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City of Detroit Files for Bankruptcy

Once the nation’s 4th largest metropolis, the City of Detroit has filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

The city is said to have over 18 billion dollars in debt that it can not pay due to population flight, mismanagement, and loss of tax revenue. According to The Detroit Free Press at, the filing will begin a 30 day-90 day process to discover whether it can truly declare bankruptcy officially, and to determine claimants who might be entitled to the city’s limited settlement resources.

Once the Automobile Capitol of America and home to the Motown Sound, as well as a strong hip-hop scene, Detroit has experienced population flight at an unforeseen rate shrinking from a populous of over 2 million to barely 700,000 residents.

“The fiscal realities confronting Detroit have been ignored for too long. I’m making this tough decision so the people of Detroit will have the basic services they deserve and so we can start to put Detroit on a solid financial footing that will allow it to grow and prosper in the future,” said Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder. “This is a difficult step, but the only viable option to address a problem that has been six decades in the making.”

Rap artists have been responding to the filing on Twitter largely by retweeting the story as run on news sites. However, Slaughterhouse member and long-standing member of Detroit’s hip-hop community, Royce Da 5’9″ stated: My city has seen many lows and many highs.. I’m proud to represent Detroit no matter the financial status..

Detroit’s bankruptcy filing is the largest municipal filing in U.S. history.



  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    I don’t know what to say…..I would recommend getting out if you can as sad as that is.

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  • Negro Peligro

    Pensions were always unsustainable. The bad thing is what does the American economy do when all of the pensions are gone.

  • Terrance Goodman

    From motor city to ghost town

  • Yeah and Obama is too busy bailing out banks and car corporations, how is it that he can simple give billions to Goldman Sachs, while an entire City was sinking now filing for bankruptcy….Great job Obama

  • Many Americans were hoping for something bold and new from Obama, but instead what they got was a bad joke. When Obama stated that there is “nothing radical in this bill”, he was not kidding. Instead of addressing the fundamental issues that are causing job loss, Obama spent half a trillion dollars on measures that only created a very small number of jobs. Sadly, much of what Obama was proposing actually consists of huge bribes to middle class voters. Obama is trying to keep his own job, and he appears willing to pile up even more debt in order to make that happen.

  • chosenxeno

    From 2 million to 700k? Shit.



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  • 305Gipp

    4th largest metropolis? Where did you get that stat from? Hip hop sites never check there info before writing. Detroit doesn’t even crack the top 10 metro areas population wise. Anyways its sad that one of the original “black” cities has went belly up. I guess that Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick really fucked them up. I hope they rise up again. I’ve met a lot of cool people from the D

    • Steelmatic

      Except, it ONCE WAS the 4th largest metropolis in America…. which is what the article said. Hip hop message board posters never check THEIR info before writing, haw haw.

      • Jahmal Johnson

        yeah niggah – lol @305Gipp

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  • @Real_SirJamie

    Why are these rappers always saying “I love my city” or “I do it for my state/town” but all they do is tweet or Face book THAT COMMENT instead of actually doing something? Like that TKO Capone dude burning money on camera talking about “I don’t care about this s**t, it’s just money, I do this for my state, Oklahoma.” But didn’t they just have all those tornado’s??? You’d rather tweet and burn the money instead of actually helping those in need. DISGUSTING and THAT’S why I don’t buy your s**t. Royce said himself in a breakfast club interview “I don’t give a f**k about a fan because they’re fickle, you should just buy my album because I’m a “real n***a” ” Just WTF is THAT supposed to mean???

    • Alain D’Esteze

      How do you know what they do what they don’t? And what about you do something instead of begging rich people to do something? Not saying they shouldn’t, but EVERYONE has to take action for what they want to be achieved, instead of criticizing others for not doing it.

      • @Real_SirJamie

        I’m currently a sole practitioner so my people will have better representation in law Sir. If i had the money I would donate. And these people are famous in the sense that what they do IS documented when it comes to donations and the like. By the way, you criticizing me for criticizing them is not only hypocritical, but mildly funny. Good day Sir.

  • Taihair Djehuty

    Damn, the D just keeps taking L’s. Only thing good about Detroit are the Red Wings

    • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

      And the tigers. The Pistons are also building a squad and the Lions are a couple players away. The best part about Detroit is that there were several people who genuinely care about the city. Curtis Granderson use to do a lot for the city and would lend himself to several fundraisers. Lately Em has been doing some things but for the past 5 years, it seems like the biggest contributor to Detroit has been kid Rock

  • King Cool

    It’s so Cold in the D….

  • Why yall make Royce the picture though?LOL

  • Hypestyles

    “33% vacant, 100% broke, the stressful situation in Detroit ain’t no joke”. Rappers have to step their topics game way up. There’s no excuse now for Detroit rappers in particular. Your BMW, Benz, Bentley, Bugatti, etc., wouldn’t last A DAY in the average Detroit neighborhood. Almost no street lights, and horrible response times for police, fire dept. and paramedics.
    I have NO INTEREST in hearing rappers go on and on about “billionaire envy” topics in their songs. Your platinum-encrusted (fill in the blank) means NOTHING to me. Your Van Gogh art collection means NOTHING to me. Talk about the struggles that real working class people are going through. I’m sick to death of hearing about the “drug dealer’s depression”, “a pimp’s problems”, “the gangbanger’s angst”; I DON’T CARE! All the talk about how many “haters” you have is really just a form of low-grade megalomania.
    Time will tell whether the hip-hop artist community actually scales back the one-percenter ideology that so many are promoting now.

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