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Hip-Hop Rumors: Is This Text Convo With 50 Cent And Son Real?

How would the media get ahold of such a personal text message exchange between 50 Cent and his son, Marquise? This whole situation with domestic violence and whatever is getting stranger and stranger by the moment. Basically, there is no “love child,” it seems. It appears that ll these matters are with 50 Cent’s real son, which seems to be obliterating the notion that he’s got another one of the way. But, stranger still is that 50 Cent and his son went back and forth on text in a way that….father and son probably should not. I think somebody needs to “pick up a phone” and call. But, according to RadarOnline, this is a real exchange between 50 Cent and his son in the weeks before the allegations of domestic violence against a woman that IS NOT Marquise’s mother. Very strange. I guess, Marquise or his mom sent this to RadarOnline, because 50 Cent wouldn’t. 50 is raw if this is real. Raw like sushi. Hopefully things get patched up.

Here is a transcript of the unfiltered and raw exchange:

50 Cent: Hey I’m outside the house at the front door.

50 Cent: I came to the front door then lights went off. What’s up?

Marquise: U lying u outside?

Marquise: Lol.

Marquise: Lol u fronting.

50 Cent: I saw you looking out the window good luck in life. Your gonna need it.

Marquise: Lol u fronting hard body now, how u going to see me when I’m in the basement lmao

50 Cent: F*ck you

50 Cent: You are your mother child

Marquise: Lol why would u lie about that lol

50 Cent: I need a blood test cause that d*ck sucking b*tch you call mom was f*cking the hole time

50 Cent: I don’t think your funny at all. I drove out here for nothing.

Marquise: Pops ur trippen now, why u won’t been get one u had 16 years lol, I know u lying bc u didt even call me too go outside

50 Cent: Are you f*cking crazy I don’t have time to play boy. I told you I would come see you. I came motherf*cker start turning lights out and looking threw the blinds.

50 Cent: Are you f*cking stupid. You had me drive over there why do you think I needed a address sh*t head. I saw the lights go out then some one playing in the blinds and there no party going on. F*ck you to

50 Cent: You your mother and your sister f*ck all of yal.

Marquise: I might dumb, come thru then, no need to get upset

Marquise: Stop by and say hello too ur son

50 Cent: What the f*ck are you taking about I’m not f*cking with you after this I leave Atlanta in the morning.

Marquise: So come thru then

50 Cent: F*ck you

Marquise: No need for all that

50 Cent: You are bigger enough to know better so f*ck you stop texting me

Marquise: Ight

50 Cent: Tell your mother she won. She has you and ill make another. I will have nothing to do with you. Don’t text me ever again.

Marquise: U keep texting me lol

50 Cent: It’s cool I will never go out of my way again. You disrespectful little mother f*cker.

Marquise: Lol u never do I don’t know not that doesn’t even call there son for his birthday

Marquise: Or get him a gift for his b-day or for Christmas.

50 Cent: You are your mothers son. I don’t have a son anymore.

50 Cent: F*ck you all you want is a gift. Like your mother and your ungrateful sister.

50 Cent: Delete my number.

50 Cent: You never call what the f*ck I’m suppose to call you to give you something sorry

Marquise: Welp if u feel that way, I don’t about no gift it’s the thought that means the most, remember this money ain’t everything

Marquise: I’m tired of calling u, why don’t call me and please can’t wait to hear this excuse

50 Cent: Good luck with you life man. I tried to come talk to you. You din’t have to have me come all the way out there if you don’t to see me you little ass hole.

50 Cent: I don’t have to make a excuse for anything. I’m a grown ass man boy. You talking about money ain’t everything. Your right but when you don’t have any your gonna understand why I work so hard. I’m done texting you delete my number. Marquise: Thank u, and u know dang well u ain’t come out here too see, but if that’s what u want to stick then I’m sorry, and I know why u work hard, ok, god bless

50 Cent: Are you f*cking stupid.

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  • junj03

    This is the young buck conversation…

  • Antiblog

    media is lookin all means to see the downfall of another man. wot all kind of false accusation and false report on this guy. damn, America.

  • Everything 50 does is for attention……I guess Jay-Z is the only Vet that can still sell records……lol

    • Live Well

      What makes you think 50 did this? Even if it’s real, you think he purposely published it? C’mon cuz.

