Mark Zuckerberg Once Thought 50 Cent Worked For Him

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson, never finished high school but at one point was believed to have been the head of Business Development and Sales at Facebook back in 2005.

How? Ironically, because of Facebook.

When Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin was replaced as the head of Business Development and Sales by Kevin Colleran, Zuckerberg confused the Hopkins School graduate for mega super star 50 Cent due to Colleran’s profile picture of him meeting 5o Cent.

The initial face-to-face encouter between Colleran and Zuckerberg was documented in David Kirkpatrick’s new book The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting The World  and reads like a Judd Apatow scene:

Zuckerberg arranged to meet Colleran in front of the Virgin Megastore on New York’s Union Square. Colleran showed up late and was walking toward Zuckerberg when he got a phone call from his new boss. ‘Where are you?’  Zuckerberg asked. ‘Zuck! I’m right in front of you!’ Colleran replied. Zuckerberg looked crestfallen. He thought Thefacebook’s ad salesman was the tough-looking Black guy in the profile photo.

President of Facebook and founder of Napster, Sean Parker informed Colleran that the meeting with Zuckerberg was weird because “we thought you were African-American.”

At the time of their meeting, 50 Cent had already sold over 8 million records with his debut Get Rich Or Die Trying, had one of the most successful radio singles of all time with “In Da Club” and was signed to Dr. Dre and Eminem.

  • junj03

    The Most Stupidest article on AHH ever….

    • scullyson

      I concur

    • I agree…Must be a slow day.lol

      • junj03

        Maybe it is but sometimes the “news” they post are just ridiculous. illseed + Sydney lace ridiculous. lol

      • Keith N.

        Mark Zuckerberg once thought 50 Cent worked for him isnt newsworthy? So what news would you guys like to see? Serious inquiry to be taken into consideration.

      • If you even need to ask that, honestly you have no business writin for a Hip-Hop site…no one gives a DAMN about this TMZ/MTO-caliber bullshit fam, y’all obviously read the comment sections for feedback so y’all shoulda BEEN aware of this. Do me a favor, go check out HipHopDX real quick so you can see how they’re fukkin y’all up content-wise…I’m for real, cuz it’s apparent AHH don’t have anyone on the payroll to research the competition. You don’t even have to dig either, the homepage alone is all you need. Only reason this bullshit site’s even still in my web browser is for the comments, them cats that post over on DX be on that other shit all day and tomorrow too. Respect the people commentin and give us that REAL shit, without us and our page hits there IS no y’all.

      • Keith N.

        You do know HipHopDX has covered the same news topics as us. Cher supporting Kanye. Drake/Chris Brown legal battle, 2 Chainz making a cookbook. But that’s not all they cover and that’s not all we cover. They have interviews with Tech N9ne…we about to drop some footage with Tech N9ne, they covered the Brooklyn Hip HOp Festival..so did we AND got an interview with Uncle Ralph McDaniels(who I’m sure you know of, right?)

        So in conclusion, I read ALL music blogs and trust me..doing an article on Mark Zuckerberg thinking 50 Cent worked for him is something they’d ALL report on.

        Also, we’ve never said the fans arent the ones who help the site and when did we not “Respect the people commenting”? How many blog writers from all the other sites takes criticism in their posts and then HONESTLY asks for ways to make it better as I did?

        We care about every one of the commenters so please dont cast a wrong misperception because you dont like certain types of news articles that our “competition” has posted as well.

        Thank you and keep reading.

      • Nah homie, I think you got me confused with someone who AIN’T been comin here for years and witnessed the decline firsthand. Yeah DX has their wtf moments like anyone else…but they ain’t the ones responsible for givin Kat Stacks all the shine she got, Y’ALL did that. They mighta put up a Kreayshawn article here and there, but that was Y’ALL shovin her down our throats every day. This ain’t a personal attack on you bruh, just an assessment of the site now as a whole. Yeah y’all still post some real shit from time to time (mainly in the Editorial section), but everyday it’s turnin more into a gossip rag than anything else. Then when y’all do get actual Hip-Hop info to report, it’s usually DAYS after all the other sites done already reported it. Now before I go, I have just two more things to say…1)Your competition (DX) didn’t post a word about Zuckerberg thinkin 50 worked for him, just went and checked myself…just like they don’t post half the silly insignificant shit y’all do (even though they’re not completely innocent either). 2) I REALLY hope you weren’t tryin to insult my knowledge by insinuating that I don’t know who Ralph is…I’m old school fam, don’t play yourself.

