Nas and Jay Electronica

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Jay Electronica Getting Set To Marry?

Man. The Detox album will be out before Jay-E. But, you know why? It probably works out for the best now that he’s down with Kate Rothschild. Not that that’s the only reason, but that brother is now wealthy beyond our dreams if this rumor is true. He’s all cleared to get married to the wealthy rumored-to-be-real illuminati chick. I’m hearing he may be ready to jump the…broom. That’s right. If he gets into this, he’s going to be on a whole new level of the game…honestly, Jay-Z would want to be on this level (I think)!

This dude disses Jay-E though, but basically confirms the rumors.

Can Jay-E really be Illuminati? He’s denied it in the past.


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  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    better question: is he ever gonna put out an album

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  • Guillaume Pilon


  • Dead wrong

    This man is Kevin Durant the on the mic. Great talent .. but ya gotta win a championship… how can you drop a gem like Exhibit C and fade to black like that?

    • Casor_Greener

      Cause that’s all he had

      • Dead wrong

        I hope not. In my Riley voice: “Exhibit C was craaaaazy”. He gotta drop an album. It should never take 4 years to drop a joint. Fvck is he doing over there?

      • MadVillain


      • DollasTX


        like that HYPE that dont come in to the DAY ROOM for 3 days cuz he detoxing 72 hrs straight

  • RatchetBlackWoman

    this dude is wierd..

  • chippc

    Allhiphop couldn’t find a pic of dude with no chicks? Even a pic of him by himself would be cool, but dont ask if he gettin married, then show him close as hell to a dude.

  • JondoE303

    Who cares!

  • Not bad.

    • DJ7

      Not good either…considering what he claims to represent…kinda reminiscent of the satire of a pro black Muslim screaming “kill whitey” all while wolfing down a pork chop and married to his cave queen

      • Man, that be me!
        ( Kalinga ) “I’m gonna get you sucka”


      • DJ7

        Haha…you got it

      • DollasTX

        he might just be doing “the spook who sat by the door” thang … playing possum – so he can come back and report to the PEOPLE <<< wishful thinking

      • Indeed, he’s getting that guap.

  • Casor_Greener

    Never heard anything worth a damn from this dude

    • Negro Peligro

      He got some gems but definitely not worth all the hype

    • siddiq ja’far

      he nice & he is worth the hype.

    • johnblacksad

      You never heard Exhibit C?

      • Casor_Greener

        Typical East Coast Rap to me, people just hype it up because it comes from someone from New Orleans

  • Schooly B

    No comments on the racist comments that were made in the video above huh? Reason I only drop by this part of the page occasionally. They don’t enslave you if they already have your minds.


    • MadVillain

      how you gonna attempt to drop knowledge and follow up with that twitter bullsh!t, foh… any1 who hashtags is not to be taken seriously.

      • Schooly B

        Wow, playboy…. Of all the things that could be said, this is what you took time out of your very precious time and life to type. Lol. Really fam you just proved the point I was making, the enemy doesn’t have to enslave the people as long as they have your minds… And they obviously have yours locked down tight. I’m digging through everything said here looking for a point at which you attempted to add anything of value to the conversation… And you were not there brother. the only place I could find your words were here, detracting from what could have been an intelligent conversation with your naysaying. You know who else would do that back in the times of true human bondage? The same people that Harriet Tubman would shoot dead for saying the road to freedom was to hard and would much rather return to the fields, the chains, and their masters… The weak n-s, and your comment was mad weak fam. You the type of cat that when the conversation turns to change and the betterment of society you start doing stupid sh- because you can’t keep up with the conversation. The type of n- I don’t f- with, and when I say n- know that its the one with er and not a.

        Next time you decide to have a battle of wits bring a loaded gun. I would suggest loading your brain with some real knowledge, read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander then come back. So again i say


      • MadVillain

        youre telling me MY minds been enslaved, yet youre the fool thats been sucked into social media like instagram and twitter, uploading your photos & status updates on daily basis (better yet HOURLY) constantly reaching for someone to give you that pat on the back so you can feel a sense of approval and acceptance in society. honestly bro, i could give 2 sh!ts what people like you think. really it just seems here that ” you took time out of your very precious time and life to type” this contradiction bullsh!t.