    • MUM-RA

      jay z is the offspring of a donkey and camel. those white people just using him, so when they get in the zoo buisness, they got jay as the FACE.

      • johnblacksad


      • Matt Swan

        Da Hell??????

  • tra mo

    It seem like his baby momma playing on their son phone


    Fif wilding….

  • Montezuma1

    I believe this. I don’t agree with what 50 said but I understand his feelings. Maybe he thought it was the mother on the phone. She’s the one who leaked it. Children often side with their mothers regardless. Only until later in life do they get to understand what their father had to deal with. His son will become a man and deal with women and his eyes will open and there will be regret. Shaniqua is a hood rat playing hood rat games with the man’s child. That poor kid. His mother is taking him for a ride like all the bitter single moms do. Emphasis on bitter.



    • DJ7

      Say word!

  • Antiblog

    don’t be fooled by the media

    • natsuxdragon

      you tellin the truth bro they trying to bring the nigga down and plus hes black too they gonna crucify him and blackball him.

  • Wavpin

    50 needs to put out a new hot record ASAP …

  • scullyson

    Sounds like Moms got Fif more on her mind than he has her on his mind. She’s playing games using Marquise as a pawn. Marquise honor thy Mother and father playa regardless. Not Just one but both…Just sayin

  • Abrasive Angel

    Marquis is 15yrs old now, right? Wait until he gets 18 and that child support money stops rolling in then and I bet you 50’s baby mama will stop with the games and start kissing his asscheeks. 50 is going to move on with the quickness.

  • DollasTX

    i feel sorry for the kid – his daddy burning down houses and his mama money hungry

    dad calling the little niggah everything except a child of GOD (out of anger) and his mama lying on his daddy and playing HOE games (out of spite)

    and i bet the parents end up APOLOGIZING to each other just to turn around and do the same shyt over again

    if 5TH was really concerned about being a DADDY and not just footing the bill
    he would have fought for custody by now – LAWD knows he has the resources for successful litigation

    • Antiblog

      don’t be brainwashed by the media. false story

      • DollasTX

        aye man do us both a favor – NEVER respond to shyt i post … dig?

  • Guillaume Pilon

    it was her mom for sure

    no 16 y old kid is texting that way

    and if u look at the convo…..it make no sens

  • One Nite Stanley

    Curtis is far too worldly and media savvy to get caught slippin like this…

  • Mike Swiff


  • LoveToHustle

    This is a private matter. This isn’t anybody’s business. 50 should sue radar online. When people go prying in a man’s personal like that’s just going too far.


    Lol that shet dont sound like a kid. What kid u know jokes & types lol at a father,???
    Like he’s a joke esp after he just came to see you…???
    Plus not to mention its was clear 50 was upset, & no child in they right mind laugh at their dad, when its clear he is angry….

    Marquise: U lying u outside?
    Marquise: Lol.
    Marquise: Lol u fronting.
    50 Cent: I saw you looking out the window good luck in life. Your gonna need it.
    Marquise: Lol u fronting hard body now, how u going to see me when I’m in the basement lmao

    Aint no kid talking like that to they dad, regardless of how much he might not be around.

    • MrNoName2K

      ^5..all day

  • Dadon850

    It’s real, his son was tweeting about 50 lame ass today. 50 has a lot of built up hostility towards his sons mother and now he’s taking it out in his son. Never tell your child they are not yours. 50 is a clown. 50 is lonely and bitter. Money can only do so much for you. That dude will die a lonely sick man.

    • Live Well

      You act like you know the nigga.

  • Dwayne Nvo

    “50 Cent: I need a blood test cause that d*ck sucking b*tch you call mom was f*cking the hole time” damn, poor kid! but at least he has money

    • man stfu with that poor kid shit. Thats the kid mom with that hoe shit

  • Chris

    If this is real, it would only be fitting, considering the way he carried Young Buck and all. Real or not, this sht is pure comedy. Kind of fcked up the way he’s talking to his son, though.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    My father has said worse to me and we always patched things up.

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  • Live Well

    If it’s real, that’s their business. Also if it’s real, I know 50 is pissed at all that money he spent on private school and his kid still can’t form a sentence.

  • NutzInaHoeMouth

    I didn’t read it bcuz I don’t give a shit..got my own damn kids to worry about

    • @Real_SirJamie

      Yet you leave a comment, makes perfect sense.

