Frank Ocean Reveals Lyrics To “Versace”, Takes Shots At Chris Brown

(AllHipHop News) Versace. Versace. Versace.  Versace. Versace. R&Beef.

Frank Ocean has seemingly reignited his fued with Chris Brown with his self-release of his lyrics over Migos’ “Versace” on his Tumblr account.

In the lyrics, Frank mentions the incident at this year’s Grammy Awards where Chris Brown did not join the crowd in giving Frank a standing ovation for his win in the Best Urban Contemporary Award.

You could stay seated I’m taking that Grammy, your music is sloppy

Frank also speaks on not rushing out a single for his next album, name drops everyone from Beyonce to Riccardo Tisci and more.

Check out the lyrics below:


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    Chris brown throwing shade! This beef is so lame to me but I cant wait to hear the diss towards Chris Brown. Frank Ocean better be ready for war. We all no Chris is gonna have a come back.

  • Sean Power

    frank stole Miguel grammy only reason her won because he came out

    by the time his next album come the hype will died down

    • Casor_G

      Miguel is garbage too. Dude got 1 or 2 good songs. Same as FRank

      • Yeah, but Miguel has a wicked leg drop ~


      • TheWhiteMansFaqqotNiqqer

        And good white peen genes, hopefully.

      • ‘Cot D*mn you MAGs (M.ultiple A.ccount G.Ump)

        We are going to have to go back to regulating this MAG ‘chet.

        Maybe bring back “MAG’nificent Mondays”

        >>Request meeting with United Mag Nation delegate

      • TheWhiteMansFaqqotNiqqer

        No this is my only one, who else am I supposedly?

    • TheWhiteMansFaqqotNiqqer

      He was hyped by white peen. Black peen is old news.

  • junj03

    In all honesty. Miguel should have won that Grammy.

    It was a pity Grammy for frank ocean.

    • Casor_G

      Same way you hating on him for being gay…Same way people took pity on him. It probably all canceled out in the end. Miguel is over rated too

    • southside4lyfe

      only reason why Frank Ocean won is because he’s backed by the gay rights people and Miguel’s music is better.

      • TheWhiteMansFaqqotNiqqer

        He’s backed by white peen. White peen makes you a winner, unlike black peen.

  • 1hiphophiphop

    Miguel is a better artist than Frank Ocean and I might go on to say that Chris Brown is better

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  • Dadon850

    This time next year, Frank Ocean and Lil Wayne will be married to each other and Chris Brown will release a single called “It should’ve been me”. After the wedding Brown will viciously attack Frank Ocean.

    • TheWhiteMansFaqqotNiqqer

      That what happens when black seed is running through you. When faqqotniqqers or niqqermales in general stick to white peen, the niqqerish behavior ceases.

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  • RBG

    i could care less about these ass hats. i just know that when and if cb responds he will be called a gay basher. i hope he attacks him like he attacked rihanna.

  • Itakethemolly

    This FAGGOT frank dick sucking ocean . who listens to this homo ? Frank Ocean wears adult diapers to keep from shitting in his pants HIV carrying vermin

    • TheWhiteMansFaqqotNiqqer

      That only happens when you mess with black peen my friend. When I started messing with white peen, that wasn’t an issue anymore.
      The secret is you have to let one white dude buy your boipussy and only he can exclusively smash it.

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  • chel

    First of all, Chris may have not stood up, but he clapped. Second, why isn’t he attacking Miguel, the guy didn’t stand, clap or anything, even went on to diss the guy. All knows Frank started that brawl because it was close to the Grammies, Miguel should have won that Grammy.

  • Willuminati☆Imortali

    Lyric pic be smaller than a muug!

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