      • Schooly B

        Ignorant negro, did you really just attempt to speak as if you knew me? Lol. Money, Most of my time is spent building this thing you call the internet, that means I’m a web developer if you don’t know. Though I do have an online presence it is either A.) for business purposes (do you know what business is ignorant negro?) or B.) to spread knowledge to the masses through my writings. I not only work to put myself in a better place than where I started but I create opportunities for others that came from the same places I came from to rise up from the slums. So no, my time is not spent seeking the approval of the ignorant as a matter of fact I would rather have them dislike me. And what have you done to help US, hmmm? Other than talk that coon sh- you’re talking right now. Va fan culo.

      • MadVillain

        where that twitter hashtag go? seems the lame caught feelings… wrap it up b, i see right threw you.

      • Schooly B

        The time it would take to deconstruct the many things wrong with this conversation is not worth the effort. So, Ignorant Negro you win. You can force feed a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay but you can’t teach a blissfully ignorant negro anything. Good day sir.

      • Casor_G

        man shut up

      • Schooly B

        And heres another one. Cling to that ignorance that keeps you warm at night. Slave minded fool, lol. Go do the chicken noodle soup dance or whatever other coon sh- you coon n-s have come up with.

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  • kwimby72

    Mac Miller got a collab out of him though …ijs

  • YeaMyNig

    Marry the booth lazy a$$ clown

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      hahahahhha COSIGN!!!!

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  • ccwaterbound32

    dude went from one of the WORST housing projects in new orleans (nolia) to marrying a white brizzle with beaucoup connections and wealth… pop my collar to Jay elect he should win an award for biggest comeup just off of that powerplay alone…

  • ccwaterbound32

    oh yeah and i saw that video he did with Ceto from magnolia that was dope!

  • They seem to love each other, so It’s none of our business.
    Kate is born into the Rothschild family, but we shouldn’t stigmatize
    her for that.

    • Q.

      If he seeds her up, will he “push that negative gene in to oblivion?”

  • Me

    The picture hints that Jay is going to marry Nas.. Nasty.

  • dehova

    How does J Cole drop 2 albums and this guy can only drop one official mixtape? Shit, Kanye’s got a white girl vag that’s well known for stealing the soul of a negro or 2 but you don’t see it affecting his work ethic.

    • ccwaterbound32

      but the question you should ask yourself is does kim kardashian have as much money as his brizzle….ever see that episode of chappelle’s show when he knocked up oprah? self explanatory….

      • dehova

        You know, for a sec there i didn’t knw what you were on about big dog but I hear you. That probably is it. I’ve seen jay-E in pictures where he seems like he’s living the life of luxury. I will say, he better think twice about trying to knock her up. Dodi Fayed apparently had Diana knocked up at the time of her mysterious death

  • Slaughtr

    Love each other get fckn real. If you don’t want your business out there then watch your moves when they lookin and fck no I’m not with that interracial shyt so criticize me if you want. I’m not scared to say it most are.

    • Matt Swan

      Yo man, I don’t mind interracial relationships because true love crosses borders, race being one of them. But I totally respect the fact that you are open with your view, because you’re right many mofo’s will hide, talk ish, or even come up with snide excuses why they’re not down, but are sneaking with women of other races. Much respect to ya man.

  • DollasTX

    the hyprocrisy of it all … i dont no rather to scream FOUL or dap the niggah up for knocking the cave bytch .. the NIGGAH in me gives him his props, but the BLACK MAN in me says NIGGAH YOU KNOW BETTER …

    im conflicted …

    • brotha_man

      i feel the same way. after listening to exhibit a & c im conflicted on to who this brother really is.

    • Blue Skies

      I’m conflicted too. Isn’t he a Five Percenter? Don’t they believe that the white man is evil? So what does that make his woman? I don’t hate anyone, however, I’m not really into seeing my black man with white women for some reason. It makes me kinda sad…and this brother is suppose to be the pro-black righteous type.Smh.

      • DollasTX

        everybody has a price – hurt my heart to see black women with white men – as for black men and white women – i automatically think THAT NIGGAH SOFT but OH WELL … THATS MORE FOR ME

      • DJ7

        It’s funny that you mentioned nigs with their white chickens being thought of as soft…every brotha I know share that same rationale

      • DollasTX

        like minds think alike f’real …

      • brotha_man

        including me and in most cases its true.

