Dahveed Nelson Of The Last Poets Says Hip Hop Is Now "The Devil"; Calls Jay-Z A "Coon"

(AllHipHop News) The Last Poets are considered one of the forefathers of Hip Hop. The 1970’s spoken word collective’s politically conscious poems over beats laid the foundation to what would eventually become rap music. Dahveed Nelson (formerly David Nelson), one of the founding members of The Last Poets, is now expressing his contempt at what Hip Hop has become in his eyes.

“This whole Hip Hop generation, it’s the devil. It’s Satan. It’s hedonism. It’s the pursuit of pleasure. There’s no soul. They’ve captured our medium,” Nelson told Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock.

Nelson contacted Whitlock after the sports columnist wrote a critical article about Jay-Z becoming a sports agent. Whitlock received a lot of negative feedback about the piece, but Nelson wanted to reinforce Whitlock’s assertion that Hip Hop is currently a negative influence on society and called out Jay-Z in particular.

“[Jay-Z] is one of the most wealthy people in America, certainly one of the wealthiest blacks and most influential, for being a n***er, for putting on blackface and cooning. That’s what he’s getting paid for,” said Nelson.

The 74-year-old, who now lives in Ghana, also agreed with Whitlock that Hip Hop is to blame for George Zimmerman’s profiling of Trayvon Martin as a “thug” by reinforcing those images to the public.

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“You can put the blame squarely on Hip Hop,” said Nelson. “The enemy has its responsibilities, but you’ve got the collaborators. That’s what the whole Hip Hop culture is.”

Nelson goes on to call Jay-Z and Russell Simmons “pimps and prostitutes” and says Hip Hop’s global reach is now affecting children around the world including those in Africa. He states that he is not angry with the “righteous seeds gone astray” and believes they can change their lives.

“I hope they repent, pray for the Creator’s pardon and turn to a righteous path.”

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  • bossflossy

    ‘the whole hip-hop culture’ he lost all credibility right there. and didn’t all the last poets end up on heroin and gil scot-heron went gay and died of aids. get your own glass house in order old man before you cast stones

    • Casor_G

      How he dies doesn’t change his words or influence, but the fact them other boys got hooked is pretty bad.

      Although “ALL of Hip-hop” was too far, let not deny that mainstream rap influence is helping destroy black youth

    • Julian Ausar

      MLK had all kinds of girlfriends and smoked cigarettes all day–but does that change the meaning of his speeches? I understand what the man is saying–and sadly it’s true. As a race still have a lot of maturing to do “Mentally.”

    • Iceman1958

      Gil Scott Heron wasn’t gay. He died of heart failure. However, his HIV status was due to drug use, not being gay. Bigot.

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  • Anthony Slate

    With all due respect to Mr. Nelson, he is waaayyy off base. Jay-Z and all the other commercial rappers are not and do not represent the essence of Hip Hop culture; the represent pop rap and there’s a HUGE difference between the two. Further, how can Mr. Nelson blame social ills on entertainment and creativity; the entertainment and creativity of Hip Hop are mere commentary for what’s goin and been goin on in society. Mr. Nelson needs to do his homework on Hip Hop before he places blame on Hip Hop. He sounds like a old white man.

    • How is Jay Z any less the essence of hip hop?Jay ran w/ Kane and Jaz who are 2 pioneers.He comes from the streets of BK and reps that.Saying Jay ain’t hip hop is crazy like saying the Wu or Big or Pac ain’t the essence of hip hop.

      • Opposite Of Everyone

        kanye aint a pioneer. what did he pioneer? *edit, sorry you said Kane ! you right! Jay ain’t really a pioneer though as he didn’t introduce anythingnew and that’s the definition of a pioneer ain’t it ? *edit actually the track that Jay did with high potent in 86 did contain possibly the first instance of the triplet semi-quaver flow. so yeah you’re right again. I’ll get my coat.

      • But kanye is a pioneer of a new back pack generation and all types of artsy hip hop

  • messias3

    So now the world social whoas are HIP-HOP fault? I believe RAP has brought more people together of different races than any prior movement … to not judge a book by it’s cover is still a true saying ….

