Jay-Z's 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' Heading To 2nd Best Debut Of 2013

(AllHipHop News) While Billboard refused to accept Jay-Z’s “new rules” and count Samsung’s 1 million free downloads as part of Magna Carta Holy Grail‘s first week sales numbers, the magazine is reporting that the album will still push enough units to claim the top spot on its album chart.

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As of now Magna Carta is predicted to push 350,000 – 400,000 copies in the week ending July 14. That debut would be the second highest of the year behind his “Holy Grail” collaborator Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience which opened with 968,000 copies sold first week. It would be ahead of the next two top opening weeks, Kanye West’s Yeezus (327,000) and Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories (339,000).

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This sales range will also guarantee the Brooklyn legend scores his 13th number one album on the Billboard 200. Only The Beatles’ 19 chart-toppers bests Jay’s total.

Magna Carta Holy Grail will be the fourth consecutive Hip Hop album to lead the album chart. All four LP’s were created by artists associated with Roc-A-Fella/Roc Nation. Yeezus debuted at number one followed the next week by The Gifted by Wale of Roc Nation management. J. Cole’s Born Sinner is expected to rise to the top spot this week after sitting at #2 the two previous weeks.

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  • RBG

    jay z is gonna set records with his second week sales of 0.

    • johnblacksad

      hatin will never get you nowhere shaq face azz n!gga

      Yeah rite, he’s going to sell zero in the second week… i won’t say nothin because you know you don’t believe the sh!t you wrote

      N!ggaz spewin hate just to feel a little better… how sad!

      • RBG

        you are definitely a brokeback mountaineer. i have no pic posted but yet you are calling me shaq faced…thats mighty brokeback of you to envision what another man looks like online. and you’re talking bout me spewing hate…you need to reread your own post.

      • johnblacksad

        Just like with Hov, sh!t stay flying over your head

        The only one having homo thoughts here is you.

        You a shaq face nigga means that you deserve the Shaq Face for that bullsh!t you spewin talkin bout Hov is going to sell zero in his second week. Like you believe it yourself…

        Google what a ‘Shaq Face’ is, and please… please please… do me a favor and spare me your gay thoughts and comments… i know you can’t help it but damn… make an effort.

      • RBG

        type all that mess to someone who cares..just watch next week when the sales report drops. you’ll see how far the sales fall off. if you don’t like my opinion thats your problem. not mine. deal with it like a man and move on trick.

      • johnblacksad

        Yeah yeah yeah….

    • johnblacksad

      and you claim RBG?! F.O.H.
      Wanna see another black man down n sh!t

      don’t play… I take that HOV sh!t very serious!

  • johnblacksad

    Numbers don’t lie… check the scoreboard

    and Billboard, you only get half-a-bar : fcuk ya’ll n!ggas

    • atlantahiphopshop

      Do you get paid to ride Jay’s d#@k? Or do you just do that on your own? All the other di@k suckers get a check.

      • johnblacksad

        miss me with that B.S…. you’re just another shaq face azz nigga

        why you obsessed with male genital parts tho?

        that half-a-bar applies to you as well

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    hip hop is winning ironically jayz is tied someway somehow to every win lol

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  • RazaBladeKing

    Just finished listening… shawn better be happy samsung bought a million, cuz the buying public wouldn’t have. LUKE…WARM. A 45 year old man rappin bout his cars and swedish fashion designers that no one’s ever heard of. Riveting. What a trend-setter. That’s what real n****s want to hear. 10 times better than that Yeezus trash though. My car still smells from that one. [opinion:] Jay ain’t done nothing of note since Blueprint 1. But if “numbers don’t lie”, i guess Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer are in the top 5 dead or alive. 2013 is lookin like the worst year for hip hop ever, but i said that last year… and the year before that… and the year before that…

    • johnblacksad

      “2013 is lookin like the worst year for hip hop ever, but i said that
      last year… and the year before that… and the year before that…”

      Yeah, you lost touch… that’s all… too bad tho!
      Joey Bad, Action Bron, K.Dot, Cole etc. if you don’t fcuk with those, you might as well switch genres because you’ll never like hip hop again.

      Saying that Jay hasn’t done nothing worthy of note since 2001 is a big statement. You probablly heard ‘Change Clothes’ and didn’t fcuk with TBA (December 4th, What more can i say, Encore, Dirt off your shoulder, Threats, PSA, 99 Problems, Lucifer, My 1st song… i KNOW for a fact you did not listen to that album)

      If Empire State of Mind is not worthy of note, despite being possibly Jay’s biggest hit… i dunno what to tell you… “n!gga i be spiked out, i can trip a referee”

      12 number one albums… say those numbers are lying…
      Elvis got his record took like Hov put on a seventh gear!

      I love how ya’ll always actin like you don’t get a point : Mc Hammer and Vanilla Ice have the numbers, HOV has the numbers and the consistence… but you wanna act like you don’t know…. not fair!

      • RazaBladeKing

        #1. Lost touch? N****s wearin women’s clothing and talking about fashion and jewelry? I’d take “losing touch” as a compliment. Cole was pretty good, and joey bad and action are decent (but bore me), but the trash far outweighs the good, especially when its only “pretty good.” I always find albums I like, usually under the radar though.
        #2. I didnt even listen to Black Album cuz after BluePrint 2 was such a hefty bag of garbage i was just happy to see him go, only to return with a moderate sized bag of garbage called Kingdom Come. The rest, like most hip pop, is disposable after 6 months, like… Magna Carta.
        #3. Big Pimpin > Empire State. Hell, Hard Knock Life > Empire state.
        #4. Interesting how “numbers don’t lie”, except for artists that suck like Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer. So then they do lie sometimes, right? Did you think this through, Stan? The statement is either true or its not. I gave examples of how its not; I don’t know what to call what you did. Numbers clearly lie. Like an artist selling a million records, with only one buyer, a mega-corporation at that.

        #5. Relax, Stan. I can tell by the mountains of comments you’re leaving on every Jay article that you’re a big fan. I’m clearly not. But I didn’t say Magna Carta was “bad” (Yeezus was bad), I just said it was… aight. Or more accurately… forgettable. Let’s see who’s still bumpin it on July 10th, 2014. I’m still bumpin “All Eyez On Me.”

      • johnblacksad

        #1 – agreed on that point. You had me scared for a minute, i really thought you were done with hip hop as whole… thought you didn’t fcuk with Joey Bad, Cole etc… it’s stil some decent acts out there… s/o to Sean Price droppin heat after heat.

        #2 – As a Jay fan/stan, i just knew it… i just knew Blueprint 2 deceived you especially considering it was the follow up to the soulful Blueprint 1… and i knew it made you not check for The Black Album which is a huge mistake… TBA is nothing like Blueprint 2 (don’t get me wrong i absolutely love Blueprint 2… A dream, Hovi Baby, Bonnie & clyde even tho i don’t fcuk with RnB, The Watcher, Excuse Me Miss, The Bounce, Poppin Tags, My way, B!tches and sistas etc… i mean i fcuk wit it hard)
        … back to TBA tho… if you are willing to reconsider, give it a listen… probably Jay’s 3rd best album behind RD & BP1

        #3 Big Pimpin > Empire State of Mind… i kinda agree but i honestly can’t tell… i was saying that based more on how international/universal this track was… and ode to the big apple… no arguing here… Hard Knock Life bumps too tho

        #4 Vanilla Ice & MC Hammer both lack the consistency

        #5 By July 10th next year, i’ll still be bumpin dude’s discography… if you’re gonna call me a stan, i might as well act like one… i still bump RD, Vol1, Vol2, Blueprint, TBA.. just to name a few, on a very consistent base. I still bump Me Against The World, All Eyez On Me and Makaveli of course!

        “and my momma would claim,
        at ten pounds when i was born i didn’t give her no pain,
        although through the years i gave her her fair share,
        I gave her her first real scare,
        I made up for birth when i got here,”

        that’s how The Black Album begins!

    • reg joe

      What the hell does his age have to do with shit? Its niggas like you with that bullshit mentality that dont allow our own black artists to thrive and give them shelflives. Meanwhile White artists like the Stones are still selling out tours after 30, and 40 years in the game. Pleaase stop with the crab mentality. He can perform as long as the quality is there. Theres no magic cutoff number. Thats why the man is the GOAT in the game. He refuses to be boxed in by niggas like you. I applaud that. Hip Hop is a constantly changing entity. You may only like one genre of it and decide that in your mind, thats the only real hip hop. Well thats fine for you but hip hop doesnt stay the same and will always evolve. You may or may not like how it evolves, but it is, no less, Hip hop just the same. Him rapping about Swedish designers means that he is again trend setting. Dont hate the man for that. O I got it, you want to hear more about Prada, Channel and Gucci..and all the same tired designers weve been hearing about for the last decade. At least he is introducing you to something new. As far as top 10 dead or alive, that too depends solely on what criteria you are using to judge. Who sounds the realest may not have the most sales, so its really subjective and based on what you think. But what you think doesnt form anyone elses reality about whats real or not in hip hop.

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  • Live Well

    Say what you want about Jay but this album is hot. I’m not the biggest fan of his but I respect his quality and consistency. Hate on his age if you’d like but you just sound weak doin it. The “old” argument don’t hold water when you still put up the best numbers in the game.

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  • hoeyuno

    RA the ruggedmans “legends never die” album is the best hip hop record of 2013.

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  • TheOnlyCoop

    The truth is the Haters are are just old Stans. Jay stays winning.

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