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Meek Mill Vs. Gillie Da Kid? Meek Goes on Twitter Rant

(AllHipHop News) Who is the king of Philly? Meek Mill crudely eliminated Gillie Da Kid from that consideration seemingly with his late night/early morning Twitter rant.

Meek never says Gillie’s name but does make allusions to a false “King of Philly”, a title Gillie has not only embraced but also named a mixtape series after:

The two have collaborated previously, most notably on “Take Off” from Gillie’s mixtape with DJ Drama ironically titled King of Philly.

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55 Responses to “Meek Mill Vs. Gillie Da Kid? Meek Goes on Twitter Rant”

  1. southside4lyfe

    This nigga meek just tries to disrespect every OG from Philly I cant wait till my nigga Siegel get out I bet that nigga Meek be on some hush shit then.

      • FREEDOM

        just bcuz an OG gives his stamp of approval to the youngster does NOT mean that youngster can’t get his snot-box rocked for coming out of pocket Ya Know!

      • EL_BARK

        No he doesnt moron, just cause he made a cameo in a video & were on the same stage once, doesnt mean he co-sign him. Meek was in mack hood for years & mac never mess wit him… On no music shet.
        Ie state prop or nothing. Mac has co sign chic & vodka & kre forch
        & was going to make them the new state prop before shet went south with the roc….. Stop making shet up.

  2. JEDI

    Meek goes on Twitter rant. When will it ever meek goes on lyrical verbal assault ?? Never his brain cannot formulate thoughts that deep. He always revert to what objects he has over someone. F meek mills

  3. Antoine Hart

    Meek mill is a perfect example of Dave Chappelle’s Rick James quote.. ” they shouldn’t have never gave you niggas money”

  4. RichFromBX

    damn, I must be getting old…I remember the days that when you had something to say about someone you said it to them and what ever happened happened…sometimes you worked it out and sometime you had to shoot fair ones – this twitter sh!t just makes me laugh…everybody got cyber-muscles but don’t never do sh!t…

    • Hector G

      its funny cause in the middle of that bottle brawl with chris brown and drake, meek mill was yelling some ish about “you stay on that twitter h0e” look whos the twitter twat now

  5. Hector G

    nice meek but even yer boss is a fraud and you never put in any work in the streets therefore again, maybach music is for suckers who try to act like street credibility doesn’t exist and can be covered by a bunch of money that was made from people in 8th grade buying your record…cass killed you homeboy now go answer to yer former c.o. boss posing as a f-in gang leader…lol

  6. IL4M

    You know that young @zz kid on the block who starts to get a lil older/bigger, and then thinks he’s grown . . . yeah, that about it.

  7. WillVetterGoodin

    These internet gangsters are bitches, put them in the ring and let them fight it out, then we will see who talks sh*t.

    • Dointer

      Meeks is sooooooooo far off even being close to Beanies level of talent….But as far as making stupid mistakes I think they are pretty close..Except for the fact that Beans doesnt play these silly little twitter games.

  8. J.Erick

    Meek, in my opinion is the definition of “new money”. A Youngin who was humble and “meek” when he was broke, who now has seen some success, and forgot what being humble is. I bet wit my niggas that every verse he spit now he says something about that rollie, rolls royce, or aston martin.

    I’m pretty sure he gon backtrack and say it wasn’t about Gill. Yea, you the hottest in the city right now, but jus kno that shyt dont last foreva. Dont shyt where u lay.

    Gill may not be hot as u, but dude really is the King of Philly. Ni99a was runnin round w 250k worth of chains when u couldnt afford to get yo braids done JUST a FEW years ago.

    • EL_BARK

      Mac is the king of philly….
      Hands down anybody who somebosy know this.
      Meek is trying to walk in sigel step, which he cant.

      & mac beat the brakes off on gillie on south street in 02 in front of baby & jay-z
      When they were beefing. Mac mom had to pull & drag beans off of him. Literally baby & slim watch. Like nothing to do with it.

      That what meek is refering to in those tweets.

      • J.Erick

        Appreciate it.. Didnt kno mac beat up Gill.. and if thats tha case, he look weak speakin on a man who aint free to defend that

      • EL_BARK

        Let me ask you a question. Do you think mike knox REALLY broke sigel jaw? Lol

        But to answer your question NO….. They had a little squabble / argrument. that was it, they even did track together afterwards. Wendy williams started that rumor & shet got out of hand. You can look on youtube, & mac & mike knox at dre & vidal studio together shoot hoops & recording a track.

      • Kevin Farley

        and do you know what ever happened with gillies weed case?

      • EL_BARK

        The weed case, i never heard no more about. Dont know if the charges got drop or what. But no one ever accused gill of snitching though…

      • Kevin Farley

        yeah it was crazy they found alot of weed but i dont know if the cops entered legally or had a warrant.i know knox and mac are cool now but i read a interview with him talkin about how mac stepped out of line and he got his jaw wired shut at some party at 40th and market

      • EL_BARK

        Naw go to his mike knox interview with the breakfast club. He says they were both drunk, & got into it. But he never said he broke his jaw, &niggas in the hood would had known if mac jaw was wired… It wasnt no big beef, just a squabble… Its was no big deal cause they squach it

  9. Thetruth7777

    It’s on now meek buzz was going dead he needed a new buzz
    Gillie Is not going to let this 1 slide stay tune

  10. Fareed72

    This guy is really feelin himself.., you get RAGED by Cass., an now you knockin on Gillies door.., really?? That must be some powerful weed you puffin on to even go at those 2.. Yea, your buzzin in the hood., but Cass n Gillie already been there.., an done all that you doin now. But to keep it funky.., if Meek would’ve circled around Cass, State Property, Beans,and Gills.., Meek would’ve been on top of Ross’s crew. Even tho, he stole Peedi’s whole flow, Peedi would’ve acknowledge you as a youngin comin up, an keepin that Philly torch lit…, but he didnt so…, FAKE IT TIL YOU FALL Meek.. But for the record., I smell another ETHER for Meek..

    • Caliwaver

      Lol that nigga is a clown. Rick Ross gon drop that niggasating soon. Trying to have a label when he didnt even go gold lol. Keep chasing the dream nigga.

  11. RBG

    these dudes make a little money and a big ass out of themselves. when i hear rappers say that they be in the streets i don’t see a gangsta i see an idiot.

  12. Truth Powell

    Meek is just another young buck with no character. Someone’s gonna pull his card eventually and you’ll read all about it here.



  14. chosenxeno

    Did Beans die? Beans is the forever king. You gotta take on a whole borough and win to take that crown lol

  15. One Nite Stanley

    Meek Mill gonna get touched soon. Didn’t 2 niggaz die behind that Gillie/Beans beef? So what does this nigga mean “you the king do something…” Niggaz always talkin ’til the hooked up to them tubes…OR WORSE!

  16. Tony G.

    this dude is a clown..i cant wait til his mouth writes a check that his ass cant cash..funny how ur “in the streets” all the time but u always beef on twitter…

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