Feds Watchin’: How They Tune In When We Get Turnt Up

“Ima be fresh as hell if the feds watchin’”

Many people across the country are upset over the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin. And rightly so. The trial was a miscarriage of so called justice if I’ve ever seen one. However, the fact that we can’t sleep on. is that for the past two weeks the whole ‘hood has been on trial.

From the day that the George Zimmerman trial began, most of the focus of the media was not on the death of an innocent 17 year old Black kid, but on how Black folks in Sanford, Florida and ‘hoods across America were gonna react if Zimmerman was found not guilty.

While people in this country claimed to be on a nightly “verdict watch,” in reality, they were on a 24/7 “riot watch.” What is interesting is that the tactics the Feds used to monitor black rage in Sanford were the same ones that they have, historically, used over and over again when they think that there is the possibility of “urban unrest.” The preemptive strike against the hood has gone on for decades.

One of the strategies that they used in preparation for the Zimmerman verdict was to call together “local leaders” (preachers/community organizers) in order to get their followers to remain calm after the verdict was announced. They have used this tactic before. During the pre-LA Rebellion in 1992, the Po Po instituted a program called “Operation Cool Response” where they reached out to the same group of folks to keep the streets from gettin’ rowdy. So, since one of the current catch phrases in Hip Hop is “turnt up” maybe they call this ”Operation Turnt Down?”

Also, according to media sources such as USA Today, the Sanford Police Department set up snitching operations called “rumor control hot lines” to keep tabs on the streets. So, if you heard your next door neighbor blastin’ F*** the Police by NWA verdict night, it was your civic duty as a law abiding citizen to call the snitch hot line and drop a dime. This tactic has also been used before.. According to Dr. Patricia Turner in her book. “Heard It Through the Grapevine,” rumor control networks go as far back as World War II as “an effort to prevent potentially adverse hearsay of all sorts from gaining credibility.”

The media has, also, long played a role in snitching on the hood. I’m sure that many freedom fighters during the Black Power Movement were confused as to how statements they made to a mild mannered news person wound up in their court case file. According to Samuel Yette in his classic work, “The Choice: The Issue of Black Survival in America” , in 1969, the Justice Department subpoenaed the “unpublished notes of reporters from Newsweek, the New York Times, CBS and Time Life” who had interviewed members of the Black Panther Party.

I also found it strange that the pre -verdict police predictions of no violent protests in major cities across America was followed by a post verdict CNN map pinpointing protests across the country that they claimed to be nonviolent. So the question becomes, how did they know? There had to be some level of surveillance both pre and post Zimmerman verdict.

What is most ironic is that barely a month ago, white America was all up in arms by the “Prism” revelation by Edward Snowden that accused the government of using social media and cell phone data to spy on American citizens. If there
had been an announcement that a Tea Party or a National Rifle Association protest had been monitored because of unsubstantiated threats of violence, you can best believe that there would have been hell to pay. But since many people in power think that Black people are only interested in rap music and reality shows, there was no such outcry.

African Americans did not really need an Edward Snowden to tell us that we’re being watched, as researchers such as the late Steve Cokely ,warned us about the intelligence community 20 years ago. We have a long history of being under the microscope via the military or the Feds that goes back to the Marcus Garvey Era of the early 20th century.

And more information is being revealed everyday.

One of the most interesting things that came out of the trial coverage was Fox News’ revelation that the US Justice Department’s Community Relations Service, took an active role in the Trayvon Martin rallies, last year. The agency was set up in 1964 and, supposedly, serves as a “peacemaker for community conflicts over race.” But the same question must be posed that was asked of FBI agents during the Civil Rights Movement, “are you protecting us or are you watching us?”

Although the powers that be would like to downplay the outrage in the hood over the Zimmerman acquittal it must be noted that they invested a lot of time. money and resources to keep the hood in check.

The tactics that were used against the Black community during the recent Zimmerman trial seem to have been taken right out of the Richard Nixon playbook on “Law and Order” and anyone one who cannot see that is either blind or stupid.

Like Dead Prez once said: Can You relate/We’re livin’ in a police state.

