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Hip-Hop Rumors: Will Chris Brown Get Dropped?

Chris Brown is the subject of so much drama, I don’t know why he keeps acting the way he’s acting. He’s simply just a liability at this point and maybe #teambreezy tags got people thinking its all good. NAH. There are straight up boycotts popping up all over the place at CB shows, sponsors are dropping out when they hear he’s on the bill. From what I hear, some women’s groups in Canada have started to boycott Chris based on the violence against Rihanna. But, if they were fair, they would be boycotting others as well. But, the truth is, the sponsors are leaving at other shows in Canada and that means BIG money. Four sponsors have dropped out of supporting a festival in Halifax. That’s four sponsors and about 12,000 protesters. Houston, we have a problem. Right now, I am hearing that Brown is still on for the show, but, a source in Canada tells me they are trying to wrangle sponsors back in hopes that they can get their money. If they can, they are rumored to be considering dumping Breezy.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • scullyson

    Moral of the story is ” Money Talks BS runs a Marathon” CB…Get it together my brotha…

  • WillVetterGoodin

    I actually heard from a bird that this punk bitch aint got too long. This dude aint payin his taxes either!! So…. yes, in a few words, HE GETTIN DROPPED.

    • Dre

      you look like the type of person who believe’s everything you read on the internet. shut up

  • MrNoName2K

    Damn another L for CB..the hits just keep on coming

  • johnblacksad

    Popped molly now he sweatin

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  • Opposite Of Everyone

    and in another non-hip hop news.. Farmer Giles grew a record-breaking cucumber.

    • Live Well

      Chris Brown ain’t a rapper but he’s more “Hip Hop” than most rappers out there. He’s good at 4/5 elements of Hip Hop. The one he sucks at is Knowledge/Overstanding.

  • MUM-RA

    chris brown is a donkey.

  • Casor_G

    No sympathy for a woman beater, least he had a good run.

  • Ike’s Mood

    he did this to himself & then see him with that shiteatin look on his face in the courtroom…douche extreme!!!

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  • Live Well

    Talent always wins out. Chris Brown is a basket case but he’s by far the most talented performer in the game.

    • Ronald Allen Booher

      You don’t think Bobby Brown was talented?

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        bobby brown fell off and started sounding like ish, if you keep up your god given gift, chances are you can over come the obstacles.

      • Live Well

        Yes, but he was an addict who got fat and lazy. It wasn’t his image that ended his career.

  • Wavpin

    Rihanna fucked this dude’s life …

    • Caliwaver

      No he fucken up his life by hitting her.

      • Ronald Allen Booher

        No that didn’t matter all that much. Getting into fights, doing drugs, making diss tracks, and throwing temper tantrums all mixed together in a way that makes this guy look like an asshole. The assault was bad but that’s not what makes me dislike this man.

      • n n

        Yeah he really cares if you dislike they should have never let people comment on the damn articles .lol me included .

      • Weedras

        for once i can agree with most of what you said… dude’s actions has led to him being where he is and throughout he never gave the impression he learned from his mistakes…

      • Caliwaver

        Yeah but it all started from him hitting her. If he didnt do that, he would just be another artis doing dumb shit.

      • Ronald Allen Booher

        In that case it would have had to have started earlier. Nobody just hits someone out the blue.

      • Caliwaver

        Yeah but we didnt know about his relationship pryer to the incident. In the public eye, everything was all good.

    • matown2

      No he fucked his own life up. Then again his life cant be all that bad. He gets no pity from me.

    • the other way around buddy

      • n n

        Well they use to beat each other actually .lol

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  • DaHomey6Deuce





    • he beat a woman stfu… never hear about protesters going at white artists??? LOL do you remember eminem??? all types of protesters about his song killing kim.. LOL.. dumbass

      • n n

        Charlie sheen did also

      • charlie sheen got fired and doesnt make music and do concerts lol… dumbass

      • n n

        You really can’t be this stupid can you? THEY Are BOTH ENTERTAINERS RETARD .lol that make money from sponsors .and Charlie she
        Helen got fired from drugs dummy not the domestic violence .i holdout no hope for you crackers in the you are getting stupider By the day. Damn.!!!!!L

      • Weedras

        an actor doesn’t need a sponsor to make money… he gets paid by the studio.. the network makes money from sponsors…

      • Kelse

        After reading some of the comments on this blog, not only
        does Micksick appear to be just that Stupid as you mentioned, but yes it does seem like those like him are getting more Dumb by the day. Amazes some of us the downright Dumb, Stupid and even Ignorant comments made by people like Micksick. Guess its true whats biblically written that in the last days “Whats in the dark shall come to light” Guess their Inherent Stupidity is finally coming to light for the world to see! LMAO! It boggles the mind!

