Chief Keef Skipping Child Support Payments Claims Baby Mother

(AllHipHop News) In late May, police found $8,000 in cash on Chief Keef during an arrest for speeding. Now in June, Chief Keef’s estranged baby mother has taken legal action against the star rapper over unpaid child support payments.

According to TMZ, the mother of Keef’s daughter Kayden claims he has only paid $1,900 in child support. Weeks before his speeding arrest, the rapper born Keith Cozart was court ordered to pay $3,100 a month (including $500 for daycare).

A judge has ordered Keef to appear in court in September to explain the missed payments and an arrest warrant may be issued.

This week has been a real test of the father skills of the Finally Rich rapper after his 1 year old daughter was hospitalized after being in a car accident. Kayden was placed in a neck brace.

  • Blame yourself for having unprotected sex with a dude that is known for not being responsible….Women need to do better, stop blaming these guys, if you’re life depends on a silly child support payment then you need to find a effing job.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      co sign.

      • He is a homosexual, you sir, are a fa99ot!

      • You’re still on that…Dam? You are bitter.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        he a cornball

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I love how u talk all brave heart on the DELL WARRIOR LP BUT U SOFTER THAN BABY SHIT IN REAL LIFE//// LIVE & EFFECT!!!!!!!!

    • 8Galaxy5

      Find her self a job? And who is supposed to look after the kid?
      And you call child support silly? Thats just stupid.Women with kids depend on that shit,they need it.
      If Keef doesnt pay the money he is ordered to pay by the court,he is a deadbeat dad who will soon find himself in jail.

      • Dingleberry Pinklebottom

        And throwing the father in jail, puts food in that 1 year olds mouth how?

      • Exactly……..If she had job and went to work she wouldn’t be so set on child support…….And let’s be real here most of these women take their cut out of this “child support” for themselves.

      • blablabla123

        RIGHT! take that $$$ and go enroll in college or something!!!

      • infinit221

        Support terms should be worked out between the parents before the courts. Broads run to the courts feeling they can get more that way, but when the man can’t or won’t pay he gets pinned up and she might not get a damn thing anyway.

      • blablabla123

        and what if he falls off or is not able to pay it… then she stuck lookin STUPID cuz she thought she could live off somebody. NO. GO OUT AND GET YO OWN SHIT, CUZ AINT NOBODY GONE TAKE CARE OF YOU THE REST OF YO LIFE!!!!

    • Golgo 13

      ye that’s some real shit u sed

  • Eric

    and maybe this little girl wouldn’t be in a neck brace if they weren’t whipping around with her in the front seat on dad’s lap.
    Baby’s raising babies for real.

    • Weedras

      i was thinking the same thing… why dude got the baby in the front seat of the car.. smh

    • DAGod

      she was with her mom when it happen dumb ass

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  • Dingleberry Pinklebottom

    Ah child support! Biggest scam going in America today.

    • Wavpin


    • Truth Powell

      People need to petition the White House for child support reform. Ive seen girls spend that money on cigarettes and nails and there’s no oversight.

      If you’re married and both parents are broke and can’t pay the light bill it’s tough luck.

      But if you break up with your partner then all of a sudden you’re legally required by the state to spend X amount of dollars and if you don’t have it, it keeps accumulating and you owe it FOR LIFE. Even if the kid turns 18, you still owe the other party the back child support even though the kid is grown.

      They suspend your license if you can’t pay so you can’t drive to find work to get the ability to pay. Shit is crazy.
      Debtor’s prisons were deemed unconstitutional but you can be jailed for being in debt to your ex!

      Parties initiating a child support action have to pay no fees, but if you’re a parent that is being extorted by your ex, you have to pay court fees to try to even be heard by a judge! And I say “parent” because some mothers are forced in this jam too by their ex boyfriends/husband.

      Legally sanctioned lover’s revenge. That’s all it is.

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  • DAGod

    he dont have to pay none thats all he gotta do is show all the recipe of the things he buy her he get her everything this nigga buy her $500 jackets

    • Sean Taylor

      What the f*ck are you saying!?? He must make music for people like you…..

      • DAGod

        im saying he does not have to pay anything. Everything she has he bought it the mom dont buy none. Plus he just started the baby her own clothing line.

      • casanova

        u a faggot. i hope everybody in yo family die!! U FAKE ASS INTERNET CRITIC. GET A LIFE WTF ARE YOU DOIN??

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  • PhilTheGreat

    I understand the BS that is child support, and I hear a lot of what you are saying about the women needing to get a job and all that. However if the mother is working all day, then who is going to be able to watch the kid? I grew up with a single mother, and a father who never paid anything really. He decided to ruin his health and basically kill himself instead of just working for the betterment of my future. I believe the percentage that the courts choose is based on them saying that a child deserves to live as well as one of his/her parents if the parent is a millionaire living well then a kid should not just be getting fly ass clothes, yet still raised in the slums struggling to make it on a day to day basis. However, to each their own…

  • Terrance Goodman

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    Shit bump j, sly p, Lep boguS boys, that’s Chicago . Twista , lupe, common

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      • Terrance Goodman

        Fuk u lame ass nigga

  • WillVetterGoodin

    This dude a straight no rappin ass lame. Do us all a favor an take an iron vaca

    • casanova

      how you gon wish jail on a nigga tryna feed his daughter!? u internet people is really crazy! do me a favor and take a dirt nap u fagget!!!

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  • casanova

    Why he gotta pay child support when every video kaykay is wit him?? buyin hellla toys clothes, he handlin buisnees wtf?? his bm a real ratchet bitch, that only want the money for herself. smh at u internet haters, wit no money and goals in life ta get that big, so yal sit on the internet all day, and hate on niigaz thats doin shit

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