    • Matt Swan

      You’re almost right. Hip Hop brought the world together because it is a lifestyle and a belief system. Rap destroys because there are no truths in rap. Same message, different artist(?). Rappers claim to make movements with their raps…..bowel movements that is. Rappers all claim they are all hood. Boss proved that wrong in the 90’s. Hip Hop artists create actual movements with their thought provoking rhymes and the flow. Rappers can’t do it without a good beat, or you’d listen and actually hear the BS they are slingin. A MC can rock a crowd without a ton of people onstage, no dancers, no pyro, and NO BEAT! True Hip Hop is a dying art overladen with rappers and the crap that comes out of their mouth to the younger masses that don’t know where it all began, recognize the legends because they don’t know them, and think the catchiest dance is where it’s at. Hip Hop will never die, but I wish most of rap would.

      • jay


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  • Taihair Djehuty

    So I guess hip-hop was to blame in the 60’s, the 50’s, the 40’s, the 30’s, and the 20’s too then……..

  • People are always looking for some shit to throw the blame on… The hood existed before Hip Hop. People being killed in the hood existed before Hip Hop. Drugs being sold in the hood existed before Hip Hop. Hip Hop is just a small window in to reality. If Hip Hop is to blame for whats going on I wonder what all the blues players hooked on dope and making songs about drugs did… I wonder what all those rockstars also strung out on drugs and making numerous songs about sex, drugs, violence and rock and roll did… I wonder what Johnny Cash’s music did… This article is a joke and the person who thought they were breaking down truth is just showing how out of touch they are with reality and too busy stuck in their own little world.

    • dexter

      u exactly rite… they all promoted & marketed negative behavior & activity into society. but the point is sir… the hood getz the shitty end of the stick & suffers the most yet endures the most…. JAY Z record BBC. I felt is a great song aside from the message/lyrics… “beat boy DRUG DEALER look…” really tho? smh.

    • Opposite Of Everyone

      i hear that argument but the extremity of violence, sex and drugs in modern rap goes far beyond the level of the older music you mentioned. Plus the influence is more wide-reaching. But I don’t blame rap music, it’s what the big corporations have done to it that has influenced young minds so negatively. Hip-Hop was never as violent and misogynistic as rap music is. And that’s cause hip-hop had ownership of itself whereas rap is owned by corporations.

  • dexter

    JAy Z has over 2million followers on Tweeter… but he follows 0 thats zero for those that do not know. To me that speaks for itself. I like some of his music Respect his biz moves love is tenacity. But I can not be a fan… #noapologies

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Hey, I been saying this about Jay-Z, but I am shocked AAH is giving it play…are you not worried about your sponsorship today? As for his beef with hip hop. I take it for what it is worth. This man is not seeing the history of hip hop, he is seeing the fruits nowadays. If we had kept the standard, the man’s POV would have no place. However he is right. He cannot see your work, your love, your collection. He is seeing what we have been seeing. The fall out.Be butt hurt and move it along. Next topic…

    • greennukes

      You know who Dahveed Nelson is, right? You have heard of Last Poets? You know that they are essentially the very root of hip hop. You can seriously say that Dahveed Nelson does not know the history of hip hop? Study up. Last Poets.

      • Chrisblackusa

        I remember when the last poets were doing they thing when I was a shorty….now out the gate in hiphop id give james brown more ups then the last poets….from cadence to beats…i know when I was doing the fever it be more james brown going on….

      • LetsBeRealpeople

        Just a point of clarification, I said, “this man is not seeing the history of hip hop but the fruits of nowadays” I looked at the comments-how folks were lashing at him, and not recognizing he is not speaking to hip hop in general, but what it has become 2013.Folks were getting all butt hurt about his view on Jay-Z and hip hop.
        We complain on the every other day, only he said it ballz out. No argument here, just re-read what I wrote.
        All respect at the end of the Day.

  • Soulgasm

    HIp Hop is to blame, huh? So, I assume that also includes Lupe, Talib, Mos Def, Common, Lauryn Hill, Nas, KRS-ONE, Chuck D, etc., etc., as well? Last I checked, they are Hip Hop also. If you want to blame something, blame the homes these kids are raised in. THUG LIFE – The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody. Kids are drawn to what they relate too. If they don’t have positive role models in their homes, raising them in proper ways, they aren’t going to relate to positive music. They are going to be drawn to the hate that is in music, and with no positivity in their lives, they only see one way…..or rather CHOOSE to see one way. To them, drug dealing, Jordans, Rims, cars, jewelry, and ho’s IS positive! The saying goes, “if you knew better, you’d better”. Well, who is showing and teaching them better? You can’t expect Hip Hop to completely do the job that parents have continually failed to do……generations after generations. You just can’t…

    • dexter

      thanks & I find it 2b sad that the negative impact can not be clearly seen… when u see it & speak on it ur a hater… o fukn well…it is as it is. music is very powerful I mean very powerful. & of course with all things of power if misused there will be & is destruction. #pointblank. Not all rap is bad… but a good portion is & its that thats PUSHED ON society as a whole.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    Damn, the truth hurts.