        I do respect you askin for suggestions though, not too many are willing to do that…so here’s a suggestion. The energy y’all put into articles like this, or worryin about what Beyonce or Rihanna or Chris Brown’s doin every second of the day, how about puttin that same energy into TRULY breakin new talent that today’s mainstream will most likely overlook? I do appreciate the interviews you get with the OG’s, how about more of that? Maybe reach out to some underground legends that the average fan today might not know about…someone like a K-Rino, Z-Ro, Paris, etc. THOSE are actions that make a site “the world’s most dangerous”, not just followin the format of coverin pop culture names. Again, that’s what they have TMZ and MTO for.

      • Keith N.

        I just want to make it clear from jump that I have and never will try to insult the intelligence of someone who reads AllHipHop especially who seems to have followed us for years. Now while I’m happy you admitted that even DX and other sites fall victim to the tabloids I say this to you…is it that we have changed or the game has? AllHipHop been around for 15 years and in those 15 years life has changed dramatically. If there was Instagram around back in the early 90s and someone took an Instagram picture of 2pac chilling with Faith Evans that wouldve been shoved down your throat too? Why? Because as much as we might despise it…PEOPLE…LIKE..WATCHING..PEOPLE.

        I can show you plenty of news articles of “actual hip hop info” from AHH that even DX has used. It’s news…you’re not going to always be on top of every news story when it comes out, that’s just the nature of the business. But we were one of the first to talk about Jay-Z announcing Magna Carta, we’ve had exclusive interviews with old school artists who most hip hop blogs have forgotten about. So even if it’s not AS FREQUENT as you like it’s A LOT more than normal.

        Also, we have been breaking artists from ALL genres. Donnie Trumpet, Adrian Daniel and we were one of the first to post up Action Bronson work. We are working on breaking new artists but again it goes back to the game has changed and new artists do not always take the craft as seriously as before(‘which I know you can agree with).

        But I will say that you have brought up some good points and I hope you look forward to us covering the KRS One show in SOBs and our recent post of Tech N9ne listening party and the upcoming Souls of Mischief stories as well as more with Uncle Ralph.

        But the line between tabloid and news is gettting blurrier with the advent of social media. I do, again want to thank you for coming not at me but an issue you have seen with AllHipHop and an issue we are consciously attempting to fix so that our old school fans as well as the new school fans can both enjoy.

      • Illseed = Sydney Lace*

    • RMfag

      My kind of article though. I likeded it.

    • E McArthur

      it was cute!

  • Kale Evans

    Nah, this was funny man. Its funny how Zuckerberg didn’t know what 50 cent looked like at the time as he was the biggest star in Hip Hop at the time. Also cool that Zuckerberg wasn’t on some discriminatory shit(I’m sure there are some CEO’s out there that would have seen 50 and said, “We’re not hiring this guy”, for sure. Thanks for post AHH.

    • carelesswhisperer

      You really believe him/this, huh? Cmon my nigga.

      • Keith N.

        This was written in Mark Zuckerberg-authorized book as I mentioned in the post called The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting The World

  • pauleyPee

    That’s really funny. Even funnier if it’s 100% true.

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  • brotha_man

    smasung is gonna say this about jayz (see brooklyn nets)

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  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    Zuck wanted to meet with the black Colleran to tell him not to order chicken & collards at those up coming business meetings. you need to do away with the gold and damn Yankees cap, it will be strictly suit & tie for now on..

    • Therightthinker

      This is extremely racist…50 cent is a powerfull businessman and wears his fare share of suits and a health maniac..because he black he has to order chicken maybe ? Millions of people wear Yankee caps from where there from..kingscountycroocklyn? Really you know if your black or not talking this way keep it a factor….all Colombians don’t snort cocain!

      • KingsCountyCrooklyn

        in case you didn’t know that was a joke based off of what was supposedly being said about Tiger in the club house. who’s the racist here, no one mentioned any thing about Colombians? yes I’m from the hood but looking at that picture did Zuck want to discuss politics?

  • Hahahahaaa!

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