Hip-Hop Rumors: French Montana Laughs At Ying Yang Twins

Honestly, I knew this would happen. Frenchie Montana is riding high right now. He’s got absolutely no reason to be worried about the Ying Yang Twins. As you know, the other day, Ying Yang expressed their feelings on the “HAHN” laugh ad lib that they made famous and French adopted. Kanye West got caught up in the mix too somehow. I think French new he adopted it too based on his laughter on Twitter.

If Twitter is blocked where you are, he said, “Haannnn lol.” It looks like these guys are not going to have a very interesting beef. But, I knew when French was playing around with 50 Cent that he wasn’t going to take YYT seriously. And I am the only person that abbreviates Ying Yang Twins with YYT. But, on the real….YYT will be addressing this soon.

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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25 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: French Montana Laughs At Ying Yang Twins”

  1. Terrance Goodman

    Smfh ying yang been trash n French trash I respect he holds max b down n that’s it. When diddy Harlem shake fatality in his ass hell be on the next where are they now ?

  2. Soulgasm

    Smh…This truly seems like story a 1st grader would be reading during story telling at school. Can’t believe you all actually reported on this story 2 days in a row. Smh again…

  3. Obi Won

    As dumb as it is, it was sucker of him to throw Kanye in with it. Fight ur own corny battles Frenchie!! It’ll end by stating “shout out to the Ying Yang Twins, Atl strip clup legends, HAHN”!!! Beef over

  4. MrJayK

    I don’t know why anyone would A) Care about this, B) give French Montana any play, or C) Report on this 2 days in a row. This clown is one of the wackets MCs of all time. Don’t get why so many people feel this kid! French Montana….SMH

  5. hypnotic7

    This is gonna sound really retarded but lyrically, the YYT are better than French ever could be. Battle of the slow kids..

  6. PhilTheGreat

    It’s kinda just a southern thing that black folks been doing down here for years. With that said, Ying Yang Twins been using that sh*t in music since day one. Lol

  7. atle fjeldstad

    I don`t care what anybody says about lyrics and lyricism (most of yàll mufuccas don`t even know what that word means anyway), cause the Ying Yang Twins was the shit! French gets my props for fooling all those people to listen to his music though.. Hell of a hustler!

  8. DesignatedH8R

    All French Montana’s album is him slapping his verse on something loaded with guest apperances. Ying Yang Twins gonna murk his ass.

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