Is This Justice? From George Zimmerman To Marissa Alexander. Bulls**t.

The truth of the matter is, Justice is not justice in America. There are lawyers, judges, juries and courts, but justice is a another animal altogether. The case of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin will forever perplex many, particularly when you contextualize it with other situations. Take Marissa Alexander for example.

F**k the jury, the prosecution and the state of Florida.



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  • With no evidence to contradict Zimmerman’s version, what other option was there?

    • Sean Taylor

      Seems a lot of people want to convict him on emotion.

      • Basically, while the same people would being going just as hard if Trayvon was on trial for giving Zimmerman that Mocha’.

        A real WTF moment is people against “Stand Your Ground” laws….like WTF a ninja want…the law to say you have to be a track star or go to jail?

        That ‘chet makes even less sense.

      • Alexander Hawkins

        Zimmerman did get away with murder, and there should be some level of outrage, but you know what bothers me?, we get all up in arms when shit like this goes down, but when we need to speak up? we dont!, look whats going on in chicago, 67 people shot in one weekend, 15 dead, and there have been SEVERAL weekends, and days like that. Where is the outrage?, where are the marches and protests?, is it ok when we kill each other, but we get bent out of shape when someone else does?, i’m telling you we got shit a ass backwards in the game, people need to start caring ALL THE DAMN TIME, not just when shit like this pops off…..

      • Maybe he did, but this case wasn’t what we should be mad at collectively.

      • djames


        1) Misconception: Zimmerman was told not to follow the
        person who he said he thought was suspicious but he then left his truck and did
        so anyway.

        In actuality Zimmerman was first talking to police dispatch
        inside of he truck but then left his truck as they continued to talk. . He told police dispatch that the person he thought was suspicious had come to check him
        out. He said that this person circled his truck and he rolled up his window. He
        then told dispatch after he rolled up his window that this person “ran

        As he was still talking to police dispatch on the phone, that
        is when he left his truck and dispatch asked him if he was following Martin.
        Zimmerman said “yeah”. Then at this point where Zimmerman was already
        out of his truck dispatch told him “we don’t need you to do that” .
        Zimmerman’s reply was “O.K.”

        The misconception that many people have is that he was in
        his truck when they advised him not to follow Martin and then he ignored it and
        left his truck and continued to follow him.

        But he was already out of his truck and says he had been
        looking for a street number address and was returning back to his truck when
        Martin confronted him.

        He may be lying but the point is despite what the
        prosecution’s theory that he continued to follow Martin after being advised he
        didn’t need to they had no evidence to prove Zimmerman continued to follow
        Martin at that point. He was already out of his truck when they told him that
        and he came out because Martin ran away.

        2) Misconception: If one person follows another person the
        person being followed has the right to attack

        Let’s suppose a white person went into a black neighborhood
        at night and a black person started following them . The white person then
        punches the black person, knocks him to the ground sits on top of him and
        starts punching the black person over and over in the head.

        He’s not allowed by law to do that just because he’s being

        It’s not against to follow a person in a public area.

        3) Misconception: If it wasn’t for that Stand Your Ground
        Law Zimmerman would have been found guilty.

        In fact the defense didn’t use the Stand Your Ground Law in
        this case.

        In states where there is NOT a Stand Your Ground Law if a
        person if threatened with bodily harm IF they have an opportunity to retreat
        they must try retreating first. They cannot retaliate first.

        In states that DO have a Stand You Ground Law (sometimes
        these laws go by other names also) if you are threatened with great bodily harm
        you are not required to try to retreat first you can attack if someone advances
        on you. This is not a factor in this case because Zimmerman claims he had no
        option to retreat that

        he had no ground. The
        defense used a standard self defense argument.

        4) Misconception: Trayvon Martin got mad because he thought
        he was being unfairly profiled due to being black.

        It’s possible but we don’t know that. He may have been
        uncertain why he was being followed but didn’t like it.
        Zimmerman claims he had
        stopped following Martin and he was returning to his truck when Martin came up
        from behind made a remark and then attacked him.

        He could be lying but since no one was there to see the
        whole thing that is reasonable doubt and a person is considered innocent until
        proven guilty. The proof was not there that Zimmerman’s account was false. The
        defendant is not responsible for proving their account true. The prosecution is
        responsible for proving their account false. They did a reasonable job in
        attempting this but lacked evidence and witnesses who might have seen the whole
        thing but none did.