    • dexter

      yupp pretty much…

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  • king sodomy


    • Blame it on the rain.

      • Matt Swan

        blame it on Rio

      • $11625525

        Blame it on the boogie?

  • Truth Powell

    This man is an originator for real. His consciousness was formed free of this media brainwashing and he sees it for what it is. He lived through the cultural change. Jay really got people hoodwinked with this MCHG crap. When it comes to this avant garde shit he’s trying to peddle, he’s a poser. Art and hiphop is about rebellion. Not kissing ass and trying to fit in to some bullshit.

    • LiddyBug86


  • obamasuxasss

    The system eventually corrupts anything that involves itself with it. Hip hop is no different. It is 100 percent devilish. And to those who try an defend it by mentioning krs 1, nas etc etc, well they are a bunch of contradicting self centred cowards. They are hardly people to look up to. What do they teach exactly? 1 minute they talkin about the struggle an the next they major drug lords and the next they tellin you how much weed they smoke and how much of a nigga they is. These idiots got a voice and a way with words thats all, they don’t actually care as long as they getting paid.

    • $18916246

      Coward…takes one to know one…..you know nothing of black peoples struggle. Don’t be mad that 90% or better of America’s college grads whatever race have not a clue about being an entrepreneur, independent thinker, business owner. Instead they’re Largely programmed to work for money and purchase expensive shit…that’s it. Jay, Ice Cube, Master P. Sean Combs, (to mention the obvious) put the so-called orthodox-ed educated mind to shame understanding it takes balls to want your own and be anybody let alone black. These guys are not black leaders and are proof black people don’t need leaders. They’re just pure examples of what black people can achieve. You can’t get around the fact that playing the “I’m a n*gga game has allowed HIP HOP entertainers to grow far past your racist expectations. Dumb surface dweller…pssst…I’m n*gga too….just for you.

      • obamasuxasss

        People struggle all over the world not just black folk. Im juss sayin if these rappers cared for people they would really help out an I dont mean givin turkeys out on thanksgiving i mean open schools, work together to build and help communities. Keep playin im a nigga, the white folks love it an dont mind throwing a few pennies at niggas who wanna talk trash over music!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      right to say anything different your just being defensive …

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  • BeeBeeGun

    The idea that ENTERTAINERS are supposed to help raise your kids and change your society is whats ridiculous. They never signed up for that.

    • Live Well

      That’s the problem, it’s 100% entertainment. It used to be EDUtainment.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        man today its porn …. it used to be entertainment

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        make it nasty make it nasty make it nasty … sounds like some shyte he thought of while watching a porn lol and this is what they play on the radio … i aint got no probs with this …. but does it belong on the radio ?? i mean where does it stop …. we went from doing the BUTT which was already pushing those limits to MAKE IT NASTY lol …. ijs this music has its place but national radio and tv NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH … Spice channel YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

      • Live Well


    • AK

      best comment of the day, this is a business.. you’re looking the wrong way if this your connection to god, and even then there is gospel!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        porn is a business too but would you act the same if you came home turn on your tv and there was porn on ABC or NBC during the day after school time … ijs … alot of these dudes are selling musical porn and pushing drug addict anthems … kids get bad influencing via all sources …. its up to the parents to counter attack this ish … but my point is why make it harder on the parents … back in the days it was just the language … but now theres a certain attitude and lifestyle being sold thru these products … if a child gets a hold of this and doesnt have that right guidance they will seek refuge in the music …. and will spread those thoughts amongst other kids and either turn them or make them a victim to thier mentality …………………………….. it is what it is tho … keep making yall devil ………………………………………………. it will just help me stand out that much more …………….. HONEST LIVIN / LIVING LIFE WITHOUT CHEATING / imagin words like that being vibrated accross the airwaves image the impact and the spark it could make in not only the youths mind but anyones mind … instead we peak the interest of being a pimp hustler or better yet stripper … is there a 401k in stripping ?? how long can you make money stripping until that body starts to fall off ??? do you make enuff to retire once that happens ??? do you build other usefull skills that can carry you over once that happens ?? bartending ?????? IJS …………….. but keep doing what yall doing …. im cutting the grasss getting my lane ready 😉

      • BeeBeeGun

        Do you playa!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      yeah they signed up to sell musical crack, herion, molly, lcd, etc…….