      • n n

        Charlie sheen did not get fired for domestic violence you must belie 15 .lol take your dumb cracker ass to

      • whatever race baiter, at least stick to the facts and not make shit up to suport you agenda…

      • n n

        They are both entertainer jackass.smh

      • n n

        White people did not go after eminem with this much vengeance four five years you kind of he did one song with Elton and that was

      • cause eminem didnt beat any women lmfao chris brown beat a woman.. understand???

      • n n

        Uhm do you undertsand that eminem is a protected white boy? Go away now I was just correcting you on stupidness hate white people anyway stop talking to me you are dismissed .you piece of

      • Dre

        It’s *woman dumbass & Charlie Sheen beat his wife but I don’t see anyone bitching about that, do you? No? Okay, shut the hell up.

      • so you support chris brown beating women but you dont support sheen beating women? interesting….

      • Dre

        Asshole, it’s *WOMAN & for your information smart ass, I never did like Charlie Sheen but the main point I’m trying to get through your thick skull is that Charlie Sheen committed the same crime back in 2009 but no one says shit to him about it. When did I say I support Charlie Sheen?

      • people did say shit to him. and i said you support brown yet you dont support sheen?? comprehension, learn it.

      • Dre

        Are they saying anything now? No. There is no comparison between Chris & Charlie. Shut up

      • no comparison??? he beat his GF and they made up, charlie beat his wife and they made up.. charlies doesnt go around doing concerts.. chris brown does and chris brown is also an idiot///// get over it!!!! CHRIS BROWN BEATS WOMEN!!! HE DESERVES THE BACKLASH!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Dre

        Charlie Sheen beats women too bitch. Typical white person throwing salt saying someone does something even though they only did it once. Do yourself a favor & kill yourself, asshole.

      • i dont care about charlie either F him.. he sucks at acting and sucks at comedy.. but he isnt even relevant.. this is a chris brown bullisharticle.. hello mcfly

      • Weedras

        Charlie Sheen is an actor its a bit more different than a singer it was the calls by feminists groups that pressured CBS and the creator of 2 & half men to drop him from the show… Sheen did get his share of flack even on his ‘one man show’ tour… the thing is Charlie Sheen profession can allow him to lay low for awhile and then pop up in a role when the public has some what forgotten abt shit…

        CB on the other hand never laid low and was defiant and arrogant about his transgression and he continues to get a lot of boycott because his actions doesn’t reflect that of someone who has changed… his profession requires him to be more at the mercy of the public so he can be easily boycotted..

      • Live Well

        You mean he was never caught beating a woman. He rapped about doing much worse.

      • and i guess i was never caught muirdering george bush

      • Live Well

        Interesting analogy…

      • Weedras

        actually they did remember the feminists boycotts were different from the gay groups boycotts, the feminists groups really gave him problems…and his last run in with them was over his ‘superman’ track…. he had to concede to the gays by performing with Elton John or else MTV was gonna drop him from their show… Eminem got it hard they were protests at every event he went award shows the works… and it was mostly WHITE PEOPLE…

      • YouAREaRacist

        Eminem had the government/politicians, gay pride groups, and those mother groups against him. Chris Brown beat a woman horribly and it was a woman in the limelight, its not a race issue. Its a morality issue. You don’t hit women, especially ones who sing in front of thousands of fans. Quit whining about how black people are treated differently. You complaining about it race, shows how ignorant you are.

      • n n

        Eminem is a clown like your dirty cracker ass you don’t like what I said tough I do not answer to you. That clown could not walk in a black mans shoes.allthat crap we up up wth.

      • YouAREaRacist

        Hahaha you did answer to me. Cracker ass? Intelligent bruh. You mad public schools failed you? I’ll let you slide this once, since you obviously can’t fill an educated mans’ shoes. Hit the books and next time I’ll give you more schooling on the subject.

      • n n

        Look boy!!!!!!! I do not care what your unintelligent dumb ass thinks you are the reason why more white women should swallow. You could not school me with 2:59 left onthe clock .!!!!!! Take your dumb cracker ass somewhere .smh

      • Kelse

        Guess you schooled him! Don’t think he wants to mess with you again.

    • ulostatlife

      Turn off the caps and stop whining….

    • $11625525

      I think Chris going back to her was a career move anyhow. He was probably hoping that they would begin to forget the first break-up and remember the last. She’s poison though. It will take another man to lay hands on her or Chris to become a family man before people leave him alone over that BS.

