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Hip-Hop Rumors: More Boosie Rumors And Its Not Good Again…

OK, y’all. Here is the latest on Lil Boosie and its not good again.

First off today Marlo Mike (Boosie’s alleged contract hitman) got sentenced to life in jail with no parole in one of the murders that Boosie allegedly paid him $2 thousand and another man name Ghost $15,000 to finish. Ghost has been murdered, from what I have been told from my source. Even crazier, Marlo Mike also has been attached to 5 other murders and 1 of them is Darryl “Bleek” Milton. Now, it is my understanding that Milton was Lil Boosie’s best friend and unfortunately was murdered recently. The streets have been saying that Bleek was killed in retaliation of not being paid all of his money for Terry Boyd’s murder. How does all of this factor into Boosie? Not sure honestly, but it seems like things are closing in.

Here is a pic of Marlo Mike that was provided to me.


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  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This pic is classic how gangsters these days is sweet….how u going to be gangster with a smokey the bear Tee-shirt ass Ni99a taking tiger woods swipes? #FactsOnly #ShotsFired

    • Same way your Bish @$$ Ninja, at her finest, would be in that Elmo T Shirt!

      Side Note:

      Them dudes in the boot was laying it down!

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        not really…… the boot is a Disney land compared to NYC!

      • PhilTheGreat

        Everybody’s state has a hood where normal people don’t go. Just as gangster as the next.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        not close son, not close! please stfu!

      • Casor_G


      • That wasn’t him?

      • Casor_G


      • Matt Swan

        This isn’t towards you dude, but everyone claims to be from somewhere that’s harder, tougher, and meaner than the next. Last time I checked, the whole point was to get out of the ghetto and stay out successfully. Seems like the words of KRS1 went over a lot of folks heads. The true “gangsta” IMO is the one that hustles in school, hustles for a good job, hustles for his seeds and family, and hustles to keep them safe and in a good neighborhood to the best of his abilities. Anything less is a crab ass n*gga who stands out in the weather for another crab ass n*gga committing genocide to his own people, and the only options he has is jail, death, or a beatdown. How “gangsta” is that?

      • Serious?….ask around, even the heat will kill you in Louisiana

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


      • n n

        You proud of that? Lol most of y’all must be like 12 I’m from NYC and killing does not make the city hard to live in that is just a added it is hard to survive in NYC trust me.and then take it from me.growing up in the south Bronx was the google pictures of the Bronx in the 70’s and 80’s it was horrible .5 times worst than south side Chicago and new Orleans.but that is nothing to be proud of it is

      • i wasn’t bragging. I’m not into trading war stories. But it wasn’t sweet growing up in Louisiana either. I certainly wouldn’t call it Disneyland. Gangbangers. The Klu Klux. Organised Italians. And if neither of those get you the hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or heat waves might.

      • LouisianaHotBoy

        Says the grown man in the Elmo sweater!

      • n n

        Lol you making NYC look bad.lo we not rocking Elmo here.

      • dareal504

        I would hardly call a state that have a city that was murder cpt for years Disney land homie your assessment is that of a child. Either way it’s nothing to brag on but certain areas and cities when mentioned is automatically respected for gangsta shhh N.O. being 1 of them and if you didn’t know Baton Rouge ain’t no joke either. NY, Bal, Philly, DC, Chi, Det, LA, Gary. and that’s just the top of the dome list. To think any one of these cities are disneyland in comparison to the other is foolish and asking to get murked thinking it’s sweet when u visit. Respect everywhere.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        u sound like a tool!

      • DJ7

        Bending over at that…either “it” was in mid twerk or … get the jist….then has the nerve to always reference homo activity…you already know where this chumps’ mind stays….

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        u stay lame/ #factsOnly!

      • DJ7

        If stating the facts is considered lame…So be it…doesn’t take away from what I post…. you on the other hand… posing for a pic bending over styling an elmo sweater as your avatar is the gayest sh*t on here….even more so than Dior’s rainbow joint & kid is def homo….stop responding to my post pussy…we got 0 to talk about other than trade insults…let me clue you in cave boy…you won’t win

      • Lawse!


      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        u two clowns will get bodied in real life and in here. so whats the fuss bout F*CK BOYS!?

      • DJ7

        Clowns?…Bodied in real life & on here? Really?bwahahahahahahaha……..NO!!

