Trayvon Martin's Parents Make First Interviews Since Not Guilty Verdict (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Less than a week after George Zimmerman was found not guilty over the death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, his parents make their first televised interviews since the verdict.

Speaking with both CBS This Morning and ABC’s Good Morning AmericaSybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin discuss the racial component to the case, their shock and more.

With CBS This Morning, Sybrina reveals that the parents were not privy to all of the details of the case and discovered some key information during the trial such as George Zimmerman’s history of 911 calls.

They also call for President Obama to “at least” give a detailed investigation of this case.

Check out both interviews below:

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  • therealjjohnson

    Sad. Just sad.

  • Sean Taylor

    I heard her last night in the Anderson Cooper CNN interview and she said because Zimmerman said Trayvon was black it was a racial thing. Zimmerman NEVER said he was black.

    As usual people often do not tell the ENTIRE story, only what suits their agenda. She failed to say that Zimmerman did not say anything about race until the dispatcher asked him:
    Dispatcher: “OK, and this guy is he white, black or Hispanic?”
    Zimmerman: “he looks black”.

    Even then he never said he was black, he said he looks black so stop the lies to fan the racial flames!!!

  • djames

    Gerorge Zimmerman was in his truck talking to police dispatch. He stepped out of his truck and continued to talk to dispatch. While he was outside of his truck dispatch asked him if he was following Trayvon. He said yes. Then they told him he didn’t need to do that and he said “O.K.”

    Did he then continue to follow Trayvon or had he lost sight of Trayvon and was looking for a street address? No one knows. Either thing is possible. If you have a legal gun and you are an adult you have the legal right to follow a person of any age. You are allowed to have racist views and make prejudiced assumptions about them as long as you don’t attack them.
    Now it’s possible that Zimmernan wasn’t just following Trayvon he was running after him and getting too close. But we don’t know if that happened or if Trayvon was mad and came up to him and clocked Ziimmernan and beat him on the ground as Zimmerman claims he was returning to his truck. Either thing is possible if you are being honest.

    Having said this I want to point out unlike Charlie Rose Matt Lauer being an asshole.

    Matt Lauer says in effect to people who just lost their child that they are Christians and it’s a Christian’s duty to forgive. Now is Mr. Lauer the pope? Is he representing a fair and objective interview? Or is he trying to make them feel guilty by using their religion against them?
    Second example of Matt Lauer being an asshole is that he asks parents of a boy who got killed do you feel for the person that killed your boy because he was aquitted but still has to live as an outcast.
    He did not have to put Trayvons parents on the spot like that. That is putting it mildly.

  • why wouldnt you have a hoodie on in the rain though?

    • DJ7

      sounds like common sense to me…why else would they make ’em

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    wait.. he had a hoody on while it was raining?? f*cking criminal

  • If Zimmerman was black would Martin have attacked him?