      Look at Mike Tyson, he was convicted of one of the worst crimes a man could commit, and is on record as saying the best punch he ever threw was when he hit Robin and she hit 3 or 4 walls in the apartment.

      Now he’s a movie star and people (including women) want to be photographed with him. If Chris leaves the “goons” behind he may well become a media darling, unfortunately it just means he’ll have to dumb himself down for the camera’s instead of displaying what might be considered as arrogant swagger.

      • Weedras

        i don’t think he has to dumb himself down he just has to remove the bullshit and man up and realize that journalists etc. will press about the things you don’t want to talk about and when they do you just have to handle it in a responsible way rather than smashing mirrors and walking out in a rage onto a manhattan street in the middle of winter shirtless… he was lucky the glass he broke when it fell to the sidewalk it didn’t hurt anyone or else he’d have a now larger contingent of naysayers…

        Tyson face the uncomfortable questions head on and he speaks about it in a way that makes ppl see him as a man that was having some issues… and when not needed in the public eye dude layed low…

      • $11625525

        We have to remember who controls the media. I just think they prefer to show a goofy Mike Tyson, he’s a very sensitive man too so, yes, when his mood is right he will give an interview that will touch the listener/viewer. Then you have jackass Mike who they prefer to highlight. Tyson, I feel, knows when to allow which Mike to turn up, then there’s the moments when he leaves us with soundbites that makes you think “Mike, what are you doing”? e.g. His interview regarding Sarah Palin, as hilarious as I found it I thought his judgement was poor on that one. But that’s Mike, brutally honest.

        Chris Brown is still just a rich kid though, but I think there are signs he’s maturing, he just needs to surround himself with people who have a real purpose and will help guide him in his transition.

      • YouAREaRacist

        You do know Eminem was attacked constantly and protested against. Stop making it a race issue.

      • $11625525

        Ok, tell me where I mentioned race?

    • Weedras

      i think this new flack is stemming from the hit and run where it was alleged that the verbally abused the female driver and almost attacked her if it wasn’t for his girl telling him to chill…

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  • RBG

    serves his dumb ass right. he is the one that says he gets paid more in one show than people make in years. hopefully he will realize how gifted and blessed a position that he was in before he beat rihanna like she was his personal possession. i have no sympathy for him. he feels like the world owes him something. if he wants to be treated like a regular person he needs to conduct himself like a regular person.

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  • Dingleberry Pinklebottom

    If it wasnt for p ussy women would be shot on sight

    • mary952

      as Chris explained I am blown away that anybody able to make $7638 in 4 weeks on the internet. have you read this website w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

      • Dingleberry Pinklebottom

        See what i mean???? hahaha

  • It’s actually the other way around Chris Brown has sooooo much contraversey surrounding him that major corporations are fighting to use him for some shine.

    • Weedras

      i think its now official you’re a CB groupie and a Rihanna pum pum stalker lol!! you seem to know things that not even Allhiphop and other outlets know.. how come TMZ haven’t given you a call yet… lol!

      • LOL…..You must think that they are the only media sources.

      • Weedras

        how did i allude to that? lol! i’m sure it is written in my last post where i have “Other Outlets” Pay attention boy!

      • Lol…The point I was trying to make it that, I am a part of the media, the only thing difference is that I use propitiatory algorithms to determine relevance.

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  • powerthrutruth

    What’s interesting is that no one has mentioned that the whole boycotting thing started with them losing sponsorship from Rogers Communications. What’s significant about that? Jay Z just signed a deal with Rogers Communications with the Samsung/Galaxy deal with his “Holy Grail…” album. Didn’t they say that when Chris and Rihanna started back dating that Jay Z threatened Chris at Jay’s concert that he’d end Chris’ career if he messed over Rihanna again- emotionally or physically. Chris has been catching more and more hell since they broke up again. He’seven received death threats at his lawyers office, this fake “hitnrun” that they’ve revoked his probation over, the lady that lied and said he assaulted her at the club..Just saying,sometimes you need to look closer into things. If you believe that all these people in an uproar over a black woman being “beat” anytime, let alone four years ago, you’re fooling yourself.

    • I agree.

    • Kelse

      One of the more intelligent postings written here. You may have a good point!

  • ConcernedCitizen

    The man is dumber than shit on a stick and im being offensive to the stick by saying that

  • ConcernedCitizen

    the whole thing between chris brown and rihanna is about as interesting as rhino birth and candle making. i mean come on, people cannot be this dumb. Where are the parents?