Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Drake Smash Wayne’s Fiancee?

“It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none” just took on new meaning…

Take it for what its worth. Its coming from MediaTakeOut and they are reporting that Drake slept with Lil Wayne’s fiancee Dhea. I dunno. This sounds crazy to me, but we’ve been hearing rumors that something is going on between Drake and Wayne. Thus far, nothing has been confirmed and still hasn’t.

Here is the rumor:

Rumors are swirling that Drake has been TRYING FOR MONTHS – to seduce Lil Wayne’s fiance DHEA. And the streets say that he may have HIT!!!Here’s what we know. spoke with TWO INDEPENDENT SOURCES affiliated with Young Money. And BOTH tell us that Lil Wayne and Drake have had ISSUES WITH EACH OTHER for years. Lil Wayne’s issue with Drake is that he feels the young rapper is not “respectful” enough. And Drake’s issue with Lil Wayne is that he feels he’s giving up TOO MUCH money to the label, and to Wayne in particular.

But those are MINOR squabbles compared with what is being WHISPERED ABOUT among the TOP BRASS at the label. According to an insider, Drake reportedly had Lil Wayne’s fiance DHEA over at his Los Angeles home last week. And while no one know EXACTLY what went on . . . . Drake has supposedly had a CRUSH on the boss’ chick for Months. And the two were in Drake’s home alone. . . .
We’re told that Wayne just found out about this over the weekend. EXPECT FIREWORKS shortly . . .

This Is Not the first time Drake messed with One of Wayne’s girls. While Wayne was locked up, Drake messed with Lil Wayne’s then girlfriend/artist Shanell, and last year Drake admitted that he slept with the same girls that Lil Wayne was with.

I can’t really lend any credibility to this.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Nemesis_Enforcer

    We will see if this is true shortly. If it is, Drake will probably never release another album, a la Young Buck. If not, we’ll see that album in a few months.

    • Heartless12


    • DJ7

      Creating controversy to generate interest in his upcoming project…this method is tired b.u.t. proven effective amongst the feeble minded minions…

      • game213

        You are the smartest person on this site, I really think the people who post on this forums are like 14, 15 yr olds cause they really believe shit like this and argue about it. I actually sometimes think ppl cant be this stupid to believe some of these stories that I think its actually the artist label or team posting on here

    • DesignatedH8R

      I’m a big fan of Young Buck. But like Drake or hate Drake, he’s the most powerful rapper on social media. There’s no way he can just fizzle into hiding like Young Buck. We’re talking about a pop star that fills arenas by himself.

  • Jahb1911

    we don’t believe you, you need more people!!

  • soyhiphop

    such a credible site like mto lol

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  • Sydewayz Soundz

    Both them niggaz probably got somethin.

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  • ‘Chet happens!

    “What’s a bird to a brother with a whole flock?’

  • Blaq_Boi

    If the money issue is true then Drake can’t be mad at The Weeknd for not signing with his OVO stable as this is the very thing he (Weeknd) said he was avoiding (affiliation to Cash Money). I fucks with Drizzy though… Wayne can skate his lame ass to a chemist somewhere.

  • Matt Swan

    Wayne is seriously upset at someone being disrespectful? Is the pot calling the kettle black on this one? Drake you stoop to sleepin with other dudes girls AFTER Rhianna said no poon poon for you? Maybe this will begin the downfall of YMCMB and Drake can go back north and play wheelchair gangsta on tv

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  • IToldYoMommaYouAintSh_t

    Hold on hahaha…bruh did u just copy and paste this from Mediatakeout…u ain’t even change shit. Man u give me confidence to start my own website cuz I’m good at plagiarism

    • $11625525

      Man u give me confidence to start my own website cuz I’m good at plagiarism


  • One Nite Stanley

    “CMB! CMB!…Am I…my brother’s keeper?”

    • brotha_man

      ahh….new jack reference. dope!!

      • One Nite Stanley

        Glad somebody caught that. We gettin old, huh?

  • Wavpin

    OVO baby!

  • Casor_G

    Man this is a joke…

    If it did happen, them boys was just switching up on these freaks

  • junj03

    “I can’t really lend any credibility to this”
    None of you articles lately have any credibility nor

    • Is this really that important to you that you need proof? YMCMB pass their women around like free clothing, this should not be shocking.

      • junj03

        Not important to me at all, i aint F**cking her lol
        but illseed be putting some BS articles and mediatakeout as his source? really?

      • Well that’s true….You do know that Mediatakeout, allhiphop, worldstar, TMZ and everyone else share information with each other.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        more like steal lol copy n paste gangsters lol

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        even wifey ?? that aint just some groupie thats waynes bottom joint ???

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      u suspect!

  • DollasTX

    2 shyts …

  • Richard Savage

    Wouldnt shock me..

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  • Ike’s Mood

    both of them are kissin dicks anyway, errybody knows that, so what kinda news is this?

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  • Jake

    Dang no wonder drake aint on the rich gang album

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    is he on some weird homo wanna do every girl wayne does type time ?? i dont get it even shanel who isnt all that …. but nicki minaj is and shes free or @least was …. wtf is wrong with drake IF ANY OF THIS IS TRUE >….. cause drake doesnt seem that overzelous but if his music tells anything he is def girl crazy and doesnt seem to know how to handle those relationships ……

  • nostoppage

    sound like drakes album about too drop promo for the streets to start talking about drake…smh

  • RBG

    lil dweezy is probably mad that drake won’t kiss him on his lips and call him daddy.

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  • ConcernedCitizen

    Drake. The man in love with sloppy seconds. Trash of another man. Goes great with his music and you wonder why he’s so emotional. Trying to make a hoe into a housewife. Probably gets friendzoned by prostitutes all the time

  • johnblacksad

    Drake ain’t smash… he prolly just made love to her in the bathtub with rose petals and scented candles and all…

  • Ressie TBS

    Drake looks like a Captain Save a Hoe…I wanna be saved..E-40

  • nastinupe

    Drake seems like he’s that kind of dude. I wouldn’t put it pass him. When you hang around people that think that they are “over” or “above” you then they won’t have any respect for you and will do shit like this.

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