah, looking back at their career, if you didn’t know, you would think they were signed to Diddy!

      • Doe Boy

        they was with diddy for a min… wasn’t they on bad boy south

      • brotha_man

        yeah i think they made two albums if im not mistaking. they were on the bad boy comp album. there first album was aiight the second was garbage. nobody makes money on bad boy so i knew that would last

      • DollasTX

        trae a tax write off – and a FREE HOOD PASS for TIP in HOUSTON

        ball and mjg been gone and back indie again

        B.O.B. doing numbers for GRAND HUSTLE though
        he’s the ONE AND ONLY artists worth keeping – lil weirdo got endorsements, cross over hits etc…

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  • Damon Mays

    Jay-z roc nation says “Hi, lets make some money”

    • infinit221

      He doesn’t really fit in with that young team…

  • These overpriced rappers and their crazy demands, who is putting up $75 million to see make a bunch of noise on stage?

  • infinit221

    How are people saying TI fell off? Trouble man is almost gold at 480k, and when you adjust for people not buying hip hop albums any more he’s really doing what he’s always done. Like I keep on saying, we need to step up as fans and buy albums like we did in the 90s. Hip hop is still the most popular form, but most artist are scraping by. We can buy the same expensive sneaker over and over again, but can’t buy a$10 album. SMH man…

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