        If Zimmerman is lying you also have to come up with a theory
        of events that makes sense in relation to what we do know. For example, there
        were screams with time between them, pure sound

        and separately calls for “help”, the word. The screams occurred before the gunshot
        is heard.

        If the screams were Martin’s and not Zimmerman’s how did
        they come about?

        If they were the screams of Martin he was either in pain
        before the gunshot or made these high pitched screaming sounds out of pure fear
        of Zimmerman. If it was physical pain then Zimmerman would have been beating
        him up but that seems unlikely because he had a gun and would not need to risk
        getting in close to throw some punches.

        Did Zimmerman have the gun out and say he was going to kill
        Martin and then Martin screamed a couple of times out of pure fear? It’s
        slightly more possible but to me seems unlikely. People are more likely to say
        “don’t shoot” if threatened rather than scream.
        These screams are likely due to panic in the midst of a struggle. Why would Zimmerman start a fist fight when he has a gun?

        Zimmerman had
        wounds suggesting he lost a fist fight. Was his pride hurt and had Martin
        stopped beating him when Zimmerman pulled out his gun and shot him not out of
        self defense but just because he just wanted to?

        It seems unlikely because he knew police were on their way
        and they could have seen him do that.

        He also has no history of racist remarks even though he
        might have profiled Martin on the basis of race. However anybody walking around
        at night in that neighborhood with a black hoodie on might have looked
        suspicious to Zimmerman.

        One problem with this case if that we first saw the young
        picture of Trayvon. It seemed like there is no way he could have been a threat
        to Zimmerman and only harmless kids eat Skittles.

        So this was the perfect case to hang our hats on. The perfetc case to speak
        out about against racial profiling.

        It seemed like it was an easy case to win and if we won it would serve as a
        warning that it is wrong to racially profile and you will get punished for it.

        But we invested too heavily in the politics of this one case.

        Trayvon was a criminal
        or thug but when we saw the later older pictures of him it looked physically possible that he could
        have beaten up George Zimmerman. We didn’t think that in the beginning the first few months, It was impossble looking at that younger picture.

        So even if we thought Zimmerman was guilty our
        perspective changed. It was no longer physically impossible for Trayvon to have
        beaten him in a fight and once we realize that we realize that we really can’t
        be certain who started the physical confrontation. That is a new factor we had to think about even if we though Zimmeman started it.

        In the beginning there was a big debate about Zimmerman
        walking around the police station not appearing to be bruised. It seemed like
        he was lying about being attacked but later we saw the picture of his swollen
        broken nose , bleeding lip and bruised head. So even if we thought Zimmerman
        was responsible for the whole situation the whole situation was different. A 17
        year old who ate Skittles might not have beaten up Zimmerman but after seeing
        these pictures it became theoretically possible.
        Who threw the first punch? We don’t know.

        Do we want new laws making it illegal to follow somebody? Do
        we want to make new laws that if somebody follows you illegally that you can
        attack them? I don’t know but
        these things are issues raised by this case even though we don’t know if these things happened here.

        We don’t know exactly how the fight may have went. Hypothetically, in general not even
        looking at this case, if someone
        is sitting on you punching you in the head and you are yelling help and you
        have a gun should you be able to shoot them?
        That is another general issue that comes out of this even though it may not have happened like that in this particular case, there was no video tape.

        Some lawyers are saying that a civil case is easier to prove
        that the burden of evidence is 50% of what it takes to prove a criminal case
        but most are not. The fact is that
        a civil case would be based on recent 2009 hate crime law which is based on some
        murder cases of gay people. To use this law you may not need as much physical
        evidence but what you need is several overt anti-gay hate remarks or in this
        case overt anti-black hate remarks but they don’t have that on Zimmeman. A civil hate crime case is sure to fail for convicting Zimmerman.

        Even though Zimmerman wasn’t convicted this case has brought
        a very large spotlight to the issue of racial profiling and that is good.
        And some newspapers,
        even some conservative ones have been more sympathetic to Tayvon than expected.

        We are very frustrated about profiling. But the lesson from
        this case is we must deal with it intelligently and not lose our cool. My philosophy is that I can’t stop you
        from following me but just make sure you don’t touch me.

        And think, did Trayvon necessarily think he was being
        racially profiled? He was being followed and didn’t like it. I feel for him and
        I feel for the Martin family and I have it happen to me.

        Message to George Zimmerman, there was a reason you didn’t
        make the police force, you are protecting no one, give it up, you can’t handle ithese situations, not cut out for it, and it led to a very unecessary death of a young person.



