Same Damn Time: Future Fighting Two Child Support Cases

(AllHipHop News) Future is about to embark on a type of multitasking no man should wish on his worst enemy. A month after Future admitted to being the father of Brittini Mealy’s child and requested to set up child support payments, Mealy is back for more.

After Future filed legal documents on June 8th requesting child support payments be set up, Mealy alleges the rapper singer  entertainer has already missed months of child support payments.

Future is also seeking joint custody of his 10 year old son he fathered with Jessica Smith after she requested more child support money. Smith alleged Future was lying about his income and pointed to recent comments he made about always having $25,000 on his person.

  • MadVillain

    what a fuccing deadbeat

    • southside4lyfe

      how you going to side with what a person writes or because it came out of his babe mother’s mouth. I hate when people always side with what a Bm says when it comes to a child because it is alot of dead beat ass moms out their. you don’t know the situation so you shouldn’t judge. just because you was a simp ass nigga and stayed wit yo bm cause you scared to pay child support don’t make a nigga a dead beat it make you a moist ass nigga cause he livin his dream and you stuck at home wit yo 9-5 job hating life.

      • MadVillain

        im not siding with the baby momma(s), but if you REALLY dont wanna wear a rubber then prepare for the consequences. damn you really caught feelings huh? LOL…

  • junj03

    Looks like he is the “Future”… Dead beat dad

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  • Golgo 13

    i wonder if ciara is thinkin about having kids with him

    • RMfag

      Hopefully that body party shuts down. I would NOT suck future off.

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  • $18916246

    Yeah…let’s hope for HIS future..the more you make, the more child support takes….MEN/WOMAN stop having babies and make families instead, love each other, become families and raise your children. Child Support should not be partial to woman. If more woman lost custody and had to pay child support, all this random baby making in the US would stop. So far babies out of wedlock is largely a male crime with the Child Support system as jail, loss of wages, loss of driving privileges, loss of child rearing privileges, being the consequence. If this happened to woman equally more thinking would go into casual sex activity. If more married woman had to be concerned about custody and self monetary support, then instead of divorce you would see more purposeful marriages, less divorce. Man and woman would think about if they”re really ready to partake in any hetero life relationship. Our current laws encourage poor and stable woman to aimlessly engage in sex as the law aggressively pursues mostly men for the fallout. Men and woman should do more to prepare our youth for this trap. Baby Daddies and Mommies, Divorced Fathers Mothers, educate your children to the mistakes you made in not taking one another serious and having babies in relationship spitefully knowing the damage it inflicts on both the man and the woman. Let our young woman know their is more to life than claiming dependent taxes, section 8, and child support. My black people, our current position or our level of engagement in contributing to this madness is nothing to be proud of. Woman if he can’t take care of himself, he has no place of his own, His priorities are not to maintain a responsible life for himself, then know he will do nothing more for you. Men she only respects your physical attributes: YOUR TOUGH GUY, YOUR D*CK, YOUR POPULARITY, neither of you have sustained yourself individually i.e. consistently pay bills, owns or maintains a residents of his or her own, completed educational or career obligations, lack physical commitment to each other? Then you probably have no long term meaningful plans for one another. Babies need not to be born of the circumstances mentioned above. Stop aimlessly tearing each other down and feeding confused and neglected offspring to streets and prison systems. WAKE UP! Break the cycle.

    • Nemo hos

      They can care less just like the others who didn’t want to read your long essay

      • DJ7

        It’s a shame… when a brotha puts forth that much effort into a post that makes complete sense, for anyone to ignore it or ridicule him for it is nothing short of irresponsible and down right ignorant…the points he raised should be highlighted and implemented as the blueprint for daily educational tools for our babies (boys and girls) to adhere to…I applaud this brotha for such a good read…if this was the standard of posting, you would see an influx of mature and intelligent individuals adding on and less of the predictable jokers desperately seeking attention through negative responses…it’s time for us to stand tall, take responsibility and nurture a nation longing for true leadership and leave the jokes for comedy central…what better place to start then in a thread where it’s most likely posters/readers are the individuals in need of said lessons?

    • DJ7

      Say word!

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  • Terrance Goodman

    Dungeon family blunt roller n couch warmer has finally came up aka raw dog the city cause i got advance $$$!
    Till its all gone /devin the dude voice

    Never liked auto tune unless it was the cat from PAC video the originator of it

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