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott can be reached at info@nowarningshotsfired.com or call (919) 308-4233. Follow on Twitter @truthminista

  • Negro Peligro

    Bout to remix that Blood on the leaves by Kanye. Calling it: Trayvons Tree.

  • ccwaterbound32


    • Dead wrong

      You want us to tell the U.N. (white financial interests) that the U.S. (same white financial interests) is violating our human rights? Ok.

      • ccwaterbound32

        it’s a shot! and there is more then one country! we need to do something! we need some kind of protection because guess what? the war is on and in full effect! i don’t know about you but im going to try and and spread as much info as i can plus the international law for genocide matches what we’re going through so why the hell not?

      • Dead wrong

        “it’s a shot” —

        You think so?

        I don’t even know where to begin except to tell you that we’ve been had… we’ve been took, run amok, bamboozled, led astray.

        The rabbit hole goes deep and nothing is as it seems. It depends on what ‘conspiracy theory’ you believe but to my knowledge the “devils” run the left, right, higher and lower ground. We’re talking a nightmare replete with Manchurian Candidates, mind control, population control, and ultimately death for the sheep not paying attention. TPTB run most countries, most parties, the entire economic system, the healthcare system, etc. When we TRULY want liberation, we’ll leave ‘their’ world altogether without asking for a single fvcking thing.

      • ccwaterbound32

        alright then black man since your so righteous what should we do now?

      • Dead wrong

        We should start using our resources here to finish Marcus Garvey’s vision for our liberation. We shouldn’t ask for better accommodations on the plantation.

      • ccwaterbound32

        WHAT RESOURCES? you expect young jeezy or lebron james to contribute? where will this large economic donation come from? will the government even permit us to leave the country altogether? what land will we secure to gain citizenship? what businesses or investments will we have set up to support us financially? what about schools for our children how will we get those set up? are we going to have health clinics and medicines stockpiled too? what about housing? what about travel accommodations how will we get that set up? let me know please….

      • Dead wrong

        The first mission is to raise awareness of the fact that the entire system is a joke, of which we have no ownership. We need enough people to realize that the the only solution to freedom and happiness is to be on our own. The 2nd mission is not to save everyone, but only those that are wise enough to understand that they’re slaves. If a slave is too stupid to realize he’s still a slave, why recruit him to help build a new nation? The truth is that a lot of blacks are just too afraid of having to think on their own, and to face the chaos, confusion, and doubts around the corner of every planetary rotation — the passing rights of a civilization with higher intelligence.

        WHAT RESOURCES? If we can work together to build businesses, we can use the profits to free ourselves. Of course those investing in our freedom have to be enlightened first. When we become enlightened we’ll understand that science IS the study of God. What better way to understand God than to understand HOW he makes the universe work? After we actually understand, we can overstand by creating technology in the mirror image of God’s natural mechanics. The answers to all are already embedded in the creation. God is just waiting for us. Once we start asking questions, accepting our confusion, and employing trial and error, all of those questions you have will be answered. As I said, awareness first. You can raise your awareness by studying the U.N. so you can see the kind of fish bowl we’re in then spreading the word…. for a lack of knowledge… MY PEOPLE


      • n n

        I agree with you because once I make enough I’m moving to Japan I’m tired of America.

      • n n

        Lot of regular millionaires out there outside of sports and entertainment.

      • n n

        We could do a mass exodus but the FBI will watch anyway.similar to Jim jones crazy ass.lol not the rapper.

      • Dead wrong

        Fvck them. They’ll accept it when we just want to leave the system without their faux riches. The true gold is found in the soul anyway. Fvck em. This 9-5, work-but-still-be-a-slave white man’s system sucks d!ck. I can’t wait to get back to God and away from this monetary system anyway.

      • Noble

        Heaven is here on earth bruh and your waiting to die? what are u waiting for then?

      • Dead wrong

        Give me liberty or give me death. I’ll take freedom and God on earth, or I’ll take freedom and God off of this plane… doesn’t matter to me. Again, the light of God is what’s important. Whenever I watch discovery channels and they show skulls of kings and rich men I realize that the material always fades and only the truth and laws of the universe remain. I’d rather be in accordance with that even if it means death.

