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Murder Was My Case, Too: Snoop Dogg Supports Aaron Hernandez On Instagram

(AllHipHop News) Rappers have an almost natural proclivity to side with murder suspects especially if they were once one themselves. Snoop Dogg Lion sent a picture out on his personal Instagram account in support of suspected murderer and former New England Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez.

The photo of the two was originally posted four months ago on Snoop’s Instagram with the caption “Aaron Hernandez. Te. Snoop lion. Wr. Club action.!!” Now the photo’s caption is “Keep ya head up !! We prayn 4 ya”

Aaron Hernandez is being charged for the murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd whose dead body was found in close proximity to Hernandez’s North Attleborough, Mass. mansion.

Snoop Dogg was famously acquitted of a first and second degree murder charges in connection to the August 1993 death of gang member Philip Woldemariam.

  • Snoop Dogg been the biggest sell-out for over a decade now, I don’t expect too much from him.

    • What does make Snoop a sellout?

      • ddsdavey

        The watered down nonsense he has constantly released plus the fact he is now “lion” polluting the world with fake Reggae and even faker Jamaican accent.I do like Snoop but cmon son name me 3 songs off the top of your head that the world knows him for…ill wait!

      • PhilTheGreat

        Gin and Juice, Beautiful, Drop it Like it’s Hot. Nothing current though, I’ll give you that. Lol

      • Buster Cherry ™

        Deep Cover, nuttin but a G thang, aint no fun,with dre day

      • ddsdavey

        I said 3 songs the WORLD knows him for,not wannbe rappers know him for! He has played the token white man rapper role and likes it,hell i aint never seen him with a black woman apart from his wife and i feel for her,its one thing havin a side chick its another thing entirely when your parading about with any and all girls whenever possible.Dudes gonna have angry grown up kids!

      • Atheist

        Im not a Snoop fan but you gonna really sit here and think that Snoop does not have three songs the world does not know him for: Gin and Juice, Whats My Name, Drop it Like its hot, Beaautiful, CMon sON

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        he said the world, not the select hip hop community who like us, wastes their time arguing snoop on shytty hip hop websites.

      • n n

        Gin and juice might be the only cross over hit he has.

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        and drop it like its hot. but its neither here nor there. to the mainstream world, snoop is more famous for being snoop then he is for his music.

      • Ok, but the point is, he’s wack.

        Still, dude should have said 3 songs that are Hip Hop classics after his debut album.

      • $11625525

        He constantly reinvented himself. Had 2Pac not joined Deathrow I feel Snoop would have evolved much more differently as an artist. Dre Leaving Deathrow and the years which passed that he and Snoop didn’t work together impacted his career in a negative way (for the fans anyway).

      • True.

      • $11625525

        “What’s my name?” was a huge hit globally, as was “Gin & Juice”, Signs, Beautiful, Drop it like it’s hot.

      • Take away his debut album & you only have 2 songs & them ‘chets are trash.

      • brotha_man


      • brotha_man

        that Dogg Food was dope (group effort)

      • You summed it up well…I did like “Sexual Seduction” though…lol

      • EniggaMA

        u may not like him but dude is a legend. snoop has many dope songs. and this coming from an east coast nigga

      • RapItUp

        3 songs though?? You don’t get to Snoop’s level of notoriety with less than 3 songs.. and being “Snoop Dogg/Lion” will only get you so far.. If you’da said 5 songs that the world knows him for, maaaaaybe.. but 3, come on playa.. it’s Snoop for crying out loud, and even before I came to Cali he is one of the only THREE rappers most white folks can name off top. And by most, I mean, a lot.

      • * Three songs after his debut album.

      • n n

        snoop been jumpin on alot of things that were too gansta for him when started I mean he hangs out with Martha Stewart

      • thugimmortal

        snoop hangs out wit everybodyy he always kept it hood even biggie loved him

      • Snoop been buggin, every new nut he’s huggin, weak production, let me tell you something, after Pac died, Snoop went str8 B’ish.

        Not saying he’s wrong for it, but he pumped mad Ninjaz up, on some “Stranded On Death-row” type ‘chet.

        He’s an O.G. Fake rapper.

      • brotha_man

        he should have stayed with Nate dogg, Warren G, etc. when he jumped to no limit, it was game over

      • True, I can’t fault him for that though, but…..he shouldn’t be putting batteries in the youth’s back if he ain’t about that life, but I guess he isn’t now & is against that message,but he’ll never be my favorite FAKE rapper.

