Lupe Fiasco Returns With New 3-Part Video For “Lamborghini Angels”, “ITAL (Roses)” & “Audubon Ballroom”

(AllHipHop News) It has been almost a year since Lupe Fiasco released his Grammy nominated album Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1, but the Chicago emcee has decided now is the time to release his visual art piece featuring the tracks “Lamborghini Angels,” “ITAL (Roses),” and “Audubon Ballroom.”

The 13-minute clip, officially titled “#1234,” was directed by Alex Nazari (Lupe’s “Around My Way”, 2 Chainz’s “Yuck”), and it touches on the themes of racism, media influence, and Hip Hop stereotypes.

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Watch the video for Lupe Fiasco’s “#1234” below.

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16 Responses to “Lupe Fiasco Returns With New 3-Part Video For “Lamborghini Angels”, “ITAL (Roses)” & “Audubon Ballroom””

  1. 7yoyo7

    A message for Lupe : I still buy CDs and copped your last album. The all-black packaging (black booklet pages, black cd, sh1t black everything) is fcuked up.
    I dont buy that “thats the artist’s vision to his fans bullsh1t”, same goes for kanye.

      • Wayne Perry

        Johnblacksad is pretty on point he needs to drop the ” look at me I’m so different” persona it sucks. He would be top 3 in the game right now hands down if he could get out of his own way

    • Obi Won

      True ish!!! Some of us actually want to see who produced these songs, that all black was wack. HOWEVER, the album was cool, now where near as good as F&L1 but a good switch up from the usual crap out now.

  2. johnblacksad

    Message for Lupe : fcuk your overtrying-to-be-different-azz! This nigga can rap but damn i hate this nigga!

    Dude can not be intelligent for as much as he stays trying to prove how intelligent, how different, how differently raised, how broader his mind is etc… aaargh fcuk that n!gga.
    Because he has traveled a lil more than your average hood n!gga, he thinks he the new Gandhi or somebody… n!gga please… sit your azz down and get in the line like everybody else.

    I hate to sound like that because i’m usually all for uplifting people, and i mean everybody… but i’m kinda happy his career never took off! At least not the way he wanted it or expected… I can only imagine how much more arrogant he would have been… thank god he flopped! (at the same time, that’s what’s fueling he random cry-for-attention comments outside of music)

    Still LMAO at how this n!gga came in the game tryin to sound like Talib Kweli and Mos Def but at the same time trying to be fresher than Kanye West & Pharell Williams… i knew something was wrong there from the beginning!

    Done! aaargh i don’t like this n!gga… for real

    • Ro The Nerd

      Brah, you’re so lame. Take your tampon out and grow a brain. He’s trying to make it different for the future of kids that listen to rap, starting with his own city. Showing what, not only what he thinks, what’s actually happening with the message of mainstream hiphop. Not only pointing that out AND providing an alternative… But you hate him because he’s different? What, he’s supposed to be like your hateful ass?

      • johnblacksad

        oh.. you butt-hurt?

        I don’t think you heard me… I said fcuk Lupe Fiasco

        can we move on?

  3. main0

    Maybe if this was packaged with the album or at least released around the album I would have been more interested.. This guy hates the industry so much but instead of going after them he takes it out on the fans

    • insaneangelic

      I dont think he’s trying to taking it out on the fans he trying to wake people up the last video was kinda like that new truth commercial.

  4. The Freshmayker

    this video is perfect….describes what our children are introduced to on tv…instead of positivity…people should get the message from this and maybe even change how they make music…especially if u have kids…no reason to teach the youth how to kill, trap, disrespect women all that…the youth buy the albums the adults download them illegaly…reaching out to the youth is the best move for any commercial artist…thats whats up Lupe…keep doin this…

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