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Spike Lee Asks Fans To Fund New Movie, Blames Slow Industry

(AllHipHop News) A sentence involving Spike Lee, Veronica Mars and Zach Braff rarely ever happens. However, Spike Lee has joined Veronica Mars and Zach Braff as the latest celebrity to ask fans to help fund their next project for his untitled film about “blood addiction” that “isn’t a vampire movie.”

Spike Lee is currently campaigning for $1.25 million on popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Speaking with Variety, Lee attributes his inability to get Hollywood financing from big studios on the movie industry’s current preference for high budget blockbuster movies:

I understand now that, with the amount of money it costs to market a film, the studios need films that are going to be tentpoles. But I will go to my grave believing that there are still audiences that want something different. Not to eradicate these type of 3D, blow-up-the-world, ‘Transformers’-type movies. They’re cool, but now it seems like that’s the only thing they’re making.”

He also revealed that the current movie landscape would have made some of his previous movies impossible to make stating ““Universal would not make ‘Do the Right Thing’ today.”

Even George Lucas echoed similar sentiments in a 2012 interview about his movie Red Tails. According to Lucas the movie inspired by the all-Black Tuskeegee Airmen of World War II was delayed from being released due to race:

It’s because it’s an all-black movie. There’s no major white roles in it at all…I showed it to all of them and they said no. We don’t know how to market a movie like this.

Lee started his Kickstarter on July 21st and already raised over $92,000 with 28 days remaining. Check out and donate to Spike Lee’s Kickstarter campaign here


  • maybe he should cut back on them Knicks tickets… probably doesnt know the games come on television.

  • RichFromBX

    don’t you love when millionaires ask for money – if you believe the product is that good put the money up yourself and keep all of the profits yourself – you were going to keep all the profits anyway, it wasn’t like you were going to kick back to the “fans” who gave you money…

    • Abrasive Angel

      That’s not how it works in the film industry. You never ever finance your own film all by yourself.

      • RMfag

        You thought you would get expert opinions from AHH?

      • brotha_man

        true story

      • RichFromBX

        not true…there are plenty of instances of self funded films and ones that were successful…take Clerks for instance, 100% funded by Keven Smith.

        Spike’s last flick ‘Red Hook Summer’ was 100% self-funded by himself

        Master P self-fund ‘Bout It’, Jay Z (ROC) funded ‘Streets Is Watching’, Dame and them funded ‘State Property’

        It’s possible but not everyone wants to take the risk…

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  • junj03

    Spike lee is worth $40 Million & he cant take 1.2 million from his pocket? thats like 2.5% from that 40 Million. Plus he can co-produce the movie with someone else.

    Kickstarter has damaged the way movie,games and artifacts are being funded.
    I understand if one is poor to ask but when you are a millionaire? Hell no!!

  • Super_Hero

    The main problem is he doesn’t make good movies. I wanted to like Red Tails so bad but It was not good. I’m surprised Spike Lee has enough money for those Knicks tickets. He has not made a good movie since Crooklyn. All he does now is criticize other black film makers who make better movies then him.

    • brotha_man

      i thought red hook summer was good

    • Super_Villain

      Spike had nothing to do with Red Tails.

  • brotha_man

    this is what spike lee does makes low budget movies cause the risk is minimal….when u worth 40 mill.

  • chippc

    I respect I Spikes movies and vision, but I would find it difficult to give someone who is a millionaire with millionaire friends and connections a dime. How much are courtside knicks tickets every year?

  • dareal504

    Wait a min… Your worth 40 mil and u want me to donate money for you to make the movie, then I’m going to have to spend money to watch that very movie I helped fund?… O_o … Nah I pass homie..

    • Da Ledgendary

      It doesn’t work like that. Everyone that donates gets it on dvd and other stuff there giving away to donors. and depending on how much you donate, you get movie credits and get to go to premiers.

      • adrian mcdonald

        Translation: give us money and we will invite you to the cool party. How about repayment of the donation if it hits certain levels of profit?

      • Da Ledgendary

        I feel you that makes sense. maybe they do I don’t know. But rich people hardly ever spend their own money on ventures or projects. That’s how they keep money. Spend other people’s money. Prime example, Donald Trump. You think he uses his own money to finance a new Trump Towers in some big city? Hell no. If his venture flops, he files bankruptcy so he doesn’t have to pay all that money back, regroup and file a whole new corporation and does it all over again.

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  • Jakne

    WTF! Mannnnnnnnn dude was at EVERY Knick home game and EVERY Knick playoff game, home and away! The hell w/ Spike!

  • These are the same people who would give artists like Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj 20 million just to be judges on a silly show like American Idol….I am sorry Spike Lee, you know the old saying if you can’t afford it then you can’t buy it….Same rules apply to Lee, if you can’t afford to make a movie then guess what?

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  • PhilTheGreat

    If he was making movies truly for the passion of what he makes them for, as he claims, then he can fork over that money to make it back on the kickback.

  • Da Ledgendary

    He funded is last film himself. I guess he doesn’t want to take all the risk himself this time.

  • Terrance Goodman

    This nugga just like the mn team owners millionaires n want donations. Where’s my donation in this light bill n loud sack ?!

  • MercedNative209

    smh step it up spike! #NoHandOuts

  • Obi Won

    I agree with what he said, but the fans and audience shouldn’t have to fund it and support. We’re SUPPORTERS, who pay for mind unraveling pictures. Hell every person better be in the credits at the end lol. But seriously what he said about hollyweird, we already knew, I’m sure Spike has some connects in black Hollywood to get this going, even though it sounds a bit questionable with the title.