      • brotha_man

        hahahaha. Word!!

      • thugimmortal

        wait 1 thing about snoop he always kept it reall snoop really sold drugs got in shootouts n went to jail niccca 187 on an undercovercop some of it was his own life except the part of killing the cop n jay z is the fakest

      • Listen, Snoop held the entire West Coast on his shoulders as Snoop EastWood. No disputing he was the real deal / official.

        Everything he touched before & including his Debut album is classic, “Deep Cover, The Chronic, DoggyStyle”, after that, Tupac, No Limit, Snoop Lion ( Although I think the Rasta conversion is a little more sincere than his prostitution / pimping, etc. )

        I mean how are you going to get money & then start pimping?

        Cross over.

        He can’t come back, so he has to make commercial ‘chet.
        Anti gun videos?
        ‘Ole T.I. @$$ Ninja


      • thugimmortal

        snoop kept it real i tried the pimpin i fell in love wit 11 of my hoez n had to let it go i got a wife at home nnow snoop can do wat he want and he really lived even ti really was on th streets b4 rap so ofcource there needs to be anti gun videos there isint a city u cant go to where there isnt anybody black or hispanic gonna get murdered i mean the world is fake real ppl do wat they want fakes do wat they can snoop put it don 4 years

      • Anti Gun?

        C’mon Son << Ed Lover voice

        Areas with highest crime rates have strictest gun laws.

        I tried pimping too, it wasn't easy…but it sure was fun 🙂


        That 'chet was still corny for Snoop at that stage of the game.

      • RSG

        You equate keepin it real, wit selling and shootouts and shit? First of all, lets talk about your “he always kept it real” bullshit. If you listen to the song “little ghetto boy” off of The Chronic album, you’ll hear snoop say, “I spent 4 years in the county, with nothing but convicts around me”. My question is this…, at what point in his life had he done 4 years! You can’t add in the probation time and tell people you did a 4yr stretch. You betta learn what keeping it real really is.

      • thugimmortal

        about wat life did he not jut come out wit stop the violence song wit drake i mean make sense n snoop really lived that street life b4 rap

      • Maybe he’s just wack?

      • Why is he fake? I think he music changed. I of course prefer old Snoop. But damn, the clock is not moving backwards. And instead of him being 40 and still proving his gangsta, he is doing things his own way. He doesn’t live in LBC anymore. He exchanged his Low Rider with a Porsche. His neighbors are rather Martha Stewart and Paris Hilton than O-dog and Kane. His gangsta days are like 15 years in the past. So seriously should he rap about robbing 7-elevens? I think Snoop is maybe a lot more pop nowadays. But he is doing what he loves.. So let him have fun. He could be 40. Still beefin’ with a lot of rappers and be bitter about how the industry treated him. Just like a long list of other rappers you can find on youtube.

    • thugimmortal

      i would give that to jay z

  • tra mo

    Put a fork n him

  • Willuminati☆Imortali

    Wasnt snoop charged with accomplice to murder and his body guard actually charged with murder?? I cant remember…I was like 13 when that sit happened. But I do remember thats when snoops music started going soft

    • dominicancoke

      he was charged with murder but his body guard squeezed the trigger it was all in self defense tho unlike hernandez psychopath ass

      • thugimmortal

        na snoop really did it if it wasnt for suge snoop wouldhave took that life sentence n thats real snoop aint never been the same since n he never really jumped into the east vs west he never dissed biggie bcuz he really did it when u take a life u realize how precious life is n snoop was in the court room prayin thats how i kno he did it

      • RSG

        ….my man…. are you serious??? Are you trying to sound like you understand a killas mentality?? I’m starting to imagine some 16yr old kid (possibly a girl) writing the stuff that your writing…because…, I mean….. you don’t make that much sense homie. True killers are breed from being emotionally deficient. I was there when Deep Cover came out….Snoop is no killa, it’s not in his eyes. Some people, like yourself, can be coerced into killing….just because they want to feel accepted. When you saw him praying in the courtroom, you thought he was praying for the life he supposedly took, instead of praying that his ass doesn’t spend an eternity in prison?? I’m not sure who you are, but if keep up this “thugimmortal” image you keep promoting, you gone get called out. Keep making comments like “real recognize real” etc….., saying shit like that doesn’t eventually make you real.

