Timbaland: Keri Hilson & I Have A Song Apologizing To Jay-Z and Beyonce (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) When multimillionaire music legends (and Keri Hilson) can patch things up it is beautiful, when it is in a song version . In a recent interview with Revolt TV, Timbaland reveals that him and Keri Hilson recorded a song entitled “Sorry” apologizing to Jay-Z and Beyonce.

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In the song, Timbaland addresses their falling out and the incident which involved him missing Jay-Z’s 40th birthday:

“Now we see each other and we dont even speak/that’s fcked up/I missed your 40th and that hurt me so deep/accept my apology, ngga please.”

According to Timbaland, Keri clears up the misconception that she sent incendiary remarks towards Mrs. Carter. Back in 2008, Keri Hilson remixed her song “Turnin’ Me On” and released some prophetical lyrics that appeared to be aimed at Beyonce:

“She can sing, but need to move it ‘to the (left)’ / She need to go have some babies / She needs to sit down, she fadin’… / Go ‘head and tell them folks how long I been writing your songs / I been puttin you on, just check the credits.”

The song will reportedly appear on Timbaland’s upcoming album Shock Value 3 which Timbaland has said will include guest spots from Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and possibly Kanye West.

Check out Timbaland explain the song’s creation and recites some of the song’s lyrics:

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  • therealest1

    Makeup shit?

  • One Nite Stanley

    It’s funny how people come back crawling…hat in hand, tail between the legs after that career get’s blacklisted, lol.


      u right.. so basically any current song has to mention jay or bey?.. DIRTY LAUNDRY, KILL MY VIBE REMIX, SUIT &TIE, GIRLS LOVE BEYONCE..

  • No dignity at all….

  • An apology song? I luv me some Jay-Z but hell Nas just did a collabo with him
    Not that apology bullsh*t! Shiiiiit Jay-Z is not a b*tch he don’t need some apology love song. Dayum with ya dickridin!

    Money makes the world go round fo sho…

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      Good job you snitch bastard! Taking pride in that haha!

  • BullsFan4Life29

    Why is every R&B artist in this game so scared to challenge Beyoncé? Damn, you ladies to need to learn to muster some guts. Bigups to Tim though for apologizing to Jay, but I would love to see more female R&B artists challenge Beyoncé on being the best R&B female singer in the game.

    • bree

      too bad there’s no main stream artist good enough lol…maybe an underground artist will appear?

    • I’m Rashaun

      You just don’t come after Beyonce. Your career will fail. Just ask Keyshia Cole.

  • Ike’s Mood

    …what a dickeater…

  • Synista

    So instead of apologizing to the CAMEL in person you feel it is necessary to MAKE a song on an album??
    So every time the song is played and JOE CAMEL hears it he can get a warm fuzzy feeling inside???
    Oh well guess I wont be buying that album.
    By the way Keri Hilson is 1000 times hotter than Beyonce IMHO!

  • Wavpin

    “…I rather be a dick than a swallower …” Love Kanye!!!!

    • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k


  • Peter Morris

    What’s with people making apology songs to Jay? T-Pain, now this one? GTFOH.

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  • Nigga made a “Sorry” song for missing the nigga’s birthday? Lmao #Love&HipHop

    • bree

      …i think u missed it…#overurhead

      • Over my head and everybody else’s that’s commenting, besides yo’ lame ass. #beneathme

      • bree

        lol ok internet gangsta hahahaha

  • speedy37

    Fck Jay-z

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    I don’t think an apology song is needed and I don’t know who Jay-Z has affected I mean it some rappers (Bienie Segal) out there he didn’t throw a life raft to, but Beyoncé shut down Keri Hilson.

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  • bree

    smh keri hilson can’t save her singing career. she wasn’t even as hot as beyonce to begin with but to try and say sorry for a a song that “wasn’t even about beyonce” makes her look suspect; if it’s not about her don’t say sorry. She needs to go live her life as a song writer and leave the queen alone…

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    this don’t make any sense, if you feel you need to apologize do that ish in private. public announcements is over kill and knocks you down some levels on what you achieved before you dealt with Jay, not unless Jay & Bey had y’all black balled in the industry.

  • RBG

    this is mighty suspect. say sorry face to face. when you do a record it seems as though you are on your knees grovelling.


    Game and Buck should take note… what a duet “Sorry 50!”

    • One Nite Stanley


  • Xtreme1

    Hip hop is full of vaginas these days, public apologies and statement retractions!? I’m all for peace, but this is weaking the already fragile state of the genre.

  • One Nite Stanley

    This is only going to hurt Keri…Timbo is Timbo…he’s always gonna have hot beats that artists of all genres will want to hop on. Keri on the other hand, this is pitiful…she might as well lick Bey’s box on national television. Makes no sense….

    • @Real_SirJamie

      That would make perfect sense for Keri to do that and I’d love to see it Sir.

      • HalfPast7

        Lmaoooooooo ^^^^^^ I second that

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