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50 Cent Explains Delay Of Long-Awaited 5th Album

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent has been talking about his fifth studio album, Street King Immortal, for several years, and while the rapper/businessman has released three free projects since 2011 the world still awaits the arrival of his next official LP.

The G-unit leader spoke with MTV News about why the project has been delayed for so long.

“I don’t really need the money off of the record. I want the record to be right. I’m not doing it without a plan. I’m not putting it out like that,” said 50. “It’s a lot of staff changes [at Interscope Records], a lot of different people moving in and moving out, so you got to kind of wait until everything’s right.”

50 Cent last studio album was 2009’s Before I Self-Destruct. He dropped The Big 10 mixtape in 2011, and last year he released The Lost Tape and the free album 5 (Murder by Numbers).

50 recently appeared on J. Cole’s “New York Times” off his number one album Born Sinner. He also collaborated with Kendrick Lamar for the single “We Up.”

In the time between releasing albums the Queens native has  branched out into other entertainment fields like television and boxing promotion.

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  • Guest

    So if it’s not about the money then drop the album……It’s funny how he went from ” Curtis Interscope Jackson” to just another artist on a label that has his album on hold…50 cent has tons of money but he is still a worker like everyone else. He ended alot of carees and selved a lot of album now he is getting the same thing done to him.

    • Tony G.

      did u READ the damn article?

  • dominicancoke

    50 lost it musically stick to the business side dude starting to drag this album like dr dres detox he drop good songs but not chart topping hits like he did in his first two albums……if u see a weird lil n!gga squatting down with a red elmo sweater hating on my comments thats just inmadupuroz my no.1 stalker groupie

    • junj03

      Well i guess we have a stalker in common lol

      • dominicancoke

        Word? lol we gone sign an allhiphop petition to banned his stalker ass from comments

      • junj03

        Word! LOL

        lets do it please, ban ” inmadupuroz ” and “elmo shirts” on allhiphop LOL

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        ima knock ur bitch ass out hoe!

      • junj03

        & His reply proves my point.lol

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  • 8Galaxy5

    Nobody cares anymore.

    • dee

      u cared enough to click on the page read it click on leave a message then write a comment then click post gtfo

  • dee

    i dont get 50 he come out drop a top 10 single or ft on it have a movement then he holds his albums why keep making your fans wait fuk the staff drop the album we in the new times people want music instantly they dont want to wait thats why jay did what he did he understands that people want music instantly

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  • 50 can easily do what lil wayne does…he jumped on artists features in 2010 and 2011 and every track was huge success and radio hit

  • infinit221

    I get it, if and when he drops another album it has to be good enough to keep him relevant musically. Good luck with that, cause there will be no Jay-Z features or support from people like dre. He’ll have to rely on the young pups like j.cole and Lamar to help make his tracks hot, and that’s sad for someone that’s been in the game as long as him. No friends having nicca…