      • OSBKE3000

        I just said he has to be a kid an most likely a girl .. great minds think alike ..

      • RSG

        O I gotta check for you then. Stay up!

    • RoxanneRoxanadana

      Also, Mr. Dogg had not been under investigation for two prior murders at the time of his arrest.

  • youngplaya

    Don’t really matter what a nicca say. Snoop a legend in the game and still has a career in music period. And on top of that the nicca family str8 and his kids will be able to go on to college wih no issues what so ever. I aint really checked for Snoop music since he dropped that Last Meal album, but I still got to respect his longevity in the game and his influence on the game with The Chronic, Doggystyle, and bringing the Dogg Pound out. Nicca please this a free black man that OG’d out the game and got millions and his fam str8. That’s a win to me.

    • RSG

      OG’d out the game??? Nicca please! Harry O… an OG, Snoop just a
      nigga that moved small bags, he didn’t have business sense then, and he
      doesn’t have it now, he just knows how to rap, and stays too high all
      the time to be too aggressive, and Dre gave him the best tracks in the
      industry. There’s no way in hell any nicca wit heart would allow Suge
      to push them around like that. He needs to grow up, people were just
      murdered! I know his publicist has to be scratching his head
      like…..”Praying for Hernandez”???…..this nicca is stupid!”. Siding
      with Hernandez is beyond dumb.

    • greeneyedbandit

      That’s right!

  • dominicancoke

    snoops riding his d!ck to get press.aaron invited dude to kill him cause he suspected dude was gonna snitch and tell people bout aarons past violent crimes which included shooting a person in the eye shooting at two n.ggas in a car in florida. and cops trying to figure out if he was involved in a double murder in f*ck snoop for supporting this scum

    • Montezuma1

      Your name is Dominican coke though…

      • dominicancoke

        my real last name is coca

    • thugimmortal

      how snoop dik ridin for press there is nobody on hernandez side i support hernadez i kno 2 ppl aint get shot for no reason hernandez is a g it is wat it is suckas support suckas but g’z support g’z

      • RSG

        You only support Hernandez because you think it makes you look real, but it doesn’t, it only makes you look like a follower. . There is no logical reason to support him, and I doubt you’ve ever been in the same room as him. In the voice of Judge Judy………”There’s something wrong with you…..ohh yes, yes there is, there’s something seriously wrong with you”!

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  • J rock

    Falling off celebrity rappers will do anything to maintain their fame. turnin fake Rasta, now supporting and possible murderer and a murderer of a black man at that. I guess killing blacks is a fad that will never go out of style, so Snoop is jumpin on the bandwagon to maintain relevance. If this don’t work he can turn gay that seems to keep rappers popular. What a complete sell out

    • thugimmortal

      so hernandez is spanish n snitches get wat they deserve im with snoop snitchin got malcom x n fred hampton plenty of other black leaders killed so fuk u ill admit im not a fan of the new snoop but he always was honest snoop always kept it real he tries diffrerent thing unlike that coward gay z snoop has 3 boys n 1 girl he cant be talkin that shoot em up bang bang shyt the problem is you are fake

    • southside4lyfe

      Nobody really knows what happened. First of the media is only going to give you parts of the story so they basically already make you choose to go against this young man because they only print the bad things ,don’t believe everything you read. This guy maybe a murderer and he may not be at the end of the day we are people just behind a computer giving our opinions witch doesn’t count for shit anyway

      • thugimmortal

        i rather see snoop turn rasta then to see him turn into a pimp again cuz when snoop does something he goes all the way

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  • Only reason snoop got off was he sold his soul in “Murder was the Case” video Only the logical thinkers understand.

  • Obi Won

    Snoop is bugging….must be to high to realize this isn’t a joke

    • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

      He used to be able to rap but nobody ever said he is smart

    • RSG

      too high to realize this isn’t a joke…..oohh thas funny

  • brotha_man

    either way somebody mama lost a child

  • grftswf

    we are building.