    Fox news report… . well…. enough said.

  • johnblacksad

    “Y’all dwell on devil shit, I’m in a Diablo
    Yellow shit, color of Jell-O shit”

    Basically, it’s fcuk this Nelson n!gger…

    • artcryme99

      lol children easily amused and bought with toys

      • johnblacksad

        nah… not today homie… fcuk you and this nelson negro… fcuk both ya’ll… ya’ll dwell on devil sh!t… what’s amusing about that?! fcuk I care about a lambo for? not only the wordplay is amusing indeed but instead of ‘loling’ like a dumb azz, why don’t you adress the devil part?!

        I hate any motherfcuka tryin to act righteous but has nothin but the devil in his mouth… again, fcuk you and this david nelson n!gger… huck too spew… spits on both ya’ll…

        have a good day!

      • artcryme99

        u dwelling on devil shit dummy….meanwhile your culture was sold for a shiny car

      • johnblacksad

        You’re not hearing me tho : you, the devil, this nelson negro and your whole train of thought could all go to hell if it existed… so why don’t ya’ll go find some rocks to lay under?

      • artcryme99

        there is no devil , its a metaphor. And my detroit steel oldsmo would crush the shit out that overpriced eurocrap in a headon

      • johnblacksad

        oh, so now there’s no devil huh, or it’s a metaphore now huh?
        i like that better

        an Oldsmobile tho… ha ha ha… good one!

      • jay

        u sound dumb as hell man….reread your post and compare them to the intelligent thought processes on here….wow…

      • johnblacksad

        aaargh… i said : not today!

        So fcuk you too and your intelligent thought processes… sometimes i wish hell existed so some ninjaz would burn in it.

        and you’re just another MAG scared to reply with your usual name

      • jay

        you are quite pathetic and need to delve deep within yourself to understand. As of now you are foolish yet proud of your ignorance, hatred, etc….typical negative polarity that has been eroding our civilizations…maybe in 20 years you’ll evolve consciously….as of now you’re effectively ‘lost’ regardless if you can recognize this truth. And my name is jay….just someone reading these posts that caught the stupidity of yousr and responded…nothing more nothing less. From your posts I can intuit that you have a lot of negative stress in your life. Things aren’t what you want them to be….and you’re struggling. I can see it in your words. You gotta ‘go within’ and sort it out if you want change for the better….be better do better get better. You’ll be alright….we all are ignorant at some point in our lives. There’s hope for you…

      • johnblacksad

        ok, it’s nice to know… thanks.

        Now, back to you : fcuk you, your shrink azz, and your intelligent thought processes

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        the devils got a new favorite color yellow lol

  • john blaze

    Theres good and bad in hip hop. BUT radio and tv focus on the worst artists on purpose. They are feeding us garbage to reinforce stereotypes and to control what they think about us. Malcolm x said media is the most powerful tool to control the thinking of the masses. Hip Hop was hijacked by corporate america for this reason. like pac said, Dont just listen to the beat. hold artists accountable for what they put out.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      alot of it is based on popularity … but also alot of it only rises due to corporate backing and sponsorship … radio and tv dont make the content … its people like you and me who do ………… ijs ……

  • AK

    Hip Hop is pure entertainment like movies, anyone that takes that to the head is not right to begin with… real kingpins will not burn themselves out on the mic

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i aint never watch a movie and seen the actor thru out the movie constantly saying “THIS REAL” “REAL TALK” “THIS MY LIFE” … imo thats the rap artist an escape goat … in addition rap is suppose to be CNN for the hood …. nothing on CNN imo is entertainment … its REALtainment …… but i blame the artist there are so many artist out there claiming to be so real …. and hip hop also had a KEEP IT REAL movement but it seems most forgot about that … but there are real rappers, who rap about there life, and there are rapper who are rap entertainers imo those are you Eminems and 50 Cents …. but you got dudes like Jeezy who be screaming IM real on every track ….. look @ all the ish Ross went thru trying to prove his authenticity … Ice T is prob the only rapper i heard that said I PLAYED A HUSTLER IN NEW JACK !!!!!!!! when it came to interviews and etc…. if rappers turn off that person and keep it real this wouldnt be an issue ……… they create the aura …….. even that wack ass rapper riff raff be trying to claim he authentic … most wont admit thier gimmick

      • BeeBeeGun

        LMAO @ “escape goat”. Thats some new shit.

