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Gillie Da Kid Responds To Meek Mill In New Diss Track “King Me”

(AllHipHop News) The battle over the “King of Philly” title rages on. After Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill threw what seemed to be several subliminal shots at fellow Philadelphia rapper Gillie Da Kid on Twitter, Gillie jumped in the booth to record a new diss track “King Me.”

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“I’m the King, you a pawn… You rookie nigga, I’m Lebron,” raps Gillie.

Listen to Gillie Da Kid’s “King Me” below.

  • Guest

    I rather see will smith be crowned king of Philly before any of these two.

    • junj03

      Sounds funny and it is funny but your statement is 100% true. Big Willie Style 9 x platinum, Willennium 2 x platinum, Born to Reign 500k+ gold & Lost and Found 500k+ Gold…Beanie Sigel aint even close to those numbers nor success.

      • Fugg that…the Hollywood / Presidential Hopeful Will tops all that!

      • chosenxeno

        People in Philly were not riding around listening to Will Smith(Except for “Summertime”. One of the best songs of any genre period, ever). We did however, ride around listening to Beans/State Prop. Will Smith didn’t make Philly so hot every Major label at one time had a Philly artist(Roc:Beans, Aftermath/Ruff Ryders Eve, Badboy: Ness, Cash Money:Gillie Full Surface: Cassidy). Beans did that. Not to mention Beans went to war(in and out of town) and won.

        That’s how you get the crown. “Success” is a subjective. Were there rappers before Beans here? Yup. Did a few of the sell more records than Beans? Yup (Eve and Will) But Beans opened the Flood gates up. No Philly artist can claim that. Don’t be fooled into thinking. We give Beans the crown over Will because he’s “tough”. Beans earned that right himself.

      • Philly Guru

        Not fully true. Beans actually didnt open the doors. Major Figgas was signed before Beans, and actually put him on. And the reality, there was a dude in the background who got all of them signed. Also know ur history, while Will Smith was signed, you had mad dudes on major record labels, Steady B, Cool C, Schoolly, D, 3XDope, Larry Larr, Basically the same amount of catz. The difference was Will wasn’t the top dude, and wasn’t street. FYI, catz was rollin around playin Fresh Prince shit for the first two albums. To me, the King can change, Beans was the King, but he lost that crown. I personally believe the Crown is vacated. Gillie is not the King, but he is a Legend in our city.

      • chosenxeno

        I disagree. Also, I don’t need the entire list of original school rappers from here. I live here. The 1st rapper anyone thinks of when you mention Philly and Rap is Beanie Sigel. That fact hasn’t changed.

      • DJ7

        Been on the wheels of steel for decades fam and although nice…Beans is who the new school associate with….Philly Guru hit the nail on the head…Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince got mad love in Philly as well as nation wide when their 1st 2 joints dropped…betta ask Cosmic Kev…Tat Money…Cash Money…even Me (and I don’t live in Philly b.u.t. been through there enough to vouch what the G above just said) bout that…just because you’re from a particular region/city mean your word is bond…I can ask 10 different ppl the same ? and end up with 10 different answers…point being…it’s all subjective…there is no right or wrong answer just difference in opinion as illustrated here feel me

      • chosenxeno

        No one cares. I have more vote ups than him so I’m right. Also, you spelled “steel” wrong. Gonna go make me a sammich.

      • DJ7

        Haha…I’m guilty b.u.t. in my defense I’m on a mobile that’s using auto correct…you got my point tho

  • Obi Won

    This didn’t necessarily sound like a Meek Mill diss. Sounds like a regular song Gillie would make. Now RAID was a diss lol

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  • Tony G.

    wouldn’t call this a diss song…neither one of these dudes are the “king” of Philly so it doesn’t matter

  • Michael

    Vinny Paz is king of Philly

    • Cannon

      Vinny Paz from Clifton Heights wtf are you talking about buddy

  • 4-12

    Will Smith is the KING of Philly!

    • dexter

      yupp just like Mayor Nutter is…

  • Philly Guru

    Not feelin this. Not a diss record. Not even a hot record. I wish Gill get off of the downsouth shit.

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  • PeoplePlease7

    N-words and their ego’s, these imbeciles are not kings but pawns.

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  • dexter

    yo I thought those N!@@as was Gucci?

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  • Guest

    Thats a ol ugly ass nigga.. “King of Hella Ugly” Lmfao.. And I heard this dude will portray 2pac please dont misrepresent a real nigga straight up!!



  • How niggas gonna have a discussion about the top Philly cats and not have the boy Black Thought in the mix though??? o.O

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