  • Matt Swan

    No mo endo, gin n juice, I’m on my to Chino rollin in dat grey duce..shackled from head to toe, no mo football and nowhere to gizo, I know ninjas on the otha side recognize my face cuz I’m the OG #81 from the Pat..tri…ots

  • OSBKE3000

    Snoop didn’t have to worry about cameras tracking his every step .. nor did he have to worry about paper trails .. none of that was a factor in his murder case

    • thugimmortal

      yeshe did whenever u black n u make it thats normal for that to happen

      • OSBKE3000

        do research don’t speculate .. get the facts about Snoops case cuz it had NOTHING similar to Hernandez .. don’t drum up the “black” thing cuz that shit is wack even if there’s some substance to those claims .. ma fukkas need to move past all that shit .. Hernandez isn’t black either .. com’n son .. u probably didnt even live trough the Snoop trial FOH

      • thugimmortal

        nicca i remember they was realy trying to give snoop 25 to life if it wasnt for death row snoop would have got burnt bcuz snoop really did do it bcuz after that he aint never been the same i remember thats me death row u feel me westide i the best side till i die thuglife is my screen name so dont tell me i aint around for snoop

      • OSBKE3000

        your new name should be “dumb mortal” .. like I said .. get the facts of the case .. this all started with an ignorant comment about black folks .. u prolly not black an I can tell u ain’t live thru the Snoop trial because u fukkin dumb enough to think DEATH ROW got him free!!!! SERIOUSLY???? Cuz Cochran was the one who got him off the hook .. and the prosecution was using all Snoops raps while on Death Row to paint a picture of him being the ultimate killin thug gang banger .. and now ima label you a SNITCH cuz u imply Snoop did do it .. Snoop wouldn’t even fukk wit u even if you are his fan

        u sound like a fukkin ignorant ass girl .. no lie .. COME WITH FACTS OR STFU

      • reg joe


  • thugimmortal

    does anybody make sense anymore

    • RSG

      Do you think you’re making sense?? You’ve obviously never felt true rage against another human before…I haven’t, but I know I’m capable of it. If you had a kid that you loved to death that was kidnapped (imagine the worst things possible being done to them), their kidnapper would become your enemy; and do you think that prison would be too harsh for them? Obviously it’s not that bad for some people, why do you think they keep returning? As far as not turning your back on your friends, if your friends start to put your integrity at risk, or start to move in the wrong direction, you stop riding with them. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them anymore. You’re confusing loyalty with stupidity. I love my potnas, but if one them starts offin niggas execution style, and not in self defense…were DONE! You have a choice to either wise up, or be in a cell next to your friend talkin bout how loyal you all are to each other.

      • OSBKE3000

        again RSG made more intelligent comments than your ass “dumb mortal” .. FOH I’m thru wit u .. I don’t argue wit fools or kids .. especially if there ain’t no facts to what you sayin

  • thugimmortal

    no matter what u dont turn ur back on a friend n i wouldnt want my worst enemy in jail bcuz thats fake

    • reg joe

      Are you twelve? A true friend isnt going to put you at risk to begin with if they have any kind of love for you. Thats real. How you dont get that, Im not sure. If I love my friends and family, why would I want to take them down with me? I think you confuse friends and aquaintances. I have two friends and a lot of friendly aquaintances. My friends and family I protect personally from harm. Everybody aint your friend. If you think you have 20 or more true friends, then you probably dont know the difference in a friend and an acquaintance. You dont put your friends at risk, in my book. I dont have friends that gang bang or engage in overtly risky behavior either. If a friend of mine went down for something stupid, he wouldnt want me to suffer for that. Young man, your thought process is more than a little jacked up. You need to learn to choose your friends better apparently.

  • thugimmortal

    n yall sy snoop fake bcuz he supports hernandez

    • OSBKE3000

      you’re wack

      • thugimmortal

        y bcuz i love snoop doog when snoop bring peace n love n stills keep its hood n snoop always been honest

      • OSBKE3000

        u are fukkin retarded .. RSG made valid points and only thing u can do is ride Snoop dick .. ur a fukkin joke

      • thugimmortal

        im wack cuz i like snoop when snoop got a wife n kids n he take care of them snoop even got a little legue football team i mean how real can it get snoop aint gay like jay z n p diddy jay z 50 yrs old wit 1 kid when is the world gonna stop being wack bcuz now n days whats real is wack chump

      • RSG

        Jay Z 50 wit 1 kid (nice touch adding 10 yrs to make him “look” old)….how many kids should he have??? Do you somehow equate the number of children a man has to his heterosexuality? I guess that dude wit 30+ kids must seem like fuggin He-Man to you. Not everyone follows the same “get married, have kids, get a dog mentality”. This planet doesn’t need more people on it….it needs less.

    • Harriet J. Hernandez

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