  • Jay Smith

    His Baby Mama probably had the phone when he was sending those texts…….. Just think about it

  • MUM-RA

    lol, This shyt is faker than rick ross left titty.

    • johnblacksad

      a gay hatin azz bitch nigga… lol.. you are pathetic
      I bet your moms wishes she’d have swallowed you instead

      • damn, you so up ross ass you up and had to defend that nigga, lol.. is ross ya baby mama?? ahahaha u imprenate ross? or vice versa?? ahahahahaaha

      • johnblacksad

        shoot & miss… fcuk Rick Ross

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I cant take u serious with ur Garfield avi u sweet!

      • johnblacksad

        what’s a Garfield?

      • Brian Andrew Smith

        you’re bending over and grabbing your ankles in an elmo shirt. son, your father would have smacked you if he was laughing so hard,

      • No thanks.

      • MUM-RA

        you are a donkey.

      • johnblacksad

        your momma had you with a donkey

      • MUM-RA

        At birth your mammy, shitted you out her dirty booty.

  • killajing

    i bet he was texting his bm the whole time and 50 fell right into it i can hear 50 talkin glike dat its not to far fetched niggas from the hood that actually have a dad knows the shit he saying to him is deep but its real

    • Casor_Greener

      The fact they have a dad talking to them like that explains why they are in the hood

  • Doe Boy

    I call b.s.

  • brotha_man

    fif cant spell for shyt

  • Rapist on BAIL

    Lmao Currtisssss

  • Guest

    Yo google it dude kind of tight. Mc Daleste Apologia. You can just smell the brazillian arse. bouncing to it.

  • dominicancoke

    damn fif eso no se ve bien

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      stfu fat joe

      • dominicancoke

        you’re the man you are the dopest i wish i can be like you..happy now? ok shoo away fly get off my d!ck

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        dat was real lame, no wonder we smack u Mexicans all over NYC!

      • Dwayne Nvo

        lmao mexicans hate dominicans, they call them niggers and monkeys

  • Power89

    Any nigga with a child knows that either the convo is fake, or the mom had the phone texting 50.

  • The kid must have learnt BAD ENGLISH from reading this site. LOL.

    I would have assumed that 50 cent sent him to a private fee paying school.

  • AK

    if its real where is the screenshot , anyone could of wrote this

  • Matt Swan

    How soon before we see 50 and his son on Ivana’s dumb ass show on OWN? Ain’t like she did shit but mess with X when he was on her show. I watched that ish and was waiting on X to Ike Turner her a$$ in the recording studio

  • dehova

    If that’s Fif, his ghost writer is illSeed

    • Alex Hamilton

      whos ill seed

      • Dwayne Nvo

        a bitch

    • Casor_Greener

      YEah both them fools can’t spell or type for isht

  • LexxBrown

    If its 50, he is depressed BADLY

  • Dan_Tebasco


  • MUM-RA

    Shaniqua-zilla your ass need to stop it, cause every body can see your ass is the one texting talking to 50. Even he knows it. any body with baby mamas, know what type of games these ducks be playing. and I got treated worse as a kid, use to get high heel shoes thrown at me when I aint want to eat all my food ,sitting around the dinner table.

  • eddieknucks

    Yeah i think that’s the b.m. texting 50 and he fell for it. Then she put the shit on twitter. Not his son but her.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    im friends with fif son on facebook and only thing that makes this somewhat believable is how his son doesnt get out of character he comes off as cool and calm and not dumb (you didnt come by ish lol) and the fact he keeps bringing up his sister and he does have one ………… but this just sounds crazy with all the YOU AINT MY SON ISH cause that lil dude marquise is a splitting image of Fif aint no way that aint his seed and hes a real thoro kid so i couldnt see fif or hopefully he wouldnt treat his seed like this ……. i think this could be a real text with his son but the person posing as fif is prob fake and his son is just playing along im sure he prob get fake text and calls all the time …….. @least hopefully as far as this being fake ………….. but you never know whats really going on …… public is one thing .. private is a whole other story ……..

    • ICallOUTAllRACES

      u gay

  • speedy37

    That some shit my retarded baby moms would do.