  • $11625525

    A lot of people on here now saying “it’s entertainment” but how many of you same people come on here and call out Drake, Ross and Wayne for being “Fake”?

    Double standards!

    I think that Dahveed Nelson has a point. All music is “Soul Music” irrespective of the genre, because music can affect the soul in ways that mankind still cannot fully comprehend, that’s why some people like one thing and others go for other genres. It’s the reason hip hop has splintered so wildly; it’s spread like pollen and sprouted up in different places in different mutations.

    I am not going to sit here and call Jay-Z the devil or the illuminati, I am too sensible for that, but I will say that there’s some music which promote’s lifestyle’s that are harmful for those who choose to follow the actions described in the songs they listen to; whether it be loose sex, consuming alcohol in large volumes, taking drugs, drinking “Syrup”, carrying out acts of violence or walking with a gun.

    I was born the same year as 2Pac and I would say look at the health complications that has befallen some of his peers, diabetes, heart problems, obesity, HIV/AIDS.

    These are guys who are or would have been around my age group; Eazy E, MC Breed, Big Pun, Phife, Heavy D, Apache, to name a few, I am sure you all could add plenty more names to that list.

    Now if you still think “It’s only entertainment”, how many of you were turned on to trying different alcoholic beverages, different types of weed, different drugs in general, group sex, f cking OPP, etc., because of something you heard in a rap song or saw depicted in a rap video? Be honest! There’s nothing to be ashamed of, I am just highlighting why Dahveen Nelson may be looking at hip hop as doing the devil’s work.

    If you still disagree, who do you think P Diddy is targeting when he gets product placement for his Ciroc vodka in his artists music video’s? Before you answer that, who do you think the target audience for his music video’s are?

  • Tony G.


  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    yes and no … they are the devil because they allow the bs to get promoted … but @ the sametime they arent the devil because tthey are just doing them and allowing other to do them as well … SADILY MOST WANT TO BE ON SOME DEVIL ISH instead of uplifting the youth in a positive way they rather uplift the youth with negative images that portay themselves as “fun” like stripping doing drugs being violent etc……. if you ask me its a win win for the record industry … its like ice t said no one @ the label could of thought of getting NWA to rhyme the way they do … thats something THEY wanted to do … the record label just put the music out ………

  • johnblacksad

    I don’t believe in the devil, i don’t believe the devil exists, the devil never comes out of mouth, you can never catch me taking time to think about the devil… i mean, i don’t fcuk with nothin devil period and i’m so fcukin glad i don’t

    To each his own tho… whoever wants to dwell on that sh!t.. be my guest.. i don’t care about saving nobody… everybody will get what they deserve… you wanna believe in the devil, you wanna believe he exists, you wanna… whatever… do you!

    Just lets me know how unclear some minds are…


    God loves ya’ll… got ya’ll backs already but some don’t even know it

    Peace again!

    • Zack James

      how do you believe in God and speak so highly of Him but not the devil? One cannot exist without the other, that’s just foolish man

      • nakedtruth

        R.I.P Tupac Shakur,Bitch made niggaz(sell outs) now running this shit homie.Killuminati till i die,fuck this!

  • johnblacksad

    My soul, spirit and body has no space nor time for this so called devil… but hey, please feel free to indulge

  • Brainiac1ne

    sometimes the comments are better then the article

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  • Zack James

    he’s 100% correct in what he says.

  • Wavpin

    Jay was a victim of the devil as well … but he changed his life, became a successful businessmen, got married and now has a family. The culture was his way of this messed world he didn’t created. He dresses himself properly now, promote arts, gives money to charity … etc. The image of a successful black male smiling , living a good life is a problem. His latest album has nothing to do with what’s going on in the culture. People are still in the 90’s in their minds listening to 2003 ishhh … ” Don’t be good my n**** / Be great – Jay Z

  • Guest

    I admire this guy. He is speaking The Truth. He’s not in that herd mentality, with all it’s self pity and victimization.

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  • greennukes

    I blame Will Smith and MC Hammer for forcing people to the dark side of rap/hip hop.

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  • MildManneredReporter

    blah blah blah blah devil blah blah blah Illuminati… stfu and go make a youtube video about it.

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