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Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Expected To Top Charts Again

(AllHipHop News) Jay-Z’s chart topping album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, is expected to perch itself atop the charts again this week, if projections are correct.

The Roc rapper will push somewhere between 115 and 125 his second week, placing him firmly ahead of Sara Bareilles debut.

Rapper Ace Hood dropped last week, but he’s predicted to hit about in the third position, pushing about 0-65k.

Last week, Jay sold over 500k and an additional million were purchaseed by Samsung.

The predictions come from music industry staple, Hits Daily Double.

  • JJones

    Damn Ace Hood, 0-65K..They could’ve at least said 30K-65K….0 is a bit harsh, lol

    • junj03


    • Double wood.

      • JJones

        hahahahaha….yall crazy! PlatNone

      • PlatNONE = LOLocaust

    • DJ7

      Realistically speaking, how many ways can you re-work hustle hard before people are like….”damn all his sh*t sound just alike”…come on son (Ed Lover voice)

      • brotha_man

        i got that ace hood it sounds like all of his mixtapes. i think he is about done.

      • Duane Hudson


      • @Real_SirJamie

        You’ve made the best point. Sticking to a “formula” only works for so long. What does it matter how many “units” it sells/sold as long as you like it? Why are fans even concerned with numbers? We aren’t executives, A.R.’s, P.R.’s or anything of the sort. I’ll tell you EXACTLY when and what happened. 50 CENT. Remember when 50 went at Ja rule? He went and got actual Sound Scan reports and showed everyone that he sold more than Ja Rule. He MADE fans care about the numbers. Ever since then everyone thinks they are a publisher or record executive. Numbers shouldn’t matter to fans because WE AREN’T MAKING ANY MONEY off of sales.

    • infinit221

      I was listening to his album today and I was like I really like this dude but all his tracks sound the same. No range at all with his flow…I still bought his album though.

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  • Dadon850

    I wonder who Bugatti Ace Hood woke up in?? Damn sure ain’t his. Going triple plastic, he’ll be soon driving a Ford Focus.

  • BullsFan4Life29

    Whoop Dee Doo! Jay’s getting money. Next story. I fail to see how this is news give the fact that Magna Carta Holy Grail is going to be a hot item on the charts for a while.

  • brotha_man

    ive been bumping freddie gibbs ESGN more than the jay z album. in-fact i already deleted the jay z album, having grown tired and bored of the album in a matter of weeks.

  • Danny

    Jay-Z dropped a good album, good for him. I think it’s the 2nd best album I’ve heard this year, right behind Tyler the Creator’s Wolf. Both albums are worth buying

  • Duane Hudson

    Ace hood would sell some Albums if the nigga wasn’t always talking about the struggle he went threw like a 100 years ago .No one wants to hear that shit.

    • Weedras

      he’s damned if he do, damned if he don’t… if he starts talking about the lavish lifestyle or rather improved lifestyle he’s living ppl are gonna start saying he’s always bragging and shit… look at Jay he has for the most part moved on from the cocaine hustle raps and on to talking about rich ppl problems etc. and ppl are saying he fell off cause all he does is brag… Ace will be aight he got some nice joints…

      • Tony G.

        Jay don’t just brag tho..but yea ur right…its a double edge sword in hip hop….Ace just gotta find that one special joint to take him over the top

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  • Apollo Showtime

    So even without Samsung, Jay still would’ve sold damn near 700K? He was good either way, he just has an extra $5 MILLION to blow thanks to Samsung.

    • digitallife

      Money ruined hip-hop..the real topic here did you get your times worth out of the album..nothing else matters.

      • RapItUp

        Well.. considering the album’s been out for like 2 weeks, probably not.. but only time will tell that

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  • $18916246

    GO JAY!

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