Beyonce Reportedly Scraps 50 Songs, Starts Album Over

(AllHipHop News) Diplo may have been on to something. Less than two week after the Major Lazer producer claimed Beyonce had scrapped 50 songs from her upcoming album and has started over according to a source speaking with The Hollywood Reporter.

The list of writers who’s songs have been scrapped reads like a R&B hit all start team with The Dream, Diane Warren, Ne-Yo and Sia being a few of those writers.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Beyonce’s current Mrs. Carter World Tour, which features no new music, was not initially intended by her record label Columbia.


  • Wavpin

    The queen can do what ever she wants …

  • Stay Phokus

    why should she have to?
    Hov makes a album in 2 weeks and it reaches platinum before its released

  • Beyonce is great but 50 songs and she can’t use15 of the best ones to create an album, dam that means you have 50 wack songs and nothing to do with them…. #fail

    • Nisha BeyondSay

      Beyonce is a perfectionist thats why. There may have been really good songs… but she looks for great ones. She has songs like Single Ladies, Crazy In Love, I Was Here, Halo, etc that made marks. Shes at a point where people are looking for her to keep that up or do even better. Trust me, Beyonce never disappoints. This album is going to be worth the wait.

      • Not a Bey fan, but I can believe it!

      • brotha_man

        r&b aint what it used to be. I listen to the dramatics remake “me and mrs. jones, my goodness the soul in R&b died along time ago. shout out to curtis mayfield, willie mack, new edition, otis redding, marvin gaye, al green, issac hayes, eddie floyd and sam cooke. this well before my time but still smoke a cigar to these cats

      • Hell Yeah!

        Al Green is still the man!

      • Matt Swan

        She’s going to release Detox. That’s why she scrapped all those songs! Ya’ll ain’t know she’s a rapper? I kid I kid!!

    • Truth Powell

      cosign….You think Aretha Franklin made 50 songs and only released 10? Or Mary Wells? Ever since Tupac you always hear of shit like this. How the hell you make 50 songs and none of them are ready for primetime? She really got that much material? Or she making those ghostwriters work like slaves? I don’t buy it.

      • Jared

        That’s because before Tupac you didn’t have that knowledge.

      • brotha_man

        alot of artist understand you need notebooks of lyrics. for those in case of an emergency situations. Bey ghost writers gonna develop carpal tunnel after this.

  • feeliama

    Hopefully she will work with some new people and not people in that same circle. Give another person a chance.

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  • She just doesnt want to release yet. Its all a setup. She didnt scrap those songs. you’ll hear those song on an album early next year at the latest. BOOM!

  • BrotherMan21

    She tired anyway..Id rather listen to kelly at this point

  • brotha_man

    I guess that houston chopped and screwed style doesnt work for er’body.

  • Miss ♥ Ruby

    That’s ok Bey! Greatness takes time.