      • djames

        Note typo:

        This is proper:

        Trayvon was a criminal
        or thug but when we saw the later older pictures of him it looked physically possible that he could
        have beaten up George Zimmerman.

        sometimes you run spell checks on this stuff and thin it’s all good but then there is some other error, my bad.

        Peace to Trayvon and the Martin family people loved him and he loved them

      • Peace!

        A “the most accurate” summation offered to date!

      • Guest

        If you watched the trial, the “misconception” about zimmerman following trayvon was proven by the prosecution. After GZ was told not to follow, he said “OK” but the wind direction in the phone did not change. Also, in his interview at the police station, GZ said he was simply “walking in the direction of TM” to which the officer said “that is following”. He was following him.

        Also, GZ’s claim that TM circled his car before getting out to follow was false. He would have mentioned that to the dispatcher who was currently on the phone with him. He later recanted that statement.

        I do agree that TM was profiled.. whether it was racially charged has yet to be proven. Not sure why everyone is up in arms about the SYG law but whatever.

        Either way, you made good points…but to follow someone without announcing yourself, then draw a gun AND shoot was wrong. Also, his wounds were non life threatening but i guess that depends on how much a person can stand…

        But I do love that people are at least talking. The protests in Chicago were about the trial but were also about the violence in their own city. Hopefully, this will result positively…

    • KLewis

      I am in no way a lawyer so don’t take my legal advice, but I do think
      they prosecution could have won this case. Instead of 2nd degree murder,
      they should’ve pursued manslaughter. They should’ve used “stand your
      ground” for Martin because under the laws, he was being pursued by an
      unidentified man and instead of running, he stood his ground.They
      should’ve pushed that angle more than the one of Zimmerman is a murderer. But I cannot explain Marissa Alexander. That’s truly some messed up mess.

      • That’s why I think they should have charged Zimmerman with harassment or stalking first, to nullify the SYG law.

        Marissa left & returned with the gun before firing the shot.
        Granted her kids were still there, but Fla law = 20yrs for using gun in a “crime.”

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  • The Black Fist


    • DJ7

      Say word

  • gomer_1

    I think he should have gotten manslaughter but a real problem i see is everyone wants juries to convict but no one wants to go to jury duty. If white people are the only ones to go then we all know what the outcomes are going to be.

    • Q.

      Black people not going to jury duty wasn’t the reason this cokksucka got off…the whole sh!t was rigged.

      • gomer_1

        Of course that’s not the reason he got off but its a part and if people want to stop seeing all white juries they need to start showing up. People that I know, when they get a letter for jury duty, all they say is how can I get out of going to jury duty. My reply is always, you should go cause if I was eligible to go, i would go and my vote would be “NOT GUILTY” unless it was a zimmerman or a child molester etc. etc.

      • PBM1986

        Dumbest mess I heard in a minute buddy…. Black people in FL go to jury duty… You have to go to jury duty or you can be arrested… That doesn’t mean their going to pick a black person to actually be on the jury…

      • Q.

        Black folks don’t skip jury duty anymore than any other race, so that’s a poor cop out. If you skip jury duty, you’re subject to $1000+ fine (and arrest as the bro said above), and 9 times out of 10 nobody’s trying to pay a major fine or go to jail. The only ones at fault here were the corrupt devils within the Florida (In)Justice system, point-blank period.

  • Q.

    FL strikes again. Not to worry. Zimmerman will answer for his devilry, in this life or the next…preferably in this one. #RIPTrayvonMartin

  • Imamu Hunter

    Man where are the GD’s now? instead of threatening Rick Ross they should be looking for Zimmerman…

    • hoeyuno

      haha. cosign 110%. every state should make videos directed at Z.

  • king

    Ok as a race of people why can’t we use this case as a rally for us to unite together.From outrageous black homicide deaths committed by each other against each other has to end asap.We need to evaluate ourselves and answer our we as individuals part of the solution or the problem..

  • chosenxeno

    That Mickey Mouse Gif was EPIC lol. 20 years, for firing a gun into the air to frighten someone in your home, who, you have a Restraining order against. Florida Laws are obviously fucked up. How can you not know that this is ridiculous? SMH

  • Junior Courtez

    It is crazy how the state only charged him with 2nd degree murder. I dont understand why they would only charge him with that, they should of at least charged him with 8 counts of something so there no way he would get not guilty.

    But not to complain but if that was a black man they would hit him with 10 counts of something sad but true.

    The country is fucked up.