        **All this coming from a Troglodyte twerking for the camera & actually using it as his avatar thinking it’s “trendy”…stop while you can

      • Matt Swan

        My man I’m still stuck on “getting bodied in real life and in here”. HOW do you get bodied in a blog? IJS Maybe you can help me with that one

      • DJ7

        You see he stopped…even he realized how asinine that sound

      • EL_BARK


      • ZUBU

        Dang, bent over lol…


      ROFLMAO X 1,000,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lolo

      Dude that’s a polo shirt (dats whats up) that bitch fresh what you talking about

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        dude that guy is in jail for life for being a bisch boy. taking D up his wanna-be asssssssssssssssss!

      • lolo

        He just live a different lifestyle we all make mistakes that boy was (15) a kid at the time but at the end of the day it is what it is

    • Casor_G

      Man you a clown for real. Forget what shirt he has on, dude got bodies on him. How many you got Gangsta?

    • AK

      and you got a fuckin elmo sweater bending over like a faggot #factsonly

    • ddsdavey

      Lmfao,i suppose a killer should wear some kind of Skeletor outfit then?
      You seen to many movies.


  • MadVillain

    how about that picture they used for Boosie? lmao

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  • King Cool

    Sh*t sad forreal man

  • johnblacksad

    all these murders… sheeesh

  • therealjjohnson

    So let me get this straight…the title of this article references Boosie rumors and how its not looking for him but the information provided is about other People. Then you say “how does this relate to Boosie? I dont know but…” You dont even know how it relates to him but decided to make the article “about” him? This is a joke right?

    Why not just put a picture up a boosie and say “click here”. Thats all this story was about. Clicks.

    Im mad at myself everytime i come to this website. I have to force myself to remember its not 2006-2008 when this website used to be the shit.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Good to see bad things happening to bad people! Karma up yo ass boosie! 😀

  • PhilTheGreat

    I had a homie who was doing 120 on freeway. Both him and homies had warrants, yet the cops didn’t arrest either one of them. He made an interesting point in mentioning it’s cuz they’re watching him. When the fuzz want you for some shit, they’ll get you. Side Note: You gotta have an emptiness that runs deep inside of you to be contract killer.

  • junj03

    so the “rumor” has nothing to do with boosie.
    stupid article title.

    • PhilTheGreat

      Saying that he did contract killings for him and I don’t think that is what Boosie is in jail for right now. So he could be facing multiple accounts of conspiracy to commit murder. Definitely related to Boosie.

  • MrNoName2K

    All this false headlining has gotta stop..talking bout “More Boosie Rumors And Its Not Good Again” when none of this had anything to do with tha nigga. What a waste of time..oh precious time…

  • if it’s all hearsay and/or may or may not be directly linked to Boosie then why post this shit? oh yeah because you came across some new information and had to be first to put it out there due the “6 degrees of separation” I get it.

    • PhilTheGreat

      You know what… You absolutely GD right! (Katt Williams voice)

    • All it takes is for dude to point the finger at Boosie & he’s back in the frying pan.

    • Lebron’s_Hairline

      I mean this is the “Rumor” section. Which if I’m not mistaken is what hearsay falls under.

  • joeyjoejoejr

    You know its a sad time when we ask “what does this have to do with boosie” versus “why do we throw away our lives so needlessly?” For all his I’m an hard, thug this, gangsta that, reall nigga whatever, all these niggas dead with grieving parents and dumb niggas that was they potnas that wanna ride for em and they aint doing nothing but continuing the cycle. But I tell you what you lil niggas get them guns in your hand and you instantly a “G”. That shit all gonna catch up to you cause it dont take a hard nigga to put you in the dirt, just another person with a gun that my shoot a lil faster and straighter. Hey but dont stop you niggas kill ya self. Least yall aint running up in my shit.

    • n n


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  • Capital Gang

    One time for real niggas who rap. These backpack rappers fronting like they’re about that life have white folks disgracing & disrespecting the essence of rap. Boosie may not have been the best rapper or lyricist, but he always spit that pain. I always respected him for that. Salute to real niggas who swing that iron and put change on their enemies brains. God helped king David kill his enemies and create a blood line rich in history and wealth. America has a problem with a nation and we send our troops to go kill. It’s how things get done. Free Boosie!

    • Dadon850

      You sound like a got dam fool

      • Capital Gang

        Some things go over peoples heads…that’s cool. My point simply put, king David killed for success, America kills to protect it’s assets and sovereignty, Boosie’s actions are no different. In fact, his actions are a microcosm of the ladder and the former. You gotta respect that. It takes something to kill intentionally. I’m a veteran btw

      • RemixFag

        So you really shot up some people and yet youre STILL on the street?!
        Heck no; logoff, get up and go your asz back to prison. You don’t belong on anyone’s street.

