Lil Twist Arrested For DUI

(AllHipHop News) Lil Twist, the YMCMB rapper, has been arrested for DUI.

The rapper recently has been more associated with Justin Bieber and that’s how he was arrested – driving Beebz’s chromed- out Fisker Karma.

TMZ reports that the 20-year-old was pulled over for speeding on the way to Bieber’s California mansion.

Twist was allegedly speeding about 3:30 AM on Parkway Calabasas in California.

Arresting officers didn’t think he was drunk from alcohol, but was under the influence of some other substance, which was not identified at press time.

Twist was promptly booked and arrested on DUI.

  • junj03

    Dude makes headlines but none for his “music”

    • Casor_G

      does he have any music?

      • junj03

        Well, You do have a point there….

      • Whatwhat

        Yeah i dont think he actually makes music. If he does it got to be horrible. There is no way its not. Its funny tho the only two things i’ve seen about this guy have been from this site, and both involve Justin BIeber giving this guy his car and Twist doing something wrong in it, either running over a paparazzi or driving f*cked up on something. Maybe this can help lead to Biebers 15 minutes of fame being over.

  • 5789007

    Lil Retarded side kick ass nigga

  • Brainiac1ne

    dude a dumbass

  • Guest

    who the f**k gives these people money? f**king scum.. what if he killed someone??

  • tra mo

    Dam dis nigga always driving beiber shit where yo money at more Ratchet coon shit

    • Whatwhat

      Bieber a mark for this type of shit. Bieber must be blind or really naive, cause we all know whats up with Twist and we dont even know the f*cker or know Biebers life/situation, but its so obvious that Twist is a leech ass bitch. At least if he was an actual chick he could get sex from her, but hes a dude so why Bieber give this guy anything? Real suspect, or he badly wants to be down with black people. I think he desperately wants to be accepted by black people, like having Lil Twist cosign you is gonna help with that. No one likes Lil Twist, black white or other.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Lol, this lame aint doin shit except time! LOL

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    dude straight livin off bieber. aint heard a single song from his ass and I plan to keep it that way

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  • Dead wrong

    Welp, we’ve all had ‘friends’ like this before. The first crash would’ve been the last. Hell if you break a $2 vase i bought from the dollar store you’re no longer allowed in the crb, nor can you borrow anything, not even a packet of kool-aid. F ck wrong with beiber? You gon’ learn son.

    • Whatwhat

      It is odd but i agree that i bet 90% of people here have had a friend just like this dude. But like you said, after he really f*cks up once, and running over a paparazzi is a big f*ck up cause it could mess with your freedom and or career, once he has that happen why keep this bitch twist around? I know i went postal on my friend and let him know i didnt even wanna see him from my window much less in my house. Bieber has to learn or let someone teach him cause hes got alot of shit to lose if he doesnt get smart fast. Twist is a star f*cker and a leech, yo if Bieber pays for Twist’s legal fees then you know hes a straight bitch and probably gay. I just feel hes gonna do some hoe type shit like that.And dont get it messed up, twist aint his homie he knew his whole life, this is some ass sucker who has been around him like a year im sure. I.E. someone he wouldnt know or wouldnt want to know him if he wasnt famous.Everyone on this forum knows whats up and no one here gives a shit about or follows Bieber, its just that obvious. And like you pointed out this Lil Twist is a posterchild for broke ass bitch/friend. Man if i let someone drive my shit and they got f*cked up and crashed my shit, or even just had it impounded, i’d have to kill them. That Bieber is Vanilla ice for the 21st century, im sure hes gonna Lindsay Lohan it up soon and get on serious drugs and or die. Another amazing story of beating the odds and making huge money and fame when your 19 or whatever he is, and pissing it away by not listening to people who know what their talking about.

      • Dead wrong

        He’ll learn. I bet this fvck up does it. Co-sign on the friend thing.. It takes a while to understand that some ninjas just leech. Beebs ain’t noticing cause he’s on his way to getting Oprah money. If he was broke, working the 3rd shift at Wendys he’d realize that he was buying all the brews, all the pizza and was broke by the weekend whenever his ‘friends’ came through.

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  • Dead wrong

    He’s a habitual linestepper. Most n1ggaz wanna borrow some peanut butter & jelly, THIS mufcker is asking to borrow the lambo, smh

    • Whatwhat

      Great charlie murphy line.

  • JondoE303

    I’ll start caring when he puts out muzicc that’s worth listening to…

    • dexter

      ahhhhhh now ur getting it! is always about the music(preferably good music) with these kats.

      • Matt Swan

        I think he had a song awhile back “I got you” with some other kid from YMCMB, and that was it. The song had good bass, but otherwise it was total garbage that you’d expect from them.

  • dexter

    who gives a fuk?!

  • YeaMyNig


  • Whatwhat

    Hes known for being a male groupie of Biebers? I mean this guy doesnt release any music right? If he does i havent heard it and im sure it sucks dick. How dumb is Bieber anyhow, letting some dude who im sure you’ve known for a year maybe two max, letting him drive your chromed (Shit that sounds ugly and dumb looking) fisher Karma. I’d let direct family members i trusted and liked, and close friends i’ve known for along time only drive my car, and they would have to have a f*cking reason, you know he just wanted to go just holler at bitches like it was his car. Used to have a roommate who would borrow my other roommates car, same shit would need it for “30 minutes” which then meant 5 hours minimum then would come back at like 3:30 am and have to break in cause hes retarded and couldnt remember keys so people would be up with guns out and its just my retarded roommate. He even did the DUI shit too, guy went through i think like 12 tires in 2 months cause he would run shit over drunk. Like roundabouts and stuff, he was a serious drunk driver and was 21 for maybe 3 months before he had i think 2 dui’s. or one dui and one driving under the influence of a substance (Drugs), i think its a DUAI or something. He barely had to do any time in jail either, overcrowding or some shit got him to be able to do almost all of it with one of the scram or whatever its called ankle bracer. The one that tests you and also makes it so you cant go anywhere, Gotta admit was funny as hell watching him go through alcohol DT’s and withdrawing off Oxycontin. Usually i would feel bad cause i’ve gone through withdrawals and they suck but he was such a dick it was enjoyable watching him suffer.

    • TimeWillTellu1

      You sure this story isn’t about you breh ha ah ha – You know i’m just talkin shish right ..

    • Rapist on BAIL

      Cool story bro, tell it again

    • real

      Well nigga you are probably a $20,000 a yr making nigga and Bieber has made over $60 million this yr alone. So let someone drive 1 of his many cars is not a big deal for someone with that much money. Their young and dumb and having fun. If you 20 yr old ass could be out their driving $300,000 whips you would be out there.

  • disqus_R0wVfYtgDK

    I think the question here really is…Why you always driving HIS car? That’s just the only thing I ain’t been getting bout this. Why he ain’t eva n his own whip or is dis nigga to young?

    • sakiru oresanwo

      not sure he can afford those type of cars

  • Synista

    Must be working on an album,getting arrested for dumb NIGnant shyt seems to be the new for of promotion,either going to jail or getting shot must be the best way to generate a buzz these days! Damn I miss BIG L,BIG PUN,B.I.G,PAC,Gangstaar….

    • real

      This is not dumb n!gga ish. This is regular day ish for most people. Their are millions of people who get pulled over for DUI every week and most of them are not black. Not everything is black problems bruh

  • Wavpin

    Justin and this dude are lovers …

  • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    I am not lawyer, my talents lie in another field. But he was arrested for being suspected of DUI of a substance other than alcohol. They were able to lock him up. Doesnt that last 72 hours while they secure a warrant to draw blood to confirm? Honestly, they do not go through that much trouble for the average guy, they are out for blood on this dude. All that work for a simple DUI.

  • AK

    good he cant drive worth shit and hes just a spoiled lil bitch that cant rap worth shit either, hes been on the shelf for 6 years.

  • Sean Taylor

    who the *uck is this guy and why has he been caught so many times driving beibers cars and living with him? are they *ucking or something!?????

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