Raheem DeVaughn

Raheem Devaughn Ft. Styles P "Trigger Man" (Trayvon Martin Tribute)

  • I think Trayvon lost his life far to young but has no one ever heard of the phrase rest in peace. Profiteering death is kind of sick. Just sayin.

  • Symone aka The Messenger

    Raheem could have left Obama’s cowardly self out this this song because that dude is too passive about racism and how it affects Blacks…..Obama is half white and that is the side he caters to.He’s not going to say a thing about Trayvon’s killer and I would really be shocked if he talks about what happened to Jordan Davis.Black people need to recognize that Obama is a puppet that was put in place to address the issues of illegals and gays….

    This is about the people,Blacks in particular and what we are dealing with in America and now this verdict has made it legal once again to kill Blacks.It has been happening all along but now it’s legal to do so..It’s time for Blacks to unite and deal with this issue by any means necessary……

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