  • Jahb1911

    aint no baby moms texting.. I love 50, But he has always been a spiteful dude. Son, friends, hoes it doesn’t matter. You don’t do it his way, F@&K You!! Memo to 50: Your son will never relate to your work ethic or your struggle, because he’s never struggled. He’s a privileged kid acting like ummm, A PRIVILEGED KID!!!

    • ICallOUTAllRACES


  • MrNoName2K

    I smell a bunch o bullsh*t in this here transcript.. and i didnt even read it all..

  • I don’t think 50 is that dumb to put that shtt on text . . .

  • Siflan

    If this is real … Big ‘if’ … That’s his mom’s typin’ all of that, not his son. She straight up told on herself with a few responses. Curt was just too pissed to realize it.

    • BOO BOE

      yeah she did with the christmas and bday thang

  • That’s not his son’s mother. The way 50 responds, it’s like he and his son have had a few similar exchanges before. If you text your son and get responses that are completely uncharacteristic, then you call the mom like “Whats going on?”

    • EL_BARK

      If u think that 50 son would talk to him in that manner. Of any kid talk to they dad in that manner, i would have to say your oarenting skill need some tweeking.
      Aint no kid from the hood or despite being or spoil talking to they pop like that.
      50 wasnt always super rich, i doubt he would tolerate that.
      And for most kids, that healthy resoect of fear in instilled in them since they are toddles.

      50 prolly knew it was him BM, that why he said what he said about her.
      50 not dumb, & i sure he knows his child.

      • It’s not unimaginable he would talk to his dad like that. If Dad isn’t around, the kid might start to resent it… even if he’s rich. He’s 16. Fifty hasn’t been around like that SINCE he was a toddler. AND 50 can’t really discipline him because that’s a child abuse scandal waiting to happen.

        …. so you believe 50 dissed his son just to get back at his BM.

      • EL_BARK

        If he was white yes. Lol but my point was even when 50 first blew up, in 02 the kid was 6 or 7. He was in wanksta video.
        So my point is, the kid wasnt already super rich. & i assuming before 50 blew up. He still was around.

        At 2 years old if a dad tell tgeir kid to stop doung something or even @ 4 or 5. The kids respect his authority as a father.
        That is one thing that dont change, in most situations.
        So regardless of how the kids feel, he old enough to know that his dad is working, and somethings u sacrfice for having that rich lifestyle… So i doubt his son at this age, after knowing ALL his dad been through, is going to talk to him like that…

        I not saying 50 a gangster, but his son prolly knows damn well he aint no soft as fredo niggah. The lol-n & talking that u hard body now, is the talk of adult not a 16 year old kid. That knows his dad had been shot 9 times.??? That libe or taunt is consistent with what a female say. = translation
        Oh so you tuff now? His momight can pull his cards, cause she nurse 50 after he got shot. But a 16 year old kid not going to pull that card. What kid tell that to they dad. Only a bitsh would say that cause she know u cant do nothing to her.

        A kid at 16 know, he still my dad & he not a small niggah,
        So he still capable of whipping my ass. The fact that he knows his dad is rich, is even more reason gir him to know nothing wony happen to his dad, if he did kick the door down & whip his ass…..

        Dont forget the gas can jealous stupid mofo, say its all. Lol
        So i think lil quise knows what his dad is capable off, on that note. Ijs from a view of a little kid. I doubt he talk to him in that manner. Cause most parents wouldnt tolerate it,
        If u cant undestand that, u might not be a parent or u had parents that did or would tolerate it… I know my parents wouldnt. As sn adult yeah maybe once u grown & living on your own. But not a 16 year old.

  • $31339281

    Thats that man business with his teenage son& BM, sht dont be smooth everyday- ngas dont know what the fx goin on in they life…..Reserve your worthless judgements in the name of not knowing shit about this nga -but what he put out for u2 know

  • Southcidal

    Stop making excuses for Five Oh. If that’s his son’s phone number that the texts are coming from he should speak to the child like a young man and not berate him even if he thinks its the baby momma doing the texting. And why would the son side with his poor azz mom when his dad is a millionaire that’s also a good father?

    • ICallOUTAllRACES

      yep…you been raised in a single parent home…single mother I’m guessing. I can sense the punkb!tch in your tone

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  • DesignatedH8R

    Sounds like 50, but there’s that dude on the internet that sounds like Ghostface, so much so that Wiz Khalifa believed it was really him.

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