Beyonce Gets Another Mom: Matthew Knowles Gets Married To Ex-Model

(AllHipHop News) The Knowles family just expanded by one. Matthew Knowles’ reps informed The Associated Press that he and his longtime fiance Gena Charmaine Avery last Sunday.

The 61 year old head of Music World Entertainment and the 48 year old ex-model wed in Houston, Texas after a year and a half of engagement.

Matthew Knowles and Tina Knowles divorced in 2011 after 31 years of marriage. Beyonce severed business ties with her father as her manager soon after the divorce.

28 Responses to “Beyonce Gets Another Mom: Matthew Knowles Gets Married To Ex-Model”

  1. Matt Swan

    I was always told if you’re gonna mess up in your marriage, MESS UP meaning the woman you’re going to be with HAD BETTER be better than the one you’re leaving. Off that pic alone I’d say ol boy is taking a L. Momma Beywulf had it going on with her ol GILF self

      • Matt Swan

        Far from that son. I recognize real with Momma Betwulf. She stood by dude for 31 damn years, probably longer than you’ve been alive. 31 years she stayed faithful and true to him. 31 years she gave him multiple children IN wedlock. 31 years she supported him as he built his daughters into household names. 31 years she devoted to him through both ups and downs, and was still with a smile whenever they were photographed together. And dude while still married to her for 31 years decides to f*ck up and have a child by another woman? Really? Causes a woman who stood by your side for 31 years to divorce you? Causes you to loose everything you worked 31 years to get in a blink of an eye? This chic will never bring back 31 years of family life he gave up. And you think I’m color struck? Nah homie, REAL recognizes REAL. REAL wouldn’t walk away from 31 years of your life with a good woman. REAL wouldn’t give away 31 years with your children just to have a tryst with some random chic and knock her up. REAL knows that when you get that lawyer, you’re gonna walk away with damn near everything…and she did. So no matter what the color of the skin is dude took a serious L. She doesn’t compare to what he gave up, the family he left behind, and the grandchildren he probably won’t get to know that well.

      • LoveToHustle

        Life ain’t always black and white. He obviously wasn’t happy. His life , his decision. Just live your own life instead of looking from the outside in passing judgement.

      • Matt Swan

        The whole point of this site is to read a ridiculously titled article, give am opinion and talk about it. What I said is MY opinion NOT a judgment against anyone. If you don’t like my opinion, IJDGAFF really. And knowing the dynamics of another mans marriage? You’re right I don’t know and shouldn’t know. When you take your vows they clearly state “For better or worse, till death do us part.” When I said mine I meant it, so I based my opinions again on what my norms and ethics allow. And if you’ve been married before, you’d know that your wife at many points will be a royal pain in the a$$ and you will be to her. Doesn’t give you the right to give up or cheat. Life isn’t black and white, but it is effort and non effort. But again I’m not giving judgment, I’m speaking my opinion.

      • dexter

        & u rite. ur opinion is valid & u do have solid points sir. u really do. also allow me to apologize for coming @ u like that… I feel as u do…this is a place of free opinion.

      • Matt Swan

        Dammit you’re the certified hater!! Keep hatin…who else are we gonna argue with lol

      • dexter

        yea i gotta agree i think ur cluless bout his nsides & how he felt & who noes the true dynamics of their marriage but them. its easy for u to throw around the 31 yrs thing but he stuck in there to for 31 yrs & raised those girls to.
        Momma Betwulf maybe a pain in the a$$ for all u noe. thats one thing about relationships we all grow (or suppose to by nature) & if as a couple u don’t grow 2gether u will grow apart. simple as that. & I don’t agree to stayn & being unhappy. they kids is grown as shit… so whats ur point Mr. 31 years…

  2. Lee

    Married to my mom for 31 years, divorce her and less than 2 years later you married the “Mistress”? I would have been busy as well!

  3. dexter

    Such is life. Old things become new… people grow apart. Im pretty sure the exwife is not feeln the move…but what she gonna do now? In the words of her “mortal” son in law…ON TO THE NEXT ONE.
    Now she deserves 2b happy as well. As far as the protest of a no show by the siblings…again what u gonna do. they grown wit choices as well. BUT! say what u want he did a helluva fukn job wit setting Beyonce up for life. she ought to have gratitude for that. in the end HIS LIFE HIS CHOICES. for better worse or both.
    Congratz Mr & the new Mrs Knowles:)

    • Harriet J. Hernandez

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