      • Noble


      • ile315r

        Why are you being so condescending? Let’s here your plan…

      • Nemo hos

        Haiti accepts anyone with African decent…and they will give you citizenship

      • Noble

        I think your looking at this dead wrong as your name implies. Your not asking for rights or accommodations at that level. When you reach the UN level you have already liberated and organized ourselves and just putting the world on notice. You spew rhetoric with no solution which may mean you could be part of the problem.

      • Dead wrong

        “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

        “Your not asking for rights or accommodations at that level.”

        From my knowledge this organization was created following WWII…and that WWII was engineered for the very purpose of creating said organization, and you think I should trust an organization that engineers problems(WWI & II_ in order to usher in solutions(New World Order)? I mentioned an answer, and even included steps. The first step is being informed. The truth about who and what runs the world is terrifying, disgusting and disheartening and I feel that’s why most people can’t even bring themselves to accept it. It feels much better to think that we just voted in the first president of color. Like Morpheus told Neo, “Just because I’m telling you the truth doesn’t mean it’s going to make you feel better.” I think that acknowledging the problem is the first step, as I already stated. People need to wake up first. The truth of the matter is that this system is held together by lies and deception. You’re telling me that we should keep shaking hands with devils and demons without being enlightened on who and what they are?

      • Anton Kwatakye Kwame

        Its kinda funny that you use Baba Malcom’s quote when he was one of the main proponents not only advocating for us to carry our case to the U.N., but was actively organizing to do so.

        There is such a thing called the non-aligned movement and many countries who would be close allies with us are still firmly entrenched in this “system” such as the nations of Afrika.

      • Dead wrong

        Malcolm was waking up to how far the tentacles of the beast stretched. True, he did think that the U.N. was some governing world body, and not the owner of the military pit bull known as the U.S. At this point, just as in Malcolm’s time, the whole world is a part of the ‘system’. It’s like the Matrix series, where even systems of control such as the Oracle are disguised as roads and avenues to freedom. No worries. The truth code is even written into the lying beings because all is one. The time will come for righteousness and truth to reign supreme again just as lies and liars currently do now. What can a sleeping azz do when the owner wakes up that part of his body?

      • YeaMyNig

        Pass me sum of that piff

      • Noble

        Dont think in terms of limits. We have allies across the world. If you build it they will come. No matter how much fiat currency or physical commodities are in their possession every man is bound by GOD’s law which is natural law.

      • Dead wrong

        Every man is bound by God’s law and God’s law is free will. However, there’s a certain amount of pain to be had by a dog who bites his own tail, not realizing it’s a part of his own body. You have those that understand one, and those that don’t(tail biters). Of course those that understand the One should promote the one philosophy of love over fear. Yes this current system is a joke because it’s a dog biting it’s own tail. We hurt kill, maim, destroy, tarnish, and drag each other down for the sake of profit. No I don’t want to be a part of such a system.

    • Noble

      From my understanding you must be represented by a nation to be at the “united nations”. The black nation does not exist. The first step would be to agree on a common name for ourselves form a nation founded in principles. THEN you can go to the UN as a collective organized unit to charge the perpetrators of genocide.

  • n n

    Yeah. But folks on here screaming free boosie and boosie has “power” meanwhile the Feds and CIA that have been watching us for years continues to f……..ck with black men. It is a reason why we die earlier than most people the stress levels of every day bs we put up with. That is why Jackie Robinson was smoking all those cigarettes .f.c.king with those saltines can do it to you.

  • dominicancoke


  • ZUBU

    Very nice read, on point!
    This is the type of info we need on this site, not what Ri Ri, Nikki, Drake, Lil’ Wayne, et. did at the club, how many bottles they popped, etc. Feed the minds of the hip hop heads!

  • Guillaume Pilon

    people talking about how the plot is only against black peoples cant have a logic and honest view of the problem


    “Telling our black leaders to calm us down and Snitching”…This all could be solved if we come together as a whole….When will we realize this….

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  • Anton Kwatakye Kwame

    Excellent article, Truth Minista. The fact remains that they are watching us and we are too unfocused, too undisciplined, and too scary to watch them.

    We betta grow up and get in this Game.

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