      • RBG

        jay electronica claims he is a moor. thats why in some pics you will see him in hats called a fez. mos def aka yasiin bey is a moor as well. anybody you come across with the last name bey is a moor.

    • Two_guns_Billy

      shit how many broke white chicks marry rich niggas?im rooting for the nigga base on that alone…lol

      • DollasTX

        and with that said … IM PHUCKING WITH THAT LOGIC

      • Casor_G

        LMAO, cant argue with it

      • DollasTX


    • Q.

      Conflicted, indeed…
      Key words: “niggah” vs. “god”…The niggah in you says “Yes! Comeup!,” but the god in you says, “There’s something not right here.”

      He’s repeating the same ish we did 1,000-2,000 years ago (which failed BTW– trying re-integrate with the beast for status). How you gonna be a noble god laying up with the spawn of Satanists–IJS . I can’t see where this is going, long-term…Perhaps he believes his penis can push the wickedness out of her bloodline…? LBVS

  • Weedras

    saying dude is gonna marry someone and post a picture of him and Nas? from a journalistic standpoint what nonsense is that? i’m sure google images has plenty of pics with dude by himself or with his rumored fiance…

  • brotha_man

    she better be careful she already ousted by her own and we have yet to accept her. outcast type ‘ish

  • RBG

    i’m not too surprised that he’s got a thing for the pinktoe. it is recorded moor history that they love the white woman. they are even the ones that started the “white beauty” nonsense.

    • Negro Peligro

      Moors are idiots. Dumb moronic idiots. Go look at ancient rock art and tell me what color northern africans were. Most BLACK SLAVES in america didn’t come from NORTHERN AFRICA. Most slaves from Northern Africa were EUROPEANS. Kidnapped from Europer between the 16th and 19th century. The Ottoman Empire ruled northern Africa at the time. Ottoman empire didn’t allow for enslavement of fellow muslims. This why Pagan Africans and kidnapped Europeans were slaves. And is why HITLER was a moorish Jew who’s lineage was from Africa. So you have to slap fire out of anyone that references moorish history. Because it is BS.

      • DollasTX

        depends on who you ask my bruvah – MOORS were definitely idiots by the dictionary definition (self defeating and significantly counter productive) – sellouts too maybe, but who really knows for sure?

        i do know they were responsible for navigating 3/4 of todays known world BACK THEN
        and they had them white women in HERUMS out there in spain

      • Q.

        I have to correct you here, bro. All Moors weren’t on the same page during that time. There were various groups of Moors all over the planet, and there wasn’t exactly a united nation. You had Moors who were out for self who conquered Europe and ultimately exploited whites for selfish gain, which was eventually flipped back on them when they chose to fall into the caste system which they had helped set up, then you have the Moors of West Amexem (North America) who had already separated themselves from the BS they foresaw would go down in the future. They sought the more spiritual way of life, and these are the same people who eventually became what we know today as “Native Americans” (North, Central and South).
        You’re right about white Slavs being the first slaves–that’s where the word comes from. Hitler did have Moorish blood as well as ALL of the “white” European royal bloodlines do. In fact, YOU CANNOT BE A ROYAL UNLESS YOU HAVE NOBLE BLACK/MOORISH BLOOD IN YOUR GENETIC TREE. This is the secret they’ve kept from the masses for centuries.
        By the way, Moor does not refer to just a place, it refers to a wide swath of people–it basically means “Black,” and Black people have ALWAYS been here, all over the planet. Keep in mind that Moorish/Black people throughout time have never been monolithic, and there have always been societal schisms concerning ethics and ideology. Sh!t goes back to the Yakubian experiment, aka Frankenstein, and before that even.

  • MrNoName2K

    lol go head on Jay-E..i aint mad atcha!

  • Q.

    Jay-E’s been derailed from the mission…?

  • is he marrying nas???

  • who cares….. he isnt even relevant

  • illynois95

    there is no illuminati you ignorant faggots

  • ile315r

    Honestly I think they just don’t want to put his s!** out. He would easily be number one right now. He f’d up by signing to Jay.

  • Obi Won

    I forgot all about Jay-E, has there been any new music anywhere? I’m good with his label mate J Cole, that damn Born Sinner is nice

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