      • Capital Gang

        Dude I don’t even know what you’re even trying to say…it makes absolutely no sense to me. Could you articulate your point a little clearer (actually a lot clearer), so I can give you a proper response.

      • RemixFag

        You killed people so you need to go to prison.

      • Capital Gang

        You sound very pretentious and getting that from my comments is a little concerning when I surmise your intelligence. I guess you didn’t get the point of my comments.

      • RemixFag

        I re-read what you wrote and see what you mean…..
        Thank you for your service but killing is still wrong though.

      • Capital Gang

        Respect. I understand your pacifism, but killing is necessary to protect our freedoms and liberties. My point was David asked God to make his enemies his footstool…he killed women and children right along with the soldiers in the name of God and became great. America kills to keep our citizens safe, continue the flow on money, and to sustain power, and far more than that. I’m just saying it’s necessary for America, it was critical for king David (king Solomon’s father, and it was critical for Boosie’s legacy as a gangsta rapper. When he comes home he’ll be even more successful. Killing is apart of life and necessary.

      • n n

        You are trying to hard to equate corporate stupidity with low level dumbasses.

      • Capital Gang

        I think your corporate reference doesn’t apply to here. I’m talking about power and sustaining it. Governments posses a easily recognizable form of it. I take it you’re not to familiar with who Boosie is outside of his music. Boosie wields power in Louisiana. ManyLouisiana night clubs only play his music and he has a cult type following across the nation, so much so, that people will kill for him and offer themselves up as his sacrificial lamb. He has influence over people just like preachers or like how political party heads have over their constituents. If, one doesn’t agree with his lifestyle it’s easy to pass him off as some common hood, but Boosie was groomed by successful gangsters. He has a variety of power that a 9-5 person can’t comprehend.

      • n n

        Lol he has no power I feel sorry for you because you really think that way you are lost like a lot of black men.

      • Capital Gang

        You are obviously speaking from a place of ignorance. Do you even know who Boosie is (Rhetorical). Please don’t concern yourself with me I’m good, I have financial freedom and a bachelor’s in info systems.

      • n n

        If he had power would he be sitting in prison? Think how silly you sound before you try to correct someone. And number two the FBI and CIA have the power to murder, distribute drugs and kill families. I am just calling you on the stupidness I came Across.

      • Capital Gang

        You talk about stupidity, but you’re commenting on someone you’re obviously ignorant about. Boosie, was just acquitted on the murder case he was tried for in the article. Law enforcement sought to take him off of the streets because of the power and influence he has in Louisiana. I’m sure you’re unaware that his release is imminent. That was retarded to even begin a dialog about someone you knew nothing about.

      • n n

        Lol you still trying HE IS STILL SITTING IN he is never getting out. What makes him different than any black man sitting in jail.? Nothing !!!!! I went to school with boy George one of the coolest drug dealers ever with way more money than boosi can imagine . Go see how much power he has now. You have no power in prison unless your name is gotti. How old are you? You never been around real street people have you?

      • Capital Gang

        You sound silly to me. I have my company, I’m a vet, put in a ton of work across the U.S. I’m totally legit and I still can make things happen on the street if I went away. You may have observed someone from a distance, but you know nothing personally of what the big boys and those affiliated with such individuals can do. Larry Hoover hasn’t been home in ages, say that dumb shit to him, tookie, king blood, big meech was moved out of population cuz of his influence, the list goes on for many people with loyal followers. Please cut out the nonsense, your Internet gangsta is kinda lame. So, I’m gonna ignore you and let you blow that hot air by your lonesome. Free Boosie!

      • 0_BMF_MADE_NIGGA_0

        Free Big Blunt…The Best To Eva Do It…Still Influencin The Whole World From Florence SuperMaxx…Long Live Tha Greatest Show On Earth…#BlessedMenForever…..

      • dopefire14

        Yo Man I Like the Fact you got a Bachelor’s in InfoSystems and all Good for you but it bothers me that you support King David or Solomon’s Actions. Murder is Not Necessary to Miantain Power and Wealth. Through History has it been done Yes. But it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Democide is the #1 Cause of Death ever since the beginning of Time. As a Former Affiliate I Used to Look up to Boosie but Not So Much Anymore He’s Need to Elevate his Followers such as Yourself I’m Sorry but I Disagree with your Logic

      • Capital Gang

        I follow no man but God. I just respect Boosie’s gangsta. There is no nation on earth that maintains power without killing. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong…I’m just saying it’s the harsh reality of life.

