Hip-Hop Rumors: DMX Moves On: His Future Wife

This has been DMX’s life as we known it over the years.

DMX’s personal life as of late, has been hard to watch. You know, the stuff with his son Xavier, his ex-wife and the reality shows, but things seem to be looking up for the Dark Man X. He’s got a new fiancee and seems to be very happy in his life. Peep the pix floating around the internet.

Things done changed!

their kids


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  • MadVillain

    talk about an upgrade! better sleep with 1 eye open tho X

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Good…….this one doesn’t look like a man.

    • Whatwhat

      Hahaha a little mean but accurate. Im sure his old chick was down and a real person and loyal, but she wasnt easy on the eyes. Love X’s music but you gotta think just a little bit that this bitch has to be crazy to go out with X. He just screams crackhead whether he is or not.

  • chippc

    Are we sure these pics are recent? X been looking like the walking dead lately, but here he looks like he’s clean. If so, then congrats bruh!

  • PhilTheGreat

    Wow. Definition of an upgrade.

  • i thought X was still married just separated?When he have 2 kids w/ this chick?


      Dude no disrespect, but X has X kids meaning 10 kid’s that we know of.

      • true

      • Whatwhat

        You serious? 10? Thats more than ODB had isnt it? Man you gotta be a self hating type of person to have 10 kids you gotta support and possibly 10 bitches who hate your guts you gotta deal with for 18 years at least. Man how much would your monthly child support payments be with 10 kids? I mean would 50-100k a month be way to high? I’ve luckily never got a chick pregnant that i know of so i dont have child support payments, thank god cause i couldnt afford them. But isnt like 5k normal? I know some of these more famous bitches, or ex-wives of famous guys get like 20 k sometimes. How could a kid need that much per month. Man i feel sorry for X, i mean he shoulda just wore a condom or got his shit fixed, but hell maybe he wants 10 kids. I dont understand wanting 10, i mean i want kids someday but f*cking 3 seems like alot,how the hell are you gonna find time for 10 kids plus work. Hes gotta have the most in Hip Hop right? Flava Flav has alot of kids doesnt he? Shawty Lo has alot. DMX is reaching Antonio Cromartie type numbers. Antonio is 3 years older than me and that dude has 12 kids already. Atleast Antonio probably has some money, but how much could he have with that many kids. His ass better be playing til he dies or hes going bankrupt 10 days after retiring. You have 12 kids if you live in the old west where 7 of your kids are gonna die during birth. But its 2013, those f*cks are gonna live. No way X has enough money to pay for his kids, theres just no way i mean hes been in jail for like 5 years straight so you know his funds are low or gone. Shit 10 kids thats gonna drive me crazy wondering what child support would be. Anybody here have like 5 kids they paying for? We can ramp it up to cover 10, im just looking at a ballpark monthly cost. Those kids better earn a scholarship if they wanna try to goto college cause no way you could afford putting even half the number of kids through school. Shit is so expensive now its unreal.

      • Matt Swan

        We all make our choices wrong or right. I just hope X has his ish together finally. But hell there was that dude in TN I think it was that had 22 kids, and had just got out of jail asking the state to take care of em? X I don’t think will ever be “broke” because his catalogue will earn him royalties for life, unless he fails to pay his taxes.

  • dee

    X happy but watch his ex wife still try some bullshit

  • greeneyedbandit

    I hope it’s true….I got mad love for DMX!

  • Random Dude

    This is old news. I’ve known them both for years. Her name is Yadira Borrego. They have been together for over 7 years that i know about. Google her name for a super funny mugshot from Arizona.

    • ccwaterbound32

      wasn’t she the same one who released a trailer talkin about she was going to get even with x because he did her dirty or something?

      • atle fjeldstad


    • Whatwhat

      Shit i like funny mugshots you got me interested imma go check that.

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    damn he got him self a bad one. but his ex- wife was a soldier. either way it’s good to hear somethin positive about X for once I wish him the best

  • Random Dude

    On top of that he had another kid behind her back also.

    • Negro Peligro

      The salt.

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    I must say the old chap upgraded well from that slack jawed troglodyte that was his former wife.

    • Negro Peligro

      LOL. AMEN.

    • Tre C

    • Matt Swan

      Damn man, can’t you give her some props? She did hold it down for a long a$$ time and stuck with him throughout…..BUT money has a way of making a chic want to stay with ya and who else would want her? Ohh well funny a$$ comment tho

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        OK. I will admit that she was a down ass chick but like you said, money has a way of making a chic stay, especially one that looked like that. I mean where would a chick that looked like that EVER get a dude with pockets as deep as DMX had?

      • Matt Swan

        well both she and eve share the same jawline and love for wigs, so there’s hope for her… who am I bullsh*ttin? You’re damn right.

    • ONE

      Troglodyte. LOL

    • sakiru oresanwo

      didnt even have to google that sh1t to know it was a crazy insult LOL

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  • dexter

    RS I wish/pray the best for X… just hope he off that Crissy. I say that respectively. For a minute he looked like he was marked for death by the unseen forces. Do not give them ish X! Stay strong.

    • Matt Swan

      And stay off Ivana’s damn show!!

      • ONE

        Thank you. That b*tch was just trying to get her show more ratings , and had no intention of helping X out. I personally wouldn’t trust anybody associated with Oprah anyway. Successful she may be, but the images she promote, and people she associate’s herself with such as Tyler ” faggot” Fairy seem to have a deep underlining agenda.

  • Whatwhat

    X upgraded big time. No disrespect to his babys mother, but his fiancee or whatever is hot.

  • Whatwhat

    How soon till hes either back in jail for something involving a car or how long till hes back on crack? X is talented hes just way to crazy to even be a rapper, cant stay out of jail long enough to get any momentum. His first few albums were great tho, Its Dark and Hell is Hot is fire.

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  • obamasuxasss

    his ex wife look like dr dre in a wig.

    • Nasir Isaac

      Canibus, to be precise!

  • Whatwhat

    He looks somewhat normal (not on cracK) and she looks like a less hot version of Kim Kardashian. Maybe his wife was bad influence as far as the drugs or maybe sitting in jail for dumbass reasons sunk in and he changed some shit. Hes a little old to have a come back, but maybe he could. He has in the past made great music so hes capable i just think its tough for a 40 + year old rapper to come back after being out of the public eye for like 7 years. Its like Mystikal, they both the same age i think, like 42 or close to that, both were in jail for almost a decade, and i doubt either are gonna move units. He should certainly go independent, Mystikal going Cash Money was a bad move, hes never gonna get to drop his album and will make bullshit money where as X still has fans i think and could make OK money on a independent release. Plus he could probably still tour as one of the opening acts, Good luck to him, he makes that real rap music so i wish him success but the public are retard spazzes and they like that bullshit music that Rihanna and Drake make.

    • john

      lol u r bugging the hell out… opening acts? this guys shuts down arenas till this day do ur research he might not be pushing units but he sells out his OWN shows… he having a world wide tour for 3 months straight and also rumored his next album will have Nas, T.I. and a few other big names and Eminem is making a comeback and hes 40+ what about snoop also 40+ and always been in the game DMX used to be as big as Em and Jay will not today’s Jay but around carter 3 Jay… all i can say is ur an idiot for looking at DMX so low…. hes one of the best selling artists of all time and has so many records that no one would ever break.

  • TimeWillTellu1

    Glad to see X doing better. Looks like a good fit and match. X made it!

  • I’m glad to see X got his neck back

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Oh he looks like he’s healthy surprised that this is him now he looks like he did before the crack… Glad to see that… And the new GF is really pretty as well, hopefully he stays commited to her and to leaving the drugs on the shelves…

    • JEDI


    • One Nite Stanley

      LMFAO @ “before the crack”

  • Wavpin

    Finally some good news about X …

  • King Cool

    Look like he getting his life together. He prolly was all along and that show just made him look bad for ratings. Could have been in the studio all night. Enough with the excuses, but them kids look old. I wonder how long they been together

  • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    I copped the last album just because I am a fan. It was ok. I hope he goes and spends a good chunk of time and NY. Then he can bring another album that reports from the gritty, underdog perspective like his earlier albums. This last album was moreso about betrayal and disgust with the state of things. I cosign completely but want different content from X.

  • brotha_man

    she dope. Now X get back in the studio and kill the rap game

  • dee

    she look like the lead girl in one of master p old movies

  • Golgo 13

    she is way better looking than tashera thats 4 sure

    • acapwn

      Hell yeah she does!

  • Romia Blue

    She looks like Sole

  • Dwayne Nvo

    Oh! i thought the first woman was his mother lol

  • Franky Babylon

    Lmao at the comments of DMX before he was crack. DMX been Phucking with that, dust and caine before he was famous; money just made it worse. Anyone from Mount Vernon, Yonkers or B-more can tell you that. He was running around robbing niggas and getting high. A lot of these older niggas started by smoking Wu’s or laced weed.

    DMX does look a lot better now though, it looks like he might have found some peace. Hopefully he can keep those demons at bay and bring some gully back to rap. His shortly looking right too.

    • Realist4200

      You must have quite the memory to remember a youngbuck crackhead from 20 years ago.. Or you watched behind the music & developed the illusion that you actually knew the dude.

  • jbreezy201

    good for him hopefully she give him the balance he needs and has the strength to keep him from his demons.

  • jango boy



  • Jahb1911

    If you’re willing to tolerate the bullshit with X, everything will always be all good.. Play Your position love!!

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  • idefixion

    kid in green shit looks exactly like X

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    the Question is …. is she there for Earl or DMX ….. the plight of a celebrity …. all the bs he been thru if he did it all while being broke and no fame would she still be looking to ride it out with Earl ?? things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Obi Won

    She looks like one of those women that’s been fascinated by DMX since he came out, posters on the wall, phone back grounds and everything. She was just the woman that got that 1/1000,000 shot to keep him. Hopefully she loves Earl and not just DMX

  • There is ALWAYS a light skinned chick ready to get with a washed-up rapper……It’s just sad how when a black man is with his own kind then he chooses to be the scum of the earth, see how fast DMX change his whole life just for the light and curly chick.

  • krow132

    Home girl looks alot like Solei