Jay-Z Answers Magna Carta Holy Grail Questions On Twitter

“Might crash your internet/and I ain’t even into that”

(AllHipHop News) Jay-Z doesnt surf the ‘net and he’s never been on Myspace. However, he ignored his aversion to social media and fielded a few questions and concerns about Magna Carta Holy Grail.

On “Holy Grail”

On “Oceans”

On “Tom Ford” 

No word if Jay will start posing Facebook statuses or directing Vine videos but we will keep you updated as this develops.


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  • junj03

    @S_C_ Why do I care that you wear Tom Ford? I wear Hanes pocket t-shirts…should I write a song about it?

    @brianfagioli YES. *my laugh

    LMAO! Great question and an epic answer.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      ur lame !

  • Wavpin

    really … you have a chance to talk to Hov and that’s your question …

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  • Michael Thompson II

    They should ask hov to make a longer version of that mike will joint. “Beach is Better” Song is bananas!!


      damn I was thinking the same thing, I was a lil upset with that shit man, Jay had the hard ass beat intro and only layed down 1 verse, easily would’ve been a top 5 on the album easy

  • Yeah and right after the albums reaches a certain mark, then he is done with twitter, and calls us low-lives.

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  • Schooly B

    New Rules For The RIAA? Sure, But Thats About It.
    MCHG Review by Schooly B (@WaytooChilly)

    Not as bad as Roc La Familia or Kingdom Come first sounded. This album will go into that category of albums that aren’t amazing but aren’t wack so you pull them out every once in awhile. The songs on the album that sound like they could’ve been real bangers are on some teaser sh- and what follows never lives up to what was served before. And that sucks because that makes the entire album feel incomplete. The Jay-Z Stans might not like that statement but its true. Leading up to this albums release I had high hopes for what was to come considering Jay works with the same two artists that gave us two classic albums this year already (J. Cole and Kanye West). But upon cueing up the album I realized that the promises of new rules would not be fulfilled and started to zone out.

    But after coming back to it a few more times I found myself listening closer and appreciating the lyrical dexterity Jay was putting on exhibition for this album. And maybe that’s what makes this album worth a listen. Because, though it’s not blazing any new paths its fun to take a ride on this well worn path that Jay-Z has treaded so many times before.

    3 stars out of 5

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  • Brian Fagioli

    I guess I am the first person in history that Jay-Z has tweeted to. that’s kinda cool right there.

    • junj03

      Stop writing here and go compose your hane’s song….

    • brotha_man

      dont be boasting on this site, we dont give out cool points to just anybody.

    • Brian Andrew Smith

      fcuks given = zero

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      man I followed this fool on twitter yesterday, and after reading all the Q&A replys from people im convinced this nigga ain’t actually typing shit on any keyboard, this nigga had to have been answering questions all damn day lol if u go and look you’ll be like hell naw this nigga ain’t taking this much time out of his busy day to answer all those questions lol, so im sure he was sippin his expensive shit and having some clown type shit for him or better yet just answer all questions in a Jay type of way, kinda like how the President has all his speaches written up for him in advance

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Dudes def going to retire after that stint on twitter

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