      • n n

        I feel what you are saying but if this George Zimmerman verdict did not explain to you what I meant. Just watch yourself in the streets. Because you sir are clueless.

      • n n

        Internet gangster is for ignorant people such as yourself ” free trayvon Martin” feed on that .

      • >>Was on 140th & Brook in 1991…..

        Man listen….I know people swear you’re lying when you describe it.

      • n n

        Man I was on Washington bullet holes in the elevator ,people getting there throats slit .man this dude is silly that I was talking to .like I said boosie has zero power.they got that dude sitting in jail .while this fat fl.uck walks. Yeah right boosie is nothing but another n,g sitting in jail.

      • >>In bullhorn : “Blue Thunderrrrr! White Eagle! Family Affair!”

      • mfactor

        I got a BS in InfoSystems too. I was in the Marine Corps. but the stuff u saying aint making a lick of sense to a lot of us

      • Semper Fi!

        What unit?

      • nabboy

        Always devil dogs on this site.

      • n n

        You know who has power bill gates .

      • Capital Gang

        Bill Gates has no power in the black communities in which Boosie roamed. You confuse white people power with black people power. Regardless, if you acknowledge urban environments or not what must be understood is there’s power in both applications

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        too bad that power can get that ass out of jail smh

      • Capital Gang

        He’ll be released soon

      • n n

        The difference between corporate America and low level street stupidity is they have no power to get themselves out of the bullsh.t they get themselves in. Real hit men charge 50,000 to breaks legs. This guy is going to jail forever for 2 thousand dollars. He is where he should be in my opinion.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        thats the tru sad part here all this for $2k and homey didnt even get the full payment smh and then killed another for the missing payment smh ….

      • It is the same in concept, even if not in power.

        Semper Fi!

        Who were you with?

    • Jared

      You sound retarded. Then niggas want to scream racism when Traycin got killed…smh

    • so you dont like white people that rap? or you just dont like any rapper that raps what they dont do? What about white rappers that rsap they real life?? u respect that or is f uckery?

  • BD

    stupid….and some of yall think this cat cool….damn fools

  • ccwaterbound32

    THAT AINT MARLO MIKE! and bleek is boosie’s cousin!ni**a you sayin stuff we BEEN knew down here! terry boyd sister who just so happens to be boosie BM had said him and her brother didn’t have no beef! man whoever your source is as an ASS! like i told your cluck ass in that last post don’t you even care about his mother? his KIDS? his oldest daughter is old enough to read on the computer and i wouldn’t be surprised if she visited this website… you got to be the most inconsiderate jackass of all time! STOP LYING!

    • Dadon850

      I feel ya post homie but if that ain’t Marlo Mike he dam sure got a twin.

      • ccwaterbound32

        nah marlo mike is in a few of boosie’s videos the one called “back in the day” you see marlo with an old school 90’s pac haircut with a button up shirt that’s open and for a brief second he winks at the camera he stands right next to an old school car… illseed must not have no conscience or HEART to post up lies instead of facts. now i aint no boosie d rider because i don’t really too much care for his music BUT i feel his struggle and the conditions he comes from and TRUST ME it don’t get no realer then southside baton rouge EVERYBODY know it’s gangland in that bitch! but he did do for his community and he has a big family that loves and supports him and i feel for them. HEY DILLSEED tell the truth! try it out!

      • Dadon850

        I didn’t know what he looked like until I saw your post. I google a recent pic and it looks like him. I have no clue. Peace brother

    • thugimmortal

      atleast somebody make sense

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Sounds like a bunch of low lives to me.

  • trilltalk1

    this is what happens when niggas’s really live what they rap.

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  • Savage lil nigga 💯

    thats not Marlo Mike…….your source playing you



    • n n

      They are not getting out. White people got it in for black men

      • Gmad

        Judges got it in for murders…

  • Nate Morrow

    Keep Boosie. FREE MAX B

    • Apollo Showtime

      Hell yeah! #OWWW!!!

  • Skenny pimp

    That aint fuckin Marlo Mike. This site is fulla shit lol. Most of these articles is half truth like a muthafucka

  • Nate Morrow

    When your out shootin niggas, you know what the risk is. But you do it for the money and hoes. Sacreligious we are, but if we had better options maybe we’d be different.

  • Stclair El Blaga Castro

    Blacks killing blacks for bullshit…no wonder Zimmerman got off.

  • FatBoi #MHM

    Bleek is Boosie cousin and he was killed like